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  • Ok, to be clear, if for purpose of quest you choose wreatched ones, then you have bonus against models spawned by damnation. If you choose forsworns, then no.

  • In damnation is "the wreatched ones models form a new unit" so this is not that same entry as chosen fromarmy list.

  • Nope. Range is separate column in spell entry and all items or rules changing Range, change vale from that column. So in case of Mark of Doom you may increase Range to 30" but 12" to snipe Character stay that same, because it is effect of spell, even if this is value in inches.

  • Maybe not an error, but don't know where write that. According to general layout, when the unit entry have "Must take (one choice only)" the chepest option is always free. In WDG's Chosen Lord cost of chepest Favour was increase from free to 5 points, so it does not have "free" option in "Must take" so should base cost up to 300 points and all Favour cost down by 5 points each. I know that this is not so important and does not affects any rules, but maybe should be written on to do list for next…

  • I waiting for feadback Currently I play with 3 Feldraks and 8 hounds and thats all about monsters, feldraks and barbarians so I don't realy care, bacause the "warriors" are meat of this army and Iove them (even if it is not so good roster I realy glad to play block of warriors with chosen Knights, doomlord with foresworns and few supporting units). I cry about chosen, because I love them in 1.3 with nint-tailed standard and lust or with change for play without sorcerer and were great in 8ed of W…

  • I just copy past all type of movement from DT description, mainly due to using Advance instead of March (I understand mistake from 40k ) However, about "Since you make the test at start of charge fail or successful charge won't matter." I don't understand that. These are two different situations, and there is option that unit make Charge Move with DT but failed charge will be without DT or unit make Charge Move without DT, but failed charge move will have DT.

  • Quote from Traumdieb: “You only make break testsfor each terrain feature if you March, Charge, Failed Charge,pursue, Overrun or flee but not if just moving. ” Corrected

  • I start read about supporting attacks and I'm confused by this sentence: 15.D.c.1 Supporting Attacks A model part that performs Supporting Attacks always has a maximum Attack Value of X, where X is defined by the Height of the model. According to this and Priority of modifiers, Master of Battle and Zealots’ Banner (and any other rules changes the number of supporting attacks in other book) should not work. Or I miss something?? In this case it should be changed to "Master of Battle: The model is…

  • Quote from WarX: “There is one problem... You can't pivot model on round base. This is caused by fact that in the rules it has no distinguishible direction. If you pivot regular model it is changing direction pointed by Front Facing. It doesn't work for round base. ” Well i have rule that allow models do pivot and no role prevents pivots for models on round base. Fact that "it has no diretion" have no impact for pivots rule because rule say "place back on any diretion" not "aby other diretion".

  • Unit become prepared for march, hide weapon like bows and other, and then they go, but during move then notice that must stay earlier and they have no time to take weapon fast enought to make shoot or somthing else. BTW, what do you mean by "limiter some nerfs (WDG artifact)"?

  • Quote from WarX: “Common sense (and mathematical/physical) interpretation of move is to change position in space. Model with 0" Adv/Mar can't move with Advance Move or March Move because what you do is not a move at all. ” Yes, but first we have: 12.A Movement Phase Sequence with point 3 "Moving Units: Select one of your units, take a March Test if necessary, select a type of move (Advance, March, Reform), then move the unit" 12.D.e Moving Single Model Units Units consisting of a single model fo…

  • SA LAB Spoilers: Discussion

    Keller - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    Quote from subspace: “There is already a lot of dice rolling in this game, no need to inflate that even more. ” It may be rude, but IMO armour saves will not often roll for skinks, so still only one roll for them. Most important for them is to gain party instead of armour, otherwise they gain light armour instead.

  • Add red text: Quote from Petit_Lezard: “Ag 4 => Ag 3 + That can make diference, Agi 5 in Charge is high enough agains everyhting othe rthan elves Arm 2 => 1 and 6++ - Arm6+ and For 6+ have that same effect for AP 1, and is better for AP 2 and more. Is less effective against AP0 (by 1/36) and ofcourse against Flaming attacks, but for the moment, there is more and more AP than flamings. Strider Water +/- Don't know did it help a lot, but maybe models will be cheaper Size 15 => 20 +/- This can make…

  • Jotunheim- Fanbook

    Keller - - New army books


    Hey, IMO it's great idea to connect Jotunheim climate with army of giants in 9th Age world. I rewritten your post to my Word template, changing the tex and layoutt to be more like the official one (and add few icons )…a8y6a8ghfmnen1q9j4f8sy19j Some clarifications: - move Devotee of Iwunn to Paths of Titans, because Herald chooses between this and Shephard - suggest rework of Sons of Titans, I add just Stubborn to all Gigantic Infantry and add Sons of Titans and Tow…

  • Tsuandan | Cathay for T9A

    Keller - - New army books


    1. Retinue is a mount option so if you take Retinue you cant take any other mount like horse or chariot. About 2. I'm intersested too, because there is few options like "No More Foe" or "Pursuit" so we must wait for Idum answer.

  • Or you can get luck of the dark gods and cast hand od glory for him and have aegis 4+ saving points for combat items Btw. @Chronocide what do you say about adding to lexicon each gift or the dark gods. For this moment they are only in chosen lord entry.

  • Next thing (copy-past from SA spoiler disciussion thread) Quote: “IMO ambush should be somie kind of redesign and gain Ambush (X), where X is place where the can enter the battlefield (e.i. Ambush (Water), Ambush (Board Edge), Ambush (Ground)). That allow to skip some part of text in most of special types of ambush. ”

  • IMO ambush should be somie kind of redesign and gain Ambush (X), where X is place where the can enter the battlefield (e.i. Ambush (Water), Ambush (Board Edge), Ambush (Ground)). That allow to skip some part of text in most of special types of ambush. But that is for another threat

  • Found another Feldraks miniatures…igon-heavy-weapons-207678…tigon-dual-weapons-207679 720X720-centigonheavyset.jpg 720X720-centigondualset.jpg 720X720-ancientcentigon1.jpg

  • Quote from Cuendae: “Is it really more disruptive than having 28 move on first turn? ” I'm not say that is something great (I hate this too to be honset), but this is something that you can predict, position your unit during deployment and react. If that sky terror (anyway, this name is easy to remember and use, easier than the first part of the name, which I am now unable to recall without looking for in earlier posts or threadwith spoilers) fly away, I can't predict, position units and react c…