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  • Dear flammy, Whenever you'll find a time please have a look on rune crafted catapult (down by 5pts to 100pts), on top to mentioned^ balista's upgrade. Huge thx for your effort!

  • Patch 2022 DH grumbling

    Kaszalot - - Dwarven Holds (DH)


    Does anyone have full pts changes list? SwampSwimmer's screen looks like cut off from the bottom.

  • Quote from matrim: “There are changes for sure. We had a re-worked maw which would surely be fine tuned (the gate mechanic game wide was not well received) And point adjustments are mandatory. I am expecting a price spike on my 15 +20 pride warriors core (895 fc + cheap banner for 905 pts) to go over the 900 threshold hopefully not too much though ” going up further with already skyrocketing Warriors price. insane if happens

  • Keeping on the side singular barb-bus with CL, also not touching (barb)infantry as sorcerer’s bunker role, I see one major reason of infantry/warriors mostly – book theme - style not being played = price. core 540 pts- 20 Warriors, Great Weapon, Standard Bearer, Musician, Champion for instance vs 545 pts - 40 Clan Warriors, Great Weapon, Standard Bearer, Musician, Champion Such ^line formatted, small bases, sturdy, m9” GWish unit is a completely different animal. Even though still not seen a lot…

  • 1. It’ll be barely in usage imho, why to change? 2. WDG infantry playstyle is still far away from being competitive. 3. Nobody would care if the most sainted didn’t bring it up.

  • Adam Battle reports

    Kaszalot - - Battle Reports


    Quote from teclis2000: “The chariot is not able to align to the flank of the VK, because it would be off the board. When the chariot just touches the VK and they align, they will have to leave the table as any rotation will move the edge of the unit, that is already touching the board edge, actually off the board. So it's not possible. ” masterful play! however imo would be more game-enjoyable to have such a tricky tricks fixed via RB update. Rushing chariot can't charge close & within LOS unit …

  • ps. spears to warriors❤️

  • Ambushing barbs back on. Maybe through foot chief to make him worth to bring in. too much ?

  • Quote from Feynn: “Quote from Nasion "Demon": “Also i would like to applaud anyone who way sugesting/ suporting EH for LB catagory in exchange for price drop. Hope lesson was learned. ” I think not, since now there is the issue about asking for nerfs to Irredeemable family. ” It’s worse than that. It’s about requesting for nerfs ahead of data language, to dilute potencial nerf out of current data base proof. Btw, have a look on HBE forum. We can learn there a lot about our units: like WK suprema…

  • Quote from Feynn: “Quote from Barbastur: “Quote from Nasion "Demon": “ ” ” Lastly, I don't get why you people are asking for a direct nerf, last time we asked for a nerf it was Exalted Herald in order to get a discount if he counted to Legendary Beasts. Now he counts to LB but also got +30 points. We'll get nerfed, regardless of our opinions, better to see where we can ask for improvements to the whole army playability and try to survive the constant nerfs we get. ” Indeed. Self-nerfing requests…

  • ^ therefore I don’t fully get why there is so much noise around single model oriented WDG. and I tried to build an alternative based on infantry. It’s still not a complete disaster imo, but pts down are required to make it not just for fun = tourney competition wise solid level.

  • I am on newrecruit now trying to put a reasonable list together based on blocks of infantry (warriors, barbs, chosens). Nothing revealing discovery = we need noticeable drop in pts for bigger units to make it fly. Otherwise x3 10 lust + single models mush will continue to dominate. Not that bad for us, however not nice for an opponent - similarly as I don't enjoy humiliation against gunlines. It's out of discussion now - gold.. - but Adv.5 and option for 1A warrior version (instead of 2 barely u…

  • Quote from Lagerlof: “Big units of xbows (24-30, whatever max size is ) are also really good since they get Shoot in extra rank from the Parent unit, and then you give them Accurate as an order. With a possible Flaming swords, and/or Stars Align if you decide to add more spells later. Those units hit real hard, with great range. The possibility to stand still first turn and shoot at an enemy unit that hasn't moved is amazing. ” Any chances to bring these shooting combo down/point increase, so a …

  • Quote from spicybarbecue: “Anyone else think their points cost is a bit scuffed? before I say this I will mention directly cross comparing units is not normally adviseable in my experience. however ... 280 for 3 anointed taurukh with free paired weapons, which is 50 points cheaper than 3 feldrak witout paired weapons, 86 points cheaper if you give them paired weapons. the taurukh also hae higher ws(df & of), impact hits and bodyguard. everything else is pretty similar even the armour. it's also …

  • Love the list!:) warriors - 32 with mages - in 8x4?

  • Quote from Tanka: “Know this is a little thread necromancy but wanted to chip in. I ran 30 warriors with FC, Zealots and GW at an event this weekend just gone, was impressed tbh, just too many bodies for a lot of people to fight head on, and most just wanted to avoid them. Had a long debate on if 23 with Sloth is better, but went with that instead. ” Could you share the list please? Did warriors pay back and smashed enough with GW?

  • Agree with Feynn. Small warriors with lust option to flee are not worth to invest in halberds on top. I mean not optimal set up. If you have a wish to play with tactical warriors of 10 with halberds, then I would go for no mark and M = 295pts vs 360 (!) for lust guys. Btw, worth to consider 10 lust with PW instead od ss. With flee as an option, additional attacks and negation of parry looks reasonable imo.

  • Is not:) but on general discussion (2021 Map Pack Contest theme, page 7, post no.127) my similar question has not bee answered. Therefore I don't find it as heresy to rephrase my (?) to my WDG folks, still looking for answer. Am I so wrong here? Thanks

  • hi, Can somebody do me a favour and let me know about the status of the map pack? Is the latest pdf (March 11, 2021) official/valid ? I'm out of date regarding map pack discussion. Thanks in advance!

  • 2021 Map Pack Contest

    Kaszalot - - Archive


    Seems I'm lost here little bit - are the new maps official now? thanks