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  • Random thought while reading people talk about our gw units dying to stomps, how about minimizing stomps against our infantry?

  • Shooting is also limited by units being in cc, yes I can have 1500+pts into shooting but generally im in combat by turn 2

  • Quote from dan: “You’re only paying points for stubborn if, upon stubborn being removed, that choice is taken less often and the points are dropped. ” So in theory if say Hammerers were in 100% of lists it wouldnt effect pricing if we gave them an additional attack? Thats weird unless im misunderstanding

  • Quote from dan: “You’re either placing your war machines too close together or keeping you combat line too far back. Stubborn has never been a downside for me, and I can’t count on both hands the number of games they tied up Ambushers for multiple turns. ” I didn't say they pivot and charge another war machine, they generally charge do a few wounds to the warmachine. I hold on stubborn then kill me on my turn, if I turn my shooting around to look at them they can move away on their turn prior to…

  • Please remove stubborn from our warmachines, Ill even pay 5 pts to get rid of it lol. All it ever seems to do is hold t1 on stubborn (opponent turn) then die in my Combat phase for a free pivot for the enemy.

  • 6th Edition for me. Im not saying what GW releases will be better the T9a just that Im not sure if T9a has enough time to make changes to satisfy enough players not to switch. Gw can botch the design and rollout and theyll still take most of the player base. Again I hope Im wrong

  • I personally dont think itll matter much when the old world drops. Ive enjoyed 9th age and it filled a missing hole GW left but Ive found the game going downhill since after 1.0 (Ish cant rem which number). I do hope Im wrong, but these 3 changes once a year wont be enough to fix what needs to be fixed prior to the launch of whatever GW releases.

  • Where are we voting? If its in this thread -I like the idea of reducing warmachine cost and pt limit. -Runesmith 18 inch range -roll back msu nerfs twas a stupid change

  • DH 2.2 General discussion.

    Jon653 - - Dwarven Holds (DH)


    I just dont get how anyone can be excited to play an army that is good against inexperienced opponents, dont get me wrong clubbing seals occasionally is fun lol but I can do that with other armies that dont bottom out vs higher skilled players. Also saying wait for the LAB... um no? Why would anyone continue to play an army for years just hoping that they'll get fixed, my hobby time is limited and I dont like wasting it

  • How to use King effectively

    Jon653 - - Dwarven Holds (DH)


    Hello all Ive got the older edition sealed Throne of power but cant find a list I like well enough to open him. So far hes been more of a points denier then anything, how do you guys play him effectively?

  • Maybe make 3 dicing our bound spells a 9 instead of 8? Currently the only reason id 3 dice something is because I have an uneven amout of power dice

  • @kisanis I dont think you can compare the problems that come from an abundance of monsters/ solo characters & msu infantry combat. I havent read the thread your talking about but if RT asked the community if monsters/solo characters/msu was an issue and didnt differentiate between them then thats a rather large over sight. Ive heard of complaints about solo characters & monsters & occasionally msu shooting but Ive never had anyone complain about msu infantry. I dont think this update killed msu …

  • @kisanis Pretend I am making the decisions on how to balance this army and I tell you that the way you want to play your army is not in line with how I want you to play your army, and that regardless of how your army's playstyle performs I am going to try to make it suboptimal because it does not fit my vision.

  • The update didnt change too much for any of the lists I play. Unfortunately the more I read about the future direction of Dwarven holds leaning away from msu because it goes against how the people making decisions about how the army should be played and not because of power level makes me cringe slightly. Becareful designing the army to what you want and being okay with nerfs to playstyles you either can't play or dont play... or you may end up playing alone.

  • I have joined, how many people we got so far?

  • Rune of quickening 0-1?

    Jon653 - - Dwarven Holds (DH)


    Update has 0-1 next to rune of quickening, is this an error?

  • Whats the problems with seekers currently? DH arent winning tournaments and we are basically playing 95% seeker based armies. Kinda makes me think seekers arent a problem. Also the people talking about dropping seekers to 15 max must not ever face shooting armies, youd be picking up 2 units a turn off the board lol

  • Well I for one like seekers. Unless DH are over preforming why would you be discussing nerfing them? Seeker spam is either because we like it thematically or the other choices are subpar but again unless we are over preforming a buff to the others makes more sense.

  • Quote from Lakson: “@Jon653 which team do you play in? Juice Crew? ” Yep thats me

  • What about making greybeards a unit upgrade for deepwatch/hammerers/ warriors?