The Great Horde of Chaos

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    • Little Joe wrote:

      Like this content a lot!
      Thank you :)

      Ok, final round!

      No7: Cold Ones

      Oh no...not this...anything but this.

      Alright, let's get this charade underway. What animal are we looking at? Well if it wasn't obvious, the Cold Ones are supposed to be a pack of Utahraptors.

      But my god they are unrecognisable.

      Let's start from the back. The tails are far too short and stumpy (barely the length of the torso, let alone the 50% of the body required). The leg proportions are completely off, with the lowest part of the leg jutting out at a weird angle and far too long. To add some hilarity to the mix...the sickle is missing; the single most identifiable characteristic of the animal is missing...mother of god. Also the toes are poorly sculpted, with the plastic actually fused together, giving little indication where one toe ends and another begins. The hips are also positioned far too widely and are too round, giving the thing a barrel-like look.

      In the middle, the torso isn't bad, as most of it is covered by a saddle. But the arm joins have this weird block of plastic that joins them to the body...not sure if incompetence or weird design choice, either way it looks bad.

      Then the are the arms and holy ****. I can't even give them credit for pronating the wrists properly, because only the right hand is doing it, while the left is not. The arms are angled straight like the creature is in a cast, with the fingers pointing in a T-shape rather than lined up next to each other. Also there are no finger bones at all, just a palm leading to a claw.

      Moving on, the neck is just a line, not an S-shape. The head has a crest (which like the Carnosaur, gets a pass...but only for consistency, not generosity), which the animal lacks. The teeth jut out of the mouth like a crocodiles, and the half-open mouthed ones you can see the teeth zig-zag weirdly, also showing that the teeth on the upper and lower jaw would collide when it closes it's mouth.

      I won't even give these models the benefit of saying "at least the riders fit on them" because they don't! On GW's webpage you can see them levitating enough that you can see gaps through them! As if even the riders don't want to touch these catastrophes!

      And the cherry on top, no feathers.

      Verdict: 0/10 Unsalvageable garbage, seriously nothing will save these. Only purchase to get the riders and then find something to do with the animals, because dear god these are a mess.

      No7.5: Cold Ones

      Bonus Round!

      To actually give an alternative that's usable, I will go over these Cold Ones as well. Once again they are based on Utahraptor, so no need to re-post the image.

      Honestly, these are one of the best models on this list, because wow the sculptor did a lot of work to make these look good and very accurate. However, they are not perfect.

      For starters, the wrists are facing down, not together. This is the model's biggest sin and it is very difficult to fix without wrecking the entire wrist-area. Which is honestly a shame, as the model was looking so good otherwise.

      Another issue is the lack of feathers. But I will give that a pass as a design choice, to make them look meaner to fit their riders.

      As for the good, everything. But rather than bore you, let's go over some highlights.

      The skin is very similar to actual dinosaur skin impressions. With larger scales arranged in a row down the body. The neck is long enough to show off the S-shape, and the spikes arc higher at the middle of the neck.

      Verdict: 9/10 Only held back by the lack of feathers and the incorrect wrists. Otherwise...

      Now before I tie a bow on this I will address the last two models in the range.

      I have no idea what animals these are supposed to represent. The best I can do with the Salamander is some sort of Carboniferous-period Amphibian...but nothing comes to mind with legs like that or a head like that.

      And the Razordon, again nothing looks remotely like that. The tail is nothing like any dinosaurs...or any other reptile for that matter outside of a modern Thorny Devil. And the clearly carnivorous head does not match the armoured body.

      So honestly I cannot compare them to anything because...I got nothing.

      I hope everyone enjoyed this little dive into the accuracy of GW's prehistoric reptiles, and if you learned anything about future models you wish to purchase...or not purchase, I am happy it helped :).

      Lord of the Hobby

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    • Something is about to happen...that has not for an age...

      I wanted to wait until things were more complete before I added to this thread. Now they are so...behold!

      Jotunn, complete!

      All the furs on his tunic, all the little details like the thread sewing the skins together, all the gaps filled. This mighty model is now finally complete.

      Ghortach, complete!

      I think I have sat on this for almost three years; the stitched skin intimidatingly fine and putting me off from actually finishing it. But now, I pushed myself, filled them in and he is ready to hit the town!

      Stygiosaur, complete!

      The initial problem with this model was the hands. I had no idea what to do for such puny arms; but eventually I spotted that the Urruk models had ones just the right size. So a bit of digging to try and find both a left and a right later and they were on!

      I also felt that some aspects of this model needed improving. So I went back and redid things like the nostrils.

      Infernal Bastion, complete!

      The last part of this model was the pins that stuck out of the sides. I needed to cover them up and thankfully one of the fyurslyuor (I think I am taking this joke too far...) kits had little dwarvish symbols that had an indentation that allowed them to be slotted right over the pins. They even had flames on them to fit in even better with the Infernal Dwarf style.

      Immortals, complete! Like all the others, probably need a once-over to make sure all the gaps are filled and such, but otherwise these are done.

      The last part here was the shoulderpads. I had to order more in, plus there was still the nervousness of shaving them flat. But one late night and now they are complete as well.

      Now for a few things not so complete.

      Saurian Veteran on Carnosaur. It currently lacks the actual banner, but other than that it's done.

      Prophet of Lugar on Kadim Chariot.

      Still need to put some tusks on the animal, and find something to place over its back where the saddle harness goes.

      While I was working on it though, I decided to add some big horns to the Prophet, to make him look more like my Ashuruk one. I think it's worked.

      Unit filler for my Shackled Slaves; it's designed to look like a slavemaster atop a pack-animal.

      My inspiration was the Guars from Morrowind (and I will paint it as such). My search lead me to the Star Wars Legion Dewback. It's a very detailed model, made from plastic so tough my clippers struggled to break it.

      Prophet of Ashuruk on Seat of Authority. Finally got around to doing more for this one. The platform itself is from an Imperial Guard tank, topped with the cushions from the coven throne (with the weird guts filed off).

      It still needs more though. As I plan to add some small reclining bull/lamassu statues to the sides. No idea where I will find some though...

      But now though...

      That's right, a model so long that I had to take two pictures to fit it in! To capture all the detail!

      No you are not seeing things, this is a Stegosaurus, which I built from a carnosaur kit.

      The plates are plasticard, scored with a blade so that the veins that criss-cross them are visible. The tail spikes are from the carnosaur saddle, and the head is a pair of Stegodon eyes with a Lord of Change beak as the base of the head, which I built up around.

      Truly one of my most involved conversions yet! do I fit a howdah on it...uh oh...

      Lord of the Hobby

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    • Keta-Minies wrote:

      Just.. awesome O___O

      ToDD wrote:


      Phaeoron wrote:

      Impressive conversions! Maybe the steggie can carry two howdahs on each side like saddlebags?
      I have considered it. The other option is for the Skinks to walk alongside him, and a character standing between two plates. Probably the new skink priest model that will be released in a few months.

      dan wrote:

      Simply incredible as always.
      Thank you everyone for the kind comments :D

      But now...

      You thought this was just me reacting to the comments?

      Vizier BSB on Bull of Shamut. I redid the head of the rider to make it more distinct from my general and Immortals, while also looking like he has a specific design, which I will take forward with further Vizier models.

      Remade Infernal Warriors with Great Weapons. I was not happy with the models I had previously, so decided to remake them.

      Salamander, based on a Pseudosuchian called Arizonasaurus. Happy I have all these sails leftover to make as many as I need.

      Temple Guard (insert some joke about me never getting to use them). I don't think I will give them animal pelts as it's a lot of work and they are already massive.

      Raptor Riders. Seems my lizards have profited well off of lockdown. Based the design off of my Saurian Warriors and the Xolotl Warrior from Age of Empires 2.

      I mentioned this before, but this is how I "fixed" the GW Stegodon model. The tail is now straight, the neck is longer, the stomach is massively reduced in size, and the front legs have been completely changed (swapped for the carnosaur arms) to make them look like a true Ceratopsian.

      While the horn and frill design is based on a Styracosaurus.

      "Knight of the Sun Griffin" for my "EoS". Finally pulled my finger out and finished the scales, horn and fur.

      And a "Flagellant" for the same army. Based on a Gozuki, a type of Yokai and a perfect fit for such a strange unit in the army. I do love his colossal mace.

      More ID, this time Citadel Guard with Spear & Shield. These models are finished btw.

      My second attempt at Anointed. Needs a shield mind, so I am still scratching my head over what to do there. It will probably be a round one though.

      Lord of the Hobby

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    • strauss wrote:


      That's just incredible ! Crazy conversions and high level of details !!!

      (but the pain-in-a** in me just want to ask : when are you gonna paint all that ? :evil: )
      Thank you! I try my best.

      I live in the UK. Right now it is Spring, which means cold-to-warm and wet. Previously it was Winter, which is very cold and wet/snowy. Autumn is cold and wet. Summer is warm and wet. So my answer is; when it is not wet, snowing or cold, I will spray them :P . This is a very small window of opportunity haha.

      Also I intend to use lockdown to finish as many models as possible, as sculpting takes the most amount of time, then I will spray them. Which also means I can spray more in one go. In fact I currently have a large area dedicated to finished models, this pile grows day by day.

      Lord of the Hobby

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    • Oh lookie what we have here...

      Yes I totally redid my Bull of Shamut Vizier. I just wasn't happy with the bull and decided to bite the bullet and get a resin model. In fact I am looking at 3D-printing all my Bull-based units that I am not satisfied with (aka, all but the Great Bull), as bulls of an appropriate size are hard to come by, and dwarf torsos that fit on them are even rarer.

      But this wouldn't be a Tyranno blog without some converting. This bull needed a fair amount of work, as it didn't come with wings. So I used the High Elf Griffon wings, pinned them in 2 places, and then sculpted in feathers where the join was. I also removed the chaos stars from the model and added decals from my own army.

      Not to waste the work on my previous model though, I removed the Vizier from his other mount and stuck him here.

      Another adjustment, this time for my Infernal Warriors. I wasn't happy with them looking like a slap-dash Black Guard+Hammerer hybrid, so I decided to put more work in to make them more unique. A more open helmet gives them a "weaker" appearance, and the skull topped makes them look like some Chaos Dwarf concept art from Total War Warhammer 1.

      I am very happy with the banner, pretty minimalist but clearly appropriate for the army.

      A new Vassal Slingshot/Hobgoblin Ballista. I wanted something much smaller for these guys, to contrast my ott dwarf-made war machines.

      This was made from a Roman Ballista, with Temple Guard bone jaws added to the front and then held on with rope made of greenstuff. Finally Hobgoblins were added to the back, because I prefer to have crew for my War Machines (glares at Age of Empires Mangonels).

      "Dagoth Ur welcomes you..."

      Couldn't resist the meme :P

      My Morrowind-inspired unit champion for my Disciples with Great Weapon. The only disciple with this weapon that I have built, mostly because I had the model and it was fun to do. Plus I love the giant sword design.

      New GW Hobgoblins that I got for a very good price. No conversions (yet, as some will have their grenades removed), just showing off how well they rank up.

      A musician for my Immortals. Kinda forgot I needed one and built it. I like how I got him to hold one of the face plates neatly in his hand.

      Lord of the Hobby

      The Great Horde of Chaos <-My hobby blog Tyranno's Ride into the Steppes <-My Makhar hobby/army-list blog
    • Wonderful new conversions, as ever! Good loose facemask detail for the musician.

      @jimmygrill: Imitation is the highest form of compliment. On CDO, tjub's pinhat Chaos Dwarfs were imitated by others ten years ago and less, who also tweaked the style with their own additions every now and then. And surely @Tyranno's glorious conversion works deserves to be either mimicked or to serve as a guiding inspiration as you experiment with your own? ;)
    • I've been a fan of this thread for a long time. I marvel at Tyranno's ability to put bits together and make amazing models. I always wonder where he gets so many bits from, does he buy them loose from some website or does he buy boxes, take what he wants and sell the rest? Apart from that, someday I'd like to see those models painted. That would be perfect.
    • jimmygrill wrote:

      Great work, man!

      Your ID stuff is so close to what I envision for the army that I will be hard pressed to come up with conversions that don't look like a rip-off of yours :|
      It's been a long road of contemplating what I want this armies visuals to be, lots of trial and error. Honestly though I wouldn't be an artist if I didn't want people to use what I had done and expand on it :)

      Take these designs and run with it!

      xaby86 wrote:

      I always wonder where he gets so many bits from, does he buy them loose from some website or does he buy boxes, take what he wants and sell the rest?
      Yes :P

      Essentially I do both. If I can find the bits online, I go there first. If not then I resort to boxes. Although sometimes I already have the parts due to something else I worked on.

      xaby86 wrote:

      Apart from that, someday I'd like to see those models painted. That would be perfect.
      I am actually painting them right now. I just don't have time to take pictures, as I want to get them ready for a pair of tournaments. (These pictures I posted are about a month or two old)

      Lord of the Hobby

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