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  • Quote from Gingersmali: “Quote from Grubenarbeiter: “Can a unit of goblin rabble with banner of discipline and General or bsb in the unit choose to fail a panic test with goblin cunning? The rule says „before rolling any dice…“ With the banner you do not roll any dice at all if General or bsb are in the same unit, do you? ” no, AFAIK RAI the intension is you cannot choose to fail tests you automatically pass. With the wording change, think this still holds? Tho @Eisenheinrich would know better. …

  • Quote from Buckshot: “Does this make it a unit or do I have to separate them in the next round? ” There aren't any rules that force models to leave units. Exclusive prevents models from (actively) joining units, not from being joined to units.

  • Quote from Orion: “Quote from Tanis: “Could an Empire Wizard use the Liberal magics rule with the book arcane mastery? ” I would say no, and if it allows it its something that should def be looked in to as its probably not intended. @Eisenheinrich ” As explained in post #9486, BoAM works fine with liberal magics (and that's both RAW and RAI .

  • Quote from Nirnel: “Quote from BrOti: “Quote from Buckshot: “Hello, I want to make an army list with the new OnG book, but I have a problem, because from what we understood, the shaman orc cannot go in a unit pack where there is already an warlord orc (feral, iron or veteran). Is this possible or have we misunderstood the rule? The original idea was to put the warlord on a chariot with a shaman on a chariot and together form a two chariot unit. Possible? ” 21.A.b.10Characters with Exclusive (X) …

  • Quote from Zwei: “Does the UD godslayer trigger its multiwound vs conditional aegis saves on dwarfs with shield wall even if they dont have a shield? Like a thane (does have rule Shield Wall) but did not buy a shield. ” No: < Shield Wall While using a Shield, the model gains Aegis (6+, against Close Combat Attacks). > So if the models doesn't have a shield, it cannot use a shield, so it does not gain aegis .

  • Quote from Iskailko: “So can a caiman master Join Another caiman master? ” Sure: < 21.A.b.10 Exclusive (X) (...) units consisting entirely of models with Exclusive (X) can only be joined by models with Exclusive (X), where X specifies e.g. certain unit names, Model Rules, or upgrades. > So a solo caiman master is a unit consisting entirely of models with exclusive (caiman elders), so it can be joined by another caiman master, as that model also has exclusive (caiman elders).

  • Quote from Iskailko: “Does the Order in which I Cast Life finds the way and healing Waters Matter? E.g. 3+ when First healing Waters, Then Life finds a way and 4 + other way round or do I Always get 3+? ” The order doesn't matter, it's 3+ either way.

  • RAW it only works for a single model with mishap. We'll address it in the next update.

  • Quote from Grimgorki: “Hi, a breath weapon can be used in a stand & shoot reaction, right? ” Right

  • Quote from BlackLancer: “When does this ability trigger? ” Well, "at the start of the Melee Phase" (see 15.A Melee Phase Sequence). Quote from BlackLancer: “Does this happen before all combats? ” Yes. Quote from BlackLancer: “-> Would these causalities count towards combat resolution given that in theory they happen before the round of combat begins? ” No, because the health point losses are not inflicted during a round of combat (see 15.F.a Combat Score).

  • Quote from Casp: “Does it mean, even with 2 lantern i could only give -2adv ? ” Correct.

  • Quote from Gingersmali: “Quote from sgu97bjd: “This may be more a general rulebook question, but if a behemoth takes the slithering frame and creepy crawler upgrade can it choose whether to treat impassable terrain as open terrain after it has rolled the random movement dice? ” 21.A.b.17 Ghost Step The model may choose to treat all Terrain Features asOpen Terrain for movement purposes, but must followthe Unit Spacing rule upon the completion of its moves.It can never end its move inside Impassab…

  • Quote from Ratatoeskr: “how does the attack gnasher work? Do I enchant a specified weapon? My question aims at weapon master - can i use different weapons and still always get the 3 attacks? ” Attack gnasher is a regular weapon enchantment, so as usual, you have to select and specify a single close combat weapon that is enchanted. And even if the bearer has weapon master, he always has to use the enchanted weapon.

  • Quote from Gingersmali: “Hmm definitely not RAI, sorry @Eisenheinrich if you wouldn’t mind fielding this one also? Can have a look this evening if not. ” There recently was the same question for a R&amp;F standard bearer with koru stone, so I'll simply quote the corresponding answer that also applies to the OnG R&amp;F BRB: Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Quote from Perch: “Quote from Dancaarkiiel: “Can I snipe a standard bearer model within a unit with Koru Stone to farm 200 VPs with each cast? Does…

  • Quote from Casp: “@It is Flo Thanks you now the rule chapter ? The rule judge desagree with me in my last turnament And by reading attack it look like warplatform count as one. ” Quote from It is Flo: “Matching bases in Rulebook or somewhere in the Rules in Figures. @Eisenheinrich ” The explanation in post #9340 is correct. See the FAQ on page 32.

  • Quote from Gingersmali: “You definitely can’t ambush with gogtuks in a unit(they don’t have ambush), I believe you can place them into a unit that has ambushed once it is on the table. @Eisenheinrich am I correct or have I got things confused? ” Correct

  • Quote from Bulwok: “Are giants from giants supplement allowed for alpha books? ” It's less of an issue of being allowed than being compatible . Sometimes, it takes a while for the supplement giants to be streamlined with the corresponding LAB giants and/or the LABs, but other than that, there is nothing preventing you from using a giant in an alpha LAB army. Not sure there is a single thread for all giants - there are separate threads for some (all?) giants somewhere in the army subforums.

  • Quote from Sodder: “Would the initiate then be locked to its new unit? ” Yep. Quote from Sodder: “And a bonus question: when deploying hidden units (initiates) are they place one at a time or simultaneously? To deploy an initiate a unit needs "to contains 2 or more R&amp;F models with the same basesize as the model with Hidden, at least one of whichmust be in the first rank" and to "remove a R&amp;F model with the same base size as themodel with Hidden from the chosen unit’s first rankas a casua…

  • Quote from Baldin: “So a initiate that is left on their own can join another? ” The model is free to join any other character with Exclusive (Goblin Cunning), yes.

  • Quote from Gingersmali: “Quote from Sodder: “2 GogTuk Initiats join a unit. Now they are locked to this unit and can never voluntarily leave the unit The unit then goes and dies and only the initiates are left - are the still considered the original unit and stuck to each other or are they free to go do their own stuff? The rules state that: "If a Combined Unit has all its R&amp;F models removed ascasualties, leaving one or more Characters behind, theremaining Characters will stay a Combined Uni…