Colonial Carnage Battle Reports!

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    • Colonial Carnage Battle Reports!

      Colonial Carnage Battle Reports!

      I am excited to share with you my experience at Colonial Carnage, a 4-man team tournament hosted in Williamsbur, VA in the U.S. This is my first team tournament experience and my first time bringing ogres to a competitive environment. I was appointed captain by my clubmates for team Green Dragons and in the hustle and bustle of the tournament I forgot to take pictures… so I am left only with my fresh memory of the event. I hope you all enjoy and for OK players I have some thoughts I will share at the end about my list and how the units performed.

      My list:

      Ogre Khans


      Shaman: Wizard Master/Pyromancy/Crown of Autocracy/Book of Arcane Power/Gut Roarer (620 pts.)

      Khan: BSB/Heavy Armor/Wrestler’s Belt/Troll Eater/Iron Fist/Flaming Standard (455 pts.)


      9 Bruisers: FC (748 pts.)

      3 Bruisers: (190 pts.)

      3 Bruisers: (190 pts.)


      5 Trappers (80 pts.)

      5 Trappers (80 pts.)

      Powder Keg:

      6 Mercenary Veterans: Brace of Pistols/FC/Poison/Accurate/Pennant of the Great Grass Sky (842 pts.)

      Scratapult: (260 pts.)

      Scratapult: (260 pts.)

      Chained Beasts:

      Slave Giant: Iron Fist (300 pts.)

      Rock Aurochs: (475 pts.)

      4,500 pts.

      Note: Somebody pointed out to me after list submissions that I could not take heavy armor with the Khan in combination with the wrestler’s belt. A simple oversight on my part, he comes with light armor anyway so I just counted it as that and ousted myself 10 points for my mistake.

      My club mates were Mark (SirMC2015), Dan (Dan), and Chris (RedFang). Mark is a veteran player with a lot of experience and tournament success. I consider myself to be a decent player with some experience and tournament success. Dan and Chris are both veteran players, however, they have both returned to the hobby after some interlude so were a bit rusty. We were excited for our first team event but were not projected by others to place high (8 teams total). If anyone is interested in specifics I will share them but my club mates’ lists were as follows:

      Mark-KoE (medium block of forlorn, big bus of KoR with impacts, unkillable general in

      questing knights, backed by scorpions and chaff)

      Dan-DH (MMU dwarves, 2 kings guard units and one deepwatch, supported by redundant

      magic, rune crafted organ gun and catapult)

      Chris-DE (Balanced but aggressive list with good synergy between altar, divination magic, and

      beast master with heavy hitters of “dread judges,” hydra, kraken, and knights with

      blood banner)

      Game 1: Green Dragons Vs. CGL Team #1

      We had weeks to analyze the matchups and my first act as captain was a complete blunder., I put down my list first instead of Mark’s (which is the list we wanted down first)... Ironically enough, however, we got all the matchups we wanted anyway. I paired myself against a very talented and experienced U.S. ETC player with arguably the most feared list at the tournament. He was sporting a UD army with the legion pharaoh and 4 units of dreaded scarab swarms. These bugs had ethereal, skirmish (and hard target!), lethal strike, tons of attacks, and could have their off and def skill upgraded to 5 by the Pharoah…The rest of his list was relatively straight forward, two casters, a casket, two 5-man chariot units, a skelly bunker, and two 6-man shabti units with paired weapons.

      We had standard battleline and hold the center for objectives. A note should be made here that my opponent was surprised to learn that I had pyromancy (I was the only person at the tourney with it), which is the sole reason I had a chance against this list. He deployed first and gave me first turn as he wanted last licks on the objective. My goal was to sit back and zone while grabbing points on the objective and playing exterminator with my pyro spells. My trappers scouted, vanguarded, then marched on turn 1 to completely chaff both of his chariot units that he placed on one flank (I believe this was a mistake on his part). I moved the Rock Aurochs and other units to counter charge easily if the chariots decided to charge, which now put his one flank in a compromised position. I followed through with my plan and threw pyro spells and pistol shots into his swarms scoring a wound here and there. My opponent was forced to tactically retreat with some of his forces including his chariots which tried to shoot off the pesky trappers.

      With little room to move back my opponent’s forces were exposed to charges and overruns. My merc vets used their swiftstride (with a reroll from being on a hill) to get into one of his weakened scarab swarms and a rock aurochs hit the same unit in the flank. With such high volume damage, ethereal was not enough to save it. The rock aurochs pivoted and the merc vets overran into the flank of one of his shabti units. At this point my opponent called a timeout as he saw things were not looking good. As I don’t have pictures I can only do my best to sum up the rest of the game. Essentially, my opponent gave up on the center handing me the objective because his one flank was compromised. He counter charged with more swarms into my mercs fighting his shabti to try and save them. In the end, he had two shabti left but my mercs did break only to later rally and then hide behind a hill to conserve points. His chariots finally got rid of my chaff and one unit charged my rock aurochs. S4 impact hits bounced off harmlessly however and the monster did several wounds back popping the weakened unit. This let the rock aurcohs loose to continue his killing spree on turn 3 by flank charging into his bunker and killing the unit entirely (pharaoh and two casters also). Between the rock aurcohs, my chariots, and the crumble checks just about everything was cleaned up. Some comic relief was provided when my pyromancy destroyed his casket which exploded and killed my rock aurochs nearby.

      On turn 6 my caster went insane and nuked the last remaining shabti unit down to 3 models. In a last minute gambit to grab points the shabti charged my stumbling giant which had failed its charge the last turn. They did several wounds to it invoking his rage. The big guy beat the unit down to below half points and stuck. At the end of the game he had one unit of Shabti below half and one scarab base left. 20-0 for OK.

      Post Game and other matches: This was a fantastic and unexpected start for me as I rated this a yellow match at best. My opponent was an extremely good sport given the circumstances and even leant me a chariot base (which I had forgotten to bring with me) to use for the rest of the tournament. He admitted to several mistakes early in deployment and movement which ended up costing him. For me, my battle plan worked with all my forces doing their part (even the giant got some points!). MVP’s were definitely the pyromancy shaman and the trappers. As for round 1 we ended up getting a large win. Mark played a scourge wrath list and was able to take the monstrosity down (at one point it looked like his entire army was engaged with it), netting him a 19-1. Dan played a surprisingly elusive KoE list with a deathstar forlorn block. Dan was able to chase him down enough to secure a 12-8. Chris was in an elven civil war against HBE. It was a tight game but his opponent played well and grabbed some points and the objective at the end, 16-4 loss.

      With a big win under our belt we unfortunately were paired up against the “Brave Companions” (comprised of all U.S. ETC team members) in round 2, heavy favorites and last year’s winner. Stay tuned… =O
    • Game 2: Green Dragons Vs. The Brave Companions

      We all knew this would be a tough matchup but followed through as best we could with the matchups. I unfortunately threw myself on a grenade to give my club mates some more favorable lists. I ended up playing a KoE list (ugh, horrible matchup for ogres) that was fielded by another experienced and talented ETC player. Ironically, this player had actually given me some valuable tips on list-building for my ogres prior to this tourney (during a UB game) so he knew my list well.

      Our deployment was counterthrust and breakthrough. He fielded an all knight list with two hippo lords, a few units of yeoman, two smaller realm units, a big questing knight unit, a big realm unit with impact hits banner, and a green knight. My strategy was to hold back since I had the ranged advantage and see if I could maybe get a few charges set up with my chaff in order to break through his lines and out of the lance multi-charge danger zone. This was the only game in the tourney where I felt pyromancy was almost entirely useless. All I could hope for was to try and clear his yeoman out…

      Smartly, during deployment my opponent spread his chaff out far and wide to avoid as much ranged as possible. On turn 1 I roll triple 4’s on three dice casting an aura flaming swords forgetting it for the rest of the game :O further diminishing my magic prowess. I position my units trying to feel him out. On his 1 he declares two early charges. I had accidentally moved my bruiser block with both of my characters a little too far up as they were a 10 charge out from his knights rather than the 11 I thought they were. He double charges with his realm bus (which was on a hill) and his general on a hippo into the unit going for a home run early. To his dismay the realm knights trip over each other and fail the 10 re-rollable and his general goes in alone. In his movement phase he neglects to chaff up my Rock Aurochs to the left of my bruisers (a critical error as he thought the monster was in the front of his general). Another mistake was made when he realized that he forgot to bring his green knight in that turn (this actually proves to be helpful for him later). In the combat his general does unspeakable things to my champion but the rest of the ogres yawn and pass their steadfast check…

      On my turn two, with no roadblocks in the way, my rock aurochs barrels into the flank of his general flattening him (I imagine a bus blindsiding an absentminded pedestrian). In my turn I also see an opening and charge my merc vets into a smaller dart of realm knights. He considers fleeing but then decides against it, overestimating what the mercs would do if they re-directed into his questing knights. The mercenaries kill the knights to a man and now pivot behind his lines to the flank, staring down his questing knights. After the rock aurochs combat, it pivots on its large base to prevent the realm bus from doing a counter multi-charge into my bruiser unit with the questing knights. At this moment I thought I laid a clever trap but actually screwed up. My bruisers were behind a forest. I thought that his knights, if they chose to charge would not only take dts but also have their ranks disrupted, allowing me to be steadfast and then countercharge and kill them (along with the BSB). Unfortunately I forgot that forests only prevent steadfast not ranks…

      He charges the realm bus into the monster and set up the questing knights to charge my bruisers/characters the following turn. He now remembers that his general should have come back alive with 1 wound left but it was too late to go back and re-do the combat. Plus we figured the bruisers would likely kill him anyway after the rock aurochs. This discussion prompted him to remember to bring in his green knight, however, which was in the perfect position to chaff my merc vets from counter charging either unit, damn! In magic I let him buff the realms, resigning that the monster was likely going down and tried to stop the questing knights from getting buffed. In combat he avenges his fallen general and kills the great beast. He pivots the unit to face the flank of my mercs so that if they get held up fighting the green knight he could counter charge.

      We had been going back and forth at this point but I saw a real opportunity to win the game and seized it. I charged the merc vets into the green knight which is what he expected. I then charge a scratapult that I had moved up previously into the flank of the green knight. The green knight is stubborn but only has 3 wounds and against my attacks would have a 4+ 5++. This was my best chance to kill the green knight and if he perished my units would criss-cross on the overruns. My scratapult would hit his positioned realm bus in the front to hold it up on his turn from countercharging and my mercs would hit the flank of his questing knights/BSB and hopefully run them down. On the other side my giant began taunting his other hippo lord to charge it. I don’t expect him to win that fight but just hold him up with steadfast until help arrives. In my last game on UB his green knight had singlehandedly ruined me by staying alive against all odds, could he do it again now with the stakes so high!?

      The answer is yes, yes he can. I had d6+4 s5 impact hits at ap 2. Followed by 7 s3 scrapling attacks, 3 s5 ap 2 attacks from the rhino, and 17 s5 ap 2 attacks from the mercenaries…and he survived with 1 wound remaining and passed his stubborn 8 check. I get a gold star for trying though. It was at this point I knew I was going to lose so resigned to just trying to scoop up as many points as possible.

      On his turn he charged everything. Questing knights go into my bruisers/characters. Against the bruisers he kills many needing 2s and 2s while I kill roughly half of his unit in return. I had lost by enough that I needed a 4 or 5 rerollable to stick but fail to do so. He catches my unit but fails to run off the board. His realm bus obliterates my merc vets in the flank with all the impact hits, however, my scratapult gets some revenge by chipping off the last wound on the green knight, sending him back to Chaucer’s grave once more. He takes the bait and charges his other hippo lord into my giant. With parry I avoid some damage and hold on steadfast, but unfortunately there will be nobody left to go and help him in the protracted fight L

      Desperate for points I charge the rear of his questing knights/BSB with a scratapult and one of my bruiser darts. I actually win combat and chase the unit off the board securing a lot of points! The giant can’t get through the lord’s armor but holds him up for another turn. At this point my opponent picks off the one bruiser dart and chariot still in play, and waits with his other units to intercept the bruisers and scratapult that had pursued off the board. My giant finally loses his nerve and fails his steadfast check, the hippo lord runs him down to put him out of his misery. With too many turns left in the game I can’t avoid his units and they clean up my recently victorious bruiser dart and scratapult, completely tabling me and winning the objective. Despite getting trounced I did secure a lot of VP’s and ended up taking an 18-2 in favor of the KoE.

      Post-Game and other matches: This was a fun and interesting game. It was a tough matchup for me but I had a couple of chances to win and thought I had moments where I played really well, especially with my plan on the crisscross overruns that did not come to fruition. At the same time, I did not play perfectly and made two mistakes. 1. Moving my bruiser unit too close on turn 1, which could have ended really badly. 2. I should have known about the forest rule and been more conservative. At the same time my opponent also played very well but at times made errors with his chaff and forgetting his own army rules. These things seemed to balance each other out in the end. His clear MVP was his green knight. My MVP was my scratapults for their valiant efforts in combat.

      My other club mates did not fair well either unfortunately. Chris was matched up against a very skilled OK player and his mammoth nerfed Chris’ agility advantage ending in a 20-0 for OK. Dan was up against the captain of team U.S.A and a foot slogging VC list. Dan’s units simply could not out-grind him and the winged reapers wrought havoc. I was called over for a timeout on turn 6 and asked what he should do. At that point, I knew we had already lost so I suggested he charge his 15-man Kings Guard into his Barrow Guard with general and necro in it and try to assassinate them both. Dan follows through. His KG smash the necros head in and then take on the vamp. They slip 3 wounds through and the vamp is left with only a 6+ 5++ for saves. Dan’s opponent rolls 3 dice and fails the armor saves…his face drops and there is dead silence around the table. If he can’t roll a five with his 3 remaining saves then it will be at least a 2,000 point swing for Dan. He rolls em and gets 1 five! Ugh, so close, but what a great way to end the game. Still, 20-0 for VC. In the matchups I was able to give Mark a clear green matchup with his KoE against a shooty msu SA list. The SA player is also very talented but did not have the tools to deal with knights. Mark ran him down but the SA clung to tie the objective with their couple remaining units. 17-3 for Mark and his KoE.

      This was a big loss for us but the rounds were still capped and we now hoped that with the most talented team out of the way that maybe we could submarine ourselves back to the top. Stay tuned…
    • Game 3: Green Dragons vs. IFL (Iron Finger League)

      Well after getting a beat down we all decided to drown our sorrows with not just a couple beers and see if we couldn’t begin submarining our way back to the top. In round 3 we would have to go Through IFL and their merry band of red shirt wearing gamers. After the matching process I was paired up with a gentleman I had played in a previous tournament. He was once against sporting a shifty HBE army and my ogres were hungry!

      Off the bat I have to mention two thing about this game. 1. This particular opponent is an absolute blast to play against. We had a hell of a good time and he was constantly cracking me up. 2. This was also the worst tactical game I played at the tournament. A combination of many beers and a long day probably didn’t help but my opponent’s tactical hilarity may have also thrown me off, lulling me into a false sense of security…

      We had the refused flank deployment and hold the center for our objective. His list comprised of a unit of flame wardens with the rending banner, two mages 1 with cosmo and I forget the other, a flame phoenix, two sky sloops, two eagles, 13 0r 14 Queen’s Guard, two units of lancers, and a block of spearmen. We went drop for drop then he placed everything for first. My deployment was a mess and I ended up having to make up for it the rest of the game. I deployed too far back in anticipation of his first turn shooting (I was terrified of his queens guard!). In addition I deployed the merc vets on the wrong side facing the queens guard instead of trying to shoot down the fire phoenix. On his turn 1 he swung the phoenix around my one flank because I was a dope and didn’t zone it with anything. Then he just shuffled things around not wanting to commit. My opponent’s magic phases were a mixed blessing. I let through his magic missile every turn which did hurt me, however, I always saved my dice to stop his hereditary spell (he didn’t get it off once the entire game because F*%k that spell).

      Because of my bad deployment and his phoenix doing a little fire damage to my back line I had to be cautious as well and take out his shooting/chaff. My opponent smartly hid his eagles behind terrain so that I couldn’t roast them! Over the next few turns my mercs shot down one of his sloops and my mage summoned all of his pyromania into the Queen’s guard burning every last one of them. Meanwhile my opponent was leading my rock aurochs around by the nose because I deployed him too far from my general and BSB, ugh. Even so the rock aurochs killed his one unit of knights and an eagle. His shooting and magic opened up on my merc vets killing all but the champ on one wound. Knowing I would lose the unit, he made an easy charge into his chaffing eagle, killing it before dying in glory the following turn. Losing the merc vets hurt big as that was a ton of points.

      My opponent tried to get somewhat aggressive towards the end as I had been holding the center for him and would likely win the objective. There were points in the game where he discussed charges with me that would be a bit unpredictable or risky for him. He ended up taking the cautious route holding back with his wardens which would have been surrounded by my rock aurochs, giant, and darts if they committed. My bruisers charged his spear block at the end of the game which he smartly fled with. Unfortunately he rolled high and failed to rally with them netting me some undeserved points. In the end we tallied it up and were less than 100 pts. apart. A well fought game by my opponent but the advantage was in my favor for the objective. 13-7 win for OK.

      Post Game and other matches: This was an exceptionally fun game if not a rather bloodless and poor tactical one on my part. MVP for me was the bruisers who sat on the objective and taunted those flame wardens to come at me. Taunting, rather than fighting seems to be what they are exceptionally good at which is fine by me as long as they aren’t dying. Our other games were a mixed bag. Dan’s game against a monster mash SA player was a back and forth affair with huge swings in momentum. However, the end was a 10-10 draw for him. Mark was pitted against another widely feared list, the only VS representative with a devastating gunline and thaumataurgy. Mark said that druidism was an absolute lifeline. It was a bloody affair and after Mark took 6 turns killing all of his chaff he pulled off a 16-4 win with the objective in hand. Unfortunately Chris again had trouble with ogres, this time a wild heart list and got stomped in a stampede of bellies and fur. He only managed a point or two. After this game I promised him he was officially off ogre duty the rest of the tournament having been traumatized day 1. After All was said and done we squeaked out a small win by 1 point to end the first day. Day 2 we had ground to cover but still had our aim set high! Stay tuned…