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  • Since I haven’t had the time to practice, I am just gonna edit what I have been utilizing. Below is what I brought to Buckeyes: Highborn Elves 735 - High Prince, General, Griffon, Shield, Dragonforged Armour (Ghostly Guard), Lance (Nova Flare), Diadem of Protection 655 - High Prince, Shield (Willow's Ward), Heavy Armour (Protection of Dorac), Spear (Sliver of the Blazing Dawn), Lucky Charm, Master of Canreig Tower (High Prince must gain 3 additional Learned Spells) 280 - Mage, Wizard Adept, Pyro…

  • Quote from Cealyne: “I think I will be trying this out in 2 weeks at a team event in Toledo ohio. 515 - Mage, Wizard Master, Cosmology, Light Armour (Gleaming Robe), Talisman of the Void 435 - Commander, Battle Standard Bearer, Light Armour (Essence of Mithril), Great Weapon, Amethyst Crystal, Master of Canreig Tower 430 - High Prince, General, Light Armour (Destiny's Call), Spear (Sliver of the Blazing Dawn) 493 - 24 Sea Guard, Standard Bearer (Banner of Discipline), Musician, Champion 230 - 5 …

  • Honestly, they should just freeze Version 2.0 just like they did with version 1.3. That way we preserve the game as it is (most balanced version externally). I feel with all the rhetoric about 3.0 and limited resources, this year’s annual update will undo years of hard work because of all the attention towards 3.0.

  • T9A: Free Companies

    Fergus - - New army books


    Hey everyone! Any word from T9A in making this Homebrew Book an official Supplemental Book? Or a 17th Army Book?

  • Quote from Cealyne: “@Squirrelloid There used to be the dice dojo group and WcW once upon a time, I feel the pain. My area once had 20+ players and now 3-5 depending on the season. ” Quote from Haldir: “@Fergus and @Warboss Tooth you guys getting games in? @Squirrelloid is south of Chicago ” Shared these posts with the rest of the WCW guys. They loved the acknowledgement and we reminisced about the glory years when we ran WCW Throwdown GT and the T9A events at Adepticon. I have reached out to @S…

  • I was one of the two HBE players that participated at this year’s Buckeyes. It should be mentioned that this year’s Buckeyes was in a new location (Toledo, OH) instead of it’s traditional location (Delaware, OH). I, personally, feel that the combination of the new venue plus moving the event from early-mid July to late June has diminished the turnout. My list is the Young Dragon Mage with the flame wardens, RBTs. I finished with a 2 Wins-1 Loss- 2 ties (2-1-2). In terms of objectives, I lost/yie…

  • Buckeye Battles 2022

    Fergus - - North American Events


    @Truckeye Just wanna say "thank you" for setting up Buckeyes this weekend. Without Buckeyes, I wouldn't have the opportunity to hang out with everyone from Michigan, Ohio, and Indy. I appreciate the barrel of laughs @GenePhelps and @jgetsi during our games. Overall, I got the chance to play against four new opponents this weekend. Looking forward to the next event

  • i miss playing the UD. Sold my army collection during the time period when the hereditary spell was hit with the nerf bat (there were a few swings with that bat but that was it for me).

  • I do not know where in the USA they are located but Crocodile Games is a US miniature company. Company name: Crocodile Games Category (Miniature Company) State and City that they are headquartered in: Somewhere, USA Website: Phone Number: N/A And for a bonus, if they allow visitors. I imagine no visitors

  • What are the BEST Tag teams of T9A?

    Fergus - - Archive


    Sorry @Arienai for the very late reply. Our lists were mostly all-comers lists. Within our 4 lists, we have two pyro & two alchemy lists (our lizardmen player had “essence of the mind” artifact). We had two shooty lists as well. Our Dwarf player list held his points pretty well. So we sacrificed him a couple of times in order to get the three of us better matchups. In terms of the 10-10, 20-0, we took the time and went through the lists and talked about it as a group of 4. These strategy session…

  • What are the BEST Tag teams of T9A?

    Fergus - - Archive


    I can speak for the WCW crew. We ran DH, HE, WotDG, and SA at Strength-in-Numbers (Toledo,OH, USA). Mostly because those were the armies we own and were most comfortable with. I think the most important thing at a 4-Man Team Event is a great Captain for the pairings. We are very lucky and blessed with a great Captain, @LenTheTyrant. He was able to put us in the best possible position to win our games. We ended up scoring the Most Battle points for the weekend mostly due to @LenTheTyrant and the …

  • I am not a Dwarf player but my best friend @Librarian is. And I agree with a couple of ideas: •warmachines: idk who came up with the idea but i love the “reduce the pricing of all warmachines down to 15% and reduce the artillery category down to 15%.” This would allow you lads to spend more points in the Special slot. •The cannon should have a rune-up Divine Attacks ability. Dwarves cannot catch characters on flying monsters who have an aegis save nowadays. •Your magic phase is a joke. There sho…

  • Wow! I am not for changing the MoCT at all! All of our units are bumped up in price because of his existence. That’s why we all take him in one form or another. There is nothing the RT can buff to offset the negative impact tampering with the MoCT. I feel this year, especially, just leave the Highborn Book alone. No buffs, No nerfs. Thanks but no thanks RT. We are in a decent spot.

  • bumping this thread for easy reference to locate this book for an upcoming gathering.

  • Following as well

  • Seeking advice vs dwarfs

    Fergus - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    I love playing the game at 5k. It’s a great way to add a unit or try out a new combo. I have played and lost to Dwarves plenty of times. My opponent has recently fallen in love with a single block of greybeards (Hand weapon & shield) with a couple of HoldStones. He usually has three characters in the unit as well. Basically a deathstar. The rest of his list has two war machines (catapult and an organ gun), 2 units of miners, an anvil, three copters and a grudge buster. The last time we played, i…

  • Well someone open up a Pandora box. I miss quite a few things. I rather enjoyed the straight up good versus evil. As a human, I know Daemons are bad. I do not recommend keeping everyone neutral. I wouldn't mind seeing a "allies, neutral, and desperate alliance" I kinda, sorta miss the racial bonuses. Some of WHFB racial bonuses were poorly done. I don't know if T9A did it deliberately or if it worked out with the rules but Dwarven Hold v Highborn Elves neutralize each other out which bring…

  • Disclaimer: I have only read the comments from the last few pages. So i apologize if what I am about to say has already been covered. T9A has technically been around for 5 years but it has gone through all sorts of transformations. The original intent was to just fix/adjust what were some glaring issues with WHFB 8th edition. The lads spent about a year and came through with an amazing Version 1.1!!! The next two years, the focus was on a Rules Book that I feel has been perfected. These last two…

  • Map Based Campaign System

    Fergus - - Homebrew 9th Age

    Post…Generals%20Compendium.pdf im sure you have found a copy of the General’s Compendium by now. This is the book that I wanted to utilize with my club mates. I believe we have settled on using the Badlands campaign book (loosely). Our goal is to learn new armies by playing on UB against one another. I have been a participant of a couple GW store campaigns but never completed one before. Hopefully we can complete one and I will have a story or two to tell. Good luck wit…

  • Ninth Age Club List (By Country)

    Fergus - - Player Search


    Club Name: WCW Location: Chicago, IL, USA Number of Members: 8 Meets: Once a month. We meet at various locations (each other homes). The FLGS store we patronize the most is Chicagoland Dice Dojo. Their address is 5550 N Broadway, Chicago, IL, USA Their Facebook page is Main Contact: @Fergus, @Grim_Stoki, @Librarian WCW Throwdown facebook group: Notes: We are a very colorful group of gamers with a stron…