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  • Some good choices there, I got my fingers crossed for a competitive shabti discount! I'd also be pleased to see armour restrictions changed.

  • Nice lists. Way I see it charioteers went from not worth it to a strong consideration now, on msu that is. The base reduction means we're only paying 38 pts more for scoring and +1 str as opposed to pre update. And the upgrade is finally proportionately a decent buy compared against the damage increase to common res 3-4 targets.

  • Regarding wizards I feel the cost of a master is too much now. And also that apprentices are still mostly worthless. I would like to find a reason to take apprentices but without spell selection or VTs I cannot see a reason. Maybe this is something UD could focus on in the future. I could see apprentices being limited to 0-2 per adept/master. And also allowed to select between spells H, 1, and 2 and possibly allowed to generate a VT. Some combination of these would at least make them a considera…

  • Ok track I feel like the master upgrade is too expensive now. At first I shrugged it off but now after some time to absorb it I change my perspective. 265 pt upgrade for 2 spells and +1 to cast is too much. This combined with the change to crystal ball is a major hit to master magic phases I think. Meanwhile I do not see apprentices gaining much traction with this update. The lack of spell selection and no veil token generation means they remain largely worthless. Perhaps apprentices should be t…

  • Been like that for a long time I just think no one cared until recently lol. Besides you and I that is..

  • Agree those are both great to stack. My current setup is evo master divine adept, now I'm gonna try scales of destiny again after a long time. Just one more option to think about if they wanna go heavy on stopping a spell and possible early ranged pressure.

  • Oh it's cool IRL too dude. Meanwhile going 3 casters gives 2 more selection, from the 3rd best path. And doesn't give +2 to cast plus full rerolls so your number of successful castings is still going to be lower for similar or higher investment. So question is, what is the additional 2 spells your getting that make the difference vs a scroll with no rerolls?

  • To me thats the most potent and relentless magic setup (hourglass master, arcane mastery adept). The main drawback besides points being the emphasis on the masters spells. But if the arcane mastery on 2 dice is even average or above then it takes 3 dispel dice which allows for a potential 3 successful spell phase. Arcane mastery adept + master without hourglass is similar for approx 1 chaff cheaper but with no chance of 3 spells instead looking to draw one and then 2x3 dice the other two. At lea…

  • It was done to assist undead armies yes, but also was stated to address other current books and future design since the item was problematic by enabling unintended generals. So the change was not just for undead, it took into consideration many armies. Anyway I used it in my OnGs and now I use it in UD. I see it as testing the waters for potential future changes.

  • Thanks for the replies if the idea pans out you'll get pics!

  • Quote from Giladis: “@Palmu I never saw the need to pick between our "chaff" units. I use all three (Hidden Content) ” This list is close to my heart I'd love to read some reports.

  • I read a post on divination spell 6 and just had an idea. Maybe consider changing the spell to: Confers one additional instance of FiER. Duration permanent. Goes nicely with know thine enemy. Anyway just an idea.

  • Anyone ever try using real scorpions for their sand scorpion models?! Weird question I know. My buddy just received a shipment for some emperor scorpions and they all arrived dead.. but they look soo badass. Got me thinking, if I could preserve them and put them on bases that would be the bees knees man!

  • I enjoy destiny's too. It's in almost every army I play and I'd be sad if it changed or increased. Just seems like the compendium items are the ceiling for many factions items so they end up seeing more use than unique items. I'd like to see that approach change. In individual army books.

  • Quote from Fleshbeast: “Quote from Peacemaker: “Quote from berti: “Either make it an on foot only enchantment or price it properly at about 80 points. I would prefer the on foot limitation. ” Standard Height Infantry would be a decent restriction.It will break some wizard dragon builds since hero's heart is popular on those with paired weapons. But that's assuming T9A wants the power level of those wizard dragons to stay as high as they are. I've noticed the Tagged people pushing for the dragon …

  • I agree with heros heart and I'll add destiny's call too. I feel these two eclipse most army book items. That said I feel like these sort of items are almost pillars of the game at this point. Enough entries seem to take them into account that adding restrictions might do more harm than good. Anyway my wishlist that will never happen is to delete most arcane compendium items and flesh out individual army book items with a couple more pages. More balanced probably not. Fun hell yes.

  • Ah I missed orc shamans. It seems those particular armour enchantment restrictions are possibly out dated now. If so it would be a nice change to bring us and OnGs up to snuff.

  • I would like the rules team to reconsider essence of mithril restriction for constructs (and possibly destiny's call too). For UD the restriction ends up incentivizing amuut characters over chariots particularly for an architect. But I can't see what other factions would need to be restricted from using it on constructs. Maybe I'm missing something.. is this restriction intended to prevent some specific combo?

  • @OP- I feel core is the major reason. It's inflexible and doesn't provide many tools putting the army at a potential 20% disadvantage. Armies with strong core selection have longevity and this frees up special and other categories to specialize and adapt. If anything changes drastically in labs it should be core.

  • on the crown, VC have plenty of other ways to deliver March bubbles. UD on the other hand does not. So if anything the complaint should be about UD. However as welcome as this change is to UD players like me it is not really a second bubble. It enables a single unit and possibly a very closely accompanying unit/chaff to March. And this comes with opportunity cost of a non-CP character. This is not the same impact as the old crown which enabled characters not intended to be the general to become …