A Tale of 6 Gamers

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    • A Tale of 6 Gamers

      Greeting All!

      Welocme to the first post in our Tale of 6 Gamers! Having a deadline to get miniatures built and painted is a really good method of getting new army projects completed. A such, @Eldrad and myself have challenged a number of other forum lurkers to a Tale of Gamers! What is that I hear you cry?

      Put simply, our Tale of Gamers has been organised between a group of individuals whose aim is to finish a tournament ready army over a pre-agreed length of time. The rules between tales vary, depending upon the preferences of the participants, however I will detail ours below.

      In this instance, we have each picked an army that we would like to would like to work on for the next few months. The current aim is to add, build and paint approximately 500pts per month to our chosen force, with the sample forces from the new Quick Starter rules being the base point. Each month we will also try to get in a game over UB2 using the forces that we have painted (and the associated battle reports will hopefully end up in our end of month roundup).

      So, who is taking Part and why?

      @Eldrad (Mario) – Warriors of the Dark Gods

      Mario is the brains behind the project, and has kindly torn himself away from re-runs of Conan the Barbarian for long enough to tell us all a little bit about himself…

      “My name is Mario Perović (27), also known as Eldrad on all the forums I visit. I'm just finishing my final year (and final exams) of studies and I've just started working as a junior client manager at Nielsen Croatia, so my hobby time is tight as ever. However, I'm positive that I will be able to contribute to this project as much as needed. I've got grandiose plans with this project nonetheless by using the template from much known White Dwarf Tale of Warlords.

      I've been in the hobby since 2003 when I bought the paint set with 6 Bretonnian archers inside. Over the years I've been on and off the wagon until the hobby flame rekindled itself somewhere around 2011. After that, I've had larger another larger pause between 2013-2015 but kept myself updated with hobby news etc. Since late 2015. I've been organising tournaments and campaigns. Personally, I value hobby part more than playing games (tournament ones) but I really enjoy coming up with narrative scenarios and playing them through smaller campaigns. I prefer painting models to assembling/converting them, but I enjoy building scenery the most.

      My first serious army were Warriors of Chaos. Overly-muscled Conan-esque miniatures have always been my favourites. I've had a brief affair with Dark Elves but in the end I sold them and went back to my Warriors. I might not like their playstyle (I’m fan of barbarians en masse) but I like their looks and that’s enough for me.

      Similar to Kazandu, I'm looking to reduce the amount of grey plastic that piled up during the years and this, as well as painting league, will help me achieve my goal!!"

      Some of Mario's test models are shown above!

      @Kazandu (Phil) – Ogre Khans

      Phil must have been hungry when deciding what army to bring, as he decided to roll with Ogre Khans. I between mouthfuls, he agreed to tell us why he wanted to take part…

      “Hello all, my name I'd Phil Karl, or Kazandu on the forums. I am an Ex-ABC member for the Dwarven Holds team, and am quite an active hobbyist. I am a school teacher (currently teaching 3rd grade), and am working on this project for one summer fun (or longer, namely, however long it takes me to paint up this army). I enjoy the conversions and painting side of the hobby, as well as the game. I am active in the tournament scene in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

      I currently have enough points in Dwarven Holds to field 3 armies...at the same time!!! A Sylvian Elf list with 0 elves (@Chihammer is quite fond of calling me tree master), and a female knight based Warriors of the Dark Gods army (which will probably get shifted around after the rework later this year). I want to work on this project because my wife is going back to school, we just bought a house, money is tight, and I should probably turn all that grey plastic and lead I have into something painted before I buy any more models.

      My goal this summer is to have all of my ogres officially painted up, and then move on to other grey plastic models that I have that need painting. My wife has found out how much unpainted stuff I have and has taken away my ability to buy new toys until I play with all my old ones lol...”

      @Hojjit (James) – Highborn Elves

      It may have taken a lot of work, but I was able to prise James away from the mirror long enough to get the lowdown on why he decided to take part!

      "I am James, otherwise known as hojjit. I have chosen a Highborn Elf army for this project; this for a couple of reasons. I used to play High Elves back in sixth and seventh edition and am nostalgic for some fast moving pointy eared carnage, also I have always liked the look of a fully painted Highborn Elf army. I have involved myself in this project to get myself to put paintbrush to resin/plastic/metal, as I am now more than a few months behind where I wanted to be with the models and need the kick off working to a deadline to get things done. The gaming will be an enjoyable addition to my weekly grind."

      @cm284 (Callum) – Dread Elves

      Yours truly, the author, scribe, project coordinator… and Mario’s minion.

      “ I am Callum, a pseudo active gamer who at the decrepit age of 27, is probably a little too old to be playing with toy soldiers (not that it stops me). I originally started gaming back in 1997 with my father; my first force was a GW Skaven army, comprised almost exclusively of the single pose plastic clanrats - the ones that were literally impossible to rank up. For me, the hobby fell away once I made it to university, copious quantities of beer, parties and women left little time for gaming. The hobby flame was rekindled a year or two ago and now here I am, playing 9th Age! I am also now married with 1.9 children (soon to be 2).

      I currently play EoS, having put together and painted a 4500 point force for the Brizzle GT in under a month (the whole army is ‘painted’, but I have not yet done any detailing or highlighting), although I also have a large undead horde, which includes ALL THE ZOMBIES! Given the horde like nature of my two other armies, I decided that I fancied giving DE a go – their tactical flexibility and maneuverability appeals to me, especially given the nature of my other forces.

      Having a tendency to rush paint jobs and leave armies half finished, I realized Mario’s project would give me the perfect opportunity to not only build my DE force, but also to paint them in the way I wish I had painted all my armies. By the end of this, I hope to have a tourney ready 4500 point force that I can be proud to put on the table and to have advanced my skills as a painter. As long as I can achieve this, I will be happy! ”

      Above you can see a couple of the test models that I have done.

      @Lord Drakon (Erik) – Kingdom of Equitaine

      Erik has some big ideas for his KoE force, and was kind enough to share the details with me… in exchange for 42 serfs, 7 hectares of land and an oath of fealty.

      “My name is Erik van der Zanden (26) from Delft in the Netherlands, Lord Drakon on the forums. I just graduated and am writing a book about dictatorship and non-violent revolution in Africa. I am not that active in the gaming community but try to get a game in 2-3 weeks and 2-4 tournaments per year. The aspect I like most of the hobby is the modelling / converting part based on fluff. I can also enjoy the painting aspect a lot and a slowly improving over the years, however I often lacked the structure and discipline to paint on regular basis as a student. I hope my life as graduate will change that!

      I started collecting Warhammer Dark Elves because I liked the models, fell in love with their evil character and stayed with them ever since. The second army that has my interest since some time are the knights of the Kingdom of Equitaine but first had to paint some of my Elves. Now with this project I will take the opportunity to build my second army. However, I will take my Dread Elves roots with in this project! The fluff will be adjusted to what the 9th age will do for the Kingdom of Equitaine, and now based on that of Bretonnia. A certain Duke in a far corner of the kingdom is deceived by a Dread Elf Oracle playing the role as the Lady of the Lake. Because of this deception they are heavy influenced by dread elf ideology. Peasants are seen as utter worthless and the grail is the blood grail (based on cauldron of blood). My army is going to be on crusade against Saurus paganism therefore on the march through the Lustrian jungle. In short: Crusading knights in search of the Blood Grail on jungle bases.”

      @Squirrelloid (Nick) – Undying Dynasties

      Nick says he knows everything – do you think he knows that classical Egypt had a postal system dating back to 2000BC? I don’t.

      “I'm Nick Johnson, better known on the forum as Squirrelloid. I'm on the legal team, which means I know everything. Bwahahaha. I got into 40k in high school, and played 3rd and 4th (and a little 5th) editions of that. I slid into WHFB in 6th edition as Dark Elves (talk about doing it wrong), and ran out of time a little into 7th edition. Having got rid of most of my WHFB models, I was dragged back in by Raging Heroes beautiful Kickstarter. (And then discovered WHFB no longer existed - which brought me here).

      The hobby and the game are things I enjoy separately in their own right. On the hobby end, I love building models more than painting them, but there probably won't be much time for conversions here. On the game end, I like pushing systems to the brink and seeing how they function, so you'll frequently see me with rather extreme lists, especially on UB where I don't need to own models to play it. (I don't believe in WYSIWYG, but I do believe in my models meeting my own standards for representing an interpretation of the unit's rules).

      So, Kickstarters with beautiful models got me back into this hobby, and TMS's UD should be arriving this month! As they already come with beautiful scenic bases, I'll probably do them straight up and not convert them too much. Expect a lot of monsters and shabti, and not terribly many skeletons. When we get towards the end, I am going to have a go at converting up some cataphracts with some unusual pieces, especially since I can no longer put 5 monsters on the table xP.

      My goal this summer is to make time to get a table-ready army painted up so I don't feel embarrassed to hit a gaming store (assuming I can find one where people actually play), and it may as well be UD.”

      So, there you have it ladies and gents; a lowdown on the project participants and why they decided to get involved!

      Ok, where do we go from here?

      Worry not fair readers, we have a Plan! The current proposal is to divide us into pairs and rotate posts bi-weekly, advancing to weekly in the second month; this way, we can keep posting regular intervals but still keep the workload and targets down to respectable levels. There will also be a monthly summary post. As it stands, the pairs are detailed below;

      Pair 1
      @EldradWarriors of the Dark Gods
      @KazanduOgre Khans

      Pair 2
      @cm284Dread Elves
      @HojjitHighborn Elves

      Pair 3 (out of the first monthly rotation, to be introduced month 2)
      @Squirrelloid – Undying Dynasties
      @Lord DrakonKingdom of Equitaine

      The items that each person is planing to complete this month are detailed in this table.

      Name & ArmyPainting Goal – Month 1
      Mario - WotDG1 x Sorcerer, 9 x Wasteland Warriors, 5 x Barbarian Horsemen, 1 x Chariot
      Phil - OK1 x Shaman, 6 x Tribesmen, 2 x Tusker Cavalry, 1 x Yeti
      Callum - DE1 x Oracle, 10 x Corsairs, 10 x Tower Guard, 5 x Dark Riders
      James - HBE1 x Mage, 15 x Citizen Militia, 10 x Lion Guard, 6 x Queens Guard
      Erik – KoE (deferred)1 x Damsel, 14 x Knights of the Realm, 3 x Grail Knights
      Nick – UD (deferred)1 x Wizard, 15 x Archers, 10 x Necropolis Guard, 3 x Shabti

      So there you have it! We hope to see you all on Monday the 29th, when we will be posting progress and pictures from the first pair – Mario and Phil!


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    • GoodAfternoon All!

      First off, I must apologize for the recent dearth of content;unfortunately real life has gotten in the way for many of the participants.Fear not however, the project is far from dead! To keep your appetites whetted, have a look below for some of my progress.

      Hopefully you all like the color scheme; its unusual, striking and given a steadier hand than mine, could really make the models shine. Sadly though, there is no steadier hand and my mediocre skills will have to do! Please bear in mind that these are not 100% finished; not only are the bases still to go, but some highlights and tidy up are required on weapons and plumes etc. Oh, and I apologize for the poor photo quality, unfortunately I have been using my phone camera as I am too poor to afford a proper one! Anyhoo, without further ado…

      This chap is the champion for my Black(Yellow?) Guard unit. Still need to highlight the sword and tidy, wash andhighlight the helmet plume as well.

      So,what do people think? What can I improve (and don’t just say all of it )?


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      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out my Blogs; The Tales of Kala Volcanis and www.somewhatbegrudgingly.com for some of my Ninth Age stuff!

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    • No worries on the radio silence, it happens to everyone - we're just glad to see it's not forgotten! :thumbsup:

      The only advice I could give about the yellow is to maybe decide whether you want the armour to be orange with a yellow trim or just yellow that's shaded and highlighted in a NMM style, because at the moment you're doing a bit of both. To try and explain what I mean, contrast your new black guard champ with the marauder horsemen from the initial post. Similar to the way in which they have a red base with silver highlights for details and trim on their armour, you've created an orange base with yellow highlights in some parts.

      On the newer model above for example, look at the shoulder pads; though difficult to see in full detail from these angles, it looks like you've tried some blending on the orange armour but stayed mostly orange, and then done the armour-trim in yellow. Contrast this with the helmet and the front-facing armour pads below the waist where it's obvious that you want to blend from the orange right through to yellow on each single panel.

      I would suggest that you pick one style or the other - either paint the whole armour orange with only trims/details in yellow, or treat every separate piece of armour/trim/detail/horn/whatever as a new canvas that needs to be blended from orange to yellow, even if only a tiny bit for some. Does that help at all (or even make sense)?

      Really great to see some progress here, can't wait to see some more though! Keep it up :)
    • @Il Maestro

      First off, thank you for your advice :) (feedback like this is what I was hoping for)! It does indeed make sense and I see what you mean. I have found that if I try treating each part as ‘a new canvas’, I very quickly loose the definition between panels and/or trim (does that make sense), as all the edge are all yellow. My skill level is somewhat rudimentary and I am not too good at real ‘precision’ work due to shaky hands. How would you suggest I avoid this? Am I not blending consistently (e.g from the outside in on the thigh protectors and then inside out on the helmet)? Apologies if what I am saying does not make sense, it is quite hard to articulate in writing!

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      Dark Overlord of Kala Volcanis

      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out my Blogs; The Tales of Kala Volcanis and www.somewhatbegrudgingly.com for some of my Ninth Age stuff!