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  • SE (20) - DH (0) Refused flank - Capture the flag MVP : Wildhunter with blades, sylvan archers and dancers with BSB LVP : Maybe rangers who, even 6 wide didn t manage to more than 5 wounds to dwarves for 2 turns ! Good shooting manage to reduce elite dwarven infantry (don t remeber the name of the unit). Wildhunter charge them and overran into king's unit flank, killing more than 15 of them (thank you beast awaken). Made them flee (opponent wasnt lucky to fail ld 10 test without BSB). Game over.

  • SE-ID (Capture the flag-Marching Column) 17-3 Victory for SE Secondary won by SE. MVP : Dancers with dancer BSB and rangers LVP : I could say archers but they did their part at least. Pretty aggressive game with my SE list : close quarter as soon as top of turn 2. The game ended at the beginning of turn 5 and my opponent was left with only his tauruk Bsb surrounder by dancers and 16 rangers, some slaves and vassals. Pretty good game for the wild hunter despite being focused by vassal with bow. A…

  • Single tournament near Rennes France 3 games. Game 1. Infernal dwarves on Center. Result : SE 7 - ID 13 (Objective lost) Mvp : kestrels( killed the pyro master T1), eagle prince and blade dancers + dancer BSB Lvp : archers Game 2 : WDG and King of the hill Results : SE 0 - WDG 20 (objective lost) Mvp : blade dancers and dancer BSB Lvp : me and my deployment Games 3 : Makhar on Center Result : SE 15 - Makhar 5 (Objective won) Mvp : Kestrels Lvp : archers

  • Hi guys. I was wondering about the price of the entire deck. Is it ok for the last update? Also, what are the shipping prices for France? Thank you again !

  • Build idea for eagle BSB : 440 - Chieftain, Eagle King, Battle Standard Bearer (Aether Icon), Shield, Light Armour, Elven Cloak, Sylvan Blades (Spirit of the Whirlwind), Talisman of Shielding So 5A F5 AP2 with 3(4)+ / 5++ Quite decent choice especially in combinaison with your eagle prince. The obsidian rock give them a needed MR3 also.

  • Imho, and after many tests, the eagle king is far more easy to control and given the build you gave is better protected (4+/4++ against 4+ only) Also, frenzy can be a curse and seal the fate of the elk prince... The only drawback as you said @casamar is the damage outpout which limits the use agaisnt multi HP or high toughness target.

  • SE-DL 13-7 Battle line, spoil of war (obj lost) MVP : Wildhuntsmen, Kestrels and sylvan archers LVP : Druid SE-EoS 5-15 Dawn assault, Flag (Obj lost) MVP : Kestrels LVP : Dryads SE-OK 0-20 (conceded) Counterthrust - Spoil (Obj lost) MVP : Kestrels and sentinels LVP : BSB on elk SE-VC 1-19 Counterthrust - Hold the ground (Obj lost) MVP : Kestrels and Wildhunstmen LVP : BSB on elk SE-DH 10-10 Encircle - King of the hill (Draw) MVP : Kestrels LVP : none SE-DH 10-10 Refused flank - Breakthrough (Obj…

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    Quote from humblr: “Bows on all characters. If they are in Wild hunters, they will be able to shoot after march. ” @humblr : I don't get why you give bows to your WH characters (and more generally to your druids ) : 10 or 20 pts could be useful elsewhere and 2 or 4 bows are not going to make a difference. For example : you can give your WH a shield... ( ok : 15 more points to find elsewhere, but that's a start) 4+ / 6++ is not a luxury with these guys against shooting By the way I like your list…