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  • Last but not least Ancient Ordnance: Shabtis Archers Small : 2 Shabtis Archers Big : 0 Sand Stalkers Small : 0 Sand Stalkers Big : 1 Sand Stalkers Underground Ambush : 01 Catapult : 5 Catapult Terracotta : 4 Clearly, Catapult dominates the game ! Sand Stalkers, even if this is a team event, are too bad to be taken or too expensive. Not so many Shabtis Archers... Catapult seems better with DE and VS Entombed: Scorpions : 3 Too expensive, for what it does. This WAS our best chaff,anti-chaff,warmac…

  • Core : Scouts : 11 Archers Small : 5 Archers Big : 3 Chariots Small : 3 Chariots Big : 1 Chariots Legion Charioteers : 5 Skeletons Bunker : 3 Skeletons Big : 6 Skeletons Entombed : 5 Cavalry : 3 Scouts isn't our best chaff but because it's a core entry, it is almost taken every time. Not so many archers, and they're essentially a bunker as far as i can tell. Surprisingly, almost 1/2 of the lists uses Legion charioteers in big units despite the cost... 6 big units of skeletons with 2 on Terracott…

  • I will continue with entries : Characters : We have : Pharaoh : 10 Death Cult Hierarch : 23 Tomb Architect : 6 Tomb Harbringer : 0 Nomarch : 3 Casket : 4 No Tomb Harbringer. Not surprised, he's here to buff but his buff is worse than Undying Will (i think). Not so many Nomarch, And 2,1 Death Cult Hierarch per list. Regarding Mount options : Pharaoh : 5 on foot 2 on Skeletal Horse 0 on Skeletal Chariot 3 on Sha Guardian Finally, Sha Guardian sees some love. I, personally, play it for some time an…

  • Quote from Folomo: “Do note that different metas use different units. A single tournament in a single country isn't the whole picture. Below average representation for UD (17.25 is the average), but among the expected variation I would say. It's nice to see the diversity of lists, all units are represented. Good to see that this year UD monster mash is more popular than a few years ago. Among unit options, it seems that ambushing is not too popular in this tournament (I don't think any list came…


  • Quote from Janus: “Are the lists publically available? ” yes , the organization team published them on 21/11

  • Hi! For those who might be interested, here are the UD lists of the biggest french event in the year: the inter-régions 46 teams of 6 players, 11 of them having Dynasties ! Rudy « Thirsty thaurus » Melone Undying Dynasties 785 ‐ Pharaoh, General, Sha Guardian, Light Armour, Great Weapon (Godslayer), Crown of the Pharaohs, Obsidian Rock 395 ‐ Death Cult Hierarch, Wizard Master, Cosmology, Sandstorm Cloak 295 ‐ Death Cult Hierarch, Wizard Adept, Evocation, Book of Arcane Mastery, Hierophant 210 ‐ …

  • Quote from rosiker: “As for the main topic, i tested the Sphinxes/Colossus, i'd like a price drop because they are cool in stats, but when you play them you see how things that have many hits can shred them. ” I played a lot with 2 paired weapons colossus, I think it's our best monster Grind attacks and ARM 4 is a must. And with a 50x50 base ..... But i have to agree about Sphinxes, We pay for resilience 8 but it's not that relevant against low str shooting and against big blocks..

  • Quote from CasimirtheSwede: “Denis list looks great! Has the tournament been already? ” Yes, it was on 23/11 and 24/11. Don't know how they perform. Quote from Velux: “Denis - Undying Dynasties 455 - Death Cult Hierarch, Hierophant, Wizard Master, Cosmology, Binding Scroll, Ankh of Naptesh 240 - Death Cult Hierarch, Wizard Adept, Evocation, Crystal Ball 240 - Tomb Harbinger, Shield (Willow's Ward), Heavy Armour (Alchemist's Alloy), Death Mask of Teput 230 - Nomarch, General, Light Armour, Crown …

  • Quote from Kyrys: “Quote from WoeRie: “I never played a team tournament, but on singles there is always a paper, stone or scissor killing my army. I have big problems with MSU, but there are other armies I think I have a clear advantage (e.g.: OnG) against. So, I think we are on a fine middle spot, not to strong, but also not to weak compared with most other armies. ” it actually really depends on OnG in your meta. I mostly meet OnG with some single lords/heroes on wywerns or spiders that I cann…

  • Quote from Ezekiel57: “Hehe, both stalkers and cataphracts (and amuut mount) on 50x75 is the only way to be playable. To me, this thing should be done with a hotfix. ” Did you test to put the GW models on those 50 x 75 bases ? I'm wondering if it fits

  • Hello Is there any link to the lists ? Thanks

  • I'm actually thinking about terracotta list , and i'm really interested on your future BSB Build. So master Evo and Adept Divination ? On Horse too?

  • Where we can find the lists ? Good luck

  • Ank, instead of Hiero because it makes you the hierophant for the same points and it gives you a 6+ Fortitude

  • I'm back with some news ! Right now, i'm painting for the next tournament in one month. And i will go against the odds and play my Undying Dynasties ! I need to paint 40 skeletons, 1 Casket, 2 colossus and 2 more Cataphracts: I just finished my casket and 2 Colossus :…1b778e3bb156a119831f8d7b1 Here are the 2 Colossus :…1b778e3bb156a119831f8d7b1…1b778e3bb156a119831f8d7b1 and the mighty Casket : the-ninth-…

  • Quote from Echunia: “This is fantastic mate, love the red bases with the deep turquoise. Characters are very good as well, the green glow really sets them off. Are you making a list with 2 mounted pharaohs? ” Never tried, i think UD need to rely on good magic so it would be a lot of points for the 2 pharaohs I'm a little bit disappointed by the new hereditary and i'm struggling to find a list i like to paint/play

  • Clemred's Painting League

    Clemred - - Painting League 2020


    Hello guys ! No, I'm not dead, or at least i'm still undead ! I was very busy due to the recent pandemic so i didn't paint this much. But i have some minis to show you today :…1b778e3bb156a119831f8d7b1…1b778e3bb156a119831f8d7b1 So I'm currently painting 8 chariots, one that will be my Pharao. To be Continued Clemred

  • Clemred's Painting League

    Clemred - - Painting League 2020


    Quote from Aureon2000: “Quote from Clemred: “Quote from Aureon2000: “Which blue do you use? This the Colour from GW? ” My blue is (All GW) :[*]Incubi Darkness [*]Kabalite Green [*]Sybarite Green [*]Sybarite Green + Ushabti Bone ” Thank you You dont use a shade? ” Sometimes i use Coelia Greenshade, where i need it to be darker

  • Clemred's Painting League

    Clemred - - Painting League 2020


    Quote from Aureon2000: “Which blue do you use? This the Colour from GW? ” My blue is (All GW) : 1. Incubi Darkness 2. Kabalite Green 3. Sybarite Green 4. Sybarite Green + Ushabti Bone