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  • Класс! Постараюсь приехать KoE

  • KoE Alpha Feedback!

    florens - - Kingdom of Equitaine (KoE)


    Quote from EBD: “Quote from Glonojad: “True, but these benefits are independent on the hero traits taken, and what I meant was that Castellan Bannerman folk hero is generally a poor cousin of the Lord BSB. The Troubadour Bannerman or Cleric Bannerman offer options unavailable to a Lord at all, and I must someday try a Witchcraft Knight build (an Adept with a 2+ save when mounted, yeah!) ” I think the cleric bannerman in a unit of questing knights stand out as the best option right now. Paying 75…

  • Quote from Glonojad: “They are very nice models indeed, to the riders look a bit too much on the Feudal side whereas I think that - judging by rules and profiles - they should be more Templar. ” Totally agree! Unfortunately I couldn't put the yeomans as riders because of the wings

  • Finally, I've completed my quest with the sky heralds from Lost Kingdoms. Here is the original reference:…22d05fcad19e81a678dac5b3a And these are my six boys:…22d05fcad19e81a678dac5b3a…22d05fcad19e81a678dac5b3a…22d05fcad19e81a678dac5b3a…22d05fcad19e81a678dac5b3a…22d05fcad19e81a678dac5b3a…

  • The two more bannermen!…22d05fcad19e81a678dac5b3a…22d05fcad19e81a678dac5b3a…22d05fcad19e81a678dac5b3a

  • A small reinforcement for my levy bowmen. I just want to try these Expert Bowmen next battle.…22d05fcad19e81a678dac5b3a

  • At least one was completed this month! The folk hero as castellan and bannerman of the army.…………22d05fcad19e81a678dac5b3a

  • FAQ KoE Alpha Book

    florens - - Kingdom of Equitaine (KoE)


    Quote from Kreln: “hmm it's bit complicated. So if you choose Feral Orcs does it apply to Feral infantry and Cavalry ” Hmm.. I was thinking it is implemened to Orcs (conmon, feral), but not Orc Boar Riders or Iron Orcs.

  • FAQ KoE Alpha Book

    florens - - Kingdom of Equitaine (KoE)


    I have a question about the Hereditary Spell. Is it possible to cast the spell as the bound spell (Relic Shroud) and then cast the spell by the wizard in the same magic phase?

  • My first tries. Last weekend I've participated in a small local tournament and had a chance to test the new book. I've built the list in my favorite style - all-cav army with the elements of RAF I had several conditions: - Lack of models because I do not play proxies; for instance, I still have no knights with two-handed weapons, no naiads, etc. - I wanted to try new mechanics (Orisons, Lord builds, Magic items, the Quest, etc.). - Aggressive style of army. Here is the list: (Hidden Content) Gen…

  • Quote from Filthor: “Quote from florens: “Did anybody successfully order those Asgard Rising miniatures with the two-handed weapons? I cannot find them on myminifactory and cannot get the models from Asgard Rising either ” If its the STLs you are after, you are looking to buy two different sets on MyMiniFactory. The heavy cavalry are equipped with lances but the are interchangeable with the weapons from the medieval knights with two handed weapons (the ones on foot). EDIT: In case you are wonder…

  • Did anybody successfully order those Asgard Rising miniatures with the two-handed weapons? I cannot find them on myminifactory and cannot get the models from Asgard Rising either

  • Я правильно понял, что этот турнир полностью независимый от 16.01 или это его продолжение? Если второе, то надо участвовать с той же армией?

  • Well, I'm not sure that it can be done in a month but the Lady is calling for bannerets and standard bearers!…22d05fcad19e81a678dac5b3a

  • I'm in! Good punch for my KoE army update!

  • Quote from Archeron: “Resplendant ( translated shinning) are maybe winners of jousting but they seam impetous (rules wise). Shinning also can mean an winner or also it can stay for aroganz. That´s why all the rules and the name screams at me they are no Battle Vetereans. Maybe jousting expert but no Battle Vetereans which knoe excatly how to win and survive. ” Agree. Thinking about new models I plan to to use jousting tricks for them like throwing things in the air, a wreath on a spear, posing w…

  • @Ludaman RIP WHF, I don't care about them. I do care about the partcular armies we have. Piligrims look like ordo people, not levies, not knights. But I see that I'm too style/fluff pedantic here. That's my last post on the topic. Anyway, thanks for the great job, guys.