The Great Horde of Chaos

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    • The Great Horde of Chaos

      Hello! This is my first thread here, and I guess I should get started with some contributing :P.

      I have been in the hobby for some time, and have used most of it converting my models, most of all my multiple Chaos Armies. So here I plan to show off all my models for my chaos forces.

      I do hope one day to have it all done and have a single gigantic battle with it, but that is pretty far off :P.

      (If these photos look familiar, that is because I have a blog on Warseer, but it's status has been up and down like a yo-yo as of late...)

      Ok, first up, my personal favorite, my Beasts of Chaos.

      My Tuskgor Chariot (probably quite dusty). Made with various plastic kits, this was very fun to build.

      Harpies, still not finished (feet and feathers), but set back a bit as it turns out I should have been pinning the wings...whoops.

      Gors, not much to say here really. just a lot of them with little conversions sprinkled in.

      Khornegor, I absolutely love these old guys.

      Start of work on a Ghorgon, made from the Verminlord as I do not like the head/body/arm/leg ratio with the actual Ghorgon model (seriously, it all looks

      Next I have my Warriors of Chaos.

      Which I will start off with a bang. My Dragon Ogre Shaggoth. This thing is huge, like really really big, a Chaos Warrior comes up to his ankle.

      My Khorne Chaos Warriors. I prefer the more disciplined-warrior look over the raving lunatic look.

      Some early work on a unit of Chaos Trolls. But I am very happy with their poses and scale.

      Actually painted models :P . Just come Chaos Warriors. I prefer them pitch black for a more menacing vibe.

      And lastly a Khorne Gorebeast chariot. The yoke was a bit fiddly here.

      I have plenty more pictures. But I am not going to clog up a first post with a huge array of them, especially if people don't really want to see them :P.

      Hope you enjoy though. I have Chaos Daemons and Chaos Dwarves as well, but in far fewer numbers, as well as plenty more strange conversions.

      Lord of the Hobby

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    • Dan wrote:

      Yes, one might even say that this is a true horde of Chaos! :D

      Glad to see you've opened a log here, too.
      Ah! You have found me! :P

      Yes thought I would go and spread pictures of my conversions where the fantasy players were all migrating to.
      Speaking of which!

      Something fun and interactive first. A guessing game! Who can figure out what this is going to be eventually? ;)

      Here we have my Tzaangors. While the weapons are cool, they are far too...clean for my liking. So off they go!

      Next is the start of my test-Bull Centaur. Full plastic and if I say so myself, looking quite formidable. And yes you will see all 4 flavors of Chaos here.

      Why did the chicken cross the road? To bring down the world of man.
      This is my absolutely huge Cockatrice, and I have some truly massive wings in store for it later.

      Thought there was only 1 titanic Shaggoth? Think again! This is my 2-hand weapon variant with quite a few different features on the model, and is somehow even bigger than his brother...

      My Daemon Prince of Nurgle, looking a I'll stop.

      Start of a Chaos Sorcerer on Daemonic mount. Very hard to file a model that is 90% spikes....

      Another monstrosity, my Chaos Lord on Dragon! I know, no wings yet, but it would be impossible to paint if I put them on now.
      Some of it's design aspects came from the Total War game, as the only art of Chaos Dragons is of Gulrauch.

      Blood for the Blood God!...Annnd this is so far my only Daemon unit. What can I say I wanted to try my hand at the old Balrog->Bloodthirster conversion. :P

      And last but not least are some Tzeentch Chaos Marauders. I am going as far Norse as I can with their look, keeping the Tzeentch aspects to a minimum. So mostly crow skulls and the odd symbol really.

      And be-be-be-be-thats all folks!

      Lord of the Hobby

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    • :thumbup:">

      :thumbup:">jimmygrill wrote:

      A mighty horde indeed, and lots of awesome conversions
      Plenty more on the way!

      Eldrad wrote:

      i like shaggoth the most.
      On the other note, thats a lot of ex carnosaurs running around your place XD.

      You have no idea XD

      Firstly we have 2 Bray-Shamans and a upgraded troll. Now with extra tentacles!

      A Khorne Exalted on Foot and a Exalted on Daemonic Mount.

      40 Man horde of Khorne Marauders with great weapons.

      The Chaos Lord on Dragon again, but this time the Lord looks far more imposing.

      Chaos Sorcerer on Daemonic Mount, needs just a little bit more before completion.

      Khorne Lord on Horse. I am loving the Cloak sculpting I did on him.

      Tzeentch Battle Standard Bearer. Unfortunately I could not get all his awsome details in one shot. He will need a photo shoot all to himself later.

      Chaos Spawn. I just prefer these models, but they will be getting some converting later.

      Start to a Chaos War Mammoth with Warshrine, just me will look better with the head on...

      That is all for now peeps!

      Lord of the Hobby

      The Great Horde of Chaos <-My hobby blog Tyranno's Ride into the Steppes <-My Makhar hobby/army-list blog
    • Eldrad wrote:

      this is insanely good. Insta win on the summer competition. Be sure to apply for it here on forum!!
      Just wow.
      Whoops! Got kinda sidetracked and forgot :p. Besides, I do not think I could have beaten that Tomb King Barge, that thing was insane!

      tommytucker wrote:

      Ditto, this stuff is amazing and all from GW plastic stuff.
      Well GW kinda has an iron grip on the modeling community and sales around here. Which is why I am not only heavily restricted for options, but have no longer got nowhere to play games :/.

      Enough about that though. On to the models!

      Chaos Warriors of Nurgle with Great Weapons and Shields. The champ and Banner Bearer have insane weapons xP. These are a bunch of models partially comprised of old models I was not happy with, so have broken them down and re-equipped them, thankfully nurgle does not need clean armour.

      Chosen of Nurgle with Shields and Hand Weapons. These guys are massive, and I provided a Nurgle Warrior for scale. Built from the Blightkings, these guys are a bit of a pain to rank up and will require a LOT of work to make sure they all sit-pretty with each other.
      I plan to have 15 of them in a unit as I have 10 Blightkings (The other 5 cannot stand up atm) lying around that I was never going to use with their actual rules anyway, so why not?

      Continuing the Nurgle theme, here is a Nurgle Chariot (ignore the battery, model is not glued yet :P). Built from various parts (40K Chosen, Blightking, Corpse Kart, Chaos Knight and tons of little bits) this is quite the kitbash xD.

      Last of Nurgle I swear. A pair of Exalted Heroes on Daemonic Mounts; Khorne on the left, Nurgle on the right. The Khorne Exalted is actually female, which will be more evident once I add her hair. I was trying to go with non-sexual armour that did not have the silly "breast-plates".

      An Exalted and a Bull Centaur. The Bull Centaur is almost finished, just needs a little green stuff here and there.

      Some Chaos Dwarf Warriors, including command squad and a Great Taurus. I am very happy with the banner :D.

      Chaos Knight of Khorne. They do rank up, don't worry, it just obscures a LOT of detail when they do. Built from the Skullcrushers, Bloodletters, Chaos Knights and some surprise bits from the Witch Elves (look at the horse tails) these look very imposing when barreling across the battlefield.

      3 for 1 deal here. On the right is a Chaos Troll with his nose, giving an idea how they will all look when completed. Middle is a "fixed" Minotaur. I hate the minotaur faces and wanted something a bit smaller, so I fused an odd combination of Saurus OldBlood and Marauder Horse together; a bit of green-stuff will be added to make the mouth stouter and less grinning.
      On the left is a Cyclops....I have no idea what to use him as, so if anyone has an idea I am all ears xD.

      Chaos Marauders and a Chaos Lord of Slaanesh. The Marauders will have their bases changed to my new style as they are kinda built a while ago.
      The Chaos Lord I love and is built from some very strange parts. And yes he does rank up; rather well in fact as I built him while he stood in a Chaos Warrior unit :P.

      And last but not least, this is where that converted Bray-Shaman went. He will be getting his own chariot pulled by a pair of Tuskgors. Meanwhile the Razorgor on the left will be pulling the other one, once I get some Gors to act as the drivers.

      I hope everyone enjoys that! Sorry about the long absence, wanted to make sure my update was something...impressive (Despite the lack of big gribblies this time) :D.

      Lord of the Hobby

      The Great Horde of Chaos <-My hobby blog Tyranno's Ride into the Steppes <-My Makhar hobby/army-list blog

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    • Henrypmiller wrote:

      Some awesome conversion work.

      What pieces are you using for the bull centaur and troll models?
      Thanks! Here is a little "deconstruction" for you :

      Bull Centaur:
      Dragon Ogre Torso
      Dragon Ogre Head
      Dragon Ogre Weapons
      Minotaur Horns
      Varanguard Shield
      Verminlord Top-Knot
      Chaos Knight (Widened with pins and filled with GreenStuff)
      Chariot Lion Tail

      The Weapons are of course optional. You can instead just go with Dragon Ogre Great Weapons depending on your equipment choices.

      Chaos Trolls:
      Stormfiend body
      Old Night Goblin Nose (Yes I pinned the nose...sue me!)
      Dragon Ogre Hands (Only for the open palm version)
      Crypt Horror Head(s)
      River Troll Ears
      Minotaur Weapons & Trophies
      And then I used various bits for the Horns, Tentacles and armour

      Eldrad wrote:

      do you paint as good as you make this stuff?
      Possibly....With my recent experiments painting a few Chaos Warriors I can say I paint well enough.

      Oddly I am not very creative with colours. I like my Chaos Warriors Black, my Beastmen reddish-brown, my Dragon Ogres Caucasian+Green. I personally feel that a conversion is good if you do not recognize it as such. So painting the models in more standard colours helps them blend in with the background of the world as well as fool the eye.

      Lord of the Hobby

      The Great Horde of Chaos <-My hobby blog Tyranno's Ride into the Steppes <-My Makhar hobby/army-list blog
    • Moriar wrote:

      Awsome work! What model is that Razorgor?
      I used the Gore-Gruntas (Gods I never wish to say that terrible name again...-_-). And cut off the legs. I will be replacing that with fur or cloth later.

      Ok, photo time!

      First up a big shot of all my undivided Chaos Warriors. Only the front rank and a few other models are "truly" fully built as I left the shields off a lot of the models so I can paint underneath them in peace.
      Once again I prefer pitch black for my Undivided armour; so not much colour by the end of this unit, apart from the capes. Which I have not decided if I want brown or grey yet. (any input will be helpful)

      Next up is a rather badass Chaos Warrior and an Undivided Chaos Knight. I toned down some of the more OTT aesthetics of the Knight to reign it in closer to the 6th edition ones. Like a best of both worlds kinda thing.

      Double trouble here. A Tzeentch Chaos Warrior, converted using Tzaangor parts. I will keep the helmets smooth for a more creepy and unsettling look. And a Chaos Spawn based on the old were- idea, will have more fur later.

      Holy moly! Something...finished!? What sorcery is this!? Well a Chaos Sorcerer that is what. Ready for basing and painting. And next to him an early start to a Slaanesh Sorceress.

      Next up we have a really new one (I knew keeping those Gorebeasts around was a good idea). This is my Hellcannon; as it works like a stonethrower why not use a model of one? The gorbeasts will have chains added to their backs to make harnesses for pulling this contraption. As well as more chaos icons on it for flavour; plus a lump of warpstone for the ammo.
      Now what I need is to decide who should crew it? Chaos Marauders? Warriors or even Beastmen gors as it is so primitive looking?

      Last up we have a multi photo-shoot! My unit of Nurgle Chosen is almost finished! With all but 1 standing and glued to their model, and almost all with their weapons, these mighty soldiers are raring to go! Well, greenstuff fur-cloaks are still in order for about half of them... They only rank up in 1 specific way, so I will need to number the undersides of their bases :P.
      Group shot!

      Rank 1

      Rank 2

      Rank 3

      That is all for now! But I am worknig on some Khorne Forsaken so keep an eye out for that next time as well as more complete pictures of all these models and the older ones. (It is mostly just green stuff they all need...)

      Lord of the Hobby

      The Great Horde of Chaos <-My hobby blog Tyranno's Ride into the Steppes <-My Makhar hobby/army-list blog
    • Henrypmiller wrote:

      Some sweet work here bro! Im super impressed. Loving the chat as well.

      You should take multiple angles of things so you get a better idea of the model. Can't wait until its finished ane painted!
      Ask and thou shalt receive!

      (And yeah I try to be entertaining, in case the models are not enough to keep people coming back :P)

      jimmygrill wrote:

      So much awesome 8o
      Thank you!

      Eldrad wrote:

      this is insane. More please. More WIP pics. More everything. Please. Need. More.
      Well then...behold!

      (But first some atmospheric music... ...there that's better)

      May I present the entirity of my current Warriors of Chaos Army. This only includes models built to their minimum unit size and can actually stand up. So some units are still "out" for now. I was going to include my Beasts of Chaos, Chaos Dwarves and Chaos Deamons...but I have so many Beasts, let alone the rest, that the table would need to be fully extended and it would take several hours to assemble everyone and another few to put them back. So I thought I would wait until I am MUCH closer to the finish line to show off everyone.
      Also there are no "new" models since last time; but there are some units I have not taken pictures of before. See if you can spot them.

      But for now...behold the manifestation of darkness!

      Cheat Sheet:

      Chaos Lord on Dragon

      Chaos Lord of Khorne on Dragon

      Chaos Sorceress of Slaanesh on Daemonic Mount

      Daemon Prince of Tzeentch

      Daemon Prince of Nurgle

      Chaos Lord of Khorne on Warhorse

      Chaos Lord of Slaanesh

      Chaos Sorcerer Lord of Nurgle

      Exalted of Tzeentch on Daemonic Mount

      Exalted on Daemonic Mount

      Exalted of Khorne on Juggernaught

      Exalted of Nurgle on Daemonic Mount

      Exalted of Khorne on Daemonic Mount

      Exalted of Khorne with Battle Standard

      Sorcerer on Daemonic Mount


      Sorcerer of Tzeentch

      Sorcerer on Warhorse

      Sorceress of Slaanesh

      Exalted with Paired Weapons

      Exalted with Shield

      30 Chaos Warriors with Shields

      10 Chaos Warriors with Halberds

      12 Khorne Warriors with Halberds

      18 Nurgle Warriors with Halberds

      40 Khorne Marauders with Great Weapons

      12 Marauders with Great Weapons

      18 Marauders with Shields

      15 Marauders of Tzeentch with Shields

      15 Chosen of Nurgle with Shields

      5 Warhounds

      5 Khorne Marauder Horsemen

      5 Slaanesh Marauder Horsemen



      Gorebeast Chariot of Khorne


      Warshrine of Nurgle

      5 Chaos Knights of Khorne

      5 Chaos Knights of Khorne

      8 Skullcrushers with Lances

      3 Chaos Trolls

      Shaggoth with Great Weapon

      Shaggoth with Paired weapons






      War Mammoth with Warshrine

      Chaos Spawn

      Chaos Spawn

      Chaos Spawn

      Still to come?

      Khorne Ogres
      Tzeentch Warriors

      And that is just a taste!
      I hope you enjoyed this little self promotion update :P.

      Lord of the Hobby

      The Great Horde of Chaos <-My hobby blog Tyranno's Ride into the Steppes <-My Makhar hobby/army-list blog

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