The Survey

T9A Survey: Point sizes

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Greetings Everyone,

A few months ago, we undertook an extensive community survey to better gauge the many aspects of the hobby/players. This has allowed us to develop more strategic goals for the project in the near future.

As the much awaited 2.0 comes into focus, questions have arisen internally regarding the game size in terms of points played. On the face of it, we could just ask our many hard-working staff, but ideally we'd like to hear more from our ever-growing community.

So T9A team is asking for a few minutes of time to answer several questions & help our team get the best understanding of what our players want most for v2.0. Please share the survey with all your friends, so we get as many votes as possible!

Everyone's input counts!

We have translated surveys for a number of our communites, please just use what ever suits you the best, and again, please share the links in your own part of the community!