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    Universal Rule for the Empire of Sonnstahl

    A Character with Orders may give a single Order to a Parent or Support Unit within 8′′. A General with Orders may instead give a single Order to a friendly Parent or Support Unit within the range of its Commanding Presence. Orders are given at the start of each friendly Player Turn, and their effects last until the end of the next Player Turn. A unit cannot receive the same Order more than once during the same Player Turn. Only models of Standard Height are affected. The available Orders are listed below:
    [b][/b](Click Lexicon link for specific order details)[b][/b]
    Universal Rule for both Vampire Covenant and Undying Dynasties

    Undead units consisting entirely of models with Autonomous may perform March Moves as normal, even when outside the range of Commanding Presence of any friendly models. The unit must still pass a Discipline Test in order to do so if within 8″ of non-Fleeing enemy units.
    21.H.a.2 [b]Grind Attacks (X)[/b]
    A model part with Grind Attacks resolves these attacks at its Agility. It must choose an enemy unit in base contact with it. The chosen enemy unit suffers a number of hits equal to the value stated in brackets (X). These hits are resolved with the model part’s Strength and Armour Penetration.

    If a model has both Grind Attacks and Impact Hits , it may only use one of these rules in the same Round of Combat (the owner may choose which). If several model parts in a unit have Grind Attacks and if X is a random number (e.g. Grind Attacks (2D3)), roll for the number of hits separately for each model part.