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  • SE - SA 3:17 MVP: bladedancers LVP: kestrels Went with a non-standard list of 30 archers, 2 x BD and 2 x Kestrels, eagle king, druid master and sham apprentice as part of practice game for ETC guys. SA had a lot of small scoring, lots of shooting, solid magic with MM, one large dino and a single camen guy with up to 9 attacks. Archers made little impression, BDs were under intense pressure from shooting and MM, heals worked fine but consumed all the dice and so vulnerable outside forest. SA coul…

  • SE - Wodg Dawn assault/hold the centre 10:10 MVP: bladedancers (ripped apart unit of warriors, healed loses with druidism) LVP: nothing. Wodg dropped for first and pushed up the centre with a lot of beef. SE archers took out 3 feldraks and hounds on left, on righr WH defeated flayers and got very lucky defeating herald, BDs wipped out warriors in centre end of turn 3. Wodg retreated to conserve points after securing objective and finished with very little left.

  • put me down thanks

  • SE-DH (marching columns/flags) 9-11 (Objective lost - thought it was breakthrough and in the bag!..opps) MVP: thicket beasts (been a while since i gave them a run out) LVP: Forest rangers (stuck their nose out and promptly got two direct catapult hits for their impertinence)

  • My opponent: 465 - Druid,Wizard Master,Cosmology, SylvanLongbow (Watcher's Woe),Crystal Ball165 - Druid,Wizard Apprentice, Shamanism,Book of Arcane Mastery250 - Chieftain,Battle Standard Bearer, Sylvan Longbow (Bough Of Wyscan)190 - Chieftain,General, Sylvan Longbow, Pathfinder400 - 23 Dryads, Scoring,Champion388 - 19 Sylvan Archers, Musician170 - 15 Forest Guard,Elven Cloak and Sylvan Blades, Musician170 - 15 Forest Guard,Elven Cloak and Sylvan Blades, Musician445 - Treefather411 - 9 Wild Hunts…

  • Scottish Championships - 51 points, 3 wins, 2 losses SE vs WoDG 3 - 17 Deployment: Marching columns Objective: Spoils of War MVP: Shooting in general LVP: Wildhuntsmen A good thrashing for the opener which is always nice. My general lack of games and prep shined through in this one. Started off ok with shooting down a unit of heavy cav and hounds, his barb horsemen took DTs marching through forest and fled. He went for long charge with cav/doomlord, got the 11 and things took a turn for the wors…

  • Thanks for a great weekend and for all the hard work getting it organized. j

  • congrats and thanks for all the good work

  • Hi, All very choppy changey. Do we know when the books will be officially issued. Off to Scotland and haven't a clue what my list looks like. Thanks J

  • hi, i put payment through. thanks, j

  • hi, not exactly what you're asking but related; fear can be handy with -1D standard, fear test for combat plus shaken so if failed so can't pursue/overrun..BDs can cause fear and no combat res for ranks..situational but occasionally useful

  • First game with new updates SE v DH Refused Flank/Flags 7:13 lost scenario MVP: Big archer block (special mention to 2 small units of bladedancers) LVP: thicket beasts (double cannon and massed crossbows did their work, charging TW greybeards thinking they were clansmen didn't help) Deployment type not ideal for my fast moving SE but game dominated by trying to deal with 2 vanguarding blocks of HG supported by BoV Seekers. Blocking dancers in forest, massed bows and several BtS casts inflicted e…

  • that it!? there some stats missing? the name suggests something more than a fast marching lucky elf

  • SE v DH Frontline/breakthrough 13:7 tied scenario MVP: Cosmo mage dragon and SA LVP: Wildhuntsmen (shot to pieces) Special mention to TA with druidism..Rock solid

  • I think all that was required to make SE a really great army with lots of variety and synergies, was some tweeking here and there. These changes are dramatic, restrictive and highly situational..time will tell I suppose but will 2023 be sent arguing about all this? Anyways, I'll test a few ideas over the weekend

  • yep, scribble my name down for this one. Thanks j

  • SE- DL (Dawn Assault/Breakthrough) 17-3 Objective won MWP: wildhunter chieftain with titanic might taking down Sentinel LVP: bladedancers; went toe to toe with demon general but got caught by comet (4 comets took out 1000 points)

  • Hi Joachim, If you're interested, I'm looking to get a quote for painting the following minis to tabletop standard; Bladedancers x 12 (6 painted previously) Thicket beasts x 6 on 40mm bases Briar Maidens x 20 still in the box (sisters of thorn models) I'm based in Ireland. I can send photos if required as well. Regards, John

  • Gaming Day in Dublin

    JohnnyWicklow - - Player Search


    I'm in sounds good

  • SE-DH (encircle/breakthrough) 4-16 (Objective lost) MVP: Rangers LVP: Briar Maidens (failed a 9 roll and off they went T2) Six months without a game and the rust was everywhere, deployed poorly and was on the back foot throughout the game, opponent deployed well, kept me hemmed in with 40-50 crossbows, double canon and advanced at leisure. One to forget!