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  • Hey Kathal, long time no see! Waaaaay back in the day, users were creating polls for really silly and sometimes offensive things so someone decided from that point on, only staff members could make polls. In your current status, I don't think you can make them.

  • Wow, that's a beautiful sculpt. Take my money!

  • Unless you’re a T9A developer asking, it doesn’t matter what I think

  • for what it’s worth, buy a 3D printer and print off unlimited bases plus whatever models you find. They are a REALLY good investment!

  • @umbranar I like your list! I assume the Pharoh and Tomb Harbinger fill out the Necropolis Guard blocks but where do you put the Ark of Ages?

  • Good! Then hopefully we can get away from "this unit sux" and "that unit needs to be better at X, Y, & Z - why doesn't anyone listen to me" posts and move back towards figuring out how to crush our enemies!!

  • I was unaware of any additional changes being considered. Have I missed a memo somewhere?

  • To be fair, every army has things they rely on. ID rely on shooting, Demons rely on magic, elves rely on going first and high movement, KoE rely on getting the charge...UD rely on magic. I'm not bothered by it in fact I see it as more of a feature than a flaw.

  • Yes.

  • I'm rebuilding my lists now. Lots of new possibilities with these new points!

  • I'm never one to say that mathematically I can price everything because there are contexts involved. It makes absolute sense that some army books will pay more for an ability than their opponent because they are not intended to be good at it. Or maybe something fits into a slot really efficiently. Or something combines with something else to become amazing. The list goes on. I can only tell you that, when the rubber meets the road, this is what it's worth on paper. My costs are purely a "are we …

  • Quote from Cam: “@Tsagadai & @Grimbold Blackhammer, how come you guys think flintlocks are over priced? Just asking as I think they're pretty good so wondering. Usually take a unit of 20/21 in core, although retaining the options of 10s would've been nice. They're like 10% cheaper with +1AP and shoot in 3 ranks over slim for comparison point. ” When Citadel Guard *upgrade* to a Flintlock Axe, here is what happens... - the model loses parry (-1 point) - the model loses +1 armor in combat (-1 poin…

  • I like the current blunderbuss

  • Please don't drown in semantics. The point I was trying to illustrate is that the ID community is justifiably frustrated by being an under-powered army. The ID strength is shooting and the ability withstand damage but one could argue our shooting phase has overly-strong limitations on it and our ability to withstand damage doesn't stand up that well to the increasingly offensive abilities of other armies.

  • Forgive me from paraphrasing but I think the issue people are trying to articulate is their frustration that ID feel *weak* and that sentiment is being articulated that ID models feel too expensive. Mathematically I do not think they are too expensive (with the blatant exception of the Flintlock Axe). But when comparing ID to WoDG for example, WoDG has superior deployment options, superior movement, superior armor, superior chaff, superior magic, and superior close combat prowess while ID have b…

  • Having a shield baked into the base profile actually means great weapons total cost is... +2 ST 2 points +2 AP 2 points -2 AG -2 points losing shield -1 point Total = 1 point Immortals cost 21.67 points per model with a great weapon or 20.67 points without one. An Immortal with an Infernal Weapon (+1 ST, +1 AP, magical attacks) costs 23 .67 points per model. So effectively they pay 3 points for an Infernal Weapon which is not bad but not terrible. But wasting 60 points when you don't have to is …

  • You're completely correct and thank you for pointing out my mistake (the curse of posting quickly...oops!). Because the costs for spears or great weapons are free, it's fair to say those costs are baked in to base cost of the model. Great Weapons give +2 St and +2 AP which costs a model 4 points per attack. However they also swing at initiative 0 so by losing 2 points of agility so their inherent value to an Immortal is actually only 2 points. So the price difference between Great Weapons (which…

  • Mathematically +1 ST and +1 AP is a +2 points per attack upgrade on a model. In cases where a model loses Parry, it should only cost 1 point per attack on a model but that's not the case with Immortals. I think in their case however, the Great Weapon & Spear choices being free simply overwhelms the Infernal Weapons choice. It is priced properly but why pay 2 points per model when you don't have to?! Taurukh Anointed however should be paying 4 points for their Infernal Weapons (giving up Paired W…

  • Think of it like Magic Resistance. Because the spell and the attribute are two totally separate spells, you can cast the primary spell at a target and the attribute st a second target. Even if the second target has MR, the attribute goes through without penalty. The same procedure seems to apply here.

  • As a player, this update obviously hurts. And coupled with other armies actually getting better after their updates, this feels like a hard kick in the nuts to us. It almost feels like we're being pushed more towards a rank and file playstyle and away from a monster-mash playstyle (to me anyway). I know that a lot of work went into this but my already underwhelming army definitely just got even worse. I don't have any power to affect change other than to vote with my feet. I'll be shelving my UD…