Polish Team Championship 2019

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    • Polish Team Championship 2019

      Clubs Underdogs, Ciupaga and Legion would like to invite you for the biggest team event in Poland:

      Polish Team Championship!

      Organiser are Underdogs

      Co organiser is Veto Store


      naprawa plików jpg

      Address: Stara Zajezdnia Kraków by DeSilva, ul. Św. Wawrzyńca 12, 31-060 Kraków

      Event website - dmp2018.pl/

      Date: 13-14 July 2019

      Format: 5x4500



      Capacity: 56 teams (280 players)

      Entry fee for a team is:
      500 PLN or 118 EUR as a prepaid to a bank account - deadline is 31.05.2019
      or 600 PLN or 142 EUR paid after the deadline.

      If money transfer will be booked after the dealine then the team need to pay the difference at the event.
      Prepaid are not returned when not used but they can be given to any other team up to the deadline.
      (Every participant will receive dinner at the venue on Saturday)

      Bank account details:

      Tomasz Gęgotek
      Ul. Królowej Jadwigi 91/8
      30-209 Kraków

      Account # for PLN transfers
      IBAN PL 28 1050 1070 1000 0091 1430 1386

      Account # for EUR transfers
      IBAN PL 30 1050 1445 1000 0092 0418 5848
      As a title transfer please type: "DMP - team name"

      Every female and underage participant receives a discount 25 PLN at the event, regardless of payment method.

      List submission deadline and Tourneykeeper registration is 04.07 EoD (CET)

      Link to submission formular:


      Link to Tourneykeeper:

      For correct application, send on time every player receives 20 additional points. A team can get an extra 100 points, added to their total points after the last game.
      After the deadline orga team will publish all rosters.
      Orga team is not checking the rosters but deducts additional points from every player that has errors in applications.
      Proper applications should be send as an attachment in txt format by team Captain (all 5 rosters in 1 file).

      Players do not have to type items, skills or equipment that are basic for the units.
      Proper applications should contain all five roster in a following format:

      Deduction rate for errors in rosters:

      - Every little error, misclick, not selecting general - 1 point

      - Bigger error, with consequences of roster changes (such as exceeding points limit in any category) - 5 points

      - Essential change - change of magic lore, magic item, unit -10 points (requires approval from orga team)

      - Penalties for one player may not exceed 20 points.

      Example of correct roster format:
      Piotr "Janus the Dezyr " Borowski - Warriors of the Dark Gods
      720 - Chaos Lord of Lust, General, Steed of Lust, Great Weapon, Bluffer's Helm, Sprout of Rebirth, Crown of Scorn, Waste Hardened Shield
      660 - Chaos Lord of Wrath, Burning Blade of Chaos, Potion of Strength, Daemonic Wings, Lucky Shield
      510 - Chaos Harbinger of Lust, Battle Standard, Steed of Lust, Lance, Dusk Stone, War Standard, Hardened Shield
      260 - Battle Shrine (Priest) of Wrath
      512 - 17x Wasteland Warriors of True Chaos, Shield, S, M, C, Banner of Speed,
      160 - 20x Barbarians of True Chaos, Paired Weapons, Light Armour, M
      232 - 8x Barbarian Horseman of True Chaos, Light Armour, Shield
      160 - 5x Barbarian Horseman of True Chaos, Light Armour, Shield,
      460 - 10x Chosen of Lust, Halberd, Shield, S, Nine-Tailed Standard
      435 - 10x Chosen of Lust, Halberd, Shield, S, Aether Icon
      390 - 5x Wasteland Knights of Lust, Lance, Shield, Standard, Musician, WastelandSteed,


      There'll be 5 non playing judges

      Time table:


      9.00 - 9.30 sign up

      9.30 - 13.00 first battle

      13.00 - 13.45 lunch break

      13.45 - 17.15 second battle

      17.30 - 21.00 third battle

      21.00 party at the venue

      22.00 league award ceremony for 2018!


      8.00 -8.15 Captain or any other member of the team needs to be at the referee table to confirm presence of the team

      8.15 - 11.45 fourth battle

      11.45 - 12.30 lunch break

      12.30 - 16.00 fifth battle

      16.15 award ceremony

      Point range:



      - there's no bye in first round

      - teams from the same club will not play against each other in first round

      - first round draw will be done before the event (it will be broadcasted)

      - next rounds will be done with swiss system

      Paring system same as at the ETC

      1. (1&2th match up of Team A v. Team B)

      Both Teams put up 1 army.

      Both Teams put up 2 opponents

      Both Teams choose their match

      2. (3&4)

      Both Teams put up 1 army.

      Both Teams put up 2 opponents

      Both Teams choose their match

      5. (5)

      Team A last army («in hand»)

      Team B last army («in hand»)

      Pairing should last for 15 minutes maximum.

      Tables and maps:

      Tables are randomized after pairings are created.

      Painting and accesories

      Trays are mandatory.

      Army books are required (printed, on tablet, smartfone) - to be easily accesible,

      Rule book - minimum 1 per team.

      Dices, measuring tapes - for every player.

      There will not be any extra points from hobby, but using proxes (if you have doubts what is and what is not prox please contact orga team prior the event) is not allowed and would be a subject to remove the modes/units and loss of additional points.

      All models have to be painted.



      There're 2 international airports in a reasonable distance - Cracow Airport (around 30 minutes from venue) and Katowice Airport (around 90 minutes from venue)
      The brewery is in the heart of Cracow, 2 km from main station.
      There are tram line close to the venue nr: 3, 19, 24, 50 - station "Św. Wawrzyńca"

      To ensure that we all have a great time at the event we kindly ask to follow fair play rules.


      Captains are responsible for contact with orga team and referees.
      Captain can use "Captain Time" - one slot of 3 minutes with every other players in the team to decide about tactic, next steps, decisions.
      Captain is responsible for reporting the results on behalf of the team.
      Time for each rund is 3,5h, of which 15 minutes is dedicated for creating pairings.

      A team that will provide results after the round is ended looses additional points

      0-2 min: 10 BP,

      2-5 min: 20 BP,

      5-10 min: 35 BP,

      10+ min: score 0:0 for both teams and 35 BP.

      There's no extra time for the last game on Saturday!



      Party and League Award Ceremony will be held at the venue, we will have bar and space in the brewery,
      The restaurant will prepare a special menu for the event.
      Team Poland WE Player 2015
      Team Poland SE Player 2016
      Team Poland SE Player 2017
      Team Poland SE Player 2018
      Team Poland DE Player 2019

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    • List of teams that has paid the entry fee and therefore are sure to play:

      • Lista zgłoszeń (zespoły które opłaciły wejściówkę - mające pewne miejsce):
        1. Underdogs
        2. Salamandra
        3. Jeźdźcy Hardkoru 1
        4. Jeźdźcy Hardkoru 2
        5. Make Way
        6. TGH
        7. Ordin
        8. Team Sargon
        9. Team Luxemburg
        10. Team Switzerland
        11. Team Ukraine 1
        12. Team Ukraine 2
        13. Team Ukraine 3
        14. Team Belarus
        15. Team France Les Enfants du Sud
        16. Animosity 1
        17. Team Czech 1
        18. FBJ
        19. Ordin 2
        20. OKF Miscast 1
        21. OKF Miscast 2
        22. Czarne Wrony 1
        23. RyK Medaliki
        24. Drobne Wałeczki 1
        25. Drobne Wałeczki 2
        26. Make Way 2
        27. Schwarze Legion
        28. Team Germany A
        29. Czarne Wrony 2
        30. Pokemon Return
        31. Szybki Szpil
        32. Najstarsi Old Boye
        33. Obelisk - "Zawsze twardy"
        34. Orando 1
        35. Orando 2
        36. Ósma Bila 1
        37. Ósma Bila X
        38. Front Wschodni
        39. Lewa Flanka
        40. Animosity 2
        41. Animosity 3
        42. Obelisk "z Gór Wamać"
        43. Ósma Bila 2
        44. Rogaty Szczur 1
        45. Rogaty Szczur 2
        46. Nemezis 40%
        47. Ciupaga Legionu
        48. Ósma Bila 4
        49. Team Recycling vol.2.0
        50. Coś orczego z jajem
        51. Ośmiornica 1
        52. Menele gdzie się da
        53. Strefa Zero

      Team Poland WE Player 2015
      Team Poland SE Player 2016
      Team Poland SE Player 2017
      Team Poland SE Player 2018
      Team Poland DE Player 2019

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    • 58 teams has signed up by now so we're overbooked now :) - it just show the scale of hypo for the event - because only paid slots are sure and of those there're 5 so if anyone is interested to play on the biggest 9th Age event worldwide he's free to do so:)
      Team Poland WE Player 2015
      Team Poland SE Player 2016
      Team Poland SE Player 2017
      Team Poland SE Player 2018
      Team Poland DE Player 2019
    • 310 players intrested to come :)

      A quote from Babnik about this year event:

      Babnik Kalenina wrote:

      20 years I have been waiting for this moment (yes I'm old...) Finally I can state I experienced the most amazing Fantasy Battle experience ever!

      Venue: Big and beautiful.Comfortable with good beer.
      Location: In the middle of night life area. Perfect.
      Tables: Green with decent 2D/3D. Good enough but I didn't expect better with such huge attendance
      Food: Saturday good (even for a picky frenchman) and sunday we enjoy food trucks
      Information: Orga really reactive on forum and messenger. During event, all screens were working and it helps to smooth the flow

      What happened with painting prize?

      Thanks Laik and all your mates for making this event happened
      Thanks to all my opponents for lovely game.

      What I can promiss - it'll be even better:)!
      Team Poland WE Player 2015
      Team Poland SE Player 2016
      Team Poland SE Player 2017
      Team Poland SE Player 2018
      Team Poland DE Player 2019

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    • Laik wrote:

      update of the list - 17 teams are sure to play :)

      That is all fine...

      ...but 62 teams on waiting list???

      I can but raise you my horn -


      Hermund Vigerust Endressòn Furu - Savage Sage of the Norse
      Faux-pro player and ETC vagabond.
      Enjoys the company of deluded nerds and women of unquestionably low morale.

      Do not fall to the folly of the best laid of plans - for the mind of man is fickle in the face of the dice gods.
      Give yer high fives where yer opponents dice have been blessed, and in equal give yer handshakes when they fall in malicious ways.
    • 17/62 teams have paid already (ther're 56 slots for teams), with hype on our January event in Cracow (20 minutes to fill the list for 120 man tournament and people stopped adding teams to the list in 24h when it grew to 160 players) we've decided that the criteria will be more fair to everyone so "first pay first play" - so with 9 months to the tournament it's open for everyone.

      It would be great @Herminard if you would visit Cracow - Karl-Erik Hansen was really satisfied this July :)
      Team Poland WE Player 2015
      Team Poland SE Player 2016
      Team Poland SE Player 2017
      Team Poland SE Player 2018
      Team Poland DE Player 2019