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    • Recently played a game with my EoS warband again, which made me realise I never wrote a battle report on the game before that. Playing this time got me motivated so I tracked down the pictures and wrote something up as best I remembered the game. Hopefully I'll be able to write something up for the most recent game too during the weekend.

      Battle 9: Humiliation
      vs WDG

      Waldstein’s Log
      Entryfrom 8thof August,960 A.S..
      Still mourning our loss, we were again faced with danger, from the same heretics as last time. I lead Von Fürstenberg and Bolat down the middle. Bolat and Von Fürstenberg climbed up into a building and took the enemy head on. It should have been an easy fight for the ogre, the narrow ledges allowing the enemy no place to hide. But they both struggled to land any hits at all. I got an opening a little while later when a gust of wind threw the foe off balance and she came tumbling down. I was charged it with my halberd, but somehow I couldn’t finish her off.

      Our right flank was covered by our ranged troops, but they performed no better. I know Buford’s mind is on Faro, he’s been spending every waking hour looking for his kindred, but so far he’s had no luck. I think Zuzka is the only one who managed to land a hit, but it was too little and too late.

      The sad part is that I’ve yet to describe the worst of. Capt.Dümmler took charge of the right flank together with Neuhaus. I think he wanted to keep her close to make sure she didn’t do anything foolish. She was still terribly upset about what happened to Umzuzu. But she got no respite here, for that hellish hound that got her friend haunted her again. From around the corner of a hill, it can charging into the captain. He too witnessed what it did to Umzuzu, and I guess it got to him harder than I had believed, for Neuhaus says that he froze. Unable to fight back, the dog knocked him over. Neuhaus says she got to him as fast as she could and wrenched the creature away from him, but as soon as the captain got on his feet again, the dog tore into him. I know Neuhaus tried her best, but I guess the fear got the best of her. They were both knocked unconscious and the dog simply moved on. Dümmler is seriously injured though, and until he recovers, I must shoulder the responsibility of command. I pray to Sunna he gets well soon, or even, at all.

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    • And here comes the latest report.

      Battle 10: Respite!
      vs DH and HBE

      The Journal of Legend
      by Alonso de Santa Genoveva

      My compañeros must be getting jeoulous of my skills. I’m sure they tampered with my Vera, for in today’s battle she barely landed a single hit, despite me finidng the best possible fireing position. They must be thinking that now that I’ve lost an eye they can just push me around, but jokes on them for I lost my bad eye, barely every use it! I’ll keep my good eye on Vera from now on to make sure she is safe.

      Gotthard's Diary

      Third Entry

      We faced new foes today and I’ve proud to say that we scared them away. That fool Dümmler is out of commission, badly hurt I’m told, so today’s mission was lead by Irmhilda. But I think our whole crew knew I was the true leader, no one would be stupid enough to listen to that mean old hag.

      I ordered the ogre to scout ahead up into a building where some of the dwarves had taken hold, with the rest of our halberdiers following close behind me, including the new guy that Irmhilda found to replace that Vanhu. Though the ignorant ogre got preoccupied with the dwarven fighters and forgot all about their marksmen. One of them almost took my arm off with his crossbow. But I was soon back on my feet and was just about the climb up to those cowards position when they sounded their retreat. Next time I’ll get them for sure!

      The Landfast Lecture

      Entry from 16th of August, 960 A.S.

      I’ve come down with some strange sickness so will be forced to stay at camp for a while to recover, so I figured it would be good to do some writing of my time here. I’ve come to really like this assignment and the group I’m working with. I was early on paired with Alonso, the Duende, and though a strange creature, he really is skilful with a gun. He hurt his eye recently though and I think it affected his aim, though I guess the greatest damage was to his pride.

      However,, we saw victory today, by the leadership of Sergeant Waldstein. She did very good, leading the charge in the centre. I had a good position on the left flank where I could watch most of the fighting. Bolat lead the way and engaged one of the dwarves wielding a huge halberd, but as they were fighting another dwarf dropped down on them from the floor above. A ferocious thing this one, its almost nude body covered in tattoos and wielding two axes. Von Fürstenberg got his arm graced by a crossbow bolt and started weeping in pain. I heard Waldstein bark angrily at him for he blocked the path forward for the rest of the troop. This caused them to loose a bit of momentum and it looked as if they wouldn’t be able to reach Bolat who was about to be overwhelmed. But Neuhaus bravely advanced and drew the ferocious dwarf’s attention, though it quickly knocked her aside. It bought enough time for Bolat to finish his foe, so he and Walstein took on the ferocious one and won.

      Meanwhile, I came face to face with some elves on the left flank. I had seen them encounter some strange beings far away, and when the elves came near I think I know what the beings were. The elves appeared sick, sluggish and greenish pale, I think they encountered plague victims and helped them, though they got infected in the process. I fought one of the elves off, but it seems the disease got to me as well. I should be alright, I hope.

      I also did a video report of this one, you can check it out if only for the pirctures:

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