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    • So the tournament has been and gone - I did about as well as I expected but we'll get to that. I had intended to write full reports but over a week later and I still haven't got round to it so since I want to move on to post-hotfix list testing reports and discussion I'm just going to write a brief summary for each game.

      Game 1 v Vampire Counts 14-6 loss.

      This was a nasty list for dragons to face - the list is above but also included three snipe spells from magic too. It was a cagey game from the outset with most my forces deployed in cover to the right of a hill. The breakthrough objective wasnt ideal as it meant I had to wade into his blocks somehow but getting in range to do so was risky. I got lucky and killed a shrieking horror first turn in a combined effort from one of the Queens Guard units and a big molten copper that put 4w on one. I chipped away at the other one for next four turns but couldn't remove him. We danced around each other for most the game until turn 4 where I committed the spear block to one of the zombie units as I needed to do something to stop him walking the objective. The spears put some hurt on one of the units but were counter charged in the flank the following turn and just about broke the following turn. They did their job by evading their pursuers to retain their points and keep two of his units away from my deployment zone. The swords took a triple charge from both altars and the surviving shrieking horror which decimated the unit. They crippled the shrieking horror but failed to do too much to the altars and were run down. The shooting attacks from the altars and horror crippled the BSB dragon who was unable to get out of range to survive in turn 5 so suicided into the shrieking horror to take some points with him. Committing when I did turned out to be the right call as my lancers had swept round the flank to tie the objective.

      Game 2 v Dwarven Holds 12-8 loss.

      No artillery on the list made me a happy man but with a hold the centre objective there was going to be an almighty dustup in the middle v his 25 man slayer unit, 6 hold guardians and triple character holdstone spear block. I moved up aggressively first turn, using my greater threat ranges to try and pin him back. He stepped forward anyway and turn 2 my swords went into his hold guardians and spears in to the slayers. reavers chaffed the spear block to stop him going into my flank if the swords didn't break the hold guardians. Spears won the combat v slayers with hereditary help. Swords killed five guardians before they swung winning the combat comfortably but then followed my major error which cost me the game. I had a choice to reform to face the slayers flank, chase down the guardians or reform to face the spears. Either option 1 or option 2 would have won me the game I think, I took option 3. This left the swords penned in and the only way out was to go through the spear block. They were eviscerated by a triple rune of lighting hero who did more damage than the spear unit, lord and BSB combined. Annoyingly they only had to survive one turn of combat and I would have claimed the objective but they were wiped out to a man. The spears eventually ground down the slayers with a little help from the BSB dragon who sat on the corner for the final round to make sure they were finished off. QG and mage killed two units of miners that appeared in my backlines. Didnt finish the game which was a mercy as the scoreline would have been bigger

      Game 3 v Dread Elves 13-7 loss

      This was against one of my club mates and was such a close game. Pyro did work on his Tower Guard block, enough that I put my spears into the unit to finish the job but I got that decision horribly wrong. His Dread Judge unit took some heavy damage from pyro as well but claimed one of the markers before attempting to run off with it. However the unit panicked and dropped the marker after sustaining more losses, rallied, picked it up again before being hounded all the way to the end of the game by the dragon mage who picked up the altar points from that flank as well. A well placed truth of time on my BSB stopped me putting a double charge from both dragons into his spear unit bunkering his mage which preserved their points. On the left the remnants of the tower guard picked up the central marker and started to retreat. In two turns 11 TG ate a full turn of pyro magic and two breath weapons from the BSB but between them they only killed 6 which lost me the objective. I had a second chance at tying the game as his manticore general failed a charge in turn 6 in the arc of my BSB who charged but failed to kill or break him.

      Game 4 v Warriors of the Dark Gods 10-10

      This was a really good game. Objective was secure target and with the Swords and Dragons I had a lot of board presence so took first turn, pushed up and tried to pin him back. The Queens Guard killed a unit of warriors over a couple of turns from range while some magic and other range killed a dog unit and put some wounds on his barbarians. His two Exalted Heralds began to push the centre but after running some quick maths I discovered the Spears could probably take the caster herald so they charged in there. The reavers chaffed a unit of Feldrak to stop them helping out. With some magical assistance the spears took the herald down to one wound but he passed his test. On the left flank my lancers and the Grey Watchers played cat and mouse round one of the markers with a unit of fallen. His other daemon prince charged the spear combat to try and aid his brother in arms while another depleted unit of fallen chaffed the swords. I cant remember exactly how the next couple of turns played out but going into turn 5 the fallen had killed the grey watchers but were unable to contest the objective, the heralds got the spears and the Feldrak had got the reavers and found themselves in combat with the dragon mage who was proceeding to hand out a whooping. The swords had killed off the fallen, turned to face the feldrak combat but were chaffed by the crippled herald then his mounted bsb. The remaining prince snuck between the two fights to threaten the QG who had run out of targets and had now moved up to claim the right marker. The left marker was being contested by a unit of horsemen and lancers. If the swords could kill the herald in one turn then the short overrun would have been enough to save the mage who although tearing up the Feldrak was now clinging on a bit. Again the Daemon Prince survived with one wound! The Dragon mage took the Feldrak down to the last two wounds before going himself. In the end the game came down to a failed march test from the lancers meaning they were unable to march out of charge arc of the knights in turn 5 which allowed the objective to be tied.

      Game 5 v Dread Elves 17-3 loss

      This dread elf list was sylvan elf in disguise. All the shooty avoidance that could be mustered as well as every magic missile he could get his hands on. Objective was Capture the Flags. The game started well enough, all three reapers being taken down to 1w in the first turn and a heavy push forward pinning two of his raptor knight units to be picked off at my leisure. However over the next couple of turns I only managed to finish off one reaper and they were beginning to ping holes in my mage. In turn 3 I failed to cast the hereditary, bolt throwers took the mage down to 1w but a unit of 2 dark raiders took aim and plinked off the last wound. From there I lost a lot of my ability to hurt him as my infantry had no way to force an engagement. My spears got two raptor knight units but it took three rounds to get the second unit which stopped me picking up his reapers.

      I ended 49/60 with 34 points which is about where I expected to be before hand, going into my first 9th Age competitive tournament. My next one is in June at my gaming club so the next few months will be a mixture of painting, basing and refining a new list for 2.02. I'll finish with a brief summary of the units in my list:

      OotfH - Excellent contribution, worth every penny. Showed its combat potential against the Feldraks and its magic was a constant threat. Will be retained in the list in some form.

      King Slayer BSB - Did a lot of zoning throughout the games but didnt really provide much to the scoreboard. Fluffed his big chance to score points in the DE Manticore Prince combat.

      30 Citizen Spears - Solid unit, held the line well and got plenty of points during the games. Prefer to archers in core but need to find a way to create damage potential with the changes to Ryma.

      5 Lancers - Claimed a couple of objectives but had little influence on combats. Useful for scoring but not much else.

      2 x 5 Reavers - Chaff gonna chaff.

      24 - Swordmasters - Had a stormer against the Warriors but struggled against the shooting heavy Dread Elves and the VC. Lived up their RPS reputation. Will need to consider their position in future lists as they will need better protection with hereditary changes and the loss of mobility from Ryma

      2 x 8 Queens Guard - Fast becoming an auto pick for me. Cant argue with ST4 shooting and claimed some notable scalps throughout the games.

      5 Grey Watchers - Tough tournament for them as I faced minimal artillery. Likely to be dropped in favour of other options.
    • My first list post hot-fix was this:

      ++ Highborn Elves (Highborn Elves 2.0 Beta) [4498pts] ++

      + Characters +

      Commander [460pts]: Battle Standard Bearer, Dragonforged Armour, Great Weapon, Master of Canreig Tower
      . Special Equipment: Banner of the Relentless Company, Destiny's Call - Standard Size only

      Mage [1090pts]: Alchemy, Army General, Dragon, Order of the Fiery Heart, Paired Weapones, Shield, Wizard Master
      . Special Equipment: Hero's Heart, Starmetal Alloy, Talisman of the Void

      + Core +

      Citizen Spears [415pts]: Champion, 25x Citizen Spear, Musician, Standard Bearer
      . Banner Enchantment: Flaming Standard

      Elein Reavers [190pts]: Bow (3+), 5x Elein Reaver

      Sea Guard [568pts]: Champion, Musician, 21x Sea Guard, Standard Bearer
      . Banner Enchantment: Flaming Standard

      + Special +

      Knights of Ryma [360pts]: 5x Knight of Ryma, Musician

      Sword Masters [651pts]: Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer, 24x Sword Master

      + Queen's Bows +

      Queen's Guard [244pts]: Musician, 8x Queen's Guard

      + Naval Ordnance +

      Sky Sloop [260pts]

      Sky Sloop [260pts]

      ++ Total: [4498pts] ++

      Created with BattleScribe

      I decided to drop double dragon for a while as I wanted to bring back some heavy shooting, in the form of Sloops. The dragon mage stayed but with the nerf to Ryma banner I wanted to experiment with an alchemy mage and flaming standards to see if I could reproduce the DMG potential of Ryma spears. 21/22 attacks with reroll wounds at AP2 is not to be sniffed at. To aid them in this and to compensate for the loss of hereditary I've used an MoCT BSB. Awaken The Beast and Healing Waters are auto pick spells with Altered Sight a favourite too to help the Sea Guard out and try and keep those spears hitting on 2s. The swords stay for the moment, partly because I have trouble letting go, partly because I prefer Lion Guard when they're stubborn and Flame Wardens when I'm running Cosmo mage/MoCT. They should be able to slice and dice without a banner - I can always take Glory of Gold if I feel they need the help. KoR are my monster hunters, something to help with tougher stuff. They feel stronger with the nerf to the omni-present ice and fire. It's a bit light on chaff with just reavers which means I need to look after them until they're needed.
    • My first 2.02 game was against the Dread Elf player at my club who I played at the Bristol tournament. We always have close games ( in about 5-6 games I dont think either of us has won by more than 3 points!)

      Roughly, his list was:

      2 Oracle adepts with Alchemy and Divination (between them they had amulet of spite, BoAP, Void talisman, crystal ball)
      A BSB with Moeracs Reaping

      3 x 5 Dark Raiders
      2 x 15 Spears
      3 reapers
      2 x 5 knights
      2 x medusa
      5 Yema acolytes (Breath of Corruption, Grave Calls)
      24 Dancers of Yema with Gar Draecos Banner (sp?)

      It was a really close and well contested game - reapers and his extremely aggressive magic phase took out the dragon mage in turn 3. I stopped what I could but he consistently had 3-4 dice more so was pretty much guaranteed two more spells than I could stop. Dragon did account for the Warlocks, a couple of knights and a reaper before dying though. Seaguard did a great job of taking down the Yema block pretty much by themselves despite the inconvenience of shooting through a forest the entire game. Swords took out both knight units, a medusa and the divination mage. They only managed to nab the knights due to a triple charge from the knights and yemas, during which the Yemas failed on a 6 and ate a cover volley from the sea guard. Reavers, QG, and sloops died to his shooting/magic, swords took a bit of a pasting but survived with over 25%. Everything else survived largely intact. We tied objective as I failed to completely wipe out the Yemas which allowed them to grab the second marker in turn 6. Final score was a 12-8.

      Post game thoughts:
      Word of Iron, Awaken The Beast, Healing Waters help compensate for the loss of hereditary at much cheaper CV.
      Sea Guard did a good job but R3 5+ is always going to be their bread and butter. Need games against more resilient opponents to see if they can hold their own.
      Didn't get to find out if flaming spears with Altered Sight, Awaken The Beast is enough to compensate loss of Ryma as neither block saw combat.
      Tooled up DaE magic phase is goooooood. Crystal Ball was less useful than it could have been as mage only really had one turn of spellcasting.
      Discarding one dice to dispel Oaken Throne is such bull.

      Off the back of this game I looked at a couple of potential changes. I found the playstyle of the list quite static - that's static in the sense I pushed up to the middle of the board then sat and plinked him off with SG and QG fire. Reapers might be a more cost efficient choice if that turns out to be the case, replacing the two sloops with reapers frees up 150 points - an eagle and a crystal ball would be the likely additions.

      The second change I looked at is to downsize the dragon. Reading @Vespacians batreps he seems to prefer it. If I do this It frees up enough points to go big on Queens Guard and with a re-kitting out of the MoCT to give him an Elu Bow means that I suddenly have a very potent gunline (2 reapers, 20 QG, Elu MoCT and 20 SG shots) while maintaining a strong combat threat with three blocks, KoR and the dragon.

      My game this week is against WoDG so I'll be taking the first list again to test it out against a more resilient and combat oriented foe.
    • Latest game was against the following WoDG list:

      Chosen Lord on Chariot with 1+/4++
      Two Sorceror adepts with Alchemy/Evocation (Quicksilver Lash/Molten Copper/RR Hits/RR Wounds)
      24 Warriors with halberds
      22 Warriors with paired weapons
      3 Feldraks with paired weapons
      2 x 3 Chosen Knights
      5 Warrior Knights
      2 x 5 Dogs
      5 Flayers

      I took Molten Copper, Silver Spike, Word of Iron and Corruption of Tin on the general, Healing Waters, Quicksilver Lash and Awaken The Beast on the MoCT. Corruption of Tin and Sea Guard was the combo I wanted to test - if I could reduce the armour a bit on one of the warrior units could I do enough damage with S3 shooting?

      Deployment type was frontline clash with spoils of war objective. I chose the side with a hill and a ruin in my zone. I didnt want to use the hill, just wanted to stop him hiding behind it. The ruins were more favourable, being a danger to his cav. We went drop for drop until I was left with three drops left at which point I dropped the rest. He had his three knight units out on the left flank to contest the left marker with his infantry units right and centre. These were split by a piece of impassible which the flayers were hiding behind. All my forces were deployed on the right with the SM being leftmost of my blocks. The reavers and sloops were left of centre, ryma knights on the far right facing off the Feldraks. I vanguard the reavers to 12" of the right dog unit. Despite the +3 to the roll I lost out on first turn.

      Thoughts on deployment: His halberd warriors were boxed in by the impassible and the Feldrak so the Knights of Rymas zoning threat should bottle up that flank for long enough for me to get into position to get at the other warrior unit or the Feldraks. My sloops and reavers were also ideally placed, sloops having knights to shoot at and in combination with the reavers generally just slowing and chaffing that flank until I was ready to face them.

      Turn 1

      Left Chosen Knights charge the reavers who flee. Warrior Knights march round a wall on the far left, left dogs and right chosen knights move max distance to threaten sloops. Feldrak move forward cautiously, wary of the Ryma Knights. Despite me not getting first turn to maximise the pressure on Feldraks this was enough to hamper the movement of the halberd warriors who couldnt get clear of the Feldraks and impassible. Rest of his line shuffled forward. In magic I dispelled Molten Copper and let through Lash on my general, taking a wound.

      With no pressing need to push forward I just readjusted my line, reavers rallied and put themselves in a position to flee from any knight charges while being able to shoot dogs. Sloops got into range of knights. In magic, Corruption of Tin on the paired weapon halberds, Silver Spike on general were dispelled, molten copper goes through on PW halberds killing 4. Oaken Throne goes up to heal the wound back on the dragon. Reavers shoot off two dogs who panic straight across no mans land conveniently chaffing up his lord and PW warriors (not intentional but something to plan for in future!). Queens Guard take off a couple more warriors, Sloops put a wound on one of the knights, Seaguard kill three of the other dog unit who stick.

      Turn 2

      Left Chosen Knights charge reavers who flee again.Warrior Knights move onto left marker. Right Chosen Knights continue to advance forward. Feldraks come forward enough to release the halberd warriors. Fleeing dogs rally which stalls his advance in the centre. Nothing of note happens in magic phase.

      Still no charges from my side as they were a bit dicey to get enough in. Reavers rally again and this time move round to Warrior Knights flank to try and march check two of the units. Sloops continue to sit on edge of knight charge ranges for pew pew. Swords move up in the middle to increase the pressure. Right flank shuffles around a bit in case of Feldrak charges. In magic Corruption of Tin goes through on PW halberds and made the Feldrak flammable. Something else goes through to make the PW flammable too but cant remember what. Reavers fail to wound Warrior Knights, Sloops continue plinking wounds off Chosen Knights. Queens Guard and Seaguard go into PW warriors and are now working their way through the second rank.

      Turn 3

      Opponent debated charging the Feldrak into the spear block with MoCT inside but flammable did its job and made him hold off. Now clear of the blockage the halberd warriors move to threaten both spear units. PW warriors back off from SMs slightly with the chariot lord alongside while dogs double chaff the swords. The Warrior knights and left Chosen Knights try to box in one of the sloops, weary of getting picked off. The right Chosen Knights wheel to face the flank of the SMs. Rerolls to hit go off on Feldrak.

      Weighing up my options, I had no way of getting the Swords into a decent fight but an overrun of 7 would eliminate both dog units and leave them facing off the chariot lord and PW warriors the following turn. it would also clear the charge arc of the chosen knights so swords charged the dogs. The halberd warriors were in reliable charge range of the mage, Sea Guard and Spear blocks (8, 7 and 5 on dice respectively) so I put all three units into there. The Knights backed off a bit keeping themselves in range of a flank on the Feldraks if they joined the party. With no LOS on anything not in combat on the right the QG turned to face the Knights. The boxed in sloop found an avenue of escape to continue its harassment of the Chosen Knights. Reavers marched to a more central position. In magic I got Healing Waters on the Sea Guard, Word of Iron on Spears making halberd Warriors flammable. Awaken the beast was stopped. Sloops and QG combine to kill a knight. In combat the Warrior Champion challenged out and was slain by the Sea Guard champion. The combined efforts of the spears, sea guard and mage killed eleven, the warriors killed six in return then the dragon killed another five. The unit auto broke and were run down by the Sea Guard and Dragon, the Sea Guard overruning into the flayers who had come out from behind the impassible at an inopportune time. The spears reformed to face the Feldrak. We didnt roll the dog combat, just took them off but the swords short overrun became an issue as they were now exposed to a flank charge from the PW warriors and a rear charge from the wounded Chosen Knights.

      Turn 4

      Predictably the Chosen Knights, PW Warriors, Chariot Lord and dogs all charged the Swords. I couldnt risk fleeing as the dogs were too close so had to hold and try to take as much with them as possible. The Feldrak charged the spears who held. The Warrior Knights and healthy Chosen Knights began the trudge back to the centre. In magic rerolls to wound on the PW warriors went off, I stopped rerolls to hit. The Feldrak combat was a tie thanks to Word of Iron and my ranks. The swords killed a knight, killed off the dogs, put a wound on the lord and killed a couple of warriors but took heavy damage in return, mostly from the PW warriors. They broke and were run down by the chariot lord and the knight. The Sea Guard wiped out the flayers before they could swing and reformed to face the warriors.

      The KoR charged the flank of the Feldrak and the slightly wounded sloop charged the single wound Chosen Knight who ran down the SMs. The other sloop and QG turned to start shooting the other Chosen unit. Reavers sat on the flank of the warrior unit to limit their movement while the dragon mage turned to face again and the Sea Guard moved up onto the right objective marker. Healing Waters went off on the spears as well as +ST but I failed to ignite the Feldrak. Shooting was productive as the QG and Sloop combined to put five wounds on the Chosen Knight unit. In combat the Sloop killed off the Chosen Knight with impact hits then overran into the flank of the alchemy sorceror in the PW Warrior unit, pinning the unit in place. The Knights tore through the Feldrak with the help of the spears, with the Feldrak fleeing the board pursued by the Knights. The spears reformed to face the PW warriors.

      Turn 5 and 6.

      Sloop kills the sorceror. PW unit gets combo charged by dragon and both spear units again who kill the unit.I mess up slightly as I could have overrun with my spears onto middle objective marker but ended up an inch away. QG and sloop polish off the other Chosen Knight unit. Final turn two sloops and a round of alchemy magic go into the Warrior Knights. Alchemy kills four but two sloops failed to kill the final one who retains the marker to tie the objective!

      Final score 16-4 win.

      Post Game Thoughts:

      I'm really liking the dragon mage/MoCT combo. I have dangerous spells available in every turn with plenty of redundancy. The void talisman on top guarantees me an extra dice each turn.
      Sea Guard and Spears did a stellar job on the warriors. Flaming standard does a great job of compensating for lack of Ryma damage - the slight risk is I needed three charges to work to guarantee that combat success. if one fails it becomes a riskier proposition as a lot more warriors swing back (although combat buffs would have been more concentrated). Failing the charge with spears is no big deal as long as their flank isn't exposed as they still retain the damage output if charged.
      Corruption of Tin/S3 shooting combo isn't really good enough against well armoured R4 foes. Glory of Gold for the SMs/Spear and Sea Guard second combats is probably better or stacking the missiles on the mage then taking altered sight.
      Sloops put in their best showing to date. I'll be switching to reapers for a few games to test out the gunline variant of this list but I wonder if i'll miss the mobility and emergency chaff presence.
      I've yet to use the relentless banner. I think its probably most useful against gunlines which I havent faced yet but this is a potential place to save points.

      For the next few games i'm going to switch to this list:

      ++ Highborn Elves (Highborn Elves 2.0 Beta) [4496pts] ++

      + Characters +

      Commander [440pts]: Battle Standard Bearer, Dragonforged Armour, Great Weapon, Longbow (1+), Master of Canreig Tower
      . Special Equipment: Elu's Heartwood

      Mage [925pts]: Alchemy, Army General, Dragonforged Armour, Order of the Fiery Heart, Shield, Wizard Master, Young Dragon
      . Special Equipment: Alchemist's Alloy, Crystal Ball, Diadem of Protection

      + Core +

      Citizen Spears [415pts]: Champion, 25x Citizen Spear, Musician, Standard Bearer
      . Banner Enchantment: Flaming Standard

      Elein Reavers [190pts]: Bow (3+), 5x Elein Reaver

      Sea Guard [545pts]: Champion, Musician, 20x Sea Guard, Standard Bearer
      . Banner Enchantment: Flaming Standard

      + Special +

      Knights of Ryma [360pts]: 5x Knight of Ryma, Musician

      Sword Masters [651pts]: Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer, 24x Sword Master

      + Queen's Bows +

      Queen's Guard [300pts]: Musician, 10x Queen's Guard

      Queen's Guard [300pts]: Musician, 10x Queen's Guard

      + Naval Ordnance +

      Sea Guard Reaper [185pts]

      Sea Guard Reaper [185pts]

      ++ Total: [4496pts] ++

      Created with https://battlescribe.net]BattleScribe[/url]

      As much heavy shooting as I could afford while still retaining the combat element of the previous list. It looks promising.
    • Played a few UB games with the shooting heavy list and they didn't go too well. I should qualify it by saying two of those were against UD which I had never played so those games were more of a learning curve. Even flaming shots couldn't really do enough hurt to an army that can regen. The smaller mage did pretty well. I combo charged the Rymas and the mage into a unit of shabtis but forgot the mage hadn't cast a spell the previous turn so he fell agonisingly an inch short! The Rymas got cleaned up by themselves but the mage went in the following turn and ground them out, even claiming an architect who flank charged a couple of turns later to try and break the mages combat res. Only died in the final turn after a 3D6 unerring went big and took 3w off him.

      Since longevity was an issue for the low AS guys I came up with a further tweak, returning to the more aggressive first concept but retaining the YD mage.

      ++ Highborn Elves (Highborn Elves 2.0 Beta) [4500pts] ++

      + Characters +

      Commander [435pts]: Battle Standard Bearer, Great Weapon, Light Armour, Master of Canreig Tower
      . Special Equipment: Banner of the Relentless Company, Essence of Mithril - Standard Size only

      Mage [925pts]: Alchemy, Army General, Dragonforged Armour, Order of the Fiery Heart, Shield, Wizard Master, Young Dragon
      . Special Equipment: Alchemist's Alloy, Crystal Ball, Diadem of Protection

      + Core +

      Citizen Spears [415pts]: Champion, 25x Citizen Spear, Musician, Standard Bearer
      . Banner Enchantment: Flaming Standard

      Elein Reavers [190pts]: Bow (3+), 5x Elein Reaver

      Sea Guard [568pts]: Champion, Musician, 21x Sea Guard, Standard Bearer
      . Banner Enchantment: Flaming Standard

      + Special +

      Flame Wardens [735pts]: Champion, 25x Flame Warden, Musician, Standard Bearer
      . Banner Enchantment: Flaming Standard

      Giant Eagles [100pts]: Giant Eagle

      Knights of Ryma [612pts]: Champion, 8x Knight of Ryma, Musician, Standard Bearer
      . Banner Enchantment: War Banner of Ryma

      + Naval Ordnance +

      Sky Sloop [260pts]

      Sky Sloop [260pts]

      ++ Total: [4500pts] ++

      Created with BattleScribe

      The wardens should be able to weather getting across the field quicker and it's one less unit that needs regen to help. In a 3x7 they lose a third of the swords combat potential but lose half of their damage taken. With awaken the beast and reroll wounds they're a legitimate combat threat.

      I used it once in a 15-5 loss to gunline dwarves but that could largely be attributed to his chaff seeker units holding up the Sea Guard, Rymas and Wardens for four rounds! Note to self - use the flaming banners earlier....
    • The game against WoDG was cut short as my opponent had to go so we only had four turns. He had:

      Exalted Herald - Brand of the Dragon, Sorcerer Immortal

      Sorcerer - Wizard master, Alchemy, Destinys call, Magical heirloom, Orb of Foreboding

      Chosen lord - BsB, Envy, Shield, Halberd, Master of destruction, Icon of the infinite, Blessed inscriptions, Basalt infusion

      24 Warriors - FC, Banner of inevitability
      16 barbarians - Spears & Shields
      2 Wretched beasts
      5 Warriors knights - GW
      5 Warrior knights - Standard, GW
      Forsaken one

      After deployment my Sloops and KoR were lined up opposite his knights, my three infantry units in the centre, phoenix guard on a hill for charge rerolls. A piece of impassible and my reavers covered my right.

      His warrior block were in the centre, screened by the three beasts with the barbarians on his left.

      His knights were effectively neutered for the game as my Knights prevented him from advancing so his only way out was to back out and go round a big piece of impassible. He kept them where they were which kept my knights occupied but also meant the Sloops picked them off and by turn 4 only one knight remained.

      His beasts also got into trouble early as the big one rolled an 18 on random move which took him into the Sea Guard when he was flammable. He got chewed up and spit out in one turn after taking five wounds and losing the last to combat res. The Sea Guard had shot three wounds off one of the smaller ones in turn 1 and killed the healthy one in turn 2 when they charged it after killing the Forsaken. I messed up the overrun which should have taken them into the wounded wretched beast but I missed it by half an inch. This left them to get flanked by the herald and the wretched beast. The herald splatted the champion while the Sea Guard killed the beast but the unit held. I failed to bring back the champion after reforming and rear charging with the reavers which lost me the reavers and then the Sea Guard got slapped, breaking with two models left. He didn't pursue so I rolled a 2 on distance!

      His warrior block popped through a gateway behind my lines in turn 2 but hopped back in turn 3 when they got chaffed by the eagle with the phoenix guard, Rymas and dragon threatening charges. In turn 4, knowing it was the last turn I chucked the phoenix guard into his warriors to see how they fared. I got Glory of Gold on them but Awaken the Beast was didpelled. The reroll wounds did the job and they won the combat by three but he stuck.

      I out pointed him in those four turns claiming the warrior knights, half a warrior knights and the three beasts to the cost of my reavers and half my sea guard.

      Post game thoughts:

      I think there's mileage in the wardens - there's not much in the game that are as resilient as warriors while pumping out that quantity of attacks so it's a good sign that the wardens can win combats against them. Would have been interested to see how that played out.

      Sea Guard had a blinder helped by the beasts doing the ninth age equivalent of a movie fight scene where the enemy attack one by one. Using flaming banner early is good - who knew?!

      That's the best game I've had with sloops and they made their points back for the first time ever! Having their favoured targets caught like fish in a barrel helped though.

      The only possible tweak Im considering right now is the BSB banner but I'm not sure. I'll probably leave as is and test it some more.
    • Played a game on UB v UD last night with the same list minus sloops since I accidentally didnt field them so was 500 points down for the entire game!

      The flame wardens were amazing, contributing to killing the shabtis, tanking an 8 chariot charge with a chariot prince in, as well as charges from scouts and character bunker archers. They had some help but only the archer bunker survived at the end while the wardens hadnt even hit half health. Sea Guard put in another respectable showing as they went toe to toe with 8 shabtis and survived (didnt survive the game though, a 3 on a flee roll meant they got caught by some charging necro guard). YD mage continues to impress, tanking a fair amount of ranged damage and snipe spells.

      Won the game 13-7 on objective as i'd killed two scoring units (shabtis, chariots) to his one (sea guard). No real list tweaks at the moment - the relentless banner is still a question mark - still wondering whether to change it for dragon staff but i'll keep it for now and see what mileage I get out of it.
    • This weeks tabletop opponent was the same WoDG guy I played last time but he had changed his list a lot. Knights, Beasts and Forsaken were out, second hellmaw and 3 x 10 units of warriors in. Wasn't convinced by double hellmaw but it could certainly be an annoying list to play (confirmed by a guy he played just before I got there whose DaE failed to pin him down)

      Spells were exactly the same as last game for both of us - deployment was counterthrust with secure target secondary. He placed his marker next to some ruins in my deployment zone so I put the other as close as possible to that. Plan was to turtle around the first objective and use my superior ranged power and mobility to try and pick off the smaller units. If I got rid of those I could go aggressively after the big unit while maintaining hold on the other objective.

      With that in mind the Rymas deployed on the left of the ruins, facing two baby warrior units. The seaguard sat on the other side covered by a sloop. The spears sat behind in the corner guarding a portal he placed next to the ruins. Wardens held the weak flank with the dragon, another sloop and reavers for company. They were faced off against the big block with the final baby warriors far out on the right where they could be ignored for now. The eagle sat behind my lines ready to sacrifice his life for the cause. Despite a +3 to dice roll I won the roll off and gave him first turn.

      The big block shoved forward along with the baby warriors on right, the two on the left shuffled around, wary of the Rymas. Hellmaws came round from behind hill along with Herald. Hellfire killed five seaguard and he placed an extra gateway on my right flank and in front of the ruins. I moved my Rymas onto the edge of his charge range and turned them inwards to face the new gateway as well as the the two baby warriors. Seaguard backed up a bit to make space between them and Herald. Everything else shuffled around to maximise shooting while staying out of ranges. Molten copper killed 5 warriors from the big block and Oaken Throne went up but nothing else of note in magic. Sloops killed two warriors from one of the baby warrior units on the left.

      His baby warriors on right ported through to the new gateway on my right flank. Big block shuffle forward, herald edges closer to my lines. Hellmaws continue slow advance. Baby warriors on left remain locked in place.A soul token boosted hellfire rolled pretty low and only killed three, a silver spike fails to wound a sloop. The hell fire was a triple 6 miscast though, downgraded to 5 but put a wound on the herald. Hellmaws drop a gateway in front of the big block. The Rymas charge the left most warriors. Rest of my lines continue to back up, keeping their distance as much as possible. I was unable to get the Seaguard far enough away from a possible charge from the herald so reformed into ranks of five to prepare for a possible charge. Molten copper puts another wound on the herald and makes him flammable, healing waters also goes on them, raising a model back. Seaguard fail to wound baby warriors, sloops fail to wound herald, reavers fail to hit the big warrior block. In combat Rymas fluff their lines a bit, killing six warriors losing three in return with the warriors holding.

      My opponent decided this is the time to push on with the herald charging the seaguard. Stand and shoot plinks a wound off and the herald fails his charge! The big warrior block jump through a gateway and land in the ruins facing the flank of my wardens and seaguard. The baby warriors on the right also jump through and go back to back with the big block, chaffing the spear block who were facing the big units rear. One hellmaw also goes through a gateway to pop up on my right flank but wasnt really a charge threat out there. The unengaged baby warriors from the left flank marched forward. His magic phase was a dud with me dispelling everything that succeeded. The Rymas went from slightly fluffing to completely fluffing, failing to wound at all and losing one more knight resulting in a lost round but they stick. my spears charge the baby warriors, i toyed with charging the Seaguard into the Herald to try and hold him in place for a turn but figured I was probably better off trying to get him from range since I didnt have enough static res to make it a reasonable chance. Sea Guard turned to face the large block while keeping the herald in their front arc. Wardens also reformed to face the big block and switched to 5x5 to fit past the Seaguard. The eagles big moment came as it flew in front of the block. Sloops moved to fire on the herald although with hellmaws covering a lot of that side only one of them could do it safely. Dragon flew over to the left side of the ruins threating rear charge on warrior block and flank charge on the baby warriors. I can't remember what I got off in the magic phase but something made the warriors fighting the spears flammable! All my shooting failed to wound. Rymas finally made some headway on the warriors, killing three but taking two more in return. Warriors stuck it out. The spears killed 6 warriors and lost 9 resulting in a tied combat. Those rerolls to wound were priceless as I only rolled up one on the first batch of wounds!

      The block charges the eagle, the herald charges the Seaguard (no stand and shoot wounds this time). The hellmaw at the back charges the nearest sloop on a longish charge through a forest. I couldnt flee though as it would flee towards the other hellmaw. All charges strike home. He puts Breath of Corruption on the herald which I failed to stop with five dice! The Rymas finally finish off the warriors and turn to face the other baby warriors and the two objectives. Spears finish off the warriors they were fighting. I forget to challenge in the Seaguard fight costing me the Seaguard unit. Silly boy. Eagle goes poof in a cloud of feathers and the block reform to face the spears and wardens. Hellmaw only puts one wound on the sloop but its enough to break it and then runs it down on a huge overrun. The spears and wardens go into the front of the warrior block, I debated putting the dragon in the side but was worried about DTs from ruins so I flank charged the baby warrior unit with the Rymas. Both of these failed abysmally and the dragon took DTs anyway! Remaining sloop moves away from hellmaws to continue bombardment of herald, while reavers chaff up the remaining baby warrior unit. In magic I roll a bucketload of twos failing to cast anything which had me worried as I really needed the flammable on the warriors. Sloop takes herald down to last wound. In combat the lack of buffs didnt prove to be decisive, swinging first did. Enough warriors were killed to reduce incoming attacks so that combat was won by 4 and the block got run down.

      In turn 5 the warriors killed off the reavers but got counter charged by spears and wardens and with just hellmaws left my opponent called it.

      An interesting game - hellmaws provide some play options which keep you on your toes. I'm not sure putting the big block right into the mixer was the one though. I think he needed to kill off my chaff before making a move like that. As it was I was able to chaff it until I could get the combo charge I needed. Ryma's fluffing was frustrating, I could have done with them coming back to pressure the hellmaw, herald and warriors in the centre. I remain underwhelmed by exalted heralds - I haven't had any problems dealing with them so far and its a sizeable chunk of points that go into them. I'm trying to get some games against other armies in our club - I know the list handles warriors but need to run it against some gunlines.
    • After the last game I was toying round with an idea - drop the MoCTs kit, bows on the reavers and the flaming standard on the Wardens. Give the Wardens rending banner, and the MoCT Mithril Mail and Flaming Standard. Gives the Wardens an extra point of AP while keeping the rerolls to wound from flaming. Only concern is if 2+ is enough for the MoCT.

      Tested it out last night against some KoE on UB. Its tough to draw overall conclusions on the list from the game - it was a bit of a clusterfuck. Missed out on first turn with a +2 to roll, reavers lost two and panicked first turn, big molten copper on grails only rolled up 5 hits, he charges a Realm Knight bus (had a BSB and duke on pegasus in it) into Wardens on turn 2 needing a rerollable 11. MoCT puts a wound into his BSB, entire warden unit kills one realm knight. His BSB and 2 knights put two wounds into the MoCT, Duke and unit, 6 wounds into wardens. Wardens auto break, roll double 1 on the flee roll, panic the Rymas who flee the board. GG. Failure to make the charge gets the bus flanked by rymas, failure to break the wardens, bus gets flanked by Rymas. I stuck it out for one more turn but after the spears get broken by a unit of grails and the dragon rolls low on an overrun to leave his duke an easy charge into him I threw in the towel.

      So the MoCT equipment change: Taking two wounds from his BSB and knights is reasonable. If the unit survived chances of getting a wound back on him were high and the majority of the damage of the unit had been blunted. It does feel a little weaker, especially since their place in this list is often going to be tanking damage from opponents nastiest units. The extra pip of AP did squat against its primary target but rolling abysmally is going to do that regardless. I'll keep trying it for a bit to see how I like it.
    • A treat this week as this weeks batrep features a new army to play against! Just kidding - its WoDG again, but this time with new rules!

      Despite that list hasn't changed too much:

      Chosen Lord (Envy) on Chariot with halberd
      Sorceror Alchemy Master with Void Talisman
      Sorceror Evocation Adept
      24 Envy (I think) Warriors
      18 Halberd Greed Warriors
      4 HW+Spiked Shield Envy Chosen Knights
      5 Warrior Knights
      3 Feldraks with Halberds
      2 x 5 Dogs
      5 Flayers

      He took Silver Spike, Molten Copper, Word of Iron, Hereditary on the master and the reroll hits and reroll wounds on evocation. I took Silver Spike, Molten Copper, Glory of Gold and Word of Iron on the Master and Awaken the Beast, Healing Waters and Quicksilver Lash on the MoCT.

      Deployment type was Dawn Assault, secondary was capture the flags. He won the roll off for sides and chose the side with a hill. I had ruins on the left of my deployment and a building on the right. We traded drops until he had three left when i dropped for first turn. I had my sloops and Rymas holding the right flank to zone out the Feldraks and Warrior Knights opposite. Spears, Sea Guard were to the left facing the two blocks and Chosen Lord, Wardens on the left flank facing the Chosen Knights with Reavers for company. Eagle was hiding behind the building on the right.

      I moved Wardens and Rymas up aggressively to try and pin back the flanks of his advance. Wardens were turned slightly inwards to threaten flank of bigger warrior block if he moved them up. Sloops and mage moved to get within range of the big warrior block to start chipping wounds off them. Molten Copper got through on the block killing two warriors, Silver Spike on the lord was stopped and Lash put a wound on Chosen Knights. Sloops killed a few more warriors while SeaGuard deleted the dogs in front of his Chosen Knights. Chosen Knights charge reavers who flee, rest of his is line crept forward with only the dogs on the right flank zooming forward to try and get round the building. I think hereditary goes through on Wardens killing one.

      Have 13" charge available on Knights with Wardens but declined it as if I don't break them I take the big warriors in the flank. Instead my line backs up a little, Rymas staying out of range of charges and Wardens lengthening charges for the Knights and Lord. Reavers rally and return to sit inside the Knights charge arc but in no danger of fleeing off board. Had trouble with one sloop having nowhere to go so moved him behind the building to shoot at flanking dogs. Bit of a waste of shooting power but infinitely better than losing the unit. Magic whittled off a few more warriors, left sloop and Sea Guard shot and failed to wound the same unit, right sloop kills one dog. He tanks for a little bit and decided to charge the Wardens with the Chosen Knights and the Lord needing a 9 and an 11 respectively. Both make it. With Wardens tied up the Warriors push forward into the space they were zoning. Feldraks and Warrior Knights continue to stare down the Rymas, dogs creep round to threaten flanks on eagle, sloop and rymas. I mistakenly let through rerolls to hit on wardens, forgetting he was only hitting at ST4, so stopped rerolls to wound instead. Sea Guard take a Molten Copper to the face but he manages to roll worse than I did and they only lose two. In combat his Knight unit doesn't have a champion so the Warden champion throws himself under a Chosen Lord shaped bus. The Wardens and BSB put 5 wounds on the Knights but lose a load in return taking them down to 12 models, the exact amount required to remain steadfast. Whew. They pass their test and reform to ranks.

      The dragon and Sea Guard charge the Chosen combat, Sea Guard into flank of chariot, Dragon into front of Knights. Sloops move to continue barrage on big warrior unit. Spears back up into water to keep out of charge ranges while Ryma's shuffle over, turning slightly to put dogs in front. Reavers chaff the big warrior unit. Awaken the Beast and Word of Iron are dispelled on Wardens but Glory of Gold makes it, making Knights flammable. Molten copper fails to cast. Sloops continue to whittle away warriors. The Sea Guard champion steps forward, closes his eyes, hears some wafting noises then peeks out from under his eyelids. He's still alive! he jabs his spear a couple of times, bounces off the chariot before getting chomped by the Karkadans. Nearly immortalised himself. Rerolls to wound were the clincher as the wardens devastate the unit and the combo of rending, halberds and GoG providing AP3. One knight survives with a couple of wounds (dragon didn't get to swing as the wardens were hogging the last models frontage). The Knights and Lord broke but created an issue. I couldn't send them left from the Sea Guard as this was the direction i'd chaffed the Warriors and posed a real risk of getting flanked. Chasing from the Wardens could end up with unsupported units going into the Warriors as well but I couldnt pass up the opportunity to take the Lord out so the Sea Guard bravely pursued to the front but both units escaped and bounced through his lines. Sea Guard ended up about 2" away from the front of the warriors. His warriors still have to charge the chaffing reavers but since the Sea Guard were going to get charged anyway the reavers fled to live another day so he redirected into the Sea Guard. The second warrior unit didn't charge but advanced past a wood, Lord and Knights rally and the flayers move up to try and assist on that flank. In magic he gets Word of Iron off on warriors but everything else is stopped. The Sea Guard plink off a few warriors but get butchered in return, auto breaking and getting run down.

      This left the warriors there for the taking as the wardens now had a flank on them. The dragon charged the flayers who had strayed too close and they fled off the board (needed 10+) so dragon redirected into lone chosen knight. Reavers rally and chaff his lord, eagle flies to chaff the other warrior block to stop any potential flanks into a Warden overrun. I toyed with charging a sloop into the dogs but decided to shoot them instead. The other sloop faced the second warrior block. I got Word of Iron onto the Wardens but remaining combat buffs were stopped. Right sloop killed two dogs who broke and fled, left sloop picked off a couple of warriors. Wardens killed most the remaining warriors and ran down the rest, dragon killed the Chosen Knight and reformed to flank of second warrior unit. Chosen Lord charges chaffing reavers, the warriors reform to face the dragon and get out of wardens arc while the Feldraks and Warrior Knights continue to loiter on the right flank due to threat from the Rymas. Word of Iron foes through on the Warriors, everything else is dispelled. Lord blows through the reavers and reforms to face dragon.

      Last couple of turns are just me sitting off his army with the objective in the bag while pouring magic and sloop fire into his remaining scoring units while he attempts a coupe of long bomb charges with Feldraks and Lord. The sloops and Alchemy claim the Warrior Knights and made inroads on the Feldraks but not enough to claim any points.

      Final score was a 13-7 going to 16-4 with objective (3-1).

      A couple of errors in the game but none of them were particularly costly although the first Warden fight was squeaky bum time. After that we were well in control and was able to pick and choose my engagements. Unsurprisingly rending banner was a plus in this game and the BSB didn't suffer any ill effects from his slightly reduced protection. This was largely due to having no-one swing at him though! The stars of the show were the Ryma's who did nothing all game but importantly zoned out the whole right flank. 612 points to keep a unit of Feldraks and Warrior Knights out the game is points well spent. The game was being watched by a couple of beginners who had just played their first ever 1000 pt game and even they highlighted them as the MVP. It has also motivated one of them to start collecting HbE!
    • Sure - I can include those. I actually take the pictures for most of the games but then i've been too lazy to add them. Its partly to do with me writing the batreps on company time I guess :D

      My club have a league coming up - it's going to be organised in divisions with games against the other three in your div, promotion/relegation then another set of three games in your new division with a chance to change your list after the first division has finished. I'll probably use this list for the first set of fixtures - two of my likely opponents are the two WoDG players i've been playing recently and I know it works against them!

      I've been piloting a test list on UB as well:

      Prince MoCT with Sliver, Dorac, Willows Ward
      Mounted BSB with Heroes Heart paired weapons and basalt infusion
      Ootfh Adept on YD with Diadem and Alchemists Alloy

      22 Archers with muso
      5 Reavers with bows
      9 Lancers with FC and Ryma Banner

      23 Lion Guard with Navigators
      6 Rymas with muso

      2 SGR

      I've played a clubmate a couple of times with different OnG lists - lost the first 17-3 against his gunline where I made loads of mistakes and a second against a more combative list which I still made mistakes but fewer in number. The second was looking like a loss until my Prince charged out of the Lions into his Iron Orc Warlord on Chariot (had taken a W) and killed him in two turns of combat. He reformed, flank charged a unit of 45 gobbos by himself, broke them and ran them down. Meanwhile my mage and my remaining SGR shot off a wounded giant for a huge 1500 point swing in the final turn! Ended up as a 10-10. I enjoyed that one :D

      I will persevere with that list on UB - its a bit of a change in style for me having never really used foot princes or lions and i'm still getting to grips with how to play it. My tabletop games will continue with the Warden list. The pla is to try and get myself competent enough with both by June where there is an ETC warm up tournament at my club and a singles tournament two weeks later.
    • its been a quiet couple of weeks as my focus was on Blood Bowl due to a run of tournaments and league games this month. I did get a game in on Good Friday though against some VS.

      The list was:

      Tyrant on litter with Doom Blade
      Chief BSB
      Thaumaturgy Magister
      25 Rat at Arms
      30 Rat at Arms
      37 Vermin Guard with Aquila
      12 Footpads
      4 Vermin Hulks with Naptha Launcher
      2 Meat Grinders
      Rotary Gun Weapons Team
      Plague Catapult
      Lightning Cannon
      2 Dreadmills

      I'm just going to summarise this one due to time.

      I give him first turn, lose a few Ryma's to the catapult. Lightning Cannon one shots sloop. I raise a Ryma back and plink a few wounds off the dreadmills. My general gets one shot in turn 2 by the lightning cannon (I shouldn't have left the shot tbh). Rymas and Seaguard take a couple of deaths. Rymas charge one dreadmill, spears with BSB the other. Both win but spears foolishly overrun, fail to reach intended target and get rear charged following turn. Seaguard have a field day against one of the Rat at Arm units as shooting and cover volleying failed charges wipe out half the unit. Reavers charge the Ratling Gun who flees. Spears get rear charged by other Rat at Arms unit, break and flee, escaping but getting devastated by DTs. His general dies without ever seeing combat as the doom blade does work. Spears rally but BSB blows himself up trying to cast regen on remaining spears. Seaguard and Wardens charge remaining Rat at Arms who flee. Thunder Hulks kill enough Sea Guard to force panic who duly do and roll high to flee the board, panicking a sloop in the process who also flees the board. Comets start to trigger which the Wardens shrug off but they devastate the Vermin Guard who get charged by the Wardens. Wardens win, chase down the Vermin Guard and overrun into Rat At Arms. The grinder survives somehow and does enough damage for the Rat At Arms to hold so Thunder Hulks can get a rear charge in. Wardens grind it out to nab both units but not quick enough to grab objective (deployment zone one)

      A couple of key mistakes in there. Letting the lightning cannon get that shot in turn 2 was unnecessary (was trying to get mage into combat turn 2 to protect him but it wasnt needed. Overrunning with the spears was also unnecessary as the Rymas were more than capable of finishing off their dreadmill. A reform puts the Rat at Arms into the front where they lose barring outrageous dice. I then win that flank as Ryma's would survive to get at catapult. It was an amusing game though as half the characters exploded before doing anything worthwhile.

      League starts at the weekend - we're just waiting for the Vale Renegades podcast to be released to reveal draw and lists.
    • The Daemon Legions:
      list looks pretty tough for you to handle
      Scourge really constrains your dragon
      Crusher unit is a nasty proposition
      Your Ryma Knights are really going to need to pull their weight
      Flame Wardens match up pretty well against his infantry MSU

      I don't really get this list
      Splatterers are something to worry about. A few lucky shots could gut your infantry or really hurt your dragon

      Dread Elves:
      Really well rounded list
      Lots of mobile chaffy/irritating units
      Your seaguard should shine in this match up
      Flame Wardens do well in the match up of elite elf infantry

      Should be some interesting match ups!

      Make sure to post some bat reps(with pics)!

    • The Daemon Legions guy is the best player at our club. Even when I dice him I lose :D

      The OnG list I've played with my MoCT Prince/OotFH list and drew 10-10. I don't have the spear to rescue the game this time though!

      I've beaten a similar list of the Dread Elves with an earlier iteration of this list. This one has less magic and heavy shooting - probably my best chance of a win.

      Going down to the club tomorrow (hangover permitting) so might get one or two of these games played tomorrow!
    • The hangover was........pretty bad but I did drag myself down to play my first league game against the Daemons. Armed with a flask of coffee :D

      I do have *some* photos and will add them when I can.

      For the game we rolled secure target and frontline. Guiem won the side roll and gave me a side with a hill and a wall. For spells I took Word of Iron, Molten Copper, Silver Spike and Glory of Gold on Master and Awaken The Beast, Regen and Lash on MoCT. He had Hereditary, Cleansing Fire, Hand of Heaven, Deceptive Glamour and something else from Witchcraft.

      We deployed one for one until it became clear where everything was going so I dropped for a +3. I had Spears on my left flank, then Rymas with reavers in front, Seaguard with dragon behind, and wardens on my right. SeaGuard were claiming a wall in my deployment while wardens were slightly forward of it. Sloops were deployed centrally. Most of his R+F were deployed on my left where one of the markers was with the crushers and the Scourge (nicknamed Billy at the club) on my right flank.

      I lost the first turn roll and Daemons took first turn. Most units advanced to threaten or protect the two markers while his ranged and magic units got in range for first turn shots. Daemons only got the hereditary off on Billy, everything else was stopped or failed. Most of his shooting was still out of range and the few that were bounced off the reavers. No charges from me as I responded to the Daemons movement. Most of mine was shuffling units around so I could make the key move I wanted (and the reason I wanted first turn). There was a hill partially splitting my deployment which I wanted to put the Rymas on for rerollable charges as a zoning threat to control one of the sides of the board. With how deployment panned out I wanted that on the right side to zone the crushers. However losing first turn meant the fiends had effectively shut down the hill itself so I had to settle for zoning the area from further back. In magic good things happened as Silver Spike was dispelled on Billy, Molten Copper goes through on the crushers for no wounds then a good lash roll rolled 4w on Billy with two saved by his ward. In shooting the Seaguard kill five slaughterers!! sloops combine to kill a crusher.

      The left fiends attempt a long charge on the reavers who hold. Guiem mulls two longish charges with Billy and the Crushers but decides against it. Billy flies out to the HbE flank, everything else creeps forward. Magic succeeds in topping up Billys ward save again. Igniters shoot and panic the reavers. No charges from the elves with both SG and Wardens reforming to face Billy and Crushers. A big mistake as they no longer claimed the wall. The Rymas turned to face the left flank where slaughterers were massing. Error #2. Dragon flies to Billys flank. Magic puts wound #3 on Billy and the Seaguard take a few wounds off the flanking fiends. Sloops bounce off Billy. I had a choice between using breath on Fiends or Billy and elected for the fiends, trying to finish them off. Roll up 12 hits! Fiends survive with 1w.

      The errors come back to bit me in the bum as Billy and the Crushers both make their charges on the Seaguard. Stand and Shoot takes wound #4 off Billy :D Furies fly in front of Rymas. Again only 4++ for Billy in magic. Sea Guard get eviscerated for no wounds in return. Crushers reform to face the rear of Rymas, Billy overruns into a sloop. Rymas charge the furies, eagle flies in front of crushers to redirect, wardens and dragon move to threaten counter charges on crushers. Spears move forward to threaten the Daemons R+F. Poor magic and shooting this turn as sloop and mage fail to wound anything. Sloop is killed by Billy who after some debate reforms to face second sloop. Rymas run through furies and overrun where they were sitting ducks for all the daemons R+F. (This may have been an error - I did it because I was worried about a rear from crushers/Billy but the crushers were chaffed and we don't have a photo which shows Billys facing at the time of the decision).

      Billy charges second sloop, crushers charge eagle, the half strength slaughterer unit charge dragon, rymas take charge from slaughterers, and flanks from fiends and second slaughterers. Igniters hammer the spears, taking them down to two ranks. Billy kills sloop, rymas lose and get caught by pursuing slaughterers. Dragon fails to pop the five slaughterers, killing two and taking a wound denying me a shot at finishing Billy off.

      Rest of the fight is just point protection/sniping. Spears charge and fail to kill the slaughterers that overran the Ryma fight. Dragon finishes off the slaughterers holding him up. Billy goes to hide for the rest of the fight. Guiem tries to nick half points from dragon but fails, dragon gets into combat with igniters hoping to pinch some points but also fails.

      Daemons get a 15-5 win going to 18-2 with objective.

      Best man won. Talking to Guiem after made me realise some of my thoughts about what he wanted to do were wrong, crucially that turn 2 reform of the Sea Guard and Wardens. Without it he may have been forced into either standing off where he was increasingly vulnerable or charging a fight he didn't necessarily want. Turning the threat of the Rymas away from the right flank was critical in his decision making too.

      I've also finally got round to trying out the new AD who I haven't touched since 2.0 started, playing a Nosferatu VC list. My list was:

      AD Prince with Starmetal Alloy and Nova Flare
      MoCT with Mithril Mail
      Divi Adept with Void Talisman
      23 archers
      20 Ryma Spears
      2 x 5 bow reavers
      23 Lion Guard with Navigators
      10 QG
      3 SGR

      Won it's first game against Nosferatu VC aided by SGR wiping out a horror in first turn and slapping the other horror around the second. AD nearly died to a big block of ghouls who made a long charge to get to him and then rolled 13/29 6+ poisons in first round.... Spears saved him though and once the ghoul brick had been wiped out and the Lions had got into the second horror my opponent conceded. Do not like the Nova Lance on a dragon rider at all so have switched to Hero's Heart PW, freeing up points for a BoAP on the mage and a Dragon Staff on the AD.

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