OhCon 2017 toledo, Ohio 4500 may 6-7

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    • OhCon 2017 toledo, Ohio 4500 may 6-7

      Andrew Sherman and I are happy to announce we are returning for OhCon 2017!! This year it will be held on the weekend of May 6,7 at the toledo game room 3001 w sylvania Ave, toledo ohio. (Same place s1n was held for those who attended that plus he's also known around the country as "the bits guy)

      The rules packet is still under construction and will get that out soon but will be 4500pts.

      I know a big question alot of people will have is alcohol, I haven't spoken to owner directly about it for this event but our last event it wasn't a problem so shouldn't be this time.

      I'll update this post soon with cost and registration details within the week. Any questions feel free to PM.

      If anyone wishes to sign up now feel free to message me or email me at darksidiuos@gmail.com and I'll get you put down in message you when the other registration info comes available

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    • Some have asked for a participant list for OhCon 2017, so without further delay here's a list of all that have signed up or expressed interest in going but haven't paid. If I missed anyone please let me know and I'll add to the list for those looking to pay, the $40 can be PayPal to darksidiuos@gmail.com and remember lists are due April 24th

      Name. paid
      Doug mooney. yes
      frank marsical
      Josh James. yes
      Chris mince
      Fergus Yes
      Jake Murphy Yes
      Jeff parkhurst yes
      Frankie Sczypta yes
      Nick Rodrigo yes
      Mike Smith. yes
      Jesse Silva
      James Silva
      Justin burgy
      Eric weidus
      Jay phares
      Tony Hubbard
      Bob chenevert
      len szatkowski
      Alex Meyer
      Andrew hetes
      Tim maccowan
      Todd mcgee
      Robert Phillips
      Joel Mousseau
      Jeremy schweizter yes
      Corey lenigar
      Nicholas Heugel
      Bill Robertson