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  • ¡Gracias Dani, muy buen aporte! Ahora mismo estoy viviendo en una ciudad con poca actividad de 9th Age pero algún grupo de jugadores de Oldhammer, y tu post me ha dado la idea de intentar atraer a algunos con una campaña. Por lo demás, documentos muy trabajados por tu parte, da gusto ver cosas tan bien hechas.

  • Do we know for sure that Strigoi "bloodline power" means no armor? Maybe that has changed. Another option to maybe compensate for the loss of +1HP would be an improved vampiric rule for that power.

  • Quote from Minidudul: “DE LAB team pointed out during alpha that the less option/build, the easier to balance. Seems it's just acting with this in mind. Stop asking for customization, they're just preparing the LAB. Lol. ” On this matter, separating these two upgrades in two different units seem like a good compromise. You can work then with stats and general rules to give shapeshifter and unicorns a defined role without bounds to other unit entries. And you can make those units with 0 options s…

  • Quote from Wesser: “Come now. Let me see some positive thinking. Builds, combo or whatnot Otherwise Santa might be leaving the boring spoiler on friday ” Maybe use the ranger's boots to improve his mediocre Av. distance for charging. But I think that the problem with this guy is that he's not only losing all his characteristic improvements. He also gets an indirect nerf losing access to Titanic Might which allowed him to have quality attacks with good hit and wound rolls. And also the improvemen…

  • From what I'm seeing, the decision to not allow changes in characteristics in the unit options is going to be fatal for sylvan kindred kind of rules. If you can't modify characteristics, you're limited in adding general rules, and you can't invent unique rules for them because of complexity issues, I don't see how you can develop interesting kindred/clans/whatever. It seems to me that the team hasn't thought about this thoroughly. At this point I think that the solution would be to create new en…

  • Is there a place where is the lore for that gathering of Von Karstein and Nosferatu?

  • UD Generals Rebellion

    Ineluki - - General Discussion


    Quote from dravenlord: “planners owe game balance and fairplay to each player ” Even if that would be true (and I don't think it is) the data provided by players and tournament organizers say that the game is currently extremely well balanced in the general context of miniature wargames. So, assuming that they would owe us that, they are doing it extremely well. While it's perfectly ok that you don't like the changes, I think that you should down your tone a bit. Repeating a lot of times that yo…

  • Quote from Klaudel: “It's a normal elven play. It's called force concentration. And it's very effective in highly mobile armies. ” Yeah, I get that it can be useful as a battle tactic during the game. But I don't think it's the same if you do it because you're focusing your units in a point of the battleline, than if you have to do it every turn simply because your character don't know how to maneuver with your unit, even if you don't have where to jump. Maybe the rules designers are ok with it,…

  • Quote from Klaudel: “C'mon it's great! You don't have to have LT to use it. Just take two units of Wilds/Maidens/Heath and jump from one to another. With 20" march it won't be any problem. The only question is which characters can use it as a mount? In KoE it can be used by Sainted and Paladin (apart of Damsel of course) and that's the real difference. ” I'm not sure if a character that need to be jumping back and forth between units to be effectively used can be considered well designed.

  • While I really like the design for the new two bows, I don't think the new unicorn would be so useful. Losing light troops still seems like a huge nerf for a unit that includes it. The problem in trying to make a SE Unicorn in Equitaine style is that they have tons of appropriate units that benefit from the Unicorn's bonus, while the only unit in SE that can include our Unicorn without giving up light troops would be the Heath Riders. What about a design for him similar to the Lady's Courtier? A…

  • Quote from BondageGoatZombie: “let's do some guessing. Host units would be saurus, skinks and temple guys. Fourth a new unit? Guests could be caimans, swarms, weapon beasts. What else? Maybe pteradons are hosts to ramphos? ” My guess for host units would be skinks, saurus, raptor riders and/or raptors. For guest units I would think on caimans, weapon beasts, Thyroscutus, baby carnosaur. I´m in doubt with the fifth, maybe the taurosaur with Engine of the Ancients will become a separate unit with …

  • Can a Fire Phoenix benefit from Fortitude, even though he has Aegis 2+ agaisnt Fire?

  • Ontario!

    Ineluki - - Canada


    Quote from Morgan_Treeman: “This group: ” Thanks! I´ve just made the request to enter the group.

  • Ontario!

    Ineluki - - Canada


    I asked for access a couple of times but didn´t get an answer Quote from kisanis: “AS stated above - join the "Ontario 9th Age" facebook group if you use facebook Ontario is still on a harsh lockdown though, so in person gaming is still limited here. ” I asked for access to the FB group a couple of times, but didn´t get an answer smiley120.gif . I guess we will have to wait some time to enjoy our hobby as we used to, but I would like to know about Ottawa community in the meantime, just to get so…

  • Ontario!

    Ineluki - - Canada


    Hi! My name is Pablo, a Spanish currently living in Colombia, but I'm moving to Ottawa to study for the next two years. I would arrive on August or September if everything goes as planned, and I would like to know about the chances of playing 9th Age there. Hope to meet you soon

  • Ok, thanks again. I thought that something like that could have happened, but I wanted to be sure. I have a couple more questions (I hope the last ones in a while ). In the first place, I haven´t seen any kind of penalty for not using weapons to attack. Is that right? Does it means that the Club is only useful when using multi-weilding? The second one is more about the optimal warband organization. I´m creating a Von Karstein warband, and I´m thinking about the inclusion of the Ogre Zombie. I th…

  • Ooook, I see it now. That make sense. I have another doubt, what does make the Highborn Elves hability "Unforgiving Allies"? I couldn´t find it anywhere.

  • Hi! First of all, thank you for the great work you´ve done, I love it. We are thinking to start a campaign in my playgroup, this Saturday we are meeting to try the game and learn the basics. I have a question about Vampire Covenant band. It seems that Dire Wolves and Great Bats can get experience, but they are Species Undead and don´t have a table of maximum characteristics. Is this intended, or they can´t actually get experience. Thank you!

  • Quote from Arturiki: “My English version says the crown cannot be taken by wizards and the heirloom can only be taken by wizards. So no? ” Hi! I´m a friend of Garboq. The argument we are having about this interaction is that the Crown says that the bearer cannot take any Enchantment restricted to Wizards. But the Heirloom isn´t an Enchantment, it´s an Artifact. I personally think that the intention of the Crown is that it cannot interact with any item restricted to Wizards, but we have found the…

  • Hi! I´ve just seen this. Actually there is a 9th Age community in Medellín, we are few but very active and always looking for new players! I´m sending you a PM ;).