How To Build an Army and Keep Your Wife Happy

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    • How To Build an Army and Keep Your Wife Happy

      Title says it all, doesn't it?

      About a year ago, I set out to build a new, competitive army. It just so happens that I found T9A shortly after that, and Daemons were always one of my favorites, so the obvious answer was a new Daemon army! I had a few requirements when I started out with this army:

      #1. I had ~$300 to spend on it...this quickly changed to $140 after an unplanned dental procedure.

      #2. I had to get rid of as many bits and pieces as possible.

      #3. It had to be ready by mid-July for a tournament.

      #4. It was going to be done in my spare time, of which I do not have much.

      With that in mind, I set out for glory!

      The first model I made I actually had kicking around since 6th edition. Originally he was supposed to be a Chaos Dwarf monster, but now, he's a Daemon Prince! The body is an old manticore, the wings are from chopped up Sentinel Legs, and the massive claw is from a Defiler.

      Next up, I have a unit of Tallymen. These are where some of that money went to. The bodies are mostly Ghouls, with extras sculpted on with green stuff. These were painted, dipped, and based in about a week. :P

      Long story short, everything was built and painted in time, and I ended up doing fairly well, and getting a 22 out of 20 + 5 for wow points on my painting score. My goal now is to go back through and improve the models, improve the list, and improve the painting, and see how high I can go. So this blog is going to be a work in progress on my refurbishing of this army and new stuff I'm adding to it. With that in mind, here's a picture of my current project, new bases for a new unit of 2 Clawed Fiends:

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    • I won't disagree with you. ;) Data is unfortunately expensive, even getting a 20% work discount, lol. Where we live, access to wifi outside the home is limited at best, and she's on the go a lot. I would complain more, but she's a pretty amazing cook, so if she wants to spend a couple hours a day researching recipes, I'm ok with that. :)

      And now, in an attempt to get this back on track, a picture of what I'm currently painting, my Harbinger of Pestilence. He's sized for a 50x50 base, and usually that means he'll count as riding a Palanquin. Base model is a Rackham Black Troll Pirate.

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    • I suppose this blog should be useful for people. Not just a bunch of pictures of my stuff, so let's try a little project.

      I like Clawed Fiends. A lot. I think everyone deserves at least two or three, and if you're a dedicated Daemon player like me, you need at least 10 or so. Being that I only have 8, its time to make a couple more.

      Now, the first step to making an army on a budget is to make do with what you have. I do not have 2 extra Clawed Fiend models, nor do I have the money to buy them. I do, however, have the most valuable thing available to a modeller:

      This is my Chaosy bitz box. At the very start of this project, I went through my other boxes and gathered everything that looked like it might be useful into this one box. These kinds of tackleboxes are pretty cheap, and the individual bins lets you store projects until you make them, or at least group similar objects. Of course, a year into this, everything is a hopeless mess in mine. :P

      Next, you need an inspiration. Books, movies, TV shows, whatever works for you. In my case, I've drawn on things from nature, from the Silent Hill movie, and the Final Fantasy series of video games. My inspiration for these Clawed Fiends comes from my daughter, who is very concerned about the lack of My Little Ponies in my army. Now, I'm sure if I google Lusty Little Ponies, I'll get plenty of inspiration, I think I'd rather look into my bitz box and see what I can come up with.

      Well, it turns out I have some Rat Ogre bodies, a few horse heads, and some banners that look like they'll fit right down the groove in the Rat Ogre back. I've got some Rat Ogre arms, a few Chaos Terminator arms, and some various other spiky things. Will it be enough? Can I possibly put something together? Won't someone think of the children!?

      The best thing you can have on hand for making a kit bash like this is some bluetac. Or in my case, the cheap white tac stuff that came in my daughter's Spirograph because I was too lazy to get up and get my own. Here we can see an early concept of what it will look like, and confirm that the parts aren't going to be getting in each other's ways. Now obviously if I just glued all this on and called it done, it would be one step up from cat food cans. Its going to take some more work, and definitely a little green stuff.

      That's the extent I've gotten to, this weekend we'll try gluing and greenstuffing and see how it looks! Follow-up to come on Monday.
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    • And we're back!

      After a nice, cooler weekend spent gathering up back to school supplies and going through the first of too many competitive dance camps, some more progress has been made on the Fiends.

      The first step, after gathering the bitz together, was to clean them up.

      This was fairly easy for these bits, since mutated hairy rats are pretty similar to mutated hairy ponies. Their loincloths were quickly chopped off, and a few bells and whistles cut off (and saved for later projects!). Also, I cut away most of their feet to be reshaped into hooves, and I also ended up carving a curve into their necks to better fit the torsoes. These being plastic, nothing more than a pair of clippers and a sharp knife were needed.

      The next step was assembly! Pretty straightforward as well.

      And here's the assembly done. Notice they don't have any arms? Well, sculpting needs done, and its a lot easier with the arms out of the way. It took a few tries to get them on their bases and with their bodies in the proper position to keep their heads up in the air and not in each others' backs. The problem with these guys is that they will just as often be deployed 2x1 as they will 1x2, so ranking up is pretty important.

      Finally, on Sunday I had a little time to get started on the sculpting. Disclaimer: I'm not a sculptor. At all. But something I've discovered over the years is that paint hides a multitude of sins, and as long as I don't try and make it something ridiculously showy (and I couldn't if I wanted to) then most of my minor sculpting tends to look pretty much like a natural part of the model.

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    • Here we go again!

      In a surprising twist, the kids went to bed early, cleaning was done quickly, and I got a chance to work on my ponies some more.

      Well, here's the results:

      First up we have Pinkie Pie!

      And here is Twilight Sparkle, before she was an allicorn. (I don't understand it either)

      So what do you get when you chain up a pair of Little Ponies and feed them a steady diet of Mountain Dew and PG-13 movies?

      And with this, they're pretty much good to go. I'm going to add a few more chain bits and probably scatter a couple random things on their bases, but they'll get primed in the next day or two. Then it'll be off to the races and breaking out the pinks and purples for some style.

      Edit: And probably do something about those arm gaps, lol. It was late when I finished last night and I didn't think to look that closely at them...definitely need a little something there though. :)
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    • Thanks!

      Not too much new to post at the moment. I was naughty over the weekend and worked on projects besides my Daemons. Maybe I'll post some pictures of them tomorrow. :)

      The Ponies were primed. I did not add any chains, nothing I had fit right, and while I do have a few sizes of generic jewellers chain, it didn't seem to fit the models well, so I decided to leave well enough alone. Hopefully painting starts soon. ;)

      As to my other projects...

      I've been looking to do something a little different, and neater, than my daemons. Something more infantry based. So what do I do? I find an old Cold One I had and paint it up. :P I'm working on building the rider still.

      And in my other spare time, another project my wife is happier about, I'm working on a modular gaming table for 15mm historicals. ACW specifically, but it'll be decent enough for anything in Napoleonics up to rural steppe Russia in WW2. (with a little imagination). I guess in her world, its easier to explain her husband's historical miniatures as opposed to his fantasy miniatures. :)

      So, to follow this week: Pictures of Ponies, pictures of Cold One and maybe his rider if I finish it, and pictures of my WIP board. And maybe a few guidelines to making a modular gaming board, from one amateur to others. :)
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    • Here we are, back again, and this time with promised pictures!

      First up, a picture of Pinkie Pie. I've gotten a bit of basecoating done, and just starting on her hair and body. I really don't like working with pink, as its pretty hard to shade and highlight without turning into red, and just likes to stay pink.

      I haven't made as much progress as I'd have liked. As it turns out, following the gardening on Sunday, both my arms, my hands, and my face are now liberally covered with poison Ivy. So I'm pretty much miserable, it hurts to move my fingers, and the itching is about to drive me insane. And my wife is getting seriously irritated hearing me complain about it. :P

      This is what I've been working on instead of painting. Much easier to do bigger projects like this than painting in my current condition. This is a 2x2 board, designed as part of a modular battlefield, with 15mm ACW being the primary intended use. Its a pretty early start, and later I'll get more into it, probably as the first paint hits it so you can really tell what's going on. Basically you can see a few hills, an area intended for a few different terrain types, and the first beginnings of a house. While this doesn't have much particular use in 9th Age, the basic concept behind the board's construction does, so that'll be the focus of a later post.

      @Kapten Kluns this one's for you. The corner shelf in my wife's office that I've taken over. :) I think the main difficulty here is that she found this particular shelf 3 years ago and I was supposed to repaint it for her. Since then I've done at least 2 full armies and assorted minis, and you can see the state of the shelf. Somehow I just never find the time. ;) The middle shelf is currently holding my daemons. Items of interest on it include, on the bottom right, a WIP Daemon Engine, and on the bottom left, a WIP model for the Dread Pirate Blackpelt, soon to be leader of my pi'rat'es.
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    • No pictures today!

      When I make an army, I usually find myself, sooner or later, at a point where I just can't do anything more with the army. Hopefully that point comes after I've finished the original list. :) While I always admire those people with 10,000 - 15,000 points of a given army, I myself have never been able to stay with something for that long. I think the best I've ever done was at the launch of 6th edition Warhammer I got up to about 3,500 points of Orcs. Of course, back then I didn't particularly care about painting as long as they were painted, so it was more a big assembly line of one batch right after another. Nowadays, I spend far more time painting than gaming, and I've noticed I just don't have the endurance to keep painting any one style of troop for that long. On the flip side of that though, I don't like painting things unless they're for a specific army project. ;)

      Pretty much that way with the Daemons now. I'd love to want to repaint them to a better standard, and I fully intend to rebase them all...but. These two ponies are trying my patience. :) Not that they're difficult or anything, just lack of motivation, and a lot of interest in trying something new.

      In that vein, hopefully sometime this week I'll have some pics of a new project I'm working on. I'm calling it "Guts n' Glory" right now. The idea is Ogre Khans with no magic but a good amount of combat potential. We'll see how it works out. I've got a few started, which'll come later, and I'm hoping to play a game next weekend or so with some proxies to test it a bit.
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