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  • I filled out the poll. A few questions are a bit misleading. For instance, " Are you satisfied with Background driven rules design?" This question doesn't ask us Why we are or are not satisfied. I answered that I am not and that is because sometimes in Army Book design we can develop things that are either really background accurate or not at all. Sometimes I think our hands are tied by the background and other times I feel like we don't design according to background enough.

  • I think writing rules at this point, given the ambitions of your project, is putting the cart before the horse. It is in everyone's best interest that this endeavor succeeds, so good luck. Hopefully we hear from you in a year when you have everything sorted out as a company.

  • I am now completely confused as to what is going to be different about this game from T9A. I thought you had intended to revert everything to GW IP. Now, you are making a completely different game, with completely different IP, but similar enough to WHFB for nostalgia? The goals seem conflicting. Now, I would be interested in having T9A working to differentiate it's rule set even further from WHFB to get out of the uncanny valley of being thought of as "just a fan project" by so many of those wh…

  • I think T9A lives in the uncanny valley. For people who want something different, T9A is too much like WFB to have gotten ride of the abusive and nonsensical things such as conga lines and chaff redirectors, same discipline system, same dice mechanics, nearly the same armies, etc. For people who want WFB there has been too much change to the factions and background was too much. Edit: I think those liking WFB we're fine with some better ballance

  • Quote from Klexe: “Quote from Daenarion: “Try them in a unit of 15 with minister and GW. They are decent that way, you can afford some losses, and to raise 1hp on medium cav isn't bad either. But you won't have them as a principal unit, they just can't do that. Such a pack of 15 is good to cover flank or to flank by themselves, that's not really worth it to hide BsB or general in them. Hatred with GW is pretty good, once you can absorb some losses. But even if they can have a correct fighting ab…

  • Quote from Klexe: “Quote from Reconquer Designs: “If the Feudals are thr well-rounded unit, it would be cool to have the Ordos do even more damage and be the glass cannon knights. S4 ap1 base, lances with hatred, and max or 4+ armor even. ” how about light troops?:D and devestating charge (looses light troops) ” Light Troops is not allowed in Core. We had a look at this with Hedge Knights.

  • Quote from Klexe: “Sounds fine with me. 4+ greatweapon horse guys? If they need to be really cheap. And if they are cheap enough people will play them as Msu scoring darts. So they need to be increased in min size else they get to cheap. 1 less armor? I would pay then around 180 for that ” I agree with that, I would want to see them have a unit size of 8-20.

  • I think I would suggest Armour 1 for the Horse, Heavy Armour, with GW as the default cheap choice. Then make Lance and Shield the expensive choice. Then we will be able to drop price of suicide GW users done to nothing and keep the high burst damage Lance users appropriately priced. The low Armour+ Hatred+ Lance keeps them in competition with Feudals without making one better than the other.

  • Okay, that would be pretty achievable.

  • How would you improve Ordos Wardens (without changing Stats) so they provide more competition?

  • Quote from Remy77077: “Quote from RobertR: “It makes it so not all units are great picks in a competitive list, but who cares? No one but people trying to win tournaments - that's who. ” IMO this far more affects people who just collect and paint models they like (or collects and paints just about everything for a faction like me) & then tries to play with them and ... it's just not effective or well balanced, and so your models go "back on the shelf" and never get played because of bad balance …

  • Quote from arwaker: “Hm, 50 points for +2Dis? Not that shabby afterall. I've seen people pay more for less. ” and Aegis 4+, and Fear. It lets you play with one less character if you want, which some people do, or you can focus on a Paladin.

  • It didn't. People still play the Sainted Damsel. Sainted Damsel gets used as the Army General.

  • Having heard people's descriptions of their games, it seems the thing that really needs restriction is Characters. Perhaps we set up a system of two Points pools. One for the book and another for Characters? Then let TO determine the number of points can be spent on each section.

  • We believe that Knights of the Realm should also be over represented, and they are about 1.5 units in every list. I don't know if the algorithm used for pricing can adjust base lines, to accommodate, but the TT (including the RT member) all believe that Knights of the Realm are underrepresented when they fall below 1.5 per army.

  • It has been that way since Alpha 2 and doesn't kill Sainted Damsel's so far.

  • My fault for trying out a PDF. Try this LINK

  • Quote from Shukran: “@echoCTRL do u prefer if i stop posting at all? ” Sun Tzu says the truist victory is making an enemy into your friend. So no, I prefer that you continue to post. Positive Regard requires that I look at something a person does and say, "That action is objectionable, but I presume the person to be of a good nature worthy of empathy." I don't like the content of your communication, but you are communicating your frustration with communicating with team members. Tha…

  • Quote from Shukran: “@echoCTRL 1 lolled. I truly did it. It is funny to me. Next time i wont share my feelings. Ok. 2 i stated the obvious by telling that colored names liked colored names' post. "I accused" seems something bad. If i state your name has a red tag i accuse you? Anyway in the previous post i explained what i meant. "Like" emphatize the post. It gives value. Because u share the same sentiment. Given u staff are from the same side of """"fight""""" , i find it funny u like each othe…