Armor reworking

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  • Armor reworking

    At the moment Armour Save is very complex in wording. When you have to calculate a guy with light armor and shield it is okay, but troubles comes when you are calculating a scaly skin monstrous beast riden by a character, or take into accoun barding, mount protection or so.

    So my proposal is to simplify the armor to a clearly stated value for each model, regardless of any STANDARD equipment.

    Why calculating when it can be easier? For example a knight in full plate, shield and riding an horse. Now you have to calculate each bouns. It isn't hard at all, but is a complex wording and need to take into account several knowledges. With my proposal, it simply would have written: Armor 2+. No need to write each defensive equipment.

    So a model's profile would be:
    Rules (armor save written here)
    Equipment (interactive items only, so mainly weapons and shield for parry)
    Options (where is clearly stated how an Armour increase costs. Regardless of any equipment.)

    Options that decrease armor like great weapon are stated like:
    Great Weapon (4, model loses Shield and 1 Armor point).
    Clearly and user friendly.

    - immediate knowledge of armor value of the whole model
    - no calculation needed
    - no need of balancing each rule that works on armor alone: balance the whole model and set the armor to the correct value
    - no conflict with actual miniature aesthetic.
    - easier to adjust and to balance
    - easier to upgrade into the Options (+1 Armor for 10 points).
    - no need of multiple armor-modyfing rules like Scaly skin or mount's protection: simplified lexicon and rulebook.

    Shield grants other benefits, not only armor save.
    Solution: declare it into model profile, as shield is an interactive item, not only an armor save upgrader. When model loses his shield due to option purchase it is clearly stated into option wording, along with armor adjusment.

    PROBLEM 2:
    Barding also modifies Movement.
    Models that hava barding as a standard simply get their M modified into stats. No more calculation needed, another Pro. Models wich can purchase barding simply have into option the effect of that armour increase: (+1 armor for 10 points and -1 to M).

    PROBLEM 3:
    Characters have access to a combination of mundane and magical items.
    Magic items grants bonus to armor, stackable with model's profile armor. So actual magical armors don't give any armor bonus (model already purchase a 5+ armor point), and stronger armor like the mithril and the bronze one clearly set the armor save to a new value. Dragon mantle simply add +2 to armor, like helms or so.
    This way everithing is stackable without troubles.

    PROBLEM 4:
    Characters riding an horse.
    Solution: into mount's rule, simply state that it Adds+1 to MODEL's armor save. Or +2, or whatever you want. Barding option decrease movement as stated before, so "barding" becomes an unnecessary rule.

    PROBLEM 5:
    Ridden monster.
    Solution: problem does not exist, because ridden monster already use the monster's armor only. So simply state into dragon mount profile wich armor save you want the model to use.

    So here's the rules we would simplify all into one:
    - all armor equipment
    - natural armor
    - barding
    - mount protection
    - scaly skin

    I proposed this because actually i cannot see any negative things in this, except, maybe, for the fluffy sensation of reading "full plate armor, barding..." And so on, and obviusly to the need of reworking magical armours bonus.

    But imho it would be a great improvement to wording, simplicity and balancement due to his simplicity to adjust.

    Hope you read and like!
    Alessandro Bartoloni - Italy
    Dynasties for the Undying Dynasties!!
  • It's wasy to implement armour save into the stats, after the Ld stat. Even if 2 sets are needed(for ranged/melee?, and you can even add the ward save stat, further. In my friendly games I always do it my papers.

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