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  • Make them T5. Raise the points.

  • No army uses 25% on low skilled warriors. There is a lack of basic Game understanding here.

  • Quote from berti: “Why does the book force one to use big wide blocks? I read this on and on, and it is simply not true. Often having more units is better. In many cases the important number is 25-30, you don´t need way bigger blocks to get all the retaliation attacks. If a unit is able to delete a 25 man unit of R4 models in one go, the issue is not the dead unit, but too much fight in extra rank and magic buffs on the unit delivering this damage. No LAB book can stop this madness, this is a th…

  • I repeat my question made almost one year ago, trying to avoid the mess you have created. How should the book win games by having only weaknesses and no strengths? Im saying this because if someone like Berti told me that the book is underpowered i will start from scratch and delete my forum account i have been involved in the making. The problem is the wrongly designed guidelines. You are very very close to lose the last OnG players. This ia the least played LAB by far. Keep pusing. We are very…

  • ETC 2023 VC lists

    kaisersose - - Vampire Covenant (VC)


    No buffs to winged reapers?

  • When you say that sword masters die to shooting please consider as well that they can handle most of the combats without any HP loss. IO on the other hand take wounds in every combat, and once you are only 6-7 guys left only the elves are a threat. 6-7 IO are chaff.

  • Arwarker please dont take this as an attack on you but do you really play the game? Can you say where? Your answers in the post seems like trolling to me. You have a complete lack of understanding on the game and you keep posting and posting. Try to elaborate good arguments on how the current unit is good or you are just making noise.

  • Quote from arwaker: “I am not surprised. A realistic scenario would look different. ” No It wont. Orcs range damage are way lower than average.

  • Quote from arwaker: “Having multiple different units with rather similar parameters is not inherentily a problem, it is a style and efficiency focus. Orcs with 3 different units (Feral, Veteran, Iron) have a clear focus on heavy infantry. People might think that it is useless redundancy, but redundancy keeps point costs low, because iterative point changes will try to make pickrates equal (of course with a slight disparity between core and special). Of course we dont want multiple exactly same u…

  • IO had the two main problems that a unit could have in this game: - Lack of purpose. A M4 infantry on an army that will most likely spend 25% of the core on M4 "fighting" infantry. They do really need to do something else (in the past independent + str 7). - Cost. It seems that the project throw a dice to set the prices. The fact that this unit cost more than elite elves infantry shows how little understanding of the game is behind point setting.

  • Propuestas 2023-2024

    kaisersose - - TOES España


    Los que proponéis jugar la final de forma efectiva en dos findes, por favor, tener en cuenta que hay gente con vida fuera del Warhammer. Sobre lo de identificar a filiales veo un mensaje muy largo de Palomita con 0 ideas concretas para controlarlo sino se incentiva su declaración. Así que mi idea pensada en 5 minutos es la mejor porque es la única realista de momento.

  • Propuestas 2023-2024

    kaisersose - - TOES España


    Veo que la normativa no deja de intentar limitar los equipos que tenemos filial, intentando ir poniendo restricción sobre restricción en una persecución sin fin. Voy a proponer una cosa, porque no se incentiva que dos equipos se declaren filiales? O como esperáis controlarlo? Mi propuesta es: - Si un equipo se declara filial, un jugador clasificado en uno de los dos equipos puede jugar la final con cualquiera de ellos. De este modo incentivas que los equipos filiales se declaren así. Porque el c…

  • Final Talavera 20-21 Mayo

    kaisersose - - Ediciones Pasadas


    Agradecer también a los árbitros, que fue una final muy compleja, con el tiempo muy ajustado y lo manejaron con mucha mano izquierda.

  • Quote from skipschnit: “Quote from kaisersose: “Quick question. A VS cannon hits a unit that is in combat with a VS single model. How do you Split the Big hit? You throw 5 dices and if someone hits the enemy unit you can justo select the Big one? Or you should Split on a 4+ the Big one? ” As per Callous, you first determine the total number of successful hits against the intended target. Then for each of those you roll a d6 and a 4+ will transfer that hit onto a Vermin model/unit. So you roll th…

  • Quick question. A VS cannon hits a unit that is in combat with a VS single model. How do you Split the Big hit? You throw 5 dices and if someone hits the enemy unit you can justo select the Big one? Or you should Split on a 4+ the Big one?

  • I feel we went from being the weakest army to the weakest book ever written. Playing this book is a waste of time. It will have to be written again from scratch.

  • TOE Burgos 1-2 Abril

    kaisersose - - Ediciones Pasadas


    Me da la impresión de que hemos llevado la expresión "ahogarse en un vaso de agua" a otro nivel. Nunca había visto a nadie complicarse tanto con tan poco, hacer una montaña de un grano de arena o como lo queramos describir. Creo que la comunidad percibe la normativa más como un apoyo que como la ley, ya que le queda mucho a este documento para ser algo serio. No tiene ni una lectura antes de su publicación, ya que hay incluso duplicados en 5 páginas, estando a continuación el uno del otro. De he…

  • At the current random price and stats, taking the court as a mount should be a felony in most countries.

  • Quote from eggsPR: “The Dead Arise changes are cool. If only i didn’t use Necromancers as generals it would apply to me lol! Does that mean all vampires also gain Awaken (zombies/skellies)? also, when will NR be updated? ” Of course not lol

  • Is it possible to use Cursed Medallion with magic missiles?