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  • I think they’re just hoping someone brings up something that they haven’t considered before. So far it seems no one has done that

  • @Peacemaker you could expand on them though, add spearmen, crossbowmen, light cavalry, later heroes. They’d just have the same theme and aesthetic

  • Quote from Monsieur Ramior: “There a differenc with Human based faction. And army with only human in fantasy setting, wich mean no monsters or magical element. Just visiualy is just boring. Also you said yourself, we have already two human faction (with monster and magical element) with west-european root. Why making a third one ? ” I believe he’s talking about a different setting and not T9A setting, so we need at least one human only faction for people like us who want to only fight the non-hu…

  • So you’d change or delete Empire and KoE? You have a problem with people want an only human faction, even though there’s 14 other factions to pic from for people who don’t want to play humans. In any case I plan on making Warcraft 1 & 2 art style models

  • Quote from Monsieur Ramior: “Or just make the alliance, in order to have an actual interesting army. ” lol again… for you, not for me. I don’t ever want to play as anythung other than a human

  • Yeah I get that, I’m saying for me it would be more fun as the opponent to play a game like that. I want more immersion, less “game”

  • Give me Stormwind and I’ll make models for them

  • Quote from youngseward: “Quote from Klexe: “Quote from berti: “Quote: “And more importantly tactical decition and advance thinking is a must in order pick the right timming to use them. ” This sentence would be true when you had to apply the ordo effect lasting the current players turn at the start of the turn, becore anything else happens.Not when you can apply it whenever needed in charge phase, shooting phase, cc Phase. ” But then the effect would be way better?At start of player turn?Nice no…

  • @berti @jaith1 it’s a guideline, not a rule, that the Task Team has to follow. If it ends up working then that’s great

  • Quote from berti: “1. As I said. To little knowledge to have the full picture. 2. A bit pointless to ask for feedback and if it's not just praises talk it down. 3[/u]. And cam is right when he points out that power of the effects seems to be way above the guidelines text. No matter if you claim it works only for one phase each. It works when it matters. That is the important part. And effectscare very strong. ” 1. Well why keep arguing? Why not just say: "Ok you guys considered it, no problem. L…

  • Well let me phrase it this way, if the guidelines where exceeded but it results in a book where both are happy, why should that cause a change? I think that’s the sort of thing that should happen across all books. Not so much as an intent to exceed or ignore guidelines, but to be able to look at something with a new priority in mind, “is it cool and fun and exciting? And still fit the background?”” If so then I think it’s ok that we didn’t stick to something 100%” the thing is guidelines are mad…

  • I guess my serious question is, if the whole book turns out to be balanced and enjoyable by both sides, why would there still be a problem

  • Edit: forget it, I’m just taking out some other issues on here. Don’t take me seriously right now

  • Edit: Here’s how I perceived it “Here are my concerns” reply: “don’t worry, playtesting, is going well for them. Ans here’s the idea behind them” “Oh ok but here’s a new concern, how about that one?” so I feel like there’s an underlying issue that’s not quite being addressed or even brought up

  • Quote from Cam: “Ok well those aren't really anywhere near attribute level are they? Moreover the design isn't set in stone, you could choose to give opponents a counterplay. ” Edit: well they’re fun, new, something very different and both players have been enjoying them, all of which are great things. So what specifically would be the problem that overshadows that?

  • BexYou still have 2 Off5, Str6 AP3 attacks per guy. Quote from Maciejan: “Quote from Klexe: “Quote from Just Wes: “ ” mmmmmmhhhhh mmmmhh1 Hammer knight charging will always deal more dmg then 1 grail knight charging. IF you want it. Doesnt matter the enemy^^ ” Wait, what? So there's another rule giving edge for hammer knights? Why creating feedback thread to incomplete spoilers? ” because it’s not just for hammer knights

  • Quote from Sir_Sully: “Quote from Marcos24: “I only like this banner because it gives us an edge over enemy cavalry. That’s all I’ve wanted, in some form, for years. ” Could that not have been achieved with a jousting lance special weapon or a specific anti cavalry, cavalry unit? ” I would easily prefer a rule whether it’s tied to a Lance or unit, or just a special rule in general, that specifically targets enemy cavalry: “when engaged against enemy cavalry units, this unit gains X”. That intent…

  • I only like this banner because it gives us an edge over enemy cavalry. That’s all I’ve wanted, in some form, for years. It has nothing to do with skilled vs unskilled players, making up for static CR, mitigating weaknesses, (although that’s a big perk because I feel Lance cavalry in the game really sucks, being too depending on rolling well on the charge and in the to hit roll)

  • @Archeron new Questing Knights are overall better than our old Grail Knights. They’re the new superhuman knights. The new hammer knights and another unspoiled unit are our other elite knights. Like the old questing knights, they are not superhuman, but are better either offensively, and defensively (each unit by themselves) than the old grails AND questing knights

  • @Archeron the Questing Knights are the new Grail knights in terms of our super human knights (but I’m assuming you’re referring to our elite unit) But if you’re talking about models, then yeah these or any other of our lance knights you can use old grail knight models for