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  • Quote from youngseward: “I guess the question then is, what makes the “max 5+” not revert the save back to a 5+? ” It says "+1, unless you already have more than 5+". In other words, if you already have an aegis save that is better than 5+, you don't get the +1. Otherwise, it would have to say something like "+1, and the model can never have an aegis save better than 5+". In this case, any better aegis saves of the model would be reduced. But I'm not aware of any rules that suggest such an effec…

  • Quote from Lagerlof: “Quote from youngseward: “Quote from theunwantedbeing: “Quote from Micalovits: “Are you sure on the second part? If you have the blessing you have 5+ aegis against str 5 or Greater, piety doesnt prevent this getting improved in any way, just piety cant improve it. So 5+ aegis, piety can't add +1 so still 5+, banner can, so 4+ yes? ” You cannot get a better than 5+ Aegis if you have Piety.7.H Special Saves... • If X is given as a modifier and with a maximum value(e.g. Fortitu…

  • Quote from Sparkutas: “I read that and still Im not sure if crew members do not all count as single model part. ” < 3.A.b Multipart Models Models with more than one Offensive Profile are called Multipart Models (see “Characteristic Profiles ”, page 13 ). Each part of such a model has its own Offensive Profile and is referred to as a model part. For example, a Cavalry model has two parts (the rider and its mount), while a normal foot soldier has a single part. Sometimes a model has multiple ident…

  • Correct. This will be fixed one way or another in the next update .

  • Quote from Minidudul: “Question about interaction between Ring of the Pearl Throne and Ankh of Naptesh : If the Ring negate the Ankh, does it means that the death of the (no more) Hierophant have no effect (no new hierophant is selected, no crumble) ? I'd say yes because the model is not hierophant when removed as casualty, so the Dust to dust rule not trigger. ” Quote from Borjnfer Wraith: “I suspect the Ring only affects the Ankh, where all R&amp;F figures in the bearers unit gain a (6+) Forti…

  • Quote from mr-modmoto: “I dont know if I am right ” You are . Quote from LordNelson: “II. They don't get 'First Among Equals nor Order theCharge, nor any model rules that the other R&amp;F models in its unit may have.' (I think here, the intention is for weapon options to be included) ” Weapons are in fact model rules (check the model rules chapter in the rulebook - weapons, like command group, armour equipment, attack attributes, etc., are a subtype of model rules). So stating that the model do…

  • Quote from Kriegschmidt: “I'm assuming that, in attempting to reach unit B, the usual 'one wheel of up to 90°' is allowed by unit A, right? ” Correct. Also check the FAQ on page 5.

  • Quote from Arosy: “Fire on Impact rule says, there are 2 Agi10 attacks if the model is with repeater pistol/brace ” Not in my version of the rules (version 2021, March 18, 2021) : < Fire on Impact!: Attack Attribute – Close Combat. A Charging model part with Fire on Impact! using a Pistol, a Brace of Pistols, or a Repeater Pistol always strikes at Initiative Step 10, and the Strength of its Close Combat Attacks is set to 4 and their Armour Penetration is set to 2 (regardless of the user’s Agilit…

  • Quote from nomrakram: “Fire on impact - If a model is equipped with a brace of pistols or a repeater gun (or repeater pistol), how many fire on impact attacks does the model have? ” Braces of pistols count as paired weapons, i.e. give +1 Att, but otherwise it's 1 close combat attack per rider. Quote from nomrakram: “question 1: does the champion of the Reiters unit have a pistol (or brace of pistols) when the unit is given these? otherwise how do you obtain the 4th shot? ” Yes. If you buy pistol…

  • Quote from Exalted Champion: “Does this mean, the enemy character loses the chance to strike, if for example armed with a great weapon or strikes on a lower agi step than the unit? ” Correct. Quote from Exalted Champion: “Make way should not work anymore, cause the battle already started right? ” Correct.

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    Quote from Cam: “This is weird. You told us before all HP lost count just the wounds are discarded, so seems contradictory (and way stronger) now. ” For the same version of the hydra rules? Please quote.

  • Quote from Regulgerator: “Q: Can such models (or one of them) make any pivot (other than turning by 180 degrees) by moving itself (it's base center) away from the second model? Or are they effectively stuck together until it is their movement turn and one of them moves straight forward leaving itself and the other model free to pivot? ” The latter.

  • Quote from Gingersmali: “Quote from 2Cats1Tuna: “Hi. My Sword Masters and (charging) Seaguard killed the (8) r&f Orcs and Goblin Wizard all at agility step 6. The Orc Warlord remains. Where does the Orc Warlord end up?…85b3a1258ec86a28fc138e4c4 Thx in advance. ” this sounds like a great question, would love and official answer too ” Quote from matrim: “In the middle keeping in b2b to both units. ” Quote from Gingersmali: “Quote from matrim: “In the middle keeping i…

  • Quote from Shukran: “Need further reply pls ” It's unlikely you will get any answer that says otherwise . When charging a unit, you measure the distance between the closest points of the charging unit's unit boundary and the charged unit's unit boundary. In your examply, that distance is >18" but not more than 19" (something like 18.000002), so the charge range roll needs to be 19 or more in order for the charge to succeed.

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    Quote from berti: “May I add a follow up question. Taken the scenario there are 2 agi steps in the fight where the hydra looses a health point. Lets say, above scenario and afterwards a GW hit also scores a wound and is safed by a 6. So healing another wound back. What is the consequence on the Combat result. The one wound suffered and healed, or nothing, because HP are at the same level as at the start of combat. ” See above, edited my answer in the meantime .

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    Quote from Dancaarkiiel: “Quote from rolan: “As far as I know 1 is saved and the other One "regained" so it was lost for a split second and therefor counts for CR. ” No such thing. 6xSdDuq.png The wound is discarded at "Special Save", long before actually suffering it at "Health Point Loss". (Hidden Content) ” Combat score bonus is based on Health Point losses (not wounds). So if a hydra suffers 3 simultaneous wounds in close combat and rolls 3-4-6 for its fortitude saves, one wound is prevented…

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    Quote from da_griech: “A Shah (Iron Rain) with Dragon Staff (Breath Weapon) uses it as a shooting attack into the flank of a unit. Does the Dragon Staff hit with S3 AP1? ” Special attacks aren't affected by attack attributes unless specifically stated otherwise (which is not the case for iron rain), so breath attacks do not benefit from the +1 AP.

  • Quote from Gingersmali: “Quote from Vespacian: “If only a champ is left of a unit does he benefit from the effect of a magical banner even though the standard bearer is dead? ” For rending and flaming banners that have already been activated, yes, due to the wording of the banner effect. ” That's how it used to be at one point . 16.B.f however specifies that in this situation, the champion no longer benefits from the banner's effect: < 16.B.f Removing Lasting Effects Whenever a model that applie…

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    Quote from Klexe: “@Eisenheinrich @Drychon haben auch SE vll auch @Herr Umlungern ” Ich weiß noch nicht, ob ich teilnehme. Das entscheide ich vermutlich erst kurz vor Listenfrist, also würde ich mich nicht drauf verlassen .

  • Quote from LetargicHunter: “In case than a wizard conclave champion is desde, can be raised? And Cast spell in same phase raised? ” Yes and yes - there is nothing in the rules that prevents either.