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  • Last year, supplements wait until stable version of core books, so all changes and hotfixes in january-february-march and then,in april, supplements update release and I think that's the scenario for this year as well.

  • Rise of the undying Pirates

    Keller - - Homebrew 9th Age


    WOW what a great view excellent job, waiting for more and more with each your new post

  • Quote from mr-modmoto: “Regarding the hereditary from VS and the whispering bell. Does the +3 inch also count when measuring from the tunnel markers? The wording of the bell leads me to believe that? ” I don't see anything that would prohibit it. The spell gets +3" range, which is not limited (unless bound spells), so when measured from the marker, it still works.

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “If you afraid shooting presence of double cannons so much - why not limit it to maximum one? As upgrade/sidegrade for hellmaw. ” Yeah, hellmaw 0-2 units/army as Construck monster with option to take teleport 0-2/army or some kind of shoting (cannon/catapult/special breath attack) with 0-1/army sound great

  • DE General Discussion

    Keller - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Quote from Gerfaks: “Quote from Ehakir: “Dread knights are fine. Having breath of corruption as no 1 occultism spell is not fine. Cannister launchers are not fine. Alchemy magic is not fine. Spears on elite troops are not fine. Hand of heaven is not fine. Doom divers are not fine. That's your problem, not the knights. ” You are right. But all these stuff will not be fixed until 3rd edition.So at least the Dread Knights could be fixed by DE Lab team. And Res 4 on Knights would help a lot. ” Yeah,…

  • First sentence of modifier section: 6 Modifiers The values of Characteristics and dice rolls or other values can be the target of modifiers from numerous sources, like spells, weapons, and armour.

  • Quote from dr.ill: “Question: EoS Inquisitor Brace of Pistols counts as Paired Weapons in close combat > Can they have a Weapon Enchantment such as Hero's Heart (or superdex, etc) ? ” Nope. Directly exaple in book 22.A.a Weapon Enchantments • Each Weapon Enchantment applies to a specific weapon (e.g. a Great Weapon) or a category of weapons (e.g. Close Combat Weapons). Note that Shooting Weapons that count as a Close Combat Weapon in close combat (such as a Brace of Pistols from the Empire of So…

  • Yes, and I would love to keep that option. This is not OP. we need many bodies, need line formation that is horrible for 25mm square and it add just 8 attacks. My post was creating mainly due to idea of 3x3 warriors knight lance.

  • Quote from Nasion "Demon": “I also think it is bad idea to remove 3rd rank support for zelot. Its expensive banner taht need lot of bodies to use. I woudl call it even cloose to broken on 25-30 warriors to get 3rd rank support, these units are so expensive already adn they deserve to be deadly if you willing to invest hungred of points. Also it open possibility for horde PW barbarians(finaly) and for warriror knights in weird formations like 3*3. ” Banner do not give attacks from 3rd rank, but a…

  • No Asklander gallery?

    Keller - - Asklanders


    Hi @Casp Summon you as member of THH - Website Team Or that question should be ask to someone else??

  • Wretched Ones

    Keller - - Warriors of the Dark Gods (WDG)


    To be clear, IMO Grindings are not performed as supporting attacks, so are not capped on any way. Supporting attacks strickly say about Close Combat Attacks and Grind Attacks are Special Attacks in close combat so they are Melee Attacks not Close Combat Attacks. Irredeemable have that same wording as Supporting attacks about attack "across models in the first rank directly in front of them" but that sentnce just ignore the Grind desrpition about attack only enemy in base contact and do not conne…

  • Zombie Pirates of the 9th Age

    Keller - - New army books


    Quote from Warshout: “Also, if some army book design team could, like, pick this up immediately and run with, that would be greatly appreciated ” I'll try to work with that according to this, few questions: 1. "Repel Boarders: Ignore Curse of the Black Powder for this charge reaction." you mean to get -1 from stand and shoot or ignore whole rule, so long range cover and other should be counted? 2. "Vampire Count and Courtier:Pistol and Brace of Pistols" should be as One choice only, or model may…

  • However, if you get Wizard on Arcane Engine with Arcane Shield, Prelate on Altar of Battle and Arcane Engine with Foresigh from special, you can create big buff unit (still each buff measured from model not from unit) because you join costruct character to construk R&F model. You cannot join to steamtank, becuase ubrekable modles have "Exclusive (Unbreakable)", and cannot join to war machines, becuase war machines have "Characters can never join units with War Machine, and Characters with Wa…

  • Zombie Pirates of the 9th Age

    Keller - - New army books


    Hi, zombie pirates (and just pirates) are very quaint army. Some times ago, I create something similar for UD, but there I change only the names, not change any stats, points nor rules…ndying%20Pirates.pdf?dl=0

  • T9A: Free Companies

    Keller - - New army books


    BTW. Shouldn't the Paymaster’s Pendant be only for the unit not count to core?? as very elitness banner.

  • In "One Turn Spells" it is write directly: One Turn The effect of the spell lasts until the start of the Caster’s next Magic Phase. If an affected unit is divided into several units (the most common example being a Char- acter leaving its unit), each of the units formed this way keeps being affected by the spell effects. Charac- ters that join a unit affected by One Turn spells are not affected by these spells, and likewise, units joined by Characters affected by One Turn spells are not affected…

  • KoE Alpha Feedback!

    Keller - - Kingdom of Equitaine (KoE)


    Quote from Glegut: “Anyone try to use new druidism with our knights? How exactly it's look like now? Maximum 4 and minimum 2 rise knights per turn it's ok or not for you? ” Well, on single unit you can Raise up to 6 models if cast both spell and roll high values. But 6th have 6" radius from chosen point on battle field, measured 12′′ from caster or 6" from Forest, Water, or Hill. It is nice range to choice point that cover 2-3 units and character on Hippogriff. IN that case you rise 3 times D3 k…

  • Question about needing of roll to exit from Hellmaw go to main thread with questions Rules: Short Question - Short Answer (2nd Edition, 2020-2022) Will see, what they say and maybe they change the wording or anything

  • Did WDG hellmaw and SE Mist Walker’s Mirror need roll for exit the special ambush?? In Hellmaw Discussion of Changes we get following discusion: Quote from Feaynnewedd: “I think it's unclear, as Special Ambush reads "The model follows the rules for Ambush with the fol- lowing exception: (...)" and if I'm not mistaken, it is written nowhere that no dice roll is required. So I actually do not know, is no dice roll required for any Special Ambush or just not for Hellmaw? ” Quote from Keller: “In ge…

  • In general, Special Ambush need roll (following an ambush roll). But hellmaw and SE Mist Walker’s Mirror order to place unit on battle fild, following the rules of special ambush and it refers to restriction of placing the unit on battlefiled. The sentence "place it back on the Battlefield" ignores the ambush exit roll. BTW, I preffer the mirror wording, since it reffers to "following" the rules of ambush and Hellmaw say that unit is placed "with" the rule. Mist Walker’s Mirror Remove the bearer…