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    • I'm super pumped for being featured in one of the chapters of this beautiful blog :D

      Casas wrote:

      As long as I dont fight people with AP6 in front, of course.
      I'm really sorry about fielding 8 of those :/
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      ETC Team Belgium 2015 Skaven
      ETC Team Belgium 2016 Lizardmen
      ETC Team Belgium 2017 Highborn Elves
      ETC Team Belgium 2019 Highborn Elves
    • B8: 5CR9

      Chapter 2. The Vermin Plague

      And here we go with the first list analysis of this new Crippling Rides UB tournament. In this ocasion, I was paried against @Arthur, who, if we can trust his own signature, happens to be an experienced ETC player, fighting for the belgium national team. So yes, most likely an easy match ;( .

      But well, if that was not motivation enough, the good news are still to come: looks like he decided to bring to dance his Vermin Swarm. I already had a nice experience against the vermin some months ago (the report should be somewhere up this blog), and well, I have to confess, I dont think they are my best pairing. But lets stop with the crying and go to the list (and maybe more crying)

      Arthur wrote:

      225 - Chief, BSB, ratlock pistols, binding scroll
      480 - Magister, 3 dark shards, general, thaumaturgy, wizard master, magical heirloom, second awakening
      175 - Plague Patriarch, plague flail, wizard apprentice
      180 - Rakachit Machinist, ratlock pistols
      180 - Rakachit Machinist, ratlock pistols

      I have to say I was a bit suprised by the great amount of characters. I could have expected the wizard master, the support patriarch and the BSB, but I simply have no idea what those Machinist will do. They have no engineer rule, do they? But yes, on a quick view, not really worried about those chars. Standard I would say. At least there is no inmortal vermin daemon

      Arthur wrote:

      160 - 10 Footpads, paired weapons, vanguard
      225 - 20 Plague brotherhood, musician
      481 - 48 Rats-at-Arms, full command, banner of the relentless company
      260 - 15 Rats-at-Arms, champion, musician
      Actually, nothing to worry about in here. The footpads and the small one of rats at arms I guess will work as redirectors, but I can get rid of them with any of my units at any moment (I think). I will have to take care for parry on the rat at arms I guess. Then there is the big block of rats at arms, which is just more of the same, but steadfast and holding for more turns. I dont expect them to kill me anything. And the plague brotherhood just generate many impacts, but still have S3 and AP0, so they shouldnt be a problem. I hope their R4 doesnt prevent them from dying fast.

      Arthur wrote:

      150 - Meat grinder
      272 - 14 Plague disciples
      238 - 12 Plague disciples
      90 - 2 Rat swarms
      90 - 2 Rat swarms
      Now we start with the funny stuff. First, two more redirectors in shape of rat swarms. I will fail in their trap for sure, but not that I care too much. Then a meat grinder, which in the end is an abusive number of S4 ap2 hits for almost no points. That one can be bothering. And finally, the plague disciples. Those guys that kill my army just because I charge at them. Not much to do against them, unless I fry them with hellfires. If I dont manage to, I know that whatever I send to find to them is bound to die. Nice!

      Arthur wrote:

      I love this section. I've seen one dreadmill kill my full unit of chosen in one shot. The lightning cannon can do the same with my knights if they are taken from the flank (Edit: during the battle I learnt that cannon has no penetration, so no, it is just one dead guy per shot whatever he is, but just one). And the globe launcher, is 2d6 hits that kill anything in my army at 4+ :thumbsup: . I have no way to fight this things. At all.

      So I could try to make more thinking about this game. I could check the map, or the objectives, or that stuff. But I did so last time, I tried my best, and I was completely overwhelmed in a battle, that I played IMO as best as I could, and that left me completely exhausted. Therefore, I wont give a d*** this time. I will deploy, however, run to the front, and most likely be deleted from the field quickly, see if I can make the suffering last less than 3 or 4 hours. It is WDG against VS, my experience shows there is nothing that can be done. So the philosophy is clear: have as much fun as I can, kill whatever I can manage to, and dont care too much about the result, there was not much I could have done ;) (And of course, play against a top player, which is always a good experience)


      Translation-Team ES

      Comission Painter

      Marathon Finisher :D

      My unupdated CMON gallery X/ ; Follow me on IG: @fordyewemust ; I accept painting commissions. If you want me paint something for you, just PM!
      Seriously, a blog? In this century? For Dice We Must
    • B8: 5CR9

      Chapter 3. My Struggle with the Rats

      And here we go again with a Battle Report, this time facing @'Arthur''s VS. For those who read my list analysis, and thoughts on the previous post, or just those who know how WDG struggle to fight VS armies, you may already expect that I didnt come to this game with many expectations on my side. So I decided to take it with philosophy, and enjoy it as much as possible, without caring at all if things were going their way. Was I able to hold the rage inside the whole game? Did perform the unexpected and even win? Did my army hold on top of the table for the full game? Soon we will unveil all this questions. Enjoy!

      Start of the game

      We were playing map 13 with deployment marching columns. The map had a forest, an impassable and a wall in the upper side, a hill, a wall and a forest in the central zone, and a wall, an impassable and some fields in the lower part of the table. The secondary objective was hold the ground, what (as you can see in the pictures below), we marked with some squared piece of terrain in the middle of the field. By mistake @'Arthur' thought that the element that was used as an impassable in the lower part of the field was a ruin. And based on this he chose the lower deployment. When at some point of deployment he started placing units on top of the impassable, we realized this mistake, and we decided to go on playing as if it were some ruins. As always, I picked the following spells: Atribute (2d3 S6, Ap0), word of iron (+1/+2 AS), glory of gold (+1 AP. magic, flaming), spike (boltthrower S3[6] AP10) on my sorcerer, and the breath of corruption on the giant. And of course, I had the two bound hellfires on the standard bearers of the knights. He took hand of heaven (1d6 hits S1d6), smite the unbeliever (-1R/-1S), wrath of god (good old cassandora) and trial of faith (character killing sniper crap) and the VS atribute (2d6 S4 AP2) thanks to the magical heirloom on his magister. And finally he got the breath of corruption on the plague patriarch.

      Using the wasteland torch I turned the fields on his deployment side into ruins, what meant that he would end up with two ruins in his deployment side, and then we went on with deployment. We started dropping units one by one, starting both on the right flank (remember, marching columns), and after 3 drops he decided to pull out all his army. He deployed cornered on the right side, taking the most of the impassable terrain in my side of the field, which would make me divide my army in two, having a big chunk of it away enough from his units. He place his big unit of rat at arms with all the characters in the center, flanked by both units of plague disciples, and the other small unit of rats at arms. On the flanks he placed the plague brotherhood in one side, and the footpads and dreadmills on the other, mixed with some rat swarms. Both lighning cannots waited in the back of his army. On my case, I did my standard deployment trying to deal with the impassable in the middle of it: center with warriors and behemoth, knights and giant to one side, knights and chosen to the other. I placed the new addition to the army, the forsworn in the left flank, expecting to just run as if they were more chosen knights to the combat (remember they have Adv 7 / March 14 too). The fallen just rested on the right side (I placed them soon with the idea of using them to bother the dreadmills or something).

      He chose to start the game, vanguarded the footpads completely to the front, and started the game

      Turn 1 VS

      He started throwing the footpads to redirect my right knights, and advanced everything else slightly. In magic he got card 5, gettin an 8-5 phase, and saving 1 VT. He started casting hand of heaven on my behemoth, for what he used his first dark shard of the game, and caused my beloved beast his first 2 wounds in the game. He proceeded with a way too high roll on 2D of trial of faith on the behemoth too, which I had to dispell with all my dice, and finished casting breath of corruption on one of the doomwheels. Later in shooting, this breath managed to kill 3 of my knights ;( . Or maybe it was with the standard shooting....not really sure, the thing is that due to dreadmill shooting he killed 3 knights. Appart from that, one cannon caused another 3 wounds on the behemoth, and the other misfired causing himself a wound. A good start for the game.

      Turn 1 WDG

      I started charging the redirecting footpads with my knights, then moved the rest to the front as I could. I got card 8, what lead me to a 9-7 phase, and to save 2 VT. I started casting a 3-diced boosted hereditary on one of his dreadmills, which he dispelled with 5 dice. With his remaining two dice he dispelled a bounded hereditary on some plague disciples, and with my left 4 dice I was only able to cast a spike on a dreadmill, and fail to cast a breath of corruption. At least I caused three wounds on the dreadmill. It's somehing! In combat his footpads died, fled out of the field, didnt pursue, next turn.

      Turn 2 VS

      After passing his frenzy test with the plague disciples on the left side, he decided to charge the chosen knights in any way, needing an 8 for it. In the end he failed the charge. He threw the rat swarms to redirect here and there, and moved everything else slightly backwards, hoping to get at pair of turns more of so before the full might of the WDG fell over him. Ahm? what? :D :D

      He picked card 8, getting a 10-7 phase, and no VT stored. With three dice he casted a boosted hand of heaven on my chosen, which I let in, and caused a wound. Then with 3 diced he tried to reduce their Resilience on 1, which I had to dispell with 5 dice. Finally he casted with all his remaining dice a breath of corruption, and I was lucky enough to dispell it with my left 2 dice 8| .

      Unluckily there is no way to dispell the shooting phase. So he had no problem to kill my behemoth with one doomwheel (ups, forgot to mark it in the picture), and then between the shooting of the engineers, and both lighning cannons he was able to completely delete my chosen knights from the field. Yes, my friends, that was more than 1000 points lost to a shooting phase :thumbup: . On top of that, my dogs started fleein after seeing the chosen diying, and they wouldnt regroup in the whole game.

      Turn 2 WDG

      Decided to get rid of all those bothering redirectors, I charged both the knights and the forsworn to a rat swarm on one flank, and the fallen to the other rat swarm on the other flank. Additionally, my 3 knights onthe right side saw the space to charge the disciples and went in. I was sure they would die next shooting phase in any way, so I'd rather try to get rid of some plague disciples before. All my charges made it in. The rest of the army (giant and warriors) moved a bit to the front, getting my warriors in the saftey of the forest.

      For magic I got card 3, obtaining a 7-5 phase and saving 2 VT. But as a summary: I only managed to cast a boosted word of iron on the warriors, who where now untouchable with their 1+ armour. The rat swarms were all quickly deleted from the field, but my forsworn did a ridiculously short overrun move, what prevented my knights to properly turn, and would block them in place for the upcoming 2 turns or so. On the disciples combat, my knights somehow managed to kill a big bunch of them, suffering only one wound, and catching them on the pursue move, which led them to engage on of the doomwheels. Not bad!

      Turn 3 VS

      So even after losing his main redirectors, one unit of disciples, and geting one of his doomwheels engaged, the battle was still looking good for @Arthur. Specially since he could easily block my knights and forsworn on the left side, and still had two cannons ready to get rid of my giant, apart from most of his army. He started charging the disciples against the forsworn on the left side, and the second dreadmill into my pair of knights, having both of them in the same combat. In order to defend his big unit of rats at arms from possible charges, he threw the globe launcher and an engineer to redirect my block of warriors, and advanced the small unit of rats at arms, in case the combat with my forsworn went terribly wrong. Hapily 5 rats died due to dangerous terrain in this movement. Yay!

      In magic he got the card 6, obtaining a 8-6 phase, and saving no VT. He started 3-dicing a hand of heaven on my giant, which I decided to let in. Sadly he managed to get S7 with it, causing 5 wounds. Afterwards I managed to dispell a breath of corruption and a smite the unbeliever, but he was able to get a double 6 when casting trial of faith on my general. I failed to dispell it with my 3 dice left, and awaited in horror the outcome of the spell. In my last game I saw both my general and behemoth die at ease agains this spell, so I have to say, I was not happy to get it casted again. Luckily, he 'only' caused two wounds. Shooting one cannon misfired not being able to shoot next turn, the other caused 2 wounds on my giant, leaving him with just one left.

      In combat, the plague disciples caused 6 wounds just thanks to the auto impacts with Agi10, then managed to cause another 3 wounds on top. I was able to answer with 5 wounds, losing the combat by 4. Unluckily, my damn fornsworn passed their break test, meaning that they didnt turn into killing machines || . On the combat against the doomwheels, and to our surprised, we checked the rules and saw that my knights could get the extra strength from charging against the doomwheel that had just charged them. So of course, I dedicated all the attacks I could on the already wounded wheel, killing it!. Afterwards he just blew my unit.

      Turn 3 WDG

      Taking the bait once more, I charged my warriors into the mechanic, who fled over the doomwheel. Then tried to redirect agains the globe launcher thingie. And failed. So yes, my warriors decided to stand looking to nothing after turning a little bit. I threw the fallen in to the rescue, redicrecting the dreadmill. Additionally, I tried to charge my giant into the rats at arms, in order to make some killings before been shooted down by the cannons. Needing a 5 to make it in, he got a 3, resulting on an epic advance of 2" towards sure death. Wouldnt it be nice to see a giant doing 11 attacks against those rats? On the left flank the knights tried to get the forsworn out of their way.

      In magic I got card 7, obtraining a 10-6 phase, and storing no tokens. He used his binding scroll on the word of iron. I started casting a spike on the remaining doomwheel, which he let in and caused 3 wounds. Afterwards I failed to cast a boosted hereditary on the same wheel, he dispelled a breath of corruption, and I managed to kill 2 plague brotherhood with another hellfire. In combat between autoimpacts and attacs he caused 4 wounds on the forsworn, I answered with 2, I hold in place again.

      Turn 4 VS

      He declared no charges, rallied the engineer, and started moving his army towards the left, while redirecting my warriors. In magic he got card 4, meaning a 7-5 phase and 2 VT stored. I dispelled smite the unbeliever on my knights, then he casted the VS hereditary on the forsworn combat, killing my last forsworn and 2 rats, what allowed him to turn the unit to face my knights. Shooting with his globe launcher put an end to my giant. And I forgot to take a screenshot.

      Turn 4 WDG

      I charged the knights into the plague brotherhood, the warriors onto the globe launcher, and the fallen into the engineer. I picked card 1, geting a 5-4 phase and 2VT. He dispelled my bound hereditary on the brotherhood with two dice, and then I got a 1,2,2 when casting word of iron on the warriors, wich he easily dispelled with his two dice.

      I thought the combat fallen-engineer would be a super easy one. I was surprised that I was wrong. Have to confess I never checked what that rakachit whatever thing is doing, and I havent done it so. But what I thought would be giving aim to the warmachines or something similar, ended up being something using breath weapons every turn, and with some kind of high AS. I dont know, maybe for next time I read his rules. The thing, my fallen did nothing on him, he killed one guy, we tied the combat. Then the warriors killed easily the globe launcher, and the knights made 6 wounds on the brotherhood, unable to break steadfast.

      Turn 5 VS

      He went on all in against my knights with disciples and rats at arms. Puting all my expectations on that huge unit charging through dangerous terrain, he only lost 5 rats with the movement :thumbdown: . He also was able to place his other unit of rats at arms save from my warrriors. In magic he got the card 3, obtaining a 7-5 magic phase, and storing 2 VT. He tried to reduce the R of my knights, which I dispelled with all my dice. Then he got a breath weapon in someone in that combat, and casted hand of heaven againt the knights too, causing 1 hit of S2, and then nothing. With the cannons shooting to the combat he was able to kill one of my knights.

      The fallen showed that they can still do stuff, and caused two wounds on the rakachit, suffering 3, but stayed in place. In combat he killed all my left knights but the champion before I could hit. Then I tried to kill the priest, see if I could do something, but I failed everything. And then he also failed everything, and the knight champion stayed alive! Fleeing from combat, of course, but alive!

      Turn 5 WDG

      A quick turn, I charged the warriors agains the doomwheel, failed to regroup the fleeing knight. In magic I got card 2, which got me to a 6-5 phase, and allowed me to cast a boosted hellfire on the same doomwheel and kill it before combat. Afterwards I turned against the rats at arms, and the objective, since you know, the objective is important...and I had no chance to win it already :D . On the other combat, the mechanic killed my last fallen.

      Turn 6

      In his turn he charged my knight forcing hiim to leave the field, and then moved all his units away from my warriors. In mine I went to control the center, when I screamed victory for no reason. In magic I tried to get rid of those last 5 disciples. A spike managed to kill one. Then I 5-diced a boosted hereditary, obtaining 1,1,1,2,5. He tried to dispell with another 5 dice and got 1,1,1,2,6. Dispelled :lol: .

      In the end of the game, he had managed to kill more than 3000 of my points, and I had killed 1000 and something of his. On top he had the objective (since he had been strolling around it for several turns), so we ended up with a 18-2 for him. And I have to say, I am not unhappy with that result. I expected to be completely destroyed by turn 3 or 4, and not only I managed to survive, but also took some deaths in the way. So, my outcomes of the game are two: there was no way I could have win this game; and I had lots of fun. The fact that I didnt care about losing from the very begining, and I just went forward expecting to die, made everything so smooth and cool. Also @Arthur was a super nice opponent, who took with humour the happenings on the game, regardless if they were good or bad news for him. And thats always nice to have. Now, more into the lists, rants and stuff, of course, as a WDG player, I think that getting AP6 so easily and with so many things is completely broken. But I guess that is just my biased view. I wouldnt say the same charging with goblins against the disciples. Also, those lightning cannons and dreadmills are absolute killers against anything with more than one HP. Damn it, he killed a full unit of chosen in one shooting round! On the other hand, the dreadmills are super expensive, so if I anaged to make two points in the game was because I managed to get those. But IMO they should just cut their power by a lot, and maybe their price by a bit. Has anyone thought on this? Also reduce their damn R, so you dont need elites to kill them. With R5 they are close to inmune against soooo many things. I dont know, at least that is my random rant :D

      One thing that was clear, my turns went fast and smooth:

      Wasnt 1 hour 30 my aim time? Ok that in this game I almost had no units left by the end of it, by I think that if I get to play in a table with miniatures, or even not having to take notes of what is happening during the game, I could be able to keep this times for my games. And that would be a major win for me. Regarding @Arthur's times, one can see he is an ETC player, since he took always some time in his movement phases, delicately checking every move, but then squeezed through the rest of the phases quickly, managing to make still some decent timings most of the times. In the end, a total pleasure to play him, and I would love to fight him again (but maybe with another or his armies, like, I dont know, HBE? :D )

      And well, that was the report. Hope you all liked it!. Soon going for the next one, this time a rematch I was expecting after a bad play on my behalf last time. Soon you will be able to read it in here. Until then!


      Translation-Team ES

      Comission Painter

      Marathon Finisher :D

      My unupdated CMON gallery X/ ; Follow me on IG: @fordyewemust ; I accept painting commissions. If you want me paint something for you, just PM!
      Seriously, a blog? In this century? For Dice We Must