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  • Hi Everybody.

    Thought it's about time i added to my blog as it has been a while. Coronavirus has spread all around the globe and the world is in a crazy place right now, and it's no exception for me. I'm a Microbiologist by day so this virus is very much my forte, I've been working ridiculous hours trying my best to do what i can in the fight against Coronavirus which hasn't left much time for hobby lately. Tournaments seem like a thing from the past now but i did attend one in February and one at the start of March before it all got very serious here in the UK. I will be doing Bat Reps for the Tournament i attended in February so i do have some content to turn out at least.

    Anyway, since i was last on here there's been a new supplement book all about Giants. When i first saw it on April 1st i was so happy to see it as Giants have always had a place in my heart. Many moons ago i created my Giant for my old Warhammer 8th edition Bretonnian army to use in some fluffy games. He was a Questing Knight Giant named Sir Bort, he had all the Blessing and the old Giant rules but if he ever jumped up and down he lost the blessing because it was very knightly of him.

    He's currently on a 60x60 base as i'm using him as a unit filler for the Knights Forlorn but he'll soon be going back onto a 50 x 75 and running about again thanks to the new Giant rules. The model is the old Forge World Siege Giant body with the hands of a normal GW Giant. The sword is an old Great Unclean One sword from GW. His shiels is a door from an old boardgame i used to own called Darkworld (Did anyone else every play that or was it just me?). I then stuck the head of the old GW 5th Edition Dragon on it and wrapped it in some small chains. The helmet is an old Cold One head from 5th edition GW Dark Elf Coldone Knights and then some green stuff for the ribbons on the helmet and the straps of the shield. He was a real labour of love and i'm dead happy with how he turned out. And now i get to make two more!

    I was worried that the supplement was just going to be an April's Fool joke and i would never get to use Sir Bort in the Ninth Age. So i was even happier when i realised it was legit. As soon as this pandemic is over i can play in a tournament again you know Sir Bort will ride again!

    I eagerly read the fluff around some of the Giants from the book. I love the idea of giant humanoids just trying to live their life in a tiny human/dwarf/elf world and adopting the little peoples cultures. I thought the opening was particularly good and did a great job of introducing the life of Giants and what they (and the supplement) are all about. I was so excited by the supplement that i made sure it was the first episode of our podcast! Oh yeah, I've started a Podcast, well @Mattyp has started a podcast and i'm his co host on the adventure. It's called The Paired Weapon Podcast and you can find our first episode here: Episode 1

    So i won't spend too long here discussing my opinions about the Giant Supplement, you can listen to that in the Podcast. All i will say is that i'm glad that i get to use my Giant again and the rules for the Feudal Giant are particularly good. I'm delighted that he'll get the Blessing and get's a 4+ Armour Save with Knighted Giant. I probably wouldn't bother taking any of the other upgrades as that Knighted Giant one is exactly what i wanted from the KoE Giant. Swiftstride and Devastating Charge +2 Strength is really good and certainly makes him more than just a bit of chaff like most giants seem to be these days. AT 365 points he is a a little expensive but i think he's worth it, i could be wrong though, need to actually use the Feudal Giant and see how it plays out.

    Thought i'd write my own bit of fluff about Sir Bort too, now he's been upgraded from unit filler to a unit in his own right.

    The Tale of Sir Bort

    Bort had left home for his great adventure many months ago now, and spent his time roaming the land trying to find out where he fitted in this crazy world. His life consisted mostly of eating cattle, which could never escape very far from Bort because they all lived in fields surrounded by fences ("silly cows" Bort often thought to himself), this was almost always followed by him running away from angry human villagers. Sometimes he would be approached by small green folk who would promise him all the magical mushrooms he could ever want if he followed them into the forests, but these green fellows never had any good food and the mushrooms just gave him a headache. These green lads were very persistent until Bort 'accidentally' stood on some of the green folk, then they left him alone.

    One day Bort was walking a path through some hills, he always liked the fresher air of the hills and less beings bothered or chased him up there. As he neared the top of a particularly large hill he heard a screech a big fiery explosion. Against his own instincts he ran towards the noise and was confronted with a big red Dragon[Read More]
  • Hello

    I’m back at last to write up the final Battle for the Siege of Strivelyn III I’d like to say I have saved the best till last but for me this was a painful game. There were only 6 teams at the event which was nice because it meant that we all got to play each other so for this round we were drawn against the last team we hadn’t played, “The B@stards of Winterfell”. After my loss in the last game my hangover had trebled in strength and I was really struggling by this point but I picked myself up and we prepared to do the pairings. I was paired against the Shane Baxter and his Daemon Legionos, not an army I am overly familiar with at all and I hadn’t actually played against them since TEC 2019 back in April and that game was against this opponent too.This was his list

    Sentinel of Nukuja, General, Greater Dominion, Wizard Master, Thaumaturgy, Stryixiam Spirit, 710

    Courtesan of Cibaresh, Wizard Apprentice, Witchcraft, Centipede Legs, Dexterous Tentacles, Livingshield, 625

    16 Imps, Champion, Mark of the Eternal Champion, 334

    21 Myrmidons, Champion, Whipcrack Tail, 562

    10 Succubi, Chilling Yawn, 245

    2x Blazing Glory, Cloven Hooves, 310

    2x 6 Hoarders, Mirrored Scales, 700


    My list is here.

    I must state that this list was from the last update and not the latest update so some of the rules and points might have changed for some of the units, so if I get anything wrong, that’s probably why.

    This list contains a lot of stuff I’ve never seen before so I was frantically looking at the Daemon book on my phone trying to figure out what everything does but I wasn’t having much luck, (the hangover didn’t help). So I made some quick assumptions based off previous experience playing them and from what I could gather from the book. (N.B. These were rash on the spot judgements and my opinions have changed drastically, don't @ me!)

    • So the Hoarders seem like nasty, bloated gits, I absolutely have to make sure they don’t get into my peasants because the Hoarders are much better at the Grind than the Peasants and will end up chewing through them. I figure the Knights Forlorn have the best chance of killing them as they cause fear so that will help me hit them.
    • Blazing Glories seemed ok, probably want to shoot them off and finish them off in combat.
    • Myrmidons, meh, I’ve fought them before, I think the Peasants will do a number on those punks.
    • Succubi are even more meh than the Myrmidons, they could cause problems if they get into the Peasants though, with all their attacks they’ll chew through them.
    • Imps are the most meh of all, not worried about them in the slightest.
    • The Sentinel I imagine is going to hide at the back and try and avoid Trebuchets, if he can’t I’m going to make sure he’s top target priority for the Trebs because his siphon 2 veil tokens instead of 3 is so good. I want to send the Pegasus Knights after him too as they could do a number on him.
    • I’ve fought against the Courtesan last time I played Shane and I remember the Feldrak Elder took it off so I went in assuming that if the Feldrak Elder can kill it then it must be terrible because that guy struggles to beat up chaff! I’ll probably send the Grail Knights at it.
    • I’m going to be up against a strong magic phase in this game and that’s going to be hard to stop. Just have to stop comet and hope the rest of the magic is ineffective.
    Fighting against Daemons is confusing enough for anyone but to make matters worse there were several more rules in play during this final game. As with all the previous games there were specific scenarios for each round and this won was the culmination of all our efforts and things were going to get wild.

    The secondary objective for this one consisted of multiple mini objectives:

    • First Blood: 1PT for the first player to destroy an enemy unit.
    • Trophy Hunter: 2PTs if the enemy General is killed during the battle.
    • Total War: 1PT for each enemyScoring unit destroyed.
    • Scorched Earth: 1PT for each scoring unit within the enemy’s deployment zone (capped at 3PTs)
    Whoever scores the most points at the end wins, simple enough I thought but there was something even more crazy coming up. So, at the start of each turn you had to roll a D6 and apply the effect related to the table below:

    • Primordial Beast–The Beast (statline below) has awoken! The Beast remains in play after this card has been discarded. Deploy the beast as close to the centre of the table but out with 1” of any units or impassable terrain. The Beast completes its move phase before either player. The direction of its movement is randomly determined (we suggest using a scatter dice). If the Beast comes within 1” of a unit, it charges that unit as a random mover. The Beast may be charged by either player, but it does not contribute to First Blood or Total War.
    • Magical Reverb–Miscasts are treated as rolling 1 higher on the miscast table.
    • Cataclysm–Roll a dice for each unit on the table. On a 4+ the unit suffers D6 S4 AP0 hits with Magical Attacks.
    • Calamity–Models ending their
    [Read More]
  • Hello and welcome to my Battle Report for the 4th Game of the Siege of Strivelyn III.

    So this was the first game on Sunday morning and I had a pretty successful Saturday winning all 3 of my games, so I was in high spirits and eager to get going and keep the winning streak going. I was also incredibly hung over after some Saturday night drinking sessions but I don’t think I was as hungover as my opponent for this round.

    We did pairings for this round first thing and I was paired against the one and only Fraser Campbell @Cam, the Vice Captain of Team Scotland this year. I’ve played Fras a couple of times before and always enjoyed are games so I was glad that I’d be playing him for this very hungover game. Fras can normally be spotted on the Dwarf section of the Forum, or in a pub, but for this tournament he was pushing around the Dread Elves. His list:

    Cult Priest, Battle Standard Bearer, Divine Altar, Paired Weapons, Cult of Cadaron, Hero's Heart 685

    Oracle, Army General, Divination, Light Armour, Wizard Master, Essence of Mithril, Talisman of Shielding, Talisman of the Void 550

    Oracle, Cult of Yema, Light Armour, Occultism, Wizard Master, Destiny's Call, Moraec's Reaping 565

    2x5 Dark Raider, Repeater Crossbows 215

    5 Dark Raider 165

    32 Dread Legionnaire, Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer, Spears, Banner Enchantment: Flaming Standard 533

    24 Dancers of Yema, Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer, Banner Enchantment: Banner of Gar Daecos 647

    7 Dread Knight, Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer, Banner Enchantment: Banner of Blood 441

    5x Harpy 135

    Medusa, Halberd 135

    Hunting Chariot 210

    As usual my list can be found here.

    So after looking at my Fras’ list I was very happy with the match up. Having one big infantry block for my Trebuchets to shoot at is good but having two is even better. I need to shoot as many of those Dancers to death as I can before they get anywhere near me as they could put a big dent in my army on their own I think. The Divine Altar is quite the scary piece as well, luckily it causes fear so it is the perfect target for my Knights Forlorn to take on, they should make relatively quick work of it if they can get to fight it. Incase anyone is wondering the Cult Priest follows the Cult of Cadaron, which gives him no benefits at all, because it is free. I’m hoping the Divine Altar is in one of the units so I can hit it with the Trebs, War Altars in a unit of infantry are prime targets for Trebuchets. The Dread Knights could prove a problem if they can get the charge on me, I have to make sure I charge them, or bog them down with Peasants or the Knights Forlorn but I don’t think Fras would let that happen. Those Oracle characters are quite nasty too, especially the Occultism one, with Destiny’s Call and Moraec’s Reaping that little lady can put up a hell of a fight and could easily go toe to toe with my Lord or BSB. Also let’s not forget that they are both Wizard masters and Occultism has some pretty potent spells that could really do a number on me, I think I’m going to find my opponent’s magic phase tough. The rest of it is chaff mostly which I will have to deal with using either magic or shooting but my main shooting priority are those infantry blocks.

    There’s a unique deployment for this game and it’s secret deployment! So there’s a screen on the middle of the board so you can’t see each other’s deployment and you have to deploy your whole army in 5 minutes. I loved this deployment as this is how I used do Deployment back in mists of time when playing with my school friends. We rolled for side first and Fras chose his side leaving me with mine which at least contained a nice hill to sit on but an annoying big lake in the middle of the board.

    The Secondary Objective for this round was table quarters, so the table is divided into 4 and you have to have a scoring unit in a quarter to score it. The player who scores the most table quarters scores the objective. Anyway, the screen was put up and deployment began. It was hard to deploy because we spent most of the time laughing at Andy and Paul holding the big sheet up.

    I had a basic plan going in of just sitting back and shooting. So I deployed in the middle and overloaded one flank with the Grail Knights and the Pegasus Knights. The Crossbows sat on the hill with one Trebuchet. The Peasants and the Knights Forlorn sat in the middle with the Bowmen on their right. Then I had The Knights of the Realm and the trebuchet on the right.

    After the screen was removed (much to the relief of a tired Andy) I saw that Fras had deployed very similar to me. The blocks were in the middle, with the Dancers in the wood to try and get them a bit of cover. The Divine Altar was not in a unit but was going solo next to the Dread Legionnaires. The left flank was the Dread knights and one unit of Dark Raiders with the Hunting Chariot, Medusa and 2 Dark Raiders on the right.

    For spells I took the usual combo, Awaken the Beast, Swarm of[Read More]
  • Hello

    Welcome to my Battle Report for Game 3 of Siege of Strivelyn III. So after two wins in my first two games it was onto the last game of the Saturday to try and get the hat trick. The team as a whole were doing ok, we were sat in the middle of the pack but it was all pretty tight so still everything to play for. My list can be found here for those who need to catch up.

    We did the pairings for this round and I was drawn against the Empire of Sonnstahl, a match up I was pretty happy with as I’ve fought them quite a bit recently and the list I’m facing is not too dissimilar to the bog standard Empire lists out there. My opponent is the wonderful Michael Doherty @micdicdoc and this is his list:

    Prelate, General, Great Weapon, Plate Armour, Dragonfire Gem, Imperial Seal, Locket of Sunna 390

    Marshal, Battle Standard Bearer, Shield, Great Tactician, Death Warrant, Ghostly Guard 330

    Wizard, Divination, Adept, Light Armour, Arcane Engine, Foresight, Basalt Infusion, Talisman of Shielding 480

    Wizard, Pyromancy, Adept, Magical Heirloom 250

    13 State Militia 163

    2x 5 Electoral Cavalry, Musician, Great Weapon 180

    20 Light Infantry, Handgun, Musician, Banner, Marksman's Pennant 325

    20 Light Infantry, Crossbow, Musician 295

    30 Imperial Guard, Great Weapons, Full Command, Banner of Unity 660

    2x Imperial Mortar 190

    2x 15 Flagellants 190

    Steam Tank 490

    So there are several elements in the list that I’ve fought against before but some new additions to spice things up. The Prelate and the BSB with Death Warrant both sitting in the Imperial Guard is very common but that’s because it is such a good unit. They can (and have) take on the Forlorn in a one and one fight so I have to stop that from happening. There’s the obligatory Steam Tank which is a nice target for the Forlorn block. The Crossbows and the Handgunners may prove to be a pain and can certainly make short work of my Knights and even put a heavy dent into my blocks if I let them, this is definitely where I need the Shamanism magic to shine.

    Now, onto the unusual things; 2 Mortars! What?! I heard they were garbage and no one takes them anymore but there’s two of them ready to blow my Peasant block to oblivion. I know they’re only Strength 3 and against most KoE armies you’d laugh in your opponents face if they rolled out two of them but I’m not running a bog standard KoE list, they scare me. Those things combined with all the other shooting could ruin the Peasants in no time. It’s nice to see two units of Flagellants, I’m a big fan of flagellants and I think they are absolutely amazing, they should be in all Empire lists. These small units of 15 could prove a good speed bump for my units and have the potential to hold up my Peasants for a couple of turns, if not the whole game given the way my Peasants hit things. The Forlorn aren’t scared of them though, they’ll eat them up in no time. 2 small units of Electoral Cav have been thrown in, mostly for the quick scoring I imagine but 5 Knights with Great Weapons can’t be ignored. Some Militia thrown in to fill out core, these guys are good and if there’s one thing KoE hateit’s black powder weapons. They always kill Knights when they shoot and then they have a Stand and Shoot as well which always kills another knight, so I’d like to shoot these guys off if I can. 2 Wizard Adepts, one on Pyro and one on Div, I’m fine with those Lores, there’s 2 spells I need to watch out for and make sure I stop, Flaming Swords (bubbled) and Stars Align. Those spells can make the Empire shooting crazy good. The Div Wizard is mounted on an Arcane Engine (I’ve never seen an Empire wizard on a mount) with Foresight which will give those Imperial Guard Lightning Reflexes, making them even more dangerous.

    So like the previous 2 games the scenario for this game was slightly different from the norm. For this game the Scenario was called “Secure the Maiden”. It is essentially Spoils of War, there are three peasants on the table that deploy evenly along the central line, at the start of each Game turn each peasant moves 2D6” in a random direction using a scatter dice. Each Peasant has to be captured to score a scenario point. To capture a peasant they have to be charged by a scoring unit, once they charge the peasant they can reform if they pass a discipline check and can then act normally. One of the Peasants on the board is the Maiden, each Peasant is worth 1 Scenario Point but the Maiden is worth 2! To determine which peasant is the maiden roll a D3 at the end of the game. Make sense to everyone? You’ll see as the game goes on. The deployment type for this game was Refused Flank (diagonal) so the peasants are spread diagonally along the centre.

    We roll off for which table side and diagonal and I win that roll off, I pick the side with a nice hill in the back of my deployment. There’s a water feature in the middle of the board so that’s not ideal for me. My opponent decides to drop everything and go for first turn. He… [Read More]
  • Hello and welcome to Game 2 of The Siege of Strivelyn III.

    Each game at the event had a different scenario from your bog standard ones out the book and for this round the scenario involved each army having a camp. It had to be 100mm square and was supposed to be the base camp for your faction. Here’s mine:

    A lovely tent scene for the Kingdom of Equitaine featuring two very hung over peasants, a state I can relate to every Sunday morning at every Tournament I’ve ever been too.

    The aim of the scenario is to try and destroy your opponents camp whilst keeping yours alive. The camp is considered Large and cannot be moved once it is deployed cannot be moved. It has 5 wounds at Resilience 5 and has 6 attacks at OS 3 and Strength 3. To score the scenario the camp has to be captured by a scoring unit that has to destroy it in combat (or if it is killed with shooting then they can just move onto it and pick it up). The Deployment was Counterthrust so that was normal at least.

    My opponent for this round was using Sylvan Elves and I’ve played this guy a few times now and it’s always a tight cagey game as he plays very defensively where as i’m all about the running at my opponents as fast as I can. His list:

    Dryad Ancient, General, Wizard Adept, Druidism, Oaken Crown 240

    Chieftain, Blade Dancer Kindred, Sylvan Blades, Hero’s Heart, Drums of Cenyrn 280

    Chieftain, Blade Dancer Kindred, Battle Standard Bearer, Spear, Hunters Honour, Aether Icon (x2) 335

    Druid, Shamanism, Wizard Master, Sylvan Bow, Binding Scroll 425

    11 Dryads, Champion 221

    8 Dryads,150

    2x 5 Heath Hunters 205

    13 Sylvan Archers, Musician 344

    7 Wild Huntsmen, Champion, Shields 446

    12 Blade Dancers, Champion, Standard, Rending Banner 465

    12 Blade Dancers, Champion 395

    4 Thicket Beasts 365

    8 Sentinels 266

    5 Sentinels 155

    Mine can be found here

    So there are 3 things in that list that scare the bejesus out of me, the 2 units of Blade Dancers and the Wild Huntsman. I’ve played against Wild Huntsman many times over the years and I have seen them destroy entire armies on their own, now I don’t think a unit of 7 of them is going to do that but they still worry me. The Knights Forlorn are the perfect answer to them as they will negate all their Devastating Charge bonuses and should be able to go through them in a round without taking too many loses. If the Wild Huntsmen can get into my Peasants then I think I have problems, they’ll put a huge dent in them before I can even swing back.

    The Blade Dancers are a scary proposition too, I’ve never actually fought against them but I’ve heard many a tale of people failing to hurt them and having their units just bounce off. I think the Knights Forlorn can take them on but I’m not so sure about the rest. These are the number one targets for my trebuchets without a doubt, even with the -1 to hit them I’m still going to go for them.

    As for the rest of it I’m not that bothered about, there are a lot of units in the army though so I am going to have to fight my way through a lot of chaff if I am ever going to get to the Sylvan camp. Luckily for me there isn’t a lot of scoring units in my opponents army so as long as I can stop the Thicket Beasts and dryads from getting near the camp I should be safe.

    For my spells I pick Awaken the Beast, Swarm of Insects (it will be great for killing Blade Dancers!), Totemic Summon and Break the Spirit. I decided against taking Chilling Howl as I’m just not sure I am that fussed about the Sylvan shooting that much and the only spell I’d drop for it would be Awaken the Beast but the Resilience boost will be more useful.

    My opponent is also on Shamanism and goes for Awaken the Beast, Chilling Howl, Totemic Summon and Break the Spirit. The Dryad Ancient goes for Summer Growth and the Sylvan Hereditary spell –Forest Embrace.

    We put our camps down first (or at least we should have but I don’t think we did when we played because we didn’t read the rules pack). We alternate the first three drops as with Counterthrust and then I drop everything to go first. I forego praying as there isn’t a lot of high strength attacks in the Sylvan army so I don’t think I need it really.

    I castle up in the left hand corner of the board as although I’m fairly sure that my opponent is just going to hang back and try and just shoot me off I can’t take it for granted. If I deployed badly then the Wild Huntsman could easily get behind my lines and make a mess of my army so I can’t let them get behind me. I have the Pegasus Knights out on the right ready to fly around the Sylvan lines and scare them. The Peasants are on top of the big hill in the middle to give them a big threat range in case anything comes near their charge range. I have one treb on the left and one treb on the right. Everything else is on the left as shown. My Damsel is in with the Knights Forlorn today as there aren’t enough Fear causers out there for me to need the extra charge bonus on the Knights Forlorn.

    My opponent… [Read More]
  • Hello

    Welcome to another round of Battle Reports from the latest tournament I attended, the excellent Siege of Strivelyn III. This was a 3 man team event and I was taking my KoE list that I discussed previously here. My fellow team mates were running an all cavalry Warriors list and a Saurian list with a big block of Caimans.
    The tournament had different custom scenarios for each round which certainly made the tournie much more interesting compared to your bog standard tournie and meant that you had think about how some of these objectives were going to be tackled. So the first scenario for Game 1 was “Storm the Bridges”, it is like Secure Target, where there are two objectives that have to be secured, but they are 2 bridges that are on the centre line. There is also a river running across the middle of board which counts as Dangerous Terrain 2 for Standard Infantry and Beasts, everything else is Dangerous Terrain 1 and Gigantic ignores all Dangerous Terrain for the river. Any unit beginning its movement phase in the river takes Dangerous Terrain and you cannot march into or out of the river.
    The draw had already been done for the first round and once we arrived on Saturday morning and did our pairings I was drawn against a Dwarven Holds list and an unusual one at that:
    Engineer, General, Wyrm-Slayer Rocket, Shield 155
    Thane, Crossbow, Shield, Rune of Dragon's Breath, Rune of Kinship, Rune of Shielding 240
    Thane, Crossbow, Shield, Rune of Dragon's Breath, Rune of Kinship, Rune of Mining 230
    Thane, Pistol, Shield, Rune of Dragon's Breath, Rune of Kinship 210
    Thane, Shield, Rune of Kinship, 2x Rune of Lightning, Rune of Returning 225
    Thane, Guild Crafted Handgun, Shield, Rune of Denial 230
    10 Clan Marksmen, Guild-Crafted Handgun, Shield 250
    11 Clan Marksmen, Shield 23010 Clan Marksmen, Shield 210
    3x 10 Greybeard, Shield, Throwing Weapons 245
    10 Miners, Great Weapons 205
    10 Rangers, Crossbow, Shields 225
    10 Rangers, Crag Warden, Throwing Weapons, Shields 215
    Attack Copter 180
    Steam Bomber 215
    Cannon 250
    2x Flame Cannon 145
    2x Dwarf Ballista 100
    So a load of small units and a load of characters to contend with plus 5 war machines! Quite a scary list and I was a little bit stuck about how to approach this match. The biggest threat in the list to me is the Flame Cannons, they could absolutely murder my Peasant Levy and put a dent in the Knights Forlorn. There’s so much shooting to contend with as well and with so many small units I may struggle to get into combat due to fleeing my charges and just shooting me with the other units. I’ve got no real good targets for my Trebuchets but I’ll probably try and take out the copters, artillery and the handgunners if I can.
    The Pegasus Knights will be useful in this battle as they can just fly over the rived and put pressure on the Dwarves right from the beginning. I’m going to run the Knights through the river and try and pressure one flank. I’m going to put the Peasants on one of the bridges and the Knights Forlorn to capture the other.
    For my Shamanism spells I picked Awaken the Beast, Swarm of Insects, Chilling Howl, Totemic Summon. This is probably the first time I haven’t taken Break the Spirit, due to the small shooting units of the dwarves I just didn’t think it would really be of any use, especially when the other spells are so much more useful.
    The deployment for this game is Frontline Clash and we alternate deployment for a while before I eventually drop everything to go first, my opponent had so many drops that I had no chance of out deploying him really so it was probably the right thing to do. I also did not pray as I wanted to guarantee first turn to limit the shooting of the dwarves, I didn’t want them taking out the trebuchets early on.

    I positioned the Knights Forlorn on the left flank to cover that bridge and the Peasants on the right to get the right hand bridge. I sat both my Peasant bows and crossbows in the centre to cover their advance. Trebuchets were each in sepearte corners of my deployment so the Miners couldn’t get both. The Pegasus Knights were on the left flank and the Grail Knights and Knights of the Realm were on the right flank. I’m going to push the Knights across the right hand side of the river and the Pegs are going to fly over the left side, with their vanguard I should be able to get behind the dwarf lines in turn 1. The damsel is in the Knights Forlorn along with my BSB, as there are no Fear causers she won’t limit the Knights charge and it is the safest place for her.
    The Dwarves deploy across the whole of their deployment, I would talk about it but there are just so many units. The Engineer is in the Clan Marksmen 1 unit and the Handgunner Thane is in the Clan Marksmen 2 unit. The Lightning Rune Thane and one of the Breath Weapon Thanes are in the Rangers 2 unit on the left and the other 2 Thanes are in the Rangers 1 unit on the right. The Grey Beard unit 3 are in the ruins but in the pictures it may look like they aren’t,… [Read More]
  • Hello

    I am literally about to make the epic journey up to Scotland now but I’d thought I’d just do a quick post about how my list has changed from the BCB2 to now. So the BCB2 was 3500 and the Siege of Strivelyn III is your bog standard 4500. As I did a lot better at BCB2 thanwas expecting I’ve decided not to really change the list all that much and instead just add 1000 points on to it.

    There was somethings in my list I wasn’t overly happy with but not much. I didn’t think the Sacred Reliquary added a great deal to the Forlorn block. The +1 Armour in combat is nice but I just found that the Reliquary takes up too much space in the unit to be worth it. I know you still get fight in extra ranks but when you’re dealing with models with a small foot print like lone characters or monsters you need all the attacks you can get and having some waster by the Reliquary is annoying. So I’ve dropped that. I’ve also replaced the Rending Banner on the Forlorn for the Banner of Speed because they really need the speed boost I think.

    So for my extra points now I had to squeeze in another 250 points so for me it was a an easy decision, at that kind of cost a Knight of the Realm unit fits in perfectly (I dropped 1 peasant as well). It gives me a quick scoring unit that is pretty cheap but well armoured. I have been lacking speed so these guys might just provide that.

    With the rest of my points I decided I needed a unit of Pegasus Knights, again for their speed and for threatening the back lines of enemies as well. They are such a pain for people to deal with I think they are worth it just for that alone. If they are attracting fire then the rest of my army isn’t and that’s ok. I went with Vanguard only to try and rush behind my opponent if I can catch them messing up their deployment. I would have gone loose formation but I couldn’t afford it at the time (Now it has been reduced again I would have taken it and dropped the Lucky Charm on my Lord)

    Lastly I decided to try out a unit of 5 Grail Knights. There are 2 reasons for this, I’ve never used them before in ninth and with their guaranteed 5++ Aegis save it means I can still forego praying and get first turn. Only the Pegs and Realm would be affected by the loss of the prayer but it will be worth it in most match ups. I have really used the Grails in ninth before because I generally think they are over costed and die far too easily for such an expensive unit. They’re inability to flee can be absolutely devastating too if they are caught off guard. However, they have tremendous damage output and can pretty much beat most equivalent cavalry. I basically plan on run them on a flank and letting my opponent worry about them.

    I had some points left over so I bought the Talisman of the Void on the Shaman because channelling 2 is just so useful.

    So the list I’ll be taking:

    Duke (General), Halberd, Shield Breaker, Essence of Mithril, Lucky Charm, Virtue of Humility, Grail Oath =345

    Paladin, Battle Standard Bearer, Shield, Faith of Percival, Flaming Standard, Bastard Sword, Virtue of Piety, Bastard Sword and Questing Oath = 380

    Damsel, Wizard Master, Shamanism, Talisman of the Void = 395

    2x Castellan, Heavy Armour, Spear, Bannerman, Legion Standard = 95

    47 Peasant Levy, Spear, Full Command = 396

    6 Knights of the Realm = 260

    16 Peasant Bowmen, Crossbows, Musician = 237

    21 Peasant Bowmen, Musician = 234

    30 Knights Forlorn, Full Command, Banner of Speed = 785

    5 Knights of the Grail, Musician = 402

    2 x Trebuchet = 265

    3 Pegasus Knights, Vanguard = 346

    I’m off now, wish me luck and I’ll see you here for Game 1. [Read More]
  • Let's get back too it, It's late on a Saturday (6pm ish) and it's time for Game 4. (See the first Part for my list)

    Game 4
    Cuatl Lord - BSB - Pyromancy - 570
    Saurian warriors x18 - 318
    Saurian warriors x15 - 255
    Skink braves x16. - 142
    5 Raptor riders - 260
    3 Rhamphodon riders - 220
    3 Rhamphodon riders -220
    Skink hunters - vanguard & blowpipe x9 - 196
    Skink hunters - vanguard & blowpipe x9 - 196
    Chameleons x 9 - 207
    Taurosaur - 455
    Taurosaur - 455

    So by this time on Saturday I was rather drunk you might say so my memory is even foggier than in my last game. What I do remember is that the deployment was Marching Columns and the Secondary was Hold the Ground. Pretty happy with both the deployment and the secondary for this one. We both have 4 scoring each but my 2 big blocks are going to be much harder for my opponent to shift than his units so my plan going in is basically to sit both the Forlorn and the Peasants in the middle and maybe push out with one of them if needs be.
    Looking at my opponents list the Rhamphodons scare me quite a bit, they can really pack a punch and are so quick too. It’ll be difficult to protect my trebs in this game from these guys. I’m going to have to focus all my shooting into them in turn 1 and hopefully weaken them enough so that they’re ineffective. What I’m really worried about is if my opponent foregoes going after the trebs and puts both units into the Peasants, they murder so many of them that the Peasants would become useless.
    Other than the Rhamphodons there’s not much else I’m worried about, the Chameleons are annoying but the perfect target for Swarm of insects. 2 Taurosaurs are scary but I think the Forlorn can take them on, unless both charge in in one go, then I might struggle.
    I dropped for first and deployed all my units on the right of the board. Right to left; Xbows, trebuchet, Bowmen, Trebuchet, Forlorn and Peasants. My opponent put both Rhamphodons on the right, then going to the left was a Taurosaur, a Saurian unit, another Taurosaur, another Saurian unit and skinks spread around. The chameleons were on the left of the centre.
    The Rhamphodons were able to vanguard into a forest in front of my Crossbows giving them some protection from my shooting.
    In my first turn I pushed the Peasants and the Forloprn up towards the centre. The trebs managed to hit the Rhamphodons but only killed one. I managed to get a wound on another one with shooting. I got Swarm of Insects off on the Chameleons and killed 8 of them (wounding those little gits on 5s with Swarm of Insects is brilliant and the best use of that spell!), sadly the lone Chameleon passed his panic.
    The Rhamphodons surprised me by not charging the Crossbows but instead swung round my back line ready to kill the trebs next turn. The rest of the Saurians began to form a circle around the centre, ready to charge my units when they went in.
    I was able to treb 10 Saurians out of one unit before the trebs got killed by Rhamphodons, however one of the trebs held up a Rhamphodon for 3 rounds of combat before dying! I was able to kill one unit of Rhamphodons with Swarm of Insects and the other with Bows I think. The Raptor Riders charged my Crossbows and killed them.
    I made a long charge with the Knights Forlorn into a Taurosaur, with the +2” charge thanks to the Questing Oath it was a 9 on the dice or something. They didn’t kill it when they charged but did 4 wounds or so. The other Taurosaur charged the flank along with the depleted unit of Saurians in the front. The Forlorns took it like a pro, killed the original Taurosaur, killed some Saurians and did a wound or 2 tto the other Taurosaur, won combat despite being charged, the Saurians broke and fled but the Taurosaur stuck and then had to face the Knights Forlorn for another round of combat before getting murdered by them. The Knights Forlorn then killed the second unit of Saurians and finished off the depleted unit once they rallied.
    The Peasant horde did very little in this game, sat on the objective getting me points. They charged and killed the skink braves at one point. The Cuatl Lord was left running solo once the trebs had been taken care of. I was able to get 4 Totemic Beasts on the board by the end but I just couldn’t pin the slippery frog down. He was running interference with the Skink Hunters and the Raptor riders by this point. I managed to the Frog in combat inn turn 6 and got it down to one wound but just couldn’t kill it, he made a 4+ Aegis save on the last turn to keep him alive! I could have netted 900 points if I killed him but instead I got half points for 285.
    In the end I scored the objective and murdered most of the Saurian Army but lost my back line. Ended with a 15 – 5 victory to the Kingdom of Equitaine. It was a very good game and the Knights Forlorn were the star of the show again, just fighting everything that came their way and taking it all off. Really impressed with their ability to take a hit and dish it out.
    I deployed badly… [Read More]
  • So after the ETC I’ve decided to shelve the Warriors for a while and get back to my first love, the Kingdom of Equitaine. I went to tournament in September and took all knight list and finished middle of pack, it did alright but was a bit dull. I found Druidism to be a very effective Lore for an all mounted army but an incredibly boring lore too. The 12” range of the magic means that everything has to stay close together, which kind of nullifies the point of an all cavalry army. I know you can use the Scenery for some spells but that really depends what’s on the table.
    My next tournament wasn’t until November and it was a 3500 point tournament in November. I initially wanted to take Beast Herds to it but there was no way I was getting that painted in time so instead I had to take the KoE. The lists had to be submitted after the latest update so I thought I’d try something a bit off the wall I only set myself two stipulations; no boring Druidism magic and no horses! Not a horse in sight anymore, just loads of bodies and 2 big old Trebuchets!
    My awesome list
    Paladin, Piety, Questing Oath and Bastard Sword, Battle Standard Bearer(Aether Icon), Shield (Faith of Percival),Bastard Sword, 355
    Duke (General), Humility, Grail Oath, Essence of Mithril, Halberd (Shield Breaker), Lucky Charm, 345
    Damsel, Shamanism, Wizard Master 345
    2 x Castellan, Bannerman (Legion Standard), Heavy Armour, Spear, 95 (190)
    48 Peasant Levy, Spear, Standard Bearer, Musician, Champion, 404
    16 Peasant Bowmen, Replace Longbow and Braziers with Crossbow, Musician, 237
    21 Peasant Bowmen, Longbow and Braziers, Musician, 234
    27 Knights Forlorn, Standard Bearer (Rending Banner), Musician, Champion, 710
    Trebuchet, 265
    Trebuchet, 265
    Sacred Reliquary, 150

    So I essentially have 2 big blocks with some shooting support. The Grail Lord and the Castellans go into the Peasant Levy and that block now has a nice static combat res of 8! The Sacred Reliquary, BSB and Damsel all go into the Knights Forlorn. Shamanism attribute will keep the Damsel alive whilst the Knights bring the pain!
    Basic plan going into this tournament was to always try and snatch first turn, as I don’t need to pray thanks to the virtue of peity, fire the Trebuchets at the enemy, smash apart their blocks or take down monsters. Deploy with the Peasants, Trebs, Crossbows and Bowmen all together at one end and run the Knights Forlorn on their own. Use the 10” march of the peasants to run at objectives and catch people off guard.
    The rounds were only 2 hours due to the decrease in points but that would still make some of the games run tight to the limit. 4 games on the Saturday and 2 on the Sunday, so the late Saturday finished sucked but the early Sunday finish was great and made up for it. As the rounds were so short I didn’t have time to do my full bat rep for these so I’m just doing a brief summary of each game plus a tally of what the Trebuchets kill because I want to know if they’re worth it or not.
    Game 1 vs Empire of Sonnstahl
    His list:
    Prelate, General, Plate Armour, Great Weapon, Imperial Seal 300
    Marshal, BSB, Great Tactician, Shield, Death Warrant, Ghostly Guard 330
    Inquisitor, Blessed Steel, Horse & Light Troops, Shield, Hammer of Witches, Dusk Forged 350
    Wizard, Adept, Pyromancy 200
    Wizard, Adept, Cosmology 200
    11x Electoral Cavalry, Full Command, Shield, Lance 465
    14x Light Infantry, musician 205
    14x Light Infantry, musician 205
    5xReiters, brace of pistols 175
    27x Imperial Guard, Full Command, Rending Banner 520
    5x Imperial Rangers 85
    5x Imperial Rangers 85
    Artillery-Volley Gun 190
    Artillery-Volley Gun 190

    So basically a gun line but I think I’ve got him outmatched here, I can just stay out of range of those Volley guns and treb him to death if I want. The Imperial Guard vs Knights Forlorn would be an interesting match but I think the Prelate and BSB with Death Warrant edge it for him. I’m not overly worried about the cavalry block, they can’t go into either of my big blocks, they have to go for my shooting so I’ll leave the Peasants back with them to keep them safe.
    The deployment was Counterthrust and the secondary was King of the Hill, my opponent picked a hill in the middle of the table and I picked a wall near his deployment zone. I dropped everything for first turn. I deployed all the peasants (Peasant Levy, Bowmen, Crossbows and trebs) on the left side and the Knights Forlorn on the right to cover the hill objective. My opponent put everything in the middle with 2 units of rangers on the right to try and shoot trebs and chaff up the knights.

    (The Giant in the Forlorn is my unit filler, i'll talk about why KoE should have Giants one day)

    I shot the Trebs at the Imperial Guard all game and killed 20 of them by the end of the game, taking them out of the fight. The Electoral Cavalry tried to threaten my back lines but they got a bit to close and I was able to use the 10” march to get in front of the cavalry so they couldn’t get away. In the end they just charged… [Read More]
  • Welcome back Ninth Agers and this the write up of fifth and my final game of the Breakthrough tournament.

    So far I’m on 3 losses and a win but that put right down on the bottom table where I was drawn against Orcs & Goblins, not a great match up for the Kingdom of Equitaine due to their ridiculous number of anti armour things they can bring to the battlefield, Git Launchers, Gnasher Wrecking Teams, Mad Gits and Trolls to name a few, all are perfect for squishing expensive knight blocks. Luckily my opponents list didn’t contain all of those things:

    Iron Orc Warlord, Wyvern, General, paired Weapons, Shield, Shady Shanking, Talisman of Shielding = 645

    Common Orc Chief, War Boar, Paired Weapons, Hero’s Heart, Basalt Infusion = 255

    Iron Orc Chief, BSB, Shield, Crown of the Wizard King = 270

    1 Feral Orc Shaman, Wizard Master, Shamanism = 440

    Common Goblin Chief, Wolf Chariot Light Lance = 135

    25 Feral Orc ‘Eadbashers, Champ, Standard Bearer, Green Tide Banner, Paired Weapons, Mammoth

    Stabber = 660

    3 x 5 Feral Orc Boar Riders, Paired Weapons = 465

    2 Goblin Wolf Chariot = 225

    20 Iron Orcs, FCG = 470

    Gargantula, Web Launcher = 550

    2 x 1 Skewerer = 180

    1 Git Launcher, Orc Overseer = 205

    Total = 4500

    My List can be found in my game 1 blog post here.

    So my opponents list doesn’t contain the worst offenders in the Orcs and Goblin army but there is still plenty of things in that army for me to fear. The War Machines always have the potential to ruin my poor knights and they definitely mean I can’t run my Duke solo so he’ll be hiding in with the Pegasus Knights. The Gargantula is not a monster to be taken lightly and hopefully I can get my Questing Knights or my Duke into it and kill it quickly or else it will destroy my knights. The Warlord on the Wyvern presents the same problem too as he packs a punch but is even more mobile. There’s two medium sized blocks of Orcs, the Ferals and the Iron Orcs. Hopefully I can whittle them down a bit with magic and shooting and then smash through them. If I can get a successful double charge off on them then I should win that fight but there is plenty of chaff in my opponents army to stop that from happening. There’s 2 Hero characters who may not be the toughest of fighters they can certainly cause me problems, 3 units of scoring cavalry could be problematic depending on the scenario or they could just chaff me up.

    The Deployment type for this scenario turned out to be Frontline Clash and the Secondary Objective is Hold the Ground, not a great one for the Kingdom I think, we’re not great at sitting on objectives, the horses need to be moving!

    For my spell selection I pick Breath of the Lady, Swarm of Insects (might get lucky and get a wound or two on a monster or kill a Warmachine), Totemic Summon and Break the Spirit. My opponent picks Awaken the Beast, Swarm of Insects, Totemic Summon and Break the Spirit, the best 4 Shamanism spells out of the 6 by a mile, Chilling Howl has it’s uses but it’s to circumstantial and does anyone ever take Savage Fury? The Orc Chieftan gets Cosmology on his Wizard Crown and takes the Signature spell for Orcs & Goblins, Bring the Pain and takes the first Cosmology Spell, Altered Sight.


    Kingdom of Equitaine 1

    Orcs & Goblins 1

    KoE 2

    O&G 2

    KoE 3

    O&G 3

    KoE 4

    O&G 4

    KoE 5

    O&G 5

    So that’s the end of the tournament, in the end I finished 40th out of 44, so not bottom at least! I did win Best painted though and to be honest that’s all I was hoping for. After this tournament I definitely need to have another look at the Kingdom of Equitaine to find a list that works for me, some of the units I took certainly didn’t pull their weight (I’m looking at you Pegasus Knights) and some choices were solid but just had the misfortune of being pushed about by a terrible general.

    One thing that I will definitely keep is Shamanism, that is a fantastic lore and if it wasn’t for Totemic Summon I may have faired even worse in my games, them Totemic Beasts netted me a lot of points! I am tempted to take 2 Damsels next time though just for the extra channel and a bit of spell variety.

    The Crossbows were very meh if I’m honest, they are certainly better than just bows but the cost of them is exorbitantly high for what they are, it would be a rare occasion that they ever got their points back. The Brigands weren’t much better, they did do some killing but they were more just poor chaff, I’d rather take another unit of Yeomen Outriders. The Yeomen are very good for what I needed them to do, I just need to use them better, I either use them at the wrong time or I just have them in bad positions, I often move them as an afterthought and that’s not what they are there for.

    I was happy with the Aspirants who I thought did a sterling job in this tournament and I definitely prefer running them 5 wide because getting their extra attacks on the charge is good and not having such massively long flanks is good to, means… [Read More]
  • Hello again ninth agers, thanks for joining me in what I’m sure will be a fun and informative battle report and in what will no way be an absolutely embarrassing performance from myself. So I start Day 2 way down on the bottom tables after a big loss in Game 3. SO for Game 2 I was drawn against another Dwarven Holds army, I have already beaten one of them, can I beat another? My opponents list:

    King (General) 2x Rune of Iron, Great Weapon, Ancestral Memory, Rune of the Forge = 365

    Anvil of power = 185

    Thane, BSB, shield, 2x Rune of Iron, 3x Rune of Lightning = 330

    29 Clan Warriors, Full Command with spear and Shield = 514

    40 Clan Warriors, Full Command , Shields = 650

    26 King’s guard, Full Command, Runic Standard of Wisdom = 723

    6 Hold Guardians, Full Command = 646

    Grudge Buster = 350

    2 Attack copter = 305

    1 Attack copter = 175

    Flame Cannon = 150

    Dwarf Ballista = 105 (Wish the Scorpion was this price!)

    Total = 4498

    My List can be found in my Game 1 Battle Report, here.

    So this army is very different from the one I though in Game 2, very light on shooting and several big blocks of Dwarves. The addition of the Clan Warriors was a nice surprise, I think this is the first time I’ve fought Clan Warrior blocks rather than Greybeards or little scoring units of 10 Clan Warriors. The unit with Spears scare me a bit as I’ve not actually come across spears in v 2.0 of the game, I know they aren’t as bad as they used to be but they were horrific to cavalry in v 1.3. The King’s Guard could do some very nasty things to me indeed and although the King isn’t a tough to kill as some Dwarven Kings out there I just don’t think I have anything that could kill him. My Duke possibly could but if he messes up his one chance to kill him then he’s dead. The Copters are an annoyance for me , they’re almost too good to be called chaff as with Resilience 5 they can take a lot of punishment to bring down, I know that they will inevitably cause me some pain, hopefully I can shoot them off with Crossbows but it’s a big ask for them. Going in my basic plan is to avoid all the blocks and try and mop up the copters and war machines.

    The TO rolls for Deployment and secondary objective and we get refused flank (diagonal) for the deployment type and the worst possible secondary objective for me, Capture the Flags. With 3 big blocks of Dwarves I have little to no chance of capturing any standards, unless I can get some nice flank charges and break steadfast but I’m sure the Dwarves won’t make that easy for me. I plan on just getting the Hold Guardians, leaving the rest and hope my units are still alive at the end.


    Dwarven Holds 1

    Kingdom of Equitaine 1


    KoE 2

    DH 3

    KoE 3

    DH 4

    KoE 4

    DH 5

    KoE 5

    That could have gone better for me but I have nothing to blame except myself for that unmitigated disaster. I deployed badly and turning the Knights of the Realm around to give my opponent a rear charge with the Grudge Buster was a huge mistake compounded by further mistakes of letting myself get cornered with the Knights Aspirant meaning they had to charge. I should have deployed my Knights of the Realm where the Knights Aspirant were and put the Aspirants on the left flank and back far enough so that the Steam Copters couldn’t get behind me like they did. I really seems to struggle fighting against flyers and I just don’t know how to handle them, the Steam Copters are a particular tough nut to crack as well as they can take a lot of punishment with Resilience 5 and a 4+ Armour Save. I may have to consider taking the Storm Clarion to help combat those flying menaces.

    I thought going into turn 2 I was still in a good position though, the Questing Knights were going to flank the Clan Warriors next turn and net me some big points. The Pegasus Knights were going to murder the Hold Guardians and then we avoid the rest of the army, didn’t quite work out that way though. I still think the Pegasus Knights and my Duke should have done more damage to the Hold Guardians, at least enough to stop them being steadfast, that was the only bit I felt I was unlucky at. I completely didn’t even think about the Grudge Buster overrunning into the Pegasus Knights but I don’t think that mattered all that much. The Pegasus Knights were never going to win combat against the Hold Guardians after the charge, they just aren’t strong enough. Having everything be steadfast against the Pegasus Knights is a real problem for them, they great in a support roll but they cannot go toe to toe with units that they can’t break on the charge, I mean any unit too, even a big block of lowly infantry will eventually grind them out. As for my Duke, the less said the better. I think for Game 5 my basic plan for him is just to keep him out of harm’s way and hope he survives.

    So that concludes Game 4, hope you enjoyed. One final game to write up for this tournament and then I’m done for this one. See you next week. [Read More]
  • Hello Ninth Agers and I hope you enjoy the battle report for my third game of the Breakthrough Tournament. You can see my list for this tournament in my first game of tourney. For this game I was drawn against Daemonic Legions, not an army I’ve fought very often, even in the world what was I rarely fought them so I didn’t really know what to expect in this game. My opponents list:

    Weaver of Change - General, Wizard master, Thaumaturgy, Power Vortex, Aether Wand, Shackles of Reality = 1185

    Harbinger of Lust - Siren Chariot, Barbed Claws, Clawed Caress, Trident of Torment = 365

    2x 10 Horrors = 375

    20 Sirens = 315

    20 Tallymen - Banner = 440

    Blazing Chariot = 260

    2x Siren Chariot = 370

    2x Carnal Chariot = 380

    4 Crusher Cavalry = 470

    Blood Chariot = 345

    Total = 4500pts

    The first thing that struck me about the list was the insane number of Chariots, 7 Chariots! Chariots can be hard work to fight against with my KoE list as to charge them can leave my units out of position and being in the Lance Formation always means I have very long flanks on my Knight blocks so it can be difficult to get my knights safely out of counter charge positions with overruns. The fact that there are 7 chariots knocking about means I’m inevitably going to get charged by most of them at some point. The Lust chariots have movement 10 as well giving them a crazy long 22” Charge range, that’s better than my Knights so they’ll easily be charging me anyway. Also those Carnal Chariots have AP 10 so they are going to make a mess of my Knights once they get in, hopefully I can take them down with shooting before they can get near me. I know all about the Blood Chariot, I’m sure everyone has had run ins with those flaming cannon balls before. Never seen a Balzing Chariot on the table before though so I’m not overly familiar with what they do (except fly)

    The core units of infantry don’t worry me too much, my knight blocks can take care of them. If I let the Crusher Cavalry charge me then that could be problematic. The main threat that worries me is the Weaver of Change, my Duke has the potential to take it down but it can never be guaranteed and if he doesn’t then he’s dead, especially as the Aether Wand will give the Weaver a ridiculous number of attacks by the end of the game.

    The Deployment Type and secondary Scenario was determined by a roll of the dice by the TO and we were playing Encircle and the secondary objective was Breakthrough AGAIN! (Which again was the best choice for me). My opponent won the roll off to see who picks sides and so he decided to be the defender in this deployment type so I was left with the big flanks and small middle.

    For Spell selection I picked Awaken the Beast, Totemic Summon, Break the Spirit and Breath of the Lady, in hindsight Swarm of Insects would have been a good choice as that would have taken some wounds off the Weaver if I had cast enough. I was thinking that I would need combat buffs to try and do as much damage to the Daemons as fast as possible and try and pop them quickly. My opponent took Thaumaturgy on the Weaver and selected Hand of Heaven (D6 hits at Strength D6), Cleansing Fire (Breath Weapon with Strength D3+2), Trial of Faith (both roll a D3, caster adds 1, lose the difference in wounds) and no one takes Thaumaturgy without taking Wrath of God (No description necessary)!


    Kingdom of Equitaine 1

    DL 2

    KoE 2

    DL 3

    KoE 3

    DL 4

    KoE 4

    DL 5

    KoE 5

    DL 6

    KoE 6

    That was a horrific beating for the brave knights of Equitaine, the Daemon magic was far worse than I was expecting, I was so focused on stopping Wrath of God that Cleansing Fire and Hand of Heaven were free to just absolutely wreck my army. Magic alone wiped out the Knights of the Realm in like 2 rounds! I definitely could have handled the magic phases better but we both had some stinking rolls in the magic phase.

    The main big mistake I made was not putting the Duke in with the Pegasus Knights to at least give him some protection from the Daemonic shooting. Even if he wasn’t shot off I’m not sure how useful he would have been in this game anyway, he will kill whatever he charges but then he would just get hit by like 2 chariots and a Weaver of Change and die. I should have deployed the Pegasus Knights in the centre of the board to cover the advance of the rest of my army up the left flank as they tried to get some scoring done.

    I foolishly gave away my Pegasus Knights when I didn’t need to. By turn 5 I should have just kept their points safe or put them in a good position for a last turn charge. Still amazed at how easily the Pegasus Knights fell to the Blood Chariot when the Knights Aspirant just refused to die to chariots at all.

    As a side note I thought that the Questing Knights +2” to their Charge move against units that cause fear would be great against Daemons but it turns out it’s not because the vast majority of Daemon units do not cause fear anymore so that was… [Read More]
  • Hello and welcome back, now we move onto game 2 of Breakthrough and this game I was drawn against Dwarven Holds, often not a great match up for the Kingdom of Equitaine as Dwarves rarely run away and if we can’t break units on the charge then we just sit there waiting to get flank charged. My opponent list:
    King - Army General, Shield, Rune of Destruction, 2 x Rune of Might, 2 x Rune of Iron, Rune of Shielding = 480
    Runic Smith - Shield, 3 x Battle Runes = 235
    Thane - Great Weapon, Rune of Dragons Breath = 185
    Anvil of Power =185
    12 x Clan MarksmenShields = 262
    10 x Clan Marksmen - Shields = 220
    26 x Greybeards - Shields, Full Command, Banner of Speed = 657
    20 x Rangers - Shields, Crossbows, Musician = 489
    20 x Rangers - Shields, Crossbows, Musician = 489
    20 x Seekers - Champion, Vanguard = 505
    Vengeance Seeker = 130
    Cannon = 255
    Cannon = 255
    Flame Cannon = 150
    Total = 4497

    So not your typical Dwarven Holds list, a lot of shooting which would normally worry me but at least they’re crossbows and not handguns. I’m going to have to close the Dwarves down quickly and hopefully smash through the small units as fast possible. The Pegasus Knights should be very useful in this game with their -1 to hit thanks to skirmish and the Banner of Roland meaning the opponent can’t stand and shoot against them when they charge as well as the extra Aegis Save. The lack of a rank may be problematic for them but I’m hoping they hit hard enough for it to not matter.
    The Seekers could cause me all kinds of problems with them being unbreakable, I am going to have to wipe them out to a stunty because they’re not going anywhere and with vanguard they are going to be breathing down my neck in no time. Hopefully my shooting and magic can whittle them down enough for me to finish them off with a Knight Block.


    Dwarven Holds 1

    Kingdom of Equitaine 1

    DH 2

    KoE 2


    KoE 3

    DH 4

    KoE 4

    DH 5

    KoE 5

    DH 6

    KoE 6

    The game ends there and the objective is drawn so it’s just down to points scored. I manage to kill 2199 points of the Dwarven holds and lost 1436 points giving me a 12 – 8 victory, yay!
    I thoroughly enjoyed that battle and not just because I got a win. It was a very swingy battle and after the shooting of the Dwarves in turn 2 I thought I was out of it, that was a lot of knights they murdered in one round of shooting! The stars of the show were the Knights Aspirant, well those last 2 Knights Aspirant in particular, how they managed to survive that long is beyond me, I guess there survival made up for my shocking armour rolls beforehand.
    One thing I kept forgetting about for the whole game was The Oriflamme, I only ever remembered when it came to taking break tests, I always forgot to make my opponent take fear tests at the start of each round of combat. It could have made a big difference but it probably wouldn’t have as those Dwarves never failed a single discipline check all game, sturdy gits!
    I was extremely disappointed in the Pegasus Knights at the very end, how on earth could they not kill more than 4 Rangers! They had the 4 Duke attacks, 6 Knight attacks, 6 Peg attacks, 4 stomps and the Totemic Beast as well. After their poor showing in Game 1 I’m going right off the Pegasus Knights, I find people are more scared of them than they should be so I’ll just let them keep that feeling whilst I fly about and try not to die.
    One thing i could have done better was deploying the Crossbows on the flank rather than the centre so that the Dwarves had to work for those points if they wanted them, by putting them right in the centre it just made them an easy target for them. Also i should have been shooting those Seekers with my Brigands for the whole game, probably could have finished off those last 3 guys.
    Still can’t get over how quickly those Dwarves crossed the battlefield, if for a second I thought about how quick they can move I would have deployed very differently and spread my big units out a bit more so there’s no way they could have cornered me like they did with the Knights of the Realm. Anyway, a win is a win so I can’t complain too much.
    Game 3 coming next week.

    [Read More]
  • Hello fellow Ninth Agers!

    After breaking my ankle earlier in the year and then getting married I’ve had a quite the break from the 9th Age. Well, I’ve finally been able to attend a tournament in what feels like forever! So it was time to shake off the rust and attend Breakthrough 2018. I’ve not played as much 2.0 as I would have liked in the last few months as I’ve just been super busy with real life stuff sadly so it was nice to get myself back into it. For this tournament I was going to use my Kingdom of Equitaine, one of my favourite armies that I have been pushing around now for a couple of decades. The Knights in shining armour and the bright multi coloured heraldry always appealed to me as a fan of history and as a painter so I think that’s why I’ve stuck with them for so long.

    I only had a few practice games using a variety of different lists and unfortunately the list entry deadline crept up on me and I ended up just submitting one of my practice lists, a decision I would come to regret.

    So, my List

    Duke on Pegasus: General, Grail Oath, Virtue of Audacity, Divine Judgement, Faith of Percival, Basalt Infusion, Potion of Swiftness, Lucky Charm, Lance, Shield = 625

    Paladin, on a Barded Warhorse: Battle Standard Bearer, Questing Oath, Shield, Crusaders Salvation = 365

    Damsel on a Barded Warhorse: Wizard Master, Shamanism = 385

    10 Knights Aspirant, Full Command = 480

    12 Knights of the Realm, Standard, Musician, Banner of the Last Charge = 688

    16 Crossbowmen = 238

    10 Questing Knights, Full Command, Oriflamme = 615

    11 Brigands = 188

    2 x 5 Yeoman Outriders, Light Armour, Shields = 270

    5 Pegasus Knights, Champion and Standard Bearer, Banner of Roland = 635

    Total = 4489

    There’s a few odd choices in there but there was method to my madness (well some anyway). The Duke build is far from optimal, I wanted a precision missile that could pick and choose his targets and then devastate them. The Virtue of Audacity and Divine Judgement should make him the king of slaying monsters, with rerolls to hit against large models and rerolls to wound against towering presence whilst doing D3+1 wounds on the charge there isn’t a monster alive that could withstand that charge. I took the Grail Oath with the mistaken belief that that would give him Divine Attacks, sadly it does not but I only realised that too late. The Faith of Percival was there to keep him alive from cannon balls and the Basalt Infusion will help him survive from those pesky Flaming cannon balls!

    The Paladin is nothing special, he has a 1+ re rollable Armour Save and he’s just going in with the Questing Knights.

    I picked Shamanism for the Damsel as I’d tried the other lores and found them somewhat lacking. Druidism is just too high a casting value for the good spells and I always found myself just never getting any spells off. I like Divination but found the range for the spells to be too short. So Shamanism it was for me, I was particularly looking forward to bringing on some Totemic Beasts!

    I like big knight blocks which explains my choice of cavalry. I thought I’d try out the Oriflamme for the Questing Knights just to see how it fairs, on paper it sounds good but I’ve not heard great things. The Banner of the Last Charge on a big unit of Knights of the realm is a must and 2 units of 5 Knights Aspirant would probably be better than a unit of 10 but I like big units. I’m running them 5 wide so maximise on the +1 Attack on the charge.

    The Crossbows are there purely so that I had an excuse to paint my old Marksmen of Miragliano models that I’ve had knocking about for ages. Now that KoE can take Crossbows I had to bring a unit of them to the party. The Brigands and the Yeomen are the chaff, I don’t have high hopes for them, just hope they die a glorious death.

    I’ve taken 5 Pegasus Knights as a bunker for the Duke when there’s Warmachines or dangerous magic knocking about. I always find Pegasus Knights to be one of those units that people hate to fight against because they’re so manoeuvrable and hard to catch but I always found them to be expensive and a liability but we’ll see how they fair.

    Anyway, for Game 1 I was drawn against Saurian Ancients and an army that is going to completely shut down the speed of my Knights as there is so many flying units they’re will be nowhere to hide.

    My opponents list

    Cuatl Lord, General, BSB, Symbiosis, Trained from birth, Essence of a free mind (Alchemy/Pyromancy) =725

    Saurian Warlord, Alpha Carnosaur, Paired Weapons, Touch of Greatness, Starfall Shard, Spirit of the Stampede = 950

    Skink Priest, Wizard Apprentice, shamanism = 115

    15 Saurian warriors, Champion = 275

    15 Saurian warriors, Champion = 275

    15 Saurian warriors, Champion = 275

    15 Skink Braves, Musician = 160

    5 Rhamphodon Riders, Champion = 399

    5 Rhamphodon Riders, Champion = 399

    3 Pteradon Sentries = 190

    3 Pteradon Sentries = 190

    Taurosaur, Engine of the Gods = 540

    Total =… [Read More]
  • Hello

    I’m back after the broken ankle. I’m pretty much back to normal now so I was finally able to get a game of ninth age in so I set a game against a friend to dust off my ‘skills’ and get back on it. I used my Kingdom of Equitaine and my list looked like this:

    • Duke (General), Barded Warhorse, Virtue of Might, Divine Judgement, Crusader’s Salvation, Potion of Swiftness, Shield = 535
    • Paladin, Barded Warhorse, Virtue of Daring, Battle Standard Bearer, Wyrmwood Core, Basalt Infusion, Shield = 365
    • Damsel, Wizard Master, Druidism, Barded Warhorse, Wafers of Penitence = 410
    • 15 Knight Aspirants, Full Command = 670
    • 12 Knight of the Realm, Full Command = 608
    • 16 Bowmen, Musician = 210
    • 16 Crossbowmen = 238
    • 12 Knights of the Quest, Full Command = 630
    • 2 x 5 Yeoman Outriders, Shields and Light Armour = 270
    • 2 x Trebuchets = 560

    I’ve had some crossbowmen knocking about for a few years now and have never used them so this was basically an excuse to get them out an see how they fair. Now that Knight Errants are a reasonable price again I had to take them and I’m still persevering with the Questing Knights but I have yet to be impressed with them. I’ve got 3 main threats with the 3 big blocks of knights. I’ve taken a fairly shooty army to hopefully draw my opponent to me, weaken up any big blocks with the Trebuchets and then smash them off with the knights. That’s the plan at least.

    My opponent is using the Empire of Sonnstahl and his list:

    • Marshall (General), Great Tactician, Death Warrant, Imperial Seal, Lucky Charm
    • Marshall, Battle Standard Bearer, Dusk Forged, Black Steel, Shield
    • Wizard mounted on an Arcane Engine, Wizard Master, Basalt Infusion
    • Prelate, Plate Armour, Shield
    • Prelate, Plate Armour, Shield
    • 45 Heavy Infantry, Halberds, Full Command
    • 18 Light Infantry, Crossbows, Standard and Musician, Support Unit
    • 18 Light Infantry, Handguns, Standard and Musician, Support Unit
    • 33 Imperial Guard, Great Weapon, Full Command, Household Standard
    • 2 x 6 Reiters, Brace of Pistols
    • 2 x 3 Knights of the Sun Griffon, Musician

    So my opponent has a general with discipline of 10 and an 18” range on it with the Household Standard so I’m not expecting them to do a lot of fleeing. I hate the Reiters so I will definitely be trying to shoot them down with the Bowmen, their pistols are lethal against my knights and despite being chaff they cannot be underestimated. My number most hated unit in the Empire book though is the Arcane Engine with Arcane Shield, the -1 to hit on all units with 6” will severely limit my ability to get kills and I don’t need any help normally to rubber lance so that will just add to my frustration. It’s also got the Wizard on it so I’d like to Treb that if I can but I should be sensible and go for the Imperial Guard, weaken them up and then smash them off (I’m not sensible by the way). The Sun Griffons always give me a worry, they can’t be underestimated either, a unit of just 3 of them can put a severe dent in my units, even if I charge them.

    We roll for scenario and get Marching Columns, one I’ve not had the pleasure of playing, the secondary objective is Breakthrough. For my spells I pick Breath of the Lady, Summer Growth, Master of Earth and Stone Skin. I decided to not pick The Oaken Throne as it takes up one of my spell slots and I generally find it wastes dice as opponents let it through with the aim of dispelling everything else. Plus with taking the Hereditary spell it would only leave me with 2 other spells if I took it. I wanted to take Magical Heirloom, which would have gotten me around this problem, but I ran out of points.


    KoE 1

    EoS 1

    KoE 2

    EoS 2

    KoE 3

    EoS 3

    KoE 4

    EoS 4

    KoE 5

    Until next time, Axel Vicious out. [Read More]
  • Hello all

    Sorry I’ve been silent for a while and not done any blog posts or bat reps for a couple of months. Last month I went on my Stag Do (Bachelor Party for our American friends) to Amsterdam and whilst there I slipped on some mud and managed to break my ankle! To make matters worse I waited two days before going to hospital because never in a million years did I think I had broken my ankle, I mean I slipped on some mud, how could that break a bone? So I’ve been in out an out of hospital and had to keep off the foot for a while. Sadly this meant missing TEC 18 this month and pretty much missing out on any hobby, except painting, I am getting lots of painting done at least.

    Anyway, I’ve decided to write up a Bat Rep of practice game I did back in March. My Kingdom of Equitaine vs Dwarven Holds.

    My List:

    Duke Mounted on a Pegasus: Faith of Percival, Virtue of Might, Divine Judgement, Shield

    Duke Mounted on a Barded Warhorse: General, Questing Oath, Basalt Infusion, Virtue of Renown, Shield
    Paladin Mounted on a Barded Warhorse: Battle Standard Bearer, Crusaders Salvation, Virtue of Daring, Lance, Shield

    Damsel Mounted on a Barded Warhorse: Wizard Master, Divination (Breath of the Lady, Know Thy Enemy, Scrying and Unerring Strike), Lightning Vambraces

    13 Knights of the Realm, Full Command, Banner of Roland

    6 Knights of the Realm, Musician

    6 Knights of the Realm

    11 Knights of the Quest, Full Command

    2 x 5 Yeoman Outriders, Light Armour, Shield

    5 Pegasus Knights, Skirmish, Full Command, Flaming Standard

    Basically running a triple threat with three big blocks hoping that they will carry the day , do lots of killing and stay alive long enough to deny my opponent any points. Playing against Dwarves though this may be difficult, they don’t die easily and they can easily hold a charge against one unit of Knights so I’m going to need some multiple charges. The little units of Knights of the Realm are there to be a pain to my enemy and redirectors if necessary, the Yeoman are there to die.

    My Opponents List:

    King, Shield, Crossbow, Shield Bearers, Rune of Destruction, 2x Rune of Might

    Thane, Battle Standard Bearer, Shield, Crossbow, 2x Rune of Iron

    Runic Smith, Shield, 3 Battle Runes (Rune of Gleaming, Rune of Oaths, Rune of Resilience)

    14 Clan Marksmen, Crossbow, Shields

    14 Clan Marksmen, Crossbow, Shields

    24 Greybeards, Banner

    20 Deep Watch, Banner, Runic Standard of Wisdom

    6 Hold Guardians

    Grudge Buster

    Grudge Buster

    2 Attack Copter

    2 Attack Copter

    So my Opponent has two blocks of Dwarven infantry that I probably won’t be able to take down without a triple charge and at least 15 rounds of combat. So I’m probably best off leaving them well alone and trying to pick off everything else, especially the Grudge Busters.

    The Deployment type was Frontline Clash and the Secondary Objective was Capture the Flags, a difficult objective for me as the small units of Knights of the Realm will easily be killed and I’m going to struggle to kill more than 2 of my opponents scoring units, my best hope is to wipe out the Crossbows and possibly the Greybeards if I can catch them with a multiple charge.


    Dwarven Holds 1

    Kingdom of Equitaine 1

    Dwarven Holds 2

    Kingdom of Equitaine 2

    Dwarven Holds 3

    Kingdom of Equitaine 3

    Dwarven Holds 4

    Kingdom of Equitaine 4

    Dwarven Holds 5

    Kingdom of Equitaine 5

    Dwarven Holds 6

    Kingdom of Equitaine 6

    Now that my Ninth Age career is on hold as I can’t get to play any games at the moment and have no tournies planned until the summer (getting married in June so nothing until after that) I’m probably not going to have any more bat reps for a while. I’m going to try and set up a big game but it depends how my ankle holds out. Keep your eyes peeled anyway, I’ll have something up next month. [Read More]
  • Hi All

    Just thought I’d write a quick hobby musing about the Kingdom of Equitaine list I’ve been running in 2.0 so far, how it’s been doing and how the hot fix has affected it.

    I have a large KoE force all painted up but some are definitely painted than others and I’m a stickler for bringing along the nice looking soldiers to the battle. So after looking at the KoE Army book for ages trying to come up with a list that I could use given the models that I have I settled upon the following list.

    • Duke, Barded Warhorse, Virtue of Daring, Fortress of Faith, Crusader’s Salvation, Lance = 475
    • Paladin, Barded Warhorse, Virtue of Piety, Battle Standard Bearer, Wyrmwood Core, Basalt Infusion, Shield = 370
    • Damsel, Wizard Master, Divination, Barded Warhorse, Crystal of the Valiant Charge = 450
    • 15 Knight Aspirants, Full Command, Banner of the Last Charge = 679
    • 12 Knight of the Realm, Full Command = 608
    • 16 Bowmen, Musician = 221
    • 12 Knights of the Quest, Full Command = 650
    • 3 x 5 Yeoman Outriders = 360
    • 26 Peasant Crusaders = 272
    • Sacred Reliquary = 175
    • 2 x Scorpions = 250

    The basis of my army revolved around 3 large blocks which woulf hopefully do all the hard work. The Damsel was there to help the Knight buses hit more reliably, especially with the Hereditary Spell and the buffs from Divination. The Duke’s role was to help protect the Knight of the Realm block by soaking up attacks on the unit and ensuring that more knight survive to attack back. The Peasant Crusaders acted as a mini anvil until the Knights could get in and smash whatever was attacking them. The Yeoman were just chaff and the Bowmen and scorpions were there just for a bit of ranged threat.

    Going into my games the plan was to push all 3 knight blocks around together and charge whatever was in their way but it’s amazing how rarely I ever stuck to the game plan. I found myself struggling against enemy chaff as the Bowmen just weren’t doing the job and the Magic Missiles of Divination were just not going off. The problem with running a predominant buff lore is that your opponents know that they can just let the buffs go off if the units being buffed aren’t in combat, they then just dispel the missiles and you’ve wasted a magic phase. That is not to say that Divination has been completely useless, when the knight blocks are in combat it helps tremendously but the shining star really is the Breath of the Lady, what a fantastic Hereditary Spell, it helps offensively and defensively so it’s really useful.

    With the redesgned Magic Phase she is much less prone to blowing up whole units of knights now due to some unlucky rolling, so Damsels are definitely back in if you ask me!

    The Knight blocks each faired differently in their own way. The Knights of the Quest are very good at the grind but as with all knights they feel each and every loss, having a unit of 12 is great but as soon you begin to lose some knights their effectiveness is immediately reduced. So even though they are good at the grind there is little that they can go toe to toe with and win a war of attrition. Obviously they are not there to be fighting hordes of infantry so they shouldn’t be winning those long fights, I had them fight a hydra and some Chaos Knights. Against the Hydra they took 3 rounds of combat to kill it at the end of which there was about 3 knights left. Against the Chaos Knights they won but again, there wasn’t a whole lot left of them by the end. The Knights of the Quest should be used as a very expensive hammer, used for precision strikes of the perfect enemy and they better break them or they are toast (in fact, apply that to every KoE knight).

    (TBH, i bring the Knights of the Quest along because i like looking at them mostly)

    The Aspirants were great on the charge and then instantly lost any threat they once posed after that. I love having a big unit of 15 as they look amazing but 15 knights leaves a big flank that any smart opponent will wait to be shown and then pounce. That has always been the problem with the Lance formation, maybe it’s time to abandon it on large units. They might work better in a 12, 6x2.

    The Knights of the Realm were the bedrock for me and combined with the Duke they just didn’t die at all. The games I won or drew were down to this unit not being destroyed and maintaining a huge amount of points.

    (Knight of the Realm, still remain the Core of KoE after 20 years!)

    I think this unit always faired best because I found myself having to sacrifice my other 2 knight blocks to protect them from flank charges. That’s because I used my Yeoman poorly and sacrificed them far too early. I always try and send them out to go Warmachine hunting or to harass the flanks with their 5 bow shots, as if that will make any difference. They should sit behind my knights waiting to heroically dive in front of a threatening unit. Also I should have paid the 2 points per model to give them a 4+ armour save, definitely worth the points to keep them alive long… [Read More]