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  • Quote from Izomov: “I got to play 3 games over the weekend with the following list: Undying Dynasties 430 - Death Cult Hierarch, General, Skeletal Horse, Wizard Master, Cosmology, Obsidian Rock 245 - Death Cult Hierarch, Skeletal Horse, Wizard Adept, Divination, Hierophant 330 - Tomb Architect, Amuut, Light Armour (Essence of Mithril), Paired Weapons (Scourge of Kings), Lucky Charm 393 - 3 Skeleton Chariots, Legion Charioteers, Standard Bearer (Banner of the Entombed), Musician, Champion 348 - 3…

  • @umbranar What about the 3 concerns you submitted for us ?

  • Rise of the undying Pirates

    Clemred - - Homebrew 9th Age


    Woaw! This is great ! Lot of good ideas ! Keep it up !

  • Quote from Folomo: “So, which changes do you guys feel were missed on this year's update or which changes went too far/not far enough? ” 1) Sacred Hourglass. Not sure about this one, i feel like, with our magic setup being more expensive, make one of our "strenght" even more expensive is a bad idea.. I think, the magic price changes affect us more than other armies. With our +2 CV for Hereditary, last year, our magic was already nerfed and now it's even worse. 2) Hierophant. Why? We were asked t…

  • As anyone ever tried a Cataphracts "Death Star" with Architect and Harbringer ? Maybe this won't be the Best thing to do, but with Crown , i'm thinking of 1 unit that can be on the flanks Quote from umbranar: “Quote from wombat: “Quote from umbranar: “I am musing over rebuilding a barrow legion list. 2 march bubbles can set up some serious flanks with Lance Cav. ” Way, way ahead of you .Have a game this afternoon with my Barrow List. ” Share the list please ” Please Share

  • Quote from IHDarklord: “I'm going to try out this dude; Pharaoh, Skeletal Horse, Shield, Heavy Armour (Jackal's Blessing), Great Weapon (Godslayer), Crown of Autocracy He doesn't need a unit to go with, but he can have one for a good price in core. And putting it on a flank can cause a real headache on the opponent. ” Can you explain why you prefer Jackal's Blessing to Destiny's Call ? It seems to be a really good option for us , we gain some mobility with the Crown

  • 1 - DL 2 - DE 3 - WDG 4 - HBE 5 - ID 6 - OK 7 - OnG 8 - EoS 9 - VS 10 - UD 11 - DH 12 - VC 13 - SE 14 - SA 15 - BH *KoE Unranked due to upcoming LAB So, am I the only one who thinks there's something wrong here ? UD besides DH or VS ...... DH and VS were the most picked armies of the last tournaments and UD one of the least..... I'm afraid we won't get anything good from the yearly update...

  • Quote from IHDarklord: “On the table, they do their job, some wounds to an OK unit or to feldraks/chosen knights. ” Do you always play them in Ambush ? I'm considering playing one unit but the Ambush seems expensive

  • unknown.png Here the rankings ! Thanks to @Petit_Lezard Quote from IHDarklord: “I wonder if some lists were not adapted to the meta correctly. ” Yeah, that's the point i think. Could you, please, give us some feedback on your list, especially the Sand Stalkers with Ambush ?

  • Army list from french IR

    Clemred - - General Discussion


    Thanks guys !

  • Speaking of results : Number One Undying Dynasties is ........ 1. @IHDarklord !!! Congratulations ! With 71 pts 2. @LeonTrodSkill with 67 pts 3.My self Clemred with 48 pts (1 match less which gave me an 8) 4.Gabiox with 47 pts 5.Kpcien with 45 pts 6. @daeldahut with 41 pts 7. Thirstythaurus with 37 pts 8. Blustyle with 30 pts 9. Nemacte with 14 pts It seems that @Velux and @Ezekiel57 were not there (Maybe i missed something) Good job guys ! So , it puts UD at 44,4 pts on 5 games and 8,89 pts a g…

  • Army list from french IR

    Clemred - - General Discussion


    Quote from Baldin: “btw big thanks for the format of list notation. Our bot reads lists Name Army New recruit style list so this is perfect ” So you have data ? Like Army rankings etc ?

  • Army list from french IR

    Clemred - - General Discussion

    Post…wX9Nn8smzGRfZZv-YqBS_tMxQ Try this

  • Last but not least Ancient Ordnance: Shabtis Archers Small : 2 Shabtis Archers Big : 0 Sand Stalkers Small : 0 Sand Stalkers Big : 1 Sand Stalkers Underground Ambush : 01 Catapult : 5 Catapult Terracotta : 4 Clearly, Catapult dominates the game ! Sand Stalkers, even if this is a team event, are too bad to be taken or too expensive. Not so many Shabtis Archers... Catapult seems better with DE and VS Entombed: Scorpions : 3 Too expensive, for what it does. This WAS our best chaff,anti-chaff,warmac…

  • Core : Scouts : 11 Archers Small : 5 Archers Big : 3 Chariots Small : 3 Chariots Big : 1 Chariots Legion Charioteers : 5 Skeletons Bunker : 3 Skeletons Big : 6 Skeletons Entombed : 5 Cavalry : 3 Scouts isn't our best chaff but because it's a core entry, it is almost taken every time. Not so many archers, and they're essentially a bunker as far as i can tell. Surprisingly, almost 1/2 of the lists uses Legion charioteers in big units despite the cost... 6 big units of skeletons with 2 on Terracott…

  • I will continue with entries : Characters : We have : Pharaoh : 10 Death Cult Hierarch : 23 Tomb Architect : 6 Tomb Harbringer : 0 Nomarch : 3 Casket : 4 No Tomb Harbringer. Not surprised, he's here to buff but his buff is worse than Undying Will (i think). Not so many Nomarch, And 2,1 Death Cult Hierarch per list. Regarding Mount options : Pharaoh : 5 on foot 2 on Skeletal Horse 0 on Skeletal Chariot 3 on Sha Guardian Finally, Sha Guardian sees some love. I, personally, play it for some time an…

  • Quote from Folomo: “Do note that different metas use different units. A single tournament in a single country isn't the whole picture. Below average representation for UD (17.25 is the average), but among the expected variation I would say. It's nice to see the diversity of lists, all units are represented. Good to see that this year UD monster mash is more popular than a few years ago. Among unit options, it seems that ambushing is not too popular in this tournament (I don't think any list came…


  • Quote from Janus: “Are the lists publically available? ” yes , the organization team published them on 21/11

  • Hi! For those who might be interested, here are the UD lists of the biggest french event in the year: the inter-régions 46 teams of 6 players, 11 of them having Dynasties ! Rudy « Thirsty thaurus » Melone Undying Dynasties 785 ‐ Pharaoh, General, Sha Guardian, Light Armour, Great Weapon (Godslayer), Crown of the Pharaohs, Obsidian Rock 395 ‐ Death Cult Hierarch, Wizard Master, Cosmology, Sandstorm Cloak 295 ‐ Death Cult Hierarch, Wizard Adept, Evocation, Book of Arcane Mastery, Hierophant 210 ‐ …