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  • Me WDG Opponent DH 16-4 MVP: Sorcerer-He was so worried about corruption of tin on deep watch with kitted out characters he let me have 2 wrath of gods. Sniped a cannon and organ gun before he could fire them LVP: Me, I got greedy and tried to take out 2 meaty units in a turn. I should've just taken the crossbows with that king out and then multi charged the deep watch with king and BSB the next turn. If I did that I would've probably only given up 150 points of fallen and tabled him

  • My army: WDG His: DE Score: 20-0 MVP: Exalted Herald (wrath of God panicking a unit of dancers through impassable terrain for them to then be charged and run back through that same piece of terrain to destroy them) LVP: none My army: WDG His: WDG {forsworn and fallen spam) Score: 17-3 MVP: Chimera-took a flank charge from 14 fallen winning me the combat and making 6 forsworn and the fallen explode LVP: battle shrine My army: WDG His: VS Score: 4-16 MVP: Exalted Herald LVP: knights-killed 10 gian…