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    • Thegoblinsgrotto2018

      Happy New Year T9A community! One of my goals for the year ahead is to document my thoughts, my challenges and what I achieve, daily in my life. This also extends to my hobby life.

      So, to start things off a quick introduction. My name is Ryan I live in the South of England I’m married and I have a 3 year old little girl. I have been playing wargames for close to 25 years now. I’ve dabbled in most games that have been available from talisman type board games, magic style card games and your traditional tabletop wargame.

      But my one true love has always been the fantasy setting, the lore the background etc I can’t get enough of it. This I think has fuelled my love of Warhammer through the ages and now T9A.

      Last year, I was fortunate enough to be given permission to build my own hobby room. (Pics to follow later.) I have a group of five friends who also play T9A and I have spent most of the year getting the room built painted and set up so that we can play at our leisure :)

      This has led to a lack of focus on my own hobby. (In terms of my own models etc)

      So what I plan to do this year is create a set of goals for myself to achieve that hopefully by the end of 2018 I will have something to show for it :)

      Goals for this year:

      1.) Finish my Beast herds army 100%
      (In all my years of hobbying I have never completed an army 100%. By this I mean painted, based, movement trays etc.)

      2.) Sort through the models that I will never use, and move them on.

      3.) Introduce someone new into the hobby, and help them get started. (The above could help with this)

      4.) Attend a T9A tournament.
      (Bristol in February)

      5.) Document what I have achieved hobbywise at least once every month.

      There, a set of goals to achieve. I would love to hear thoughts and ideas from everyone else as I think blogging is a 2 way process.

      Speak soon!

    • The room once the wall paper had been stripped.

      I decided to paint the walls white to try and lighten it up a bit.

      Testing the 6x4 board in the room. Would we have enough room to walk around etc etc

      I then designed a sturdy table and cut all the pieces to the right length etc

      Table assembly

      Once the table was built I decided to wall mount the Mac monitor so that we could look up rules etc

      I hope you like it. I have more pics to upload of the gaming boards we made which will be my next post :)

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