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  • Quote from WarX: “What you would gain from performing Swift Reform instead of regular Reform after Rallying? ” The Shaken clearly happens after the Reform, cause otherwise it would prevent also that reform. And it is indicated so in the text. So then if the advance move after the swift reform is still part of the reform, then that could also be argued to happen before the unit gets shaken. I know it seems kinda stretching and probably against the intent of the rules, but in my opinion there is a…

  • Question about rallying units and swift reform: Quote from Swift Reform: “During the Movement Phase, a unit containing one or more models with Swift Reform may execute a Swift Reforminstead of a Reform. ” Quote from Rallying Fleeing Units: “If the test is passed, the unit is no longer considered Fleeing and must immediately perform a Reform; modelsin the unit are Shaken until the end of the Player Turn. ” The rally happens in the Movement phase, so can you then make a swift reform after you rall…

  • Can WDG units Swift Reform into a Hellmaw portal? Hellmaw says that All models in the unit just performed an Advance or March Move and no other model has moved since And and Swift Reform says that it is a Reform that then allows an Advance Move. So does the "just" in the hellmaw text mean "only" or is it more a temporal thing?

  • Adam Battle reports

    Banzgo - - Battle Reports


    How did you reform into contact with the mage? Doesn't seem like your BSB is sideways afterwards. You probably were touching 3 rnf lion dudes before, so you should keep all those 3 in contact after the reform, so without turning sideways to get more contact i don't see a way to touch the mage.

  • Quote from Lagerlof: “Quote from PrinceCharming: “If 2 lords on scyted skywheel join, do they get hard target 2? As each disc has a instance of hard target? Or i just take the ‘best result’ which would be just 1? ” Each model still only has it once. ” 21.D.b.6 Hard Target (X) Shooting Attacks targeting a unit that has more than half of its models with Hard Target (X) suffer a −X to-hit modifier. This rule is cumulative. The "This rule is cumulative" might disagree. It doesn't exactly explain wha…

  • A Nosferatu vampire becomes a wizard master and then buys the Forbidden Path bloodline power, becoming double Adept. Can he then buy Book of Arcane Mastery? Forbidden Path makes him an Adept but he still kinda is a Master in some sense.

  • How about making the wraith hero just buff the wraith unit. He could give a unit if wraith / spectral hunters he joined autonomous. Still probably shitty choice but at least he does something special and enables different things to do. A bit overlapping with the dark coach but cheaper.

  • ETC lists and Points

    Banzgo - - Vampire Covenant (VC)


    If you combine this with the list document its easier.…VN-ruEisKLudeA/edit#gid=0

  • Reaper or any iteration of the rule never allowed you to charge through any units. Only in (remaining) movement phase could you move through units and cause hits.

  • If you wait until morning or something, hopefully all the ETC lists will be revealed and you'll see some VC lists (and many others lists also).