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  • Official named characters

    Mr.Owl - - Background & Stories


    Don't expect T9A named characters to be OP or broken. We are serious about keeping the game balanced while at the same time introducing variety and immersiveness into each faction. It's great to have a hero the troops can rally around and that provides something unique that a generic hero does not. But don't look for these guys to be game breaking. Look for them to provide something different. What that something or somethings is has not be defined and would be really nice to hear from the commu…

  • Official named characters

    Mr.Owl - - Background & Stories


    Quote from Tonko: “Seems to be a good idea to have a vote for the 3 most iconic standard character builds on each faction subforum and compile them as a supplement to start with. Really like the idea! ” Wow, it's like you are sitting in our management meetings ....

  • Quote from IndianaBradley: “Ok forgive me I am new but why would you not be able to get past turn 3 against Cultists? Do you need to know all about your opponents army because you think they might cheat or do you just like to know all the possible factors before you begin a game? I find this interesting because different types of people find fun and have needs that are very different from one another. . . . But what a great hobby that can include so many different personality types all having fu…

  • Official named characters

    Mr.Owl - - Background & Stories


    Quote from destroyem: “If each book had 2-3 prebuilt characters on the forum it would really help. ” ...

  • Quote from Giladis: “If I had a penny for every accident in history... ” If I had a penny for every accident happening on a weekly basis ...

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

    Mr.Owl - - WWW Topics



  • I guess what I was going for was an SE supplement that spun off of the North American Indian culture a bit. The SA are supposed to capture some of the Central and South American feel. I could see SE that were attuned to the earth as opposed to just the forests. Obviously ambushing would be a big part of it. But rules that would represent how well they could hide, even in sparse terrain such as, when concealed they can't be charged until they reveal themselves or some such, can move at 1/3 rate a…

  • T9A: Free Companies

    Mr.Owl - - New army books


    Quote from dan: “unless @fjugin and @Mr.Owl start taking bribes ” Sorry, I can't help in that area. Rules Team talking to @Mr.Owl about rules: you-have-no-power-here-meme-feat-good-1.jpg

  • I would love to see an SE supplement that resembles native American culture, Sioux, Apache, Cherokee, Comanche, Piaute and so on.

  • That's just amazing Mike. When are we going to get in another game???

  • I have it on good authority that Ned Lamont has played T9A.

  • DE General Discussion

    Mr.Owl - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Quote from arwaker: “I am part of the community. I made suggestions for VS LAB. Several of my suggestions were implemented in the LAB. => The developers take community ideas and put them in their books. This fact is nothing to question. Of course they can't take all community suggestions. That would be a mess. They take those ideas they think work best and reject ideas they don't like. People claiming that the developers don't listen to the community maybe just don't make any suggestions that ar…

  • Quote from RobertR: “I've had plenty of games in T9A where I knew very early that I was going to lose so not getting tabled didn't really help. It's not fun to get tabled even if the match up is even in terms of list strength and player skill though, but that was a think of 8th edition. I haven't seen that in AoS either, where in 3.0 you usually play the entire five rounds. ” Yes, I was speaking in terms of 8Ed because that is a rank and file game and that is what I really like playing. I will b…

  • Quote from darkknight109: “Casual: Still tries to win, but plays primarily for the enjoyment of the game. Less likely to play against strangers and more likely plays as part of an established group or with specific friends who are also into the hobby. List will be based on models at hand or whatever the person feels is good or fun to play. Willing to flub the results in the name of good sportsmanship (e.g. I once played someone who had two warmachines misfire and disable themselves on the first …

  • There are some very good comments coming out of this thread. Thank you guys for well reasoned and well articulated posts. Constructive comments are awesome.

  • Quote from Todesbrot: “Gotta say that T9A has given many armies a lot more character. WHFB Armies always felt very similar. You have your General, BSB, Mage. WDG without BSB, Rats having 3 Wizards and Daemons feeling super weird is making them better than their 8th Edition Army book Counterparts in my opinion. (without having anything to do with them obviously ) Also Ogre Wildheart is a pretty good example of giving an Army a complete second playstyle without much effort where Ogre Kingdoms were…

  • Guys, bring the temperature of the conversation down. @Pellegrim please fix that last post. You can't post like that.

  • Quote from grungimusic: “Can you (not commenting as a staff member) ”

  • Quote from grungimusic: “Mr Owl! There you are again. I am very keen to know your opinion on the following topic, since you are a fellow Murican: Do you think the release of TOW might damage the already fragile USA 9th Age community, especially if large tournaments like Buckeye battles switch over? ” Hi @grungimusic, short answer: No. If I look at GW games, they have been good at creating a game that scratches the fluffy itch of many players. However, traditionally they have not put out games th…

  • Quote from RobertR: “I guess I feel that T9A takes it a bit too far in the "everything should be equally playable" direction, but that's just me. I think T9A could loosen up a little and let things move around a bit more ” I don't know if have seen / read this, but the ExB Statements address some of the issues that you raise here. I see you have met @DanT. He is smart. I like Dan. He's also really nice. Quote from RobertR: “But, since a lot of the creators seem really fed up with the GW way I do…