A Bunch of Inglorious Hobby Ba*tards Doing Random Hobby Stuff

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    • This saturday my crew will play a mock up battle for campaign opening. The game will be played 3v3 on three connected tables. Each table will represent part of the larger battle, ie. Left Flank, Center, Right flank.

      The games will be seperated BUT there is a catch. Each player has an army worth 2000 points and another smaller army of 500 points kept in reserve. Main army may not reinforce your teammates but your reserves may!

      Basic rules I've come up with are following:

      Army lists:
      - Main army - 2000 pts following the normal rules
      - Reserves - 500 pts army - it can have max 150 pts of characters, must have at least 125 pts of Core, may not include monsters and warmachines

      Reserves - Enter the game on the turn of players choice from his side of the table (or his teammates). Units with ambush or scout enter the game from any side but they have to roll the dice to determine if they have arrived or not. Reserves may be split (eg. you may send a unit of 120 pts to one player and the rest of reserves to the other).

      Each Table has objectives. Claiming the objectives at the end of the game will win you that part of the battle. Team which controls most tables is the overall winner.

      So thats about it. If it goes well thats the way the campaign will open. Only with much more background and a storyline.

      For the mockup battle teams will be divided like this:

      TEAM A (still have to think of a cool alliance name): Sylvan Elves, Saurian Ancients, Empire of Sonnstahl
      TEAM B (same thing as above) : Vampire Covenant, Dread Elves, Player 3 missing for now.


      On the other hand progress with the map is going on step by step.

      WIP map 6.jpg

      Here you can see top right corner of the map. You may notice the broken wall. It will play a part in the story. I'm thinking of starting the main story from there. To place the first main event (major battle) right there.

      WIP map 7.jpg

      This is complete map so far. As you may see only parts left to clean up are islands. After we finish with that it will be all about thinking of names and putting fortresses, cities and other major places around. I'm a bit sad that I can't upload much larger version of the map because there is plenty little details to see and this picture doesn't show complete effort we put into it.

      Till next time. C ya!
    • Hello everyone. Since Eldrad is being a lazy f*ck I'm taking over the blog for some time :D As one of the "b*stards" I am willing to write weekly just so this blog doesn't dies and to inform everyone what our groups is doing. As Eldrad said earlier we we're preparing for playing campaign. Why it stoped so suddenly, before it even started? Well here's the answer. Since WTC was organised in Zagreb (big 40k team tournament) the place where we're supposed to play campaign didn't have enough tables at the time so we decided to delay the start of campaign until December. So what have we been doing then? Well, not much actually. After te v1.2. war relased there was only two games played in our group. First one was between me and Eldrad. He was playing with Dread Elves army against my Warriors of the Dark Gods. He won 17-3. I can't say much about the game itself since it was about a month ago and I don't remember much actually. I can say though that we playtested v1.2. on 5000 points and we liked it really much. The other one was played between Miljac (Vermin Swarm) and Tinnx (Saurian Ancients). Tinnx won 15-5. That's that from playing section from our group. On the other hand guys did some really nice painting. Since it's end of the year in Croatia that symbolises one thing only - Agram Arena Winter! It's the biggest WH Fantasy tournament in Croatia and it has it's huge tradition and history. It also symbolises that period of the year when the players which don't play AT ALL during the year are wiping dust of their miniatures and lazy bunch of sacks (like mine group) is doing some ssemblying and painting. AAW is being played this year on first weekend in December (03.-04.12.).
      What did we do to prepare for AAW? As I said the guys weren't playing much as they did their mini-painting, converting and so on... Nolamik123 finished his Highborn Elves army and he's ready for AAW. Here's what he did:
      Very nice paintjob. Miljac painted some of his Dwarven Holds: Tinnx painted his Saurian Ancients:

      Vibor prepared his converted Imperial Calvary:

      Very nice all of you guys. It will be pleasure to play against you in a while, really looking forward to it.

      And what about me? What did I do last month? Nothing much regarding the hobby itself. I had some exams I needed to take care of so I dedicated all my time to do that. In the meantime guys gome really nice birthday present. They knewed I was thinking of starting a new army so they bought me Undying Dynasties models. They got me off to nice start (points considered) buying me Death Cult Hierarch (High Queen Khalida model from GW), 6 skeleton chariots (to have some core points) and 4 Shabtis (with Halberds). After that I've got myself some calvary, skeletons, Necro Guard, Colossus and so on... After AAW I'm dedicating my whole spare time to assembly and paint my UD army and to organize some small tournament for my group. Considering my UD army I'm also planing to make some unit fillers and Egyptian based terrain from Hirst Arts molds. It will be like this:

      And it will look something like this:

      Regarding the small tournament I'm planning to organise, it will be some small 3 games (or more we haven't agreed yet) so we do some hobbying, playing and having good times last time this year.

      That's it for now I suppose. I will be writing next week (probably monday) when AAW is over and when I will some more info about our little tournament.

      Bye till then!

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