Painting League 2017 - Eldrad

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    • Painting League 2017 - Eldrad

      Hello guys,

      Finally its my turn to put up official painting league thread where im gonna try to reduce amount of plastic piles dotting my apartment. I have been in this hobby on and off for the past 13 years (im 27 now so I did start early). I also have a conffesion to make. Are you ready? Well here it goes:

      "I have never, ever painted single army. Not even enough models to play 1500 pts battle (old point system)."

      There is plethora of reasons and excuses for this, but the most true one is the lack of motivation and problem with keeping to the same army and same color scheme for a period of time longer than 3-4 weeks. To tackle this problems I'm gonna use our good guy @Scoubs idea of painting league. I have never participated in any similar events so I sincerely hope this one gonna make me stick to the plan. Especially since so many of you wonderful guys have joined and it does keep me on the edge reading and watching your own progress (so i can try and better myself or increase my painting output to match yours).
      On the other hand, this kind of topics have always been my favourite part of the forum. Threads about rules, and "balance" stuff have never been even remotely interesting to me as seeing someones project and reading their "story" and what plans they have or how will they reach the goal.

      To finish the intro, i wont put up a cool looking plan or progress chart nor will i tell what im gonna do. Reason for this is that i really like making plans but sadly, I suck at sticking with them. I probably wont be doing only 1 army and my work will mostly be spread over various units. But I will give my best to finish that unit IN A MONTHS time and prevent myself from painting 2 minis from this unit, then 3 from that, 1 from next and so on..

      As a preparation for this I went into a shopping spree and got myself bucketload of paints. My group has also bought an airbrush but I havent used it much and I kinda suck at it. Its a cool thing for doing basecoat but thats about everything i could do with it. So here goes that paint pile (i also got myself that artificer tin set from gw to see what is it all about and a dip because why not).

      (anyone with any experience about using dip is more than welcome to share)

      This is everything for now guys. Hopefully I will be putting some miniature pictures tomorrow or tonight. Currently im working on outriders for my friend, some stormcast ogres and wrath chosen.

      See ya!
    • well its nice to know im not the only one! started on this like 16-17 years ago, painted like 6 minis back then, started painting when i found out about 9th age(like early last summer) and a friend gave me one of those GW paint sets with like 120 bottles+ the ones i already had from over a decade ago+some new ones and i started painting!

      You are going to suck, but its ok! youll get better with every mini! helped me a lot to watch youtube guides, read stuff and you find things like this: sorry its in spanish but it should be easy enough for you to understand

      The how to paint (insert the name of the unit) on youtube or google helps too

      tldr: you are going to suck,dont panic, youll get better, take it easy and have fun;)
      Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds- elf hero on foot 2016
    • @Scoub well yes making 500 points list could work. Right now I cannot decide which army would i want to play on TTT in late April, and when playing friendly games painted army is not required really (although its not cool playing with bases, we do it but the game is not as much flavorfull).
      I will try to think 500pts lists for each DE, WotDG, Ogres and BH and then follow the line.

      @Zambro thats a good advice and I will aim to stick to it.

      @N3okorrales thanks for the tutorials mate. They will certainly be usefull. I've tried to follow trial and error method of learning to paint but it sucks :D. So tutorials are for me from now on :).

      Well guys I've got some progress down the line:

      1. These guys are doing double duty as some WotDG once chosen or Ogre Tribesmen when im playing the game. But in my mind they are nicknamed Thor's Guard with their Champion in the form of a He-Man (aka Thor). I need to finish 2 more guys so it will end up as unit of 10. And still need to do bases ofcourse. Im currently devouring basing tutorials because bases matter. They can add as much to the miniature as a good paintjob so Im gonna try to do them properly.


      And a closeup to the Thor.

      stormcast 3.jpg

      And here is the start of Chaos Warriors unit. They will also be doing double (or even triple duty) as Wrath Once-Chosen, Wrath Chosen or Wrath Warriors


      And their backs:

      bloodwarriors 2.jpg

      I got shitty mobile camera but next pictures im gonna take properly in a lightbox with a proper camera. There are some details that doesnt pop out as they should and some highlights ive done are blurry. All in all im satisfied with the start. It isnt anything special but for my skill level its alright.

      Also you may see in the background that empire outriders im doing for a friend. They are extremely boring to paint so im rushing base colors so i can simply dip them into AP Quickshade later.

      Till next time!
    • Okay I did it! I did something. I'm proud. After so many days I've spent on the bottom of the topic list here in Painting League. After absolutely 0 progress over a period of time. After no news coming from my hobby corner I finally have something to show!

      Well here they are. My January submission is complete

      And the Group photo

      They are:

      39 Wrath AHW barbarians with Chieftain
      Spawn of Wrath
      5 Wrath Chosen
    • Pictures dont do them justice sadly. They look much better IRL. But I should learn how to take nice pictures at least.

      I'm not a good painter. I mostly mish-mash what I think would be a good way to do something blindly ignoring millions of quality tutorials on net. Well I watch Duncan sometimes because his videos are concise and up to the point (and short).
      So what I did here is mostly this

      Black undercoat
      Khorne Red
      2 layers of watered down Evil Sunz Scarlet
      Carroburg Crimson wash only in the recesses
      Fire Dragon Orange Highlight on edges
      Dorn Yellow on the EXTREME edges.

      Btw those edge colors from citadel are ace
    • Although my gaming part of hobby is on the all time low, the painting part of it still holds my interest. As i'm pretty slow painter that chaos warshrine took much more than it should with all the details and stuff. And fixing all the model imperfections due to the china forge also didnt help the cause.

      However it may be, i'm proud of this work. This is the largest model I have painted in a while and it does look nice when put together with my mono wrath army.

      On 27-28th of May I will be organising Team Tournament in Samobor Croatia and I hope that I will be able to field entire 3000 painted mono wrath army. Before that there will be another small tournie during 7th of April. I sincerely hope this will revitalise gaming scene here because without influx of new players and keeping the interest of old ones there is no bright future for T9A here.

      Here comes my march (and february) painting pledge:

      And the preview of the next thing on painting schedule:
    • With TTT coming up in about month and a half im working furiously to paint up 3000 points of Wrath Warriors. The list is bad and probably will earn me a last place but at least i wanna have good looking army.

      So here it is so far this month:

      Hellscream Cannon (Chinaforge)

      Barbarian Horseman with FC (Notice that shy try at freehanding XD)

      Next coming up: Wrath BSB on foot (from AoS starter) aaaand something from my backlog (i havent identified what yet :))
    • Since I'm in a painting frenzy, I have managed to finish Wrath BSB this month too. I haven't been painting so much for a long time and I'm really happy how my pile of painted minis grows every week. Although it is just a drop in the massive sea of plastic/resin, this feeling of a slow but steady progress is making me happy.

      I really like this guy. It was very impressive miniature when it first came out, but that initial impression kinda blew out after seeing so many of them around. Still I'm only 3 miniatures apart from finishing my Khorne part of AoS starter set (The guy with a whip, Chaos Lord and his dog left).

      The one thing I did fu*k up tho are the eyes on this model and I was to lazy to fix them yesterday. It is very interesting how the model loses his menacing pose because of the googly eyes syndrom ;D. I will be going over all the models I've painted through next week to fix any mistakes and FINALLY put them on nicely done bases. The tournament is in little bit more than a month and I sincerely hope that I will finish 3000 army by then.

      In the next update I will have finished those last 3 AoS models and by that time I will roll on with something new! Preview of stuff to do:

      barbarians from back side.jpg