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  • Is Tegu set in stone? I see it's a lizard but I'd never heard of them so the name sounded unusual.

  • Quote from Stygian: “Anyone ever try using real scorpions for their sand scorpion models?! Weird question I know. My buddy just received a shipment for some emperor scorpions and they all arrived dead.. but they look soo badass. Got me thinking, if I could preserve them and put them on bases that would be the bees knees man! ” perhaps pick the brain of a taxidermist or entomologist?

  • wow looks like mostly points discounts across the board. Makes me wanna crack out those new saurian warriors models I got from Last Sword to paint up and get this army going again. Dinosaurs! Rar!

  • HE Miniatures & New Models

    Laniston - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    @Feaynnewedd I got mine in just before Christmas and they're gorgeous UPB4swy.jpg

  • Quote from Reliquary: “Love the basing. Here at the end, turns out you've been sculpting them. ” Thank you. I'm not really sculpting bases, but I am using a roller for green stuff to imprint the pattern in them, and some bases are 3d printed. I'm glad you like the results.

  • Quote from finet: “TTCombat is slowly getting their Desert of the Dead Kickstarter items to retail too:…the-wip-desert-wednesday/ Anubti-Front-Background.jpgCatapult-Front-Background.jpgVultures-Front-Background.jpg ” I love TTCombat's stuff. I got an absolute ton of it from the kickstarter and have been painting up Undying Dynasties from primarily that stuff. (a little Txarli Factory prints too)

  • Not sure why but August seems to be going well for doing some projects. The more of these bigger things I finish the more the neglected core and infantry units cry out for attention. I finished this Colossus with Scales of Destiny ahk7t0n.jpg but I did start working on some bases for maybe Necropolis Guard or some more core skeletons of some kind. Y9BpoDQ.jpg

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Loving the worms as stalkers, the base minions are a cool addition too ” thanks very much

  • Quote from BondageGoatZombie: “Lovely thread, stunning pictures! Following ” Quote from Promet: “somehow I missed this thread, very lovely stuff. I think the tuffts might be a good Addition to the other bases ” Thanks you two

  • Some sand wurms I've painted up to use as Sand Stalkers K6wahkY.jpg This is the first time I've added some halfling mummies. These little cuties should be showing up on more and more bases for bigger things as I have more painted.

  • Latest thing done. A Casket of Phatep. I used a green stuff roller for the base and actually added tufts. Which means I'll probably have to go over the bases on a bunch of recent models and touch them up. I was fine with the simple paint job on some of these, but then on the table they aren't matching nicely. LhPurgO.jpg

  • Quote from Baranovich: “Quote from jirga: “Out of the blue, to me at least, Mantic released pictures of their halfling army. 223618294_10165745864715475_8480224773321405564_n.jpg ” OMG I had NO idea that Mantic is making a Halfling army!! ” Mantic made a game called League of Infamy that has a halfling-themed expansion. They made a number of models for that, and much of it will translate into Kings of War stuff too. Most of it is cooking themed For example..."steam tank"? lUgCYto.jpg

  • Some Shabtis WJy3zD1.jpg

  • And here is the unit finished (unless I do more with the bases. Toying with that) UIm8pnM.jpg

  • Finally I've gotten over myself and begun painting another unit of core skeletons. This time some spearmen. There will not be any surprises with colours but I think they'll look great when they're done. It is 20...which is not easy. I have an event coming up in September I'm trying to have a painted army for, so I'll likely need to paint even more than this batch. Yay. uYRXvWm.jpg

  • Quote from Mad 'At: “The Scarabs look great! Well worth the time The obelisk looks cool too. Is the marble effect freehanded? It looks neat ” ah, thank you. Yes I tried to do marble free hand. I'll probably keep trying on as many pieces as I can to make it better each time.

  • Well, sorry I haven't been very active on these forums for a while. I had a rather terrible run in with Covid that, long story short, rather robbed me of some time I might have spent painting. I did recently complete a little project. Some scarab swarms! 6D5P8qC.jpg I thought this would be a rather quick project, but I didn't account for painting all the individual scarabs. I also tried colour-shifting paint for the first time (from Turbo Dork) and I really like the effect. Of course this paint …

  • HE Miniatures & New Models

    Laniston - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    July Patreon files from Titan Forge. bweAzcz.jpg They call them highborn elves, but with a more forest theme. Really looking forward to seeing what else will be coming next month as this is only a teaser. They always do some terrain, some big stuff, and a lot of other cool things like textured square bases in the most popular sizes that match the theme of the month.

  • I'm curious if they'll really keep the steam tanks having "norba miniatures" spelled out on the sides and front

  • From TT Combat/Trolltrader's Desert of the Dead kickstarter they made this skycutter model (sorry I just peeled an orange...that fingernail...) sky_cutter.jpg Most of the elves they did were dark elf, but it's all female Egyptian elves and they started adding things that would also work in highborn elves (lynx warriors, ice and fire phoenix, etc.) Should be available retail in 6 months or something, but it's a definite option.