Even More Accurate Representation of Other Fantasy-Historical Human Armies

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    • Even More Accurate Representation of Other Fantasy-Historical Human Armies

      Recently a question on far eastern human fantasy armies in 9th Age was raised, and naturally Empire of Sonnstahl was a natural go-to for any advanced human army with gunpowder. EoS have a lot up their sleeves which can be used to pretty closely represent or proxy exotic stuff, and thanks to WHFB 7th ed EoS even have a rocket launcher. Nippon/Empire armies have been a sight on some tournaments, so the formula is well established. There have already been Demigryph units composed of war elephants and stone dogs around, and one could easily extend this to giant bear, white wolf and tiger cavalry, and stranger things still. The war altar could even be used to represent a small battle tower in the Achaemenid style. After EoS, the Kingdom of Equitaine stand in for a secondary go-to option for your human needs, with a more limited palette yet still torsion-propelled artillery and varios cavalry and infantry allowing for some clever proxying (Pegasus Knights could be used for avenging angels, if one fancy that streak).

      While most conceivable fantasy-historical units can easily be represented in EoS with its wealth of options (eg. hillmen or corsairs counts-as militia, cataphracts as knights), and quite some in KoE, there still remains some open goals for future work in this field. Yes, most of these ideas would have no place in the standard EoS (or KoE) army list, but they could possibly serve as food for thought for future army supplements in the vein of Storm of Chaos. As someone for whom the rules fly over the head and seldom stick, army lists and their rules on paper are to a large degree part of the overall flavour to me, so without any thought of tabletop balance or performance here follows some open goals for further turning EoS in particular into the perfect go-to choice for all things fantasy humans:

      * Repeating crossbows for chu-ko-nu, to ordinary infantry.
      * Exotic mount upgrade to cavalry units, in effect camelry with some small special rule to represent the strange sight, smell and sounds of the camel or stranger animal scaring horses. Lower movement? Handgun option to pistoliers?
      * 40mm Ogre-sized auxilliaries, preferably elementals conjured up by mages. Could be used to represent djinn, risen sea monsters, bound demons, spirits or angels, or simple Ogres or Oni if one feel like it (yes, Oni might be more O&G or even Beastman territory just like Tengu would be Harpies, but whatever).
      * Warrior monks, martial arts ascethics, blade-swirling dervisches, lethal holy men. These are not perfectly represented by Flagellants or Warrior Priests (which do cover up another important slot however), and could do with a new unit and character of their own.

      There are certainly more things to mention here which the EoS rules don't quite cover for proxy fantasy human armies, so please add some of your own and discuss. :)

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      Also, while speaking of it, there has yet to surface an ancient style army with javelins even on heavy infantry, and slingers. Open goal there as well.
    • Far Eastern representative of a 9th Age world is at the top of the themes to be used for the future books.

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