Pics of my ever expanding warriors army + List musings & battle pics

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    • WastelandWarrior wrote:

      Kdownunder wrote:

      It certainly has its uses and I have seen quite a few of your lists, others with and others without the scroll. Just that I never take it, I try to think some other way of dealing with unnerring strike'alikes.
      divination is one of the lores I'd prefer to face, it's rubbish against armour and the buffs dont effect armour or wound rolls and since my EH & FO have been shelved the missiles dont bother me.
      Its mainly for double strength buff, double snipe, double alch blast, death is only the beginning & druidism. I pretty much only ever take it if I'm taking an adept or two though.
      Yeah divi doesnt do pretty much anything to your list but hurts so many other. Won me the game yesterday.

      Your choice of scrolls is totallly legit. Top dog(s) is(are) usually shaping the meta and try to be one step ahead of others :thumbup:

      So what ever legal method brings wins it's good.
    • New

      Game 2 from the weekend saw me facing off against the same Sylvans I played a few weeks back. Here are a few disjointed pics from the game:

      Opponent dumps for 1st, moves bladedancers & bsb just on hill with chaff riders up in support

      I move up to start getting obj points (stand near middle OBJ) tempting charge from bladedancers who make it in and slaughter half my forsworn. Chaffriders do chaffing.

      I charge my 10 man warriors into bladedancer flank, they go 3++ I do nothing and they stick. In SE turn elk lord flanks them, kills them all, baldedancers kill all my forsworn and doomlord pops...... my wrath knight sget thrown into semi depleted (by hellfire) rangers but dont do very well

      Turn before this pic karkastar were charged by bsb+dancers my lord killed the bsb, the few remaining dancers ran, I didnt get them. I then charged the thickets, didnt manage to go through in 1 round and got flanked by rangers. I did get 5++ up though and smashed the remaining thickets & rangers while my sorceror chaffs the elklord. At this point I have the objective from stuff standing near the middle.

      I stop taking pics here as I'm having too much fun. Sorceror #2 gets hellfire off on elklord, doing 2 wounds before he charges my karkastar (he has 2++ fire) I challenge cos I'm getting silly here, take 7 wounds but save all but one of them, then I kill him with a karkadan attack!! Last turn I kill master mage who was trying to get away with a really lucky hellfire casting roll, which panicks the archers, netting me half their points too.

      In the end I win a super bloody game 15-5. Didn't really deserve that score but I'll take it!!
      Take a look at my painted army so far. Feel free to share a pic of yours!

      Pics of my ever expanding warriors army

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