Pinned Models for the Kingdom of Equitaine

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  • Models for the Kingdom of Equitaine

    A discussion thread for finding alternative models for the Kingdom of Chivalry or sharing experience with them. What do you use? What do you like? What would you like to warn us about?

    My own list is here to hopefully start some discussion, but I have zero experience with the army myself, so feedback from people actually playing it would be very valuable to me. Do you use historical models? If so, which ones? I know that the theme is High Middle Ages, but there seem to be multiple styles and I ended up including less alternatives than I would have liked because I simply was not sure.

    (by the way, which name is correct? The one on the forum or the one from the pdf book?)
    Armies of the 9th Age, the models are out there.
  • very good work rowena.

    Just for you to know. Scibor makes some gorgerous men at arms. And some cool characters.,shop.php?art=1766

    Also mantic has some cheap militia in basilea range. Sisterhood on foot from basilea could also be used as pilgrims.

    Fireforge and Perry are cool just a lot smaller than gw ones.
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  • Kratos wrote:

    very good work rowena.

    Just for you to know. Scibor makes some gorgerous men at arms. And some cool characters.,shop.php?art=1766

    Also mantic has some cheap militia in basilea range. Sisterhood on foot from basilea could also be used as pilgrims.

    Fireforge and Perry are cool just a lot smaller than gw ones.
    Thanks very much, I don't know how I missed these. Adding them now. Thanks again. :)
    Armies of the 9th Age, the models are out there.
  • I have deleted the mention when I copied the post from Blogger, as I didn't find the Reliquae in the 9th Age army book, but that was one thing that I haven't really found, at least not yet.
    Most people just convert comething and I have seen various things, including this praying paladin girl (or a kneeling version of her), this carcophagus with some saint's body or some larger decoration. (I don't know where to get a giant fleur-de-lys, but it should be possible). Or maybe a statue of the Lady? This model seems to be gone, but what about this one? Then I suppose you could just make a platform to be carried by the attendants or a very simple cart or wagon, for that I would recommend those wooden sticks for stirring coffee.
    I hope this helps at least a little.
    Armies of the 9th Age, the models are out there.
  • Thanks very much Rowena, definitely food for thought. I may end up purchasing a GW one while they are available, but I may also converting a second, appreciate the help!

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  • trooper wrote:

    My army is made up of only Perry miniatures and Fireforge. Not a GW model in sight!!!

    Must say they look fantastic! The models that is, not my painting.

    So i can strongly recommend them!
    Thanks! Do you have any photos of your army? A real living proof than a non-GW army can be done would be very valuable to us. (We are also thinking about running a competition, but with the team as busy as they are, I'm not sure it will be possible)
    Armies of the 9th Age, the models are out there.
  • Sure thing!
    FYI: I created a crusader army (yea, I know... really original) Anyway. That has limited me a bit in my choises. It's an army on the move, so no Trebuchets.

    And I like the more realistic parts of the game, so no wierd stuff like Pegasus Knights, Knights with 2handed weapons on horseback or battlepilgrims.

    Only three kinds of troops
    Knighs of the Realm and Knights Errant
    Men-at-Arms and Archers
    Mounted squires (turcopoles)

    Explanation of what you see:

    Both Fireforge and Perry miniatures are really great models, true 28mm, but it works fine in size anyway, they don't appear small, only realistic and propotional (I really have what GW has done with the size of models and weapons over the years). Perry might be a Little better quality and design, but on the other hand, that is what you can expect from the Perry brothers!

    Knights are Templars and Sergeants from Fireforge. The models in the two different boxes are very similar, if I remeber correctly the only difference are the helmets. There are only open helmets in the Sergeant box and mixed in the Templar box.

    Turcopoles in the bottom are my Mounted Yeomen (once they are completed). They are metal models from Perry miniatures, the crusader range

    The priests are my wizards, and they are also from Perry miniatures, the crusader range

    Infantry, this is where I made a mistake. They are from Perry miniatures (really great and all, but they are from the period of War of the roses in England, so around 1450). But when I bought my army, there were no medieval infantry from Fireforge as today. However Fireforge have no Archers, only crossbows. Also, I cut the long pikes into Spears.

    Knights of the Realm = Knights Templar

    Knights Errant = Mounted Sergeants (non-noble Knights)

    Men-at-Arms and bowmen

    Cote of arms: County of Tripoli

    Cote of arms: mixed

    Wizards and Mounted Yeomen = Priests and Turcopoles
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  • Sure!
    You can get almost all models.

    With the trebuchet model you have showen above.
    The knights pack from Fireforge contains at least 2 flails. They will work as a 'morningstar' that way you can build questing knights. Ok, not with 2handed weapon but quite god enough.

    The battle pilgrims you can bild with most medieval infantry models
    There are several metal knights on horseback to be used as heroes/lords. I even think you can find something ladys on horseback.

    So, with this you cover all but Pegasus

    You can also build a very good looking empire army, if you can live with it being 15-16th century and not 17th.
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  • I never got the chance to reply in the thread, but here it goes!!

    Thanks :)
    I'm spurprised no one else had an army to present!

    Right, I should note down what the army should look like! The Grand army that is, all included. TAC 0.8

    First of, i usually only play with 2 heroes, but if included all, it's three.
    If we get to keep the templar hero, he is in! A fantastic character for us!

    Templar hero, general
    Lance, shield, horse. Mithril helm. (As1+/1+ 4+W)

    Templar hero, BSB
    Lance, shield, horse. War standard, Hardend shield, dusk stone (As1+/1+ 4+W)

    Templar hero
    Lance, shield, horse. Dragonscale helm (As1+ 4+W)

    High priest, lv4
    Horse. Dispell scroll

    2 * priests, lv2


    12 knights of the land
    FC, Banner of Discipline

    12 KotL

    9 KotL
    FC, banner of courage.

    6 KotL

    6 KotL

    12 Free riders
    FC, gleaming Icon

    6 freeriders

    36 men at arms

    36 men at arms

    20 archers
    Mus., flaming attacs

    20 archers

    10 Archers

    10 Archers

    8 mounted milita
    Shield, mus

    7 mounted milita
    Shield, mus

    Thats it!!!
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  • I have been mixing my GW models with alternative companies' modelparts, so here's a comparison if you're thinking of buying these for conversions and unitmixing:

    Fireforge: As Bretboy84 mentioned, these are a bit smaller than GW, most notably they have short, flimsy arms. It's hard work to mix these bits with GW men at arms bits, but possible.

    Mirliton: sells foot knights, mounted knights and conversion bits, such as helmets. All these items are a bit small, but some are useable. The mounts are too small, comparable with the 1980ies metal GW horses, not even close to GW plastic horses size. The foot knights are 1 piece, but roughly the same size as fireforge. put one on a GW base and it fits ok in a Men at arms unit.

    Gamezone Fuedal knights are a good size to mix, although the infantry is a bit taller than GW infantry.
    The GW horses are a bit wider, so if you want to put a GZ knight on a GW barded horse, you're gonna have to spread those legs a bit further. which is harder than it may seem.

    Scibor Humans are bigger than GW infantry. Theyre 30mm and they stand out if you mix them in a Men at arms unit. But in real life some humans are bigger than others aswell. They are really pretty though. Scibor also sells conversion parts, like helmets. those can be mixed well.

    edit- ps. I don't know an alternative for the reliquarie, but dang, if anything in the GW line is pretty it's that one! don't use an alternate for that :)
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  • This is likely the model I'll be using for the Bretonnian Siege Ballista, and changing the crew, of course! This is GW's Uruk Hai Ballista from their LotR range, in case anyone didn't know.
    • 99811499001_UrukhaiAssaultBallistaNEW02.jpg

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    I would cut off your head, Dwarf, but I don't want to look up the rules for mounted combat right now.

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