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  • Quote from EBD: “I like it, although I see two major issues: 1) Bodyguard in core is probably a no-go 2) That much complexity in a single core-entry is probably a no-go If it's a possibility I'd be all for it though ” Not sure for 2) you drop 1 entry for this. And maybe restrict to 0-1 the Bodyguard upgrade or replace by Minimized Roll on Break Test may succeed.

  • Play unit of 6 in 1 rank, 7A (counting champion) with GW and 6A S5 AP1. Not that bad. And pay Minister to get wound back.

  • Quote from bluntpencil2001: “Would it be possible to put the draughthorse in as an option for characters? ” With a Penitent Oath (+1W, Unstable) ? Making the character able to join Penitent Knights

  • Finally Questing Knights ^^. Ordered them :p

  • A but weird and hard to repare if something break. Plus maybe the smell ^^.

  • UD (unofficial) LAB

    setepenmentou - - New army books


    But you can change the rule to raise the models before calculating CR making the unit more resilisient for crumble but not allow resurrected models to fight.

  • Not models but idead for interested manufacturers. Knight Penitent and Hedge Knight…fa3c3a36b63c57ca6b8a3ad95

  • Quote from RobertRabbit: “On Hedge Knights - @Ivar K has done a very cool proof of concept with a sword in dominant hand and dagger (reverse grip) in the left hand, which is also holding the reins. Very cool! Knights Penitent - i was just doing some research for my own options, but thought the community might be interested: The ASOIAF minis are something like 35-40mm scale (I've got the scorpion and it looks almost comical next to my GW trebuchet) so they would be pretty good to represent draft …

  • yep core and chaff. I start thinking using 2 scorpions. They have a use against gunline

  • Quote from Krokz: “Quote from RobertRabbit: “I don’t have any more recent photos of my paired weapons duke… but it was an interesting conversion (I agree he looks rather ridiculous) ” I was once seriously thinking, would double Light Lance (one in each hand) be more fitting? ” Or like these dudes (War3): Knight.png

  • Or Conan using Forstmourn and Battle cat

  • Maybe with a shorter blade like a dagger to be able to keep it on hand and don't hurt the mount.

  • Maybe the weak feeling come with the price of the bastard sword. 25pts for a Lord when an Helberd is 5pts. Another thing. When I use the light lance mode, does the enchantment still working ?

  • Quote from Doug_L: “But! I don't mean to be too critical, it is an interesting option. Personally, I'd keep crown and MR and give him scourge and be selective in what he fights. Not sure if that's good.. just another option. ” Don't worry, I understand the issue ^^. Another option would be a KingSlayer in a paired weapon. its like having 6Atk Str6 AP3 Off7 ignore Parry when there is a character. This is not something everybody have. No divine attack.

  • Quote from Doug_L: “But crown + godslayer + rock no longer fits. So either we take him as a general with crown with limited fighting abilities (maybe scourge and target infantry when safe with all his strength 5s) or we take him as a fighter with godslayer and rock. I'm not sure I'd risk a fighter without obsidian rock as then you can't be aggressive against anyone with divination. ” But now you can have Dragon Staff and get the breath weapon Sha Guardian shall have ^^.

  • Quote from Sir_Sully: “Quote from setepenmentou: “Problem is we talk about improving Aegis. (standard 6+ plus specific bonus plus Orison for example) Dragonfire Gem grant a 2+ against flamming attack. it is not an improvement. Logically Prayer-etched doesn't affect Dragonfire Gem. ” that’s one interpretation but I’m not sure it’s correct. Because the gem only triggers against flaming attacks, it’s an improvement on your normal Aegis save. It all depends on the project’s definition of ‘improved’.…

  • Problem is we talk about improving Aegis. (standard 6+ plus specific bonus plus Orison for example) Dragonfire Gem grant a 2+ against flamming attack. it is not an improvement. Logically Prayer-etched doesn't affect Dragonfire Gem.

  • Support for Questing Knights : Folk Hero : Cleric, Bannerman, Heavy armour, Shield, Destrier, Tristan Resolve : 340pts A second Hyppo monstrous butcher : Equitan Lord : paladin, valour, paired weapon (heart of Hero), Ghostly Guard, Hyppogriff : 550pts

  • Remember Bastard Sword is an hand weapon with +1Str, giving the ability to use a shield with the possibility to be used as light lance at charge. Are you seriously asking to have a 1h helberd ?

  • IMHO ig they are penitent then Unstable represent the fact that they want to redeem and stay on fight even if the situation is desesperate. But I think in the other side they shall have Hatred or Battle focus.