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  • The models are gorgeous, but only 6 more days for additional 10 backers…. Quote from Little Joe: “TTCombat does casted models On that note, something else that is news from Avatars of War on Kickstarter: ”

  • Hopes - a versatile army with a lot of possible playstyles - A variety in character mounts and (related) variety in character uses - Comparable power level as current book Fears - Having access to only army-specific magic lore; I enjoyed possibility of selecting - Losing mobility-war (as ninth age is all about the movement phase). Enough chaff, supporting units, board control with chariots and Warcry are solving this potential issue with the current book. - Lower amount of independent units that…

  • I have read through this fist version of the guidelines and a number of the comments. Since there is a “speak now or forever hold your peace” vibe, I better add my two cents. (I do not post frequently but feel very invested in the army). There will be some remarks already made by other players, if I share their concerns. Or, of course, if I share their enthusiasm. First of all, I like the general feel of the guidelines. I like the fact that versatility is integrated in the description. It makes …

  • All right, let me introduce myself. I have been playing Orcs and Goblins since 1993, when they were part of a set together with high elves. During the times of GW I have always dismayed at the power level. Playing became less fun, as the other armies in my army group always had a higher power level, and my army became paralyzed with animosity. I had already started another army, out of pure frustration. Then came End Times and a rebirth for my gaming group with the Ninth Age. We have been playin…

  • Unit Card Concept

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    I’m getting really curious to see the tool at work! But so far unable to reach it.