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  • It took me a while, but I finally manage to take some (too dark?) photos of my Scourge: 40536-acec5928-large.jpg 40535-be4c192d-large.jpg 40534-b34fc46f-large.jpg I was very lucky to obtain the Bronze trophy with him at the Flaming Swords painting contest a week and a half ago.

  • Having see the present army with my own eyes last weekend, it is a pure concentrate of amaziness!

  • Quote from Nimrod: “Can anyone tell me where I can buy a miniature Dark Vlad from Enigma with delivery to Ukraine? Thx ” Enigma fantasy miniatures was discontinued as a brand (as CMON did with many other ranges of miniatures). You can still find some references on different shops and second hand platforms (e.g. ebay), but I am afraid you will have to check each of them and especially if the delivery cost to Ukraine are reasonable. Good luck in your search!

  • Some imperial looking folks miniatures on Kickstarter: The Kingpin of Dunkeldorf 057604c705796ed5988bbdf7f31e8a5a_original.jpg

  • Thanks for the poke @TobiasP. I quite enjoyed preparing a "care package" last year. Sadly I did not received any local culinary specialities last time (but still some beautiful minis), so let's give this year a new chance!

  • For the warborn's generals that always wished physical versions from the last Avatars of War releases, but don't have access to a printer or still don't have faith in printing services , Avatars of War just launched a Kickstarter: Legendary Orc Lords GO PHYSICAL 7476139906e75427804ed0a9ba511201_original.jpg

  • Nurgle?

    Folkienn - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    The full version of the Daemon Legions Legendary Army Book* may additionally help you to better grasp the concepts behind each unit as well as identify which miniatures should be suited since the full version includes background, descriptions and illustrations. Finally, as already mentionned by @Alexwellace, the Deamon Legion miniature library lists a bunch of miniatures that were deemed to fit the concepts behind each unit, feel free to draw inspiration from here as well. Alternatively you can …

  • Quote from Doug_L: “I noticed the digital library for 3d files is looking a little sparse. There's a ton of great content out there now. For example, Lost Kingdom has finished their range. Txarli and one-page rules have full ranges to print now, as well. How does one go about getting that information on there? ” Basically, everyone can update the miniature library, so feel free to do it (if necessary poke me to check the formatting). In practice, members of the Product-Search team try to keep th…

  • The miniature wiki article for the Titanopods (Miniatures - Titanopod) is finally created (actually for quite a while now) and should now contain all your suggestion and suitable models I could find. Please don't hesitate to check it and point it out if I missed something (or even add it yourself ). So let update further the Saurian Ancients miniature library.

  • Something for the very hard gamers wink.png Pokedés 3006332731.jpg 3011059966.jpg

  • Quote from Chronocide: “@Folkienn you certainly don't have to add these to the miniatures library, might not even be a proper thing that the library does, but we do have supporting companies making things that aren't really miniatures, so might not be a terrible idea to add a section if we don't already. ” That's actually quite a good idea. Something like a Folder Hobby furnitures and some wiki articles such as: Hobby furnitures - Gaming tools (for dices, tokens, rulers, printed cards, ...) Hobb…

  • Quote from Craig1020: “Quote from Casp: “2. Hum ..i am not part of GDT, but i have some past experience in other game to balance rules. And i think your proposition would not be a good solution, that would create lot more issue that the actual process. Good intention but unrealistic. if you assume that T9A intention is to rewrite all book to make them really T9A specific. Create 16 news book and start again balance from a white page, would be a real mess. T9A would loose any balance during multi…

  • Il semble donc opportun (et thématique) d'invoquer @nightwun et @Krokz qui, si ma mémoire ne me fait pas défaut, furent impliquer dans l'élaboration du supplément Cultist. Dear nightwun, dear Krokz, sorry to summon you in such a (for you) unfamiliar realm, but the inhabitant of this domain are apparently in need of your help. This concern the Universal Rules Daemonic Summon from the Cultists Supplement: does the limitation "during the owner’s Player Turn 1, only 2 Veil Tokens may be discarded fo…

  • Quote from Eymuster: “Anybody know of a Arcanotech Looking, aztech giant or flying fortress kind of model, as an alternative to the Titanopod dinasaur? I think the rules, strider, Musician, mega stomps etc. Lendi themselves extremely well to the flying ziggurat pyramid theme. ” Maybe a Quetzalcoatl could also do the job if you want to avoid using a big dino? Lost Kingdom Miniatures has a beautiful one: quetzalcoatl-the-feathered-goddess.jpg (You can print it, or let print it, at the desired/suit…

  • Quote from Chronocide: “Quote from Schnix: “I also checked the minature libary but i thinke it is outdated. ” Oh, on this point, the miniature library is likely waiting on the VS LAB to produce a "Gold" version of the LAB. As the VS book is in Beta now, they can technically still change the base size, axe the unit, and so forth, so it's smart to wait on updating the miniatures library until VS "decides" on a final form for their LAB. @Folkienn would have official knowledge, though, as I'm just g…

  • For those who have a weakness for rather fancy Equitan miniatures (and a 3D printer), the September Release from Raging Heroes / Heroes Infinite is waiting for you.

  • Models for Daemon Legions

    Folkienn - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    More tempting stuff from Creatures Caster: Atriachs of Malifica (still not available in Europe yet) buy-now-aml-sharp.jpg

  • And even more digital orcs/orks: Arbiter Miniatures Kickstarter 6: The Ork Horde 2f9d6a39737d15aab06432a7cb5cd0b9_original.jpg Test prints: c2e2afbcff10c80bc655c120728b1d32_original.jpg

  • Some quite fitting (digital) models: Quote from Op-Models: “We proudly present our next Kickstarter campaing: Check it in Kickstarter: ”

  • Latest released from Herelylabs: Hans the Flayer ax088variant.png Frich Von Krieger The Crimson knight ax087.png ax087variant.png Lord Corbhan The Ironhand ax091.png Banner undead ax124.png Ghoul 1 and 2 ax092.png ax093.png Fallen mastiffs ax122.png Zombie Gaoler ax099.png Zombie Gherard ax095.png Zombie Grete ax097.png Zombie Khurt ax101.png Zombie Ludek ax096.png Zombie Margelein ax100.png Zombie Ursula ax094.png Zombie Werner ax098.png