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  • If grenadier and shadow fur stalker are regroup in a single entry of the book. Rat swarm can get their entry again. So no model invalidation, a chaff unit in special(or other role for rat swarm, sweeping attack unit coming from tunnel should be great). Hereditary can then be anything that would fit guideline or background.

  • Hello , as said before here is a diebriefing for my alpha 4 first game 1. Army lists used Valmir Von Eisendorf - Vermin Swarm 500 - Ruinous Dictator, General, Wizard Adept, Occultism, I am the Senate, Avatar of Favana 495 Swarm Priest, Sacred Platform (Whispering Bell, Great Weapon), Wizard Adept, Witchcraft, Dragon Staff, Obsidian Rock, Caelysian Pantheon 255 - Bloodfur Legate, Greater Eagle Standard (Legion Standard), Essence of Mithril, Spear (Swarm Master) 130 - Duskblade Assassin 130 - Dusk…

  • @Casas i've mp about my list, because i don't find where is the problem. I'm ok to join the tournament if still possible.

  • Hello! I'm signing in too! My name is Vandersande François and i will play VS.

  • Great idea, i'll go on the exercice while i'm playing VS in the next week.

  • For my feedback, the unit is really hard to use for damaging stuff. Opponent fear the potential so won't risk to enter the danger zone unless he would achieve some goal. Even with all stat on your side it is only 2 to 3 wound on a monster. And while in combat oppoent will suffer far less than only advancing due to callous ratio. The unit has a medium footprint with 8 model but as you have to fit it in your numerous army (unless you play plenty of big monster and character) and it is mandatory to…

  • As I sayed on the general discussion thread I’ve got more feedback about my game and the army in a whole so I’m posting on this thread again. The army change a bit from version 1.1 to 1.3 and now opponent know more how to deal with your tricks. There is some unit I won’t comment anymore as my advice on them doesn’t change. Units you like and why: -Legionnaries : Unit of spears or shield that unit is the heart of the army and must do the duty. They can die by dozens but life is cheap rules contin…

  • I think that the problem with many item working only on prefect should be solve by giving the prefect more rules to have them doing the job as they have the item. The issue would be that with those rules change they should become more expensive. But that would give more room for other magic item that can help to shape the army.

  • I'm gone give some feedback from my game with assassin (10 ish game played for now) after the tournament of this weekend and the end of CINCO DE WINGOS.

  • Quote from Davian: “If VS are supposed to have weaker leadership than other armies, that is what they should have. There should not be tools, except those in the guidelines, to mitigate that weakness. ” Where do you see things to mitigate a fact? VS without crown will fail more leadership test then all other army in the game. Even in bubble, eagle, bsb range and it is even worse while not playing the senator. Due to eagle standard way of working because you've got to be in 6" of other unit, that…

  • Sadly the redone evil eyes from witchcraft works only on the target who gets the spell so you can't give now bonus/malus a turn before the move.

  • Hello, as i see that the updated book was published yesterday, i'm gone share with you my feedback even if the nation cup tournament is not over yet. The 2 reminding game would be for history unless my opponent allow me to switch to a new version of my list. Units you like and why: -Legionnaries : the core of the book. Unit of spears or shield that are numerous and play on fix bonus to win combat. The price of their overall prowess in combat is balance by life is cheap rules. You never win battl…

  • Many changes! Thanks for that update and all the work done behind it.

  • Hello, one new question: If a house prefect with stygian overseer is under the effect of the twisted effigy does the universal rules of blowing tunnel markers works or not? Thanks for your answer.

  • I'm playing the fettish brute for the nation cup. They have proved to have some skill but for now in the shadow of past vermin hulk I'll wait to have enough feedback(finishing the tournament + some extra game) to give a full report about them and the army in general. Because having less then 10 game is not revelant enough in my view.

  • Perhaps the question was already answered so sorry to ask it again. If a swarmpriest make a mistcast that would deal damage to a VS unit. Is the panic check auto pass due to the Callous rule? Thanks for your answer.

  • Hi! I've got more questions: - Are the hits made by ratswarm from H spell magical hit or not ? - About the tunnel, as it is written : you can use up to 4 tunnel Does it mean that only 4 tunnel can be used for reinforcement? You can only place 4 on the table no mater the number of stygian earthbreaker or/and slave with tunnelling tool on the table? Does the tunnel that you blow up with your prefect habitily count in those 4? blowing up is a use or not? Thanks for your answer.

  • Ok, i get the point for what it is design but sadly it doesn't give back the swift reform to fettish brute or giant rat. Thanks for your answer.

  • For the whispering bell: it is a musician and it gives "march to the beat" on 18". So you get swift reform only for the bell unit alone and not for the other unit in range?

  • Hello, due to the new book update, i've got some question. The callous change make every wound you do to yourself during combat phase counting for combat score. Those wound count against you as you kill your own troop ? - in that way: sacred aquila every 1 to hit is one hit on your unit counting for combat score due to callous modification? - in the same way: are the wound made by the use of skorchit alchemist kept in mind for combat score too because it is done like special attack and during th…