Albiann - The Misted Isles (Celtic Homebrew Faction)

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    • Nevrast wrote:

      Wow, what an amazing job you've done! I was thinking of toying with something like this myself with a Gaulish book, but you've definitely have surpassed anything I would have been able to do :D . Really stunned with what you've done.
      Thanks for the encouragement :)
      "You see only what the Tuatha De' allow you to see" - Queen Maeb
      Albiann - The Misted Isles, Homebrew Celtic Faction for T9A
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    • Holy moly!
      This is really impressive.
      I love the idea of an ancient celtic britannic faction with all its folklore and mythical creatures and everything.
      It was really great. Kinda want to start an Albiann army now :thumbsup:

      One thing I noticed after giving it a quick read was that I find the huntsmen really underwhelming. Compared to f.e. skeleton archers I can not see them being worth the increased or even same cost than the archers.
      With Javelins they are at permanent risk of being charged and the range means, that they will be hitting on fives (4 BS - 1 for range), when there is no cover. I think they can not compete with other archers (like skeleton archers, vanilla armour, always hitting in 5s, having a bow, being immune to psychology, etc., for 12 points each vs a huntsman's 13 points.)

      The rest looked amazing so far and I would love playing the faction very much. :D

      Aunt Edit wants me to tell you some specific positive thing I noticed.
      I love the idea of the painted berserkers.
      With the painting they have a 4+ ward save. Before I saw their ward I thought "oh my.. How are they worth 30+ points per dude. But that made them great in my eyes. I love the idea of them charging into enemies, with two hand weapons (and thus 3 attacks each) and just causing havoc and chaos while ignoring their lethal wounds and just tearing their enemies apart while bleeding and shouting. I think they really captured the spirit of what you wanted to achieve, according to your introduction-post.
      So, when will this be an official faction?

      (also thanks to ninth scroll for making me visit this section of the forum)

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    • Great book ,looks fairly balanced, a few comments

      Aversion to Iron: I am not sure this is needed, sure its flavorful if a little complication and confusion as not all mundane weapons have iron in them. Made change to +4 save against magic attacks?

      Fae Amour
      Very Specializes and again units with Innate Defend can be targeted by Metalshifing hits and some of them Armour is define not metal so my should be immune?
      Balance is not easy, but it's vital.
    • Thanks for the feedback guys, that's great. I'm pretty busy just now but I was hoping I'd get this sort of thing before 2.0 comes out.

      @Gnomes2169 if you get the chance to review before then that would be amazing, your in-depth reviews are super-helpful for refining the homebrew armies.

      @Gnoraks, I agree the Huntsmen are nothing special but that's kind of where I was going with that, though the army does have ranged attacks, they're not meant to be all that great by design. You might not see them used in many builds possible in this book but I thought they might have their uses in the more manouverable builds. The main strengths of them lay in the strider ability of the mounts, being able to ignore certain terrain has its uses.
      They may get some changes in the 2.0 re-do.
      "You see only what the Tuatha De' allow you to see" - Queen Maeb
      Albiann - The Misted Isles, Homebrew Celtic Faction for T9A
      Full Army Book
    • Wow, that's really amazing!

      As a fan of Ireland, Celtic history and Celtic music, I love this idea very much.
      The book is simply great!
      I like how you have brought together the individual aspects of Celtic history, myth and fantasy.

      The assembling and crafting of the army is certainly a challenge, but also offers a lot of possibilities for conversions.

      I would love to start another army immediately ...

      Life is too short to play all the great armies.

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    • So as we approach the comprehensive second edition I am going to re write the Albiann book.
      I am strongly considering splitting the book into the Albiann faction and expanding the Fey into their own faction. Albiann human faction would still be able to take Fey allies but the Fey would become a fully realised army of their own.
      I'm also considering dropping the majority of the fomorians and only including the stoneheard as part of the Albiann human faction.

      I'd like your thought on this, @Gnomes2169 especially.
      "You see only what the Tuatha De' allow you to see" - Queen Maeb
      Albiann - The Misted Isles, Homebrew Celtic Faction for T9A
      Full Army Book
    • Honestly, making this into an almost fully human faction would likely be a bad move as far as flavor is concerned. At least in the context of T9A, there are already multiple almost-pure-human factions, and one of them already strongly carries that Arthurian flavor to it (that being KoE, of course). Having them as allies of fey creatures instead of being holy crusaders or more down-to-earth pseudo-industrial europeans (EoS) gives them their own little niche, without having to go the full rout of being demon-worshiping cultists.

      If you wanted to make the Fey into their own full faction, that's still more than okay, of course. But for the sake of this army's flavor, I don't suggest making a full separation. Give the Fey their own unique options (such as units of Kelpsie or something dark and sinester like that) and maybe make the change so that the Fey faction keeps the full Formian sub-faction while Albiann only has access to the stone herds, and then maybe only allow this half-human faction to be aligned with only one of the courts (preventing them from fielding units from both courts, while the fey faction would be unrestricted) but don't remove any of the normal Fey options entirely.
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    • Thanks for the reply.
      My thinking was largely that T9A is very antagonistic towards complex armies and I'm aware that this book is complex, it was designed that way.
      The human faction would include all the animates like the god of the grove and the wickerman as well as having the Fey as an allied option.
      I am aware that the fomorians do not have as richly realised background story (the real mythology is very sparse) so I was thinking of removing them. I may keep the army as is though as you suggest and expand the Fey: that mythology is very rich and has a lot of potential.
      "You see only what the Tuatha De' allow you to see" - Queen Maeb
      Albiann - The Misted Isles, Homebrew Celtic Faction for T9A
      Full Army Book