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    • Okay, so

      Giladis wrote:

      Both DE and HE will have classical architectural influences, as will the eastern part of Arcalea and the Monopatea.

      is the situation in a nutshell (I was right about DE! :) ).

      So if you do do anything Grecian, it would be a good fit for HBE and DE, but we also have some minor human civilizations (i.e. not ones that have their own army book :) ) that would count too. Hope that was vaguely helpful!

      Background Team

    • Carthaginian Architecture & Aesthetics

      Just tossing out reference material to inspire ideas, since you mentioned possible Carthaginian style terrain. So little remains of ancient Carthage's buildings (the capital city itself was razed to the ground and then later built-over by the Romans) that much is guesswork. It was a Phoenician colony, sitting close to western Greek colonies and being part of the larger Mediterranean world, which was being permeated by Greek cultural influences: See how Rome aped Hellas down to its very gods.

      Display Spoiler
      This may be of interest on Carthaginian architecture: The mix of styles include Greek and Egyptian. But mostly it's Middle Eastern Phoenician style incl. flat roofs and possibly also decorative crenellations on domestic houses given this surviving depiction of a Punic city (buildings surrounded by city wall?):

      Possibly stepped crenellations, given Carthage's Levantine roots, under millennia of heavy Mesopotamian influence.

      Carthage sported some of the world's first high-rise buildings (6 storeys tall at the main streets) and parts of the city was built in a hellenistic grid pattern. Houses sported central courtyards with narrow corridors leading into the middle.

      Doing terrain with Carthage in mind would not only give you pieces that could fit into the Persian world, but could even be of interest for hellenistic scenery given the apparent mix of local styles and Greek architecture and decor for some buildings. In T9A such mixed style could easily represent Infernal Dwarf settlements in the equivalent of the Levant (with residual neighbour influences from both Avras/Rome and Naptesh/Egypt), or even Copper Dwarf above-ground dwellings, or older parts of the human city Amharaq/Carthage/Tunis).

      Proto-Aeolic capital, Phoenician architectural invention and forerunner of Ionic capital:

      Assyrians attacking Tyre, Carthage's mother city:

      Ancient History Encyclopedia wrote:

      A helpful source of information on Phoenician architecture is the Bible’s I Kings 6-7 description of King Solomon’s temple. This was, of course, built at Jerusalem in the 10th century BCE but the architects and artists involved in its construction were Phoenician and its layout matches temple descriptions at Phoenician sites and the wider region. Its general design shows a significant influence from Egyptian architecture.
      Notice the corner horns, artist's interpretation copied from altars:

      The Second Temple may give further visual pointers, as a Canaanite style monumental building with Hellenic influences (note columns):

      As to horned altars:

      This one is not Canaanite, but Egyptian from Karnak:

      Temple remnants of Phoenician Amrit, note decorative stepped crenellations on the centerpiece:

      Proposed reconstruction:

      A couple of 4th century BC tomb towers at Amrit:

      Temple of the Obelisks in Byblos:

      Phoenician ivory inlays, sporting obvious Egyptian influences:

      Other Phoenician art:

      The Phoenician city of Tyre, mother of Carthage:

      The harbour of Carthage, a partially Hellenized Punic city:

      Carthaginian buildings by Wildfire Games:

      Carthaginian buildings by LordGood:

      And lastly, we're fortunate to have Mr. Cyns' interpretation in model scenery of a richer Phoenician/Carthaginian dwelling:

      Mausoleum of Thugga, 2nd century BC Punic monument

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    • Hello Karak Norn Clansman. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful examples - I really like the modelled Carthage home by Mr Cyn.

      Yes! I was looking at Carthage and whatever architecture remains but the Romans did a good number on the city, tore it apart, and not much of it remains. I do agree with the Tyre and surrounding area influence - actually, all of the Mediterranean had influenced each other in some way or form! You get pillars and columns all over the middle eastern from Greek influence, you get planned cities based on Hellenestic designs, you get stuff like my Tower - where the Mesopotamians had the first of the Lamassu but the imagery and worship behind them lasted well into the Assyrian and even the ends of the Achaemenid Empire (and their art also depicts this, see Gate of All Nations). Egypt as well would have been heavily influenced by all these areas.

      One also has to remember too that Empire building spread a lot of ideas all over the place. Greeks Colonised so many places. The Achaemnid Empire was huge for hundreds of years (and had an excellent postal and highway system)! So it is no surprise to find bits and pieces of other cultures travelling around a bit. It would not surprise me to see Carthage built in a mixture of many major ancient cities like Tyre.

      It just goes to show you that the old world was not so enclosed despite what people think - perhaps for the farmers and common people some folks never left their village or domestic area of life, but for the scholar and soldier and merchant the ingenuity and spread of art, technology and architecture. As a model designer it is quite fun trying to rebuild pieces into terrain. Like my tower - Did a tower like this ever exist? I cannot tell you. But using Ancient( even a little medieval), desert, and religious symbols I was able to put together something like the Desert Empire Guard Tower... that "Could have" existed , but in the Fantasy world works out wonderfully. Afterall, many of the Fantasy models and pieces we use are based of history.

      Now, I thank all of you fellows who put in your input. After consulting with my team I think a Temple of some sorts of Greek design may be in the works, but before it becomes a reality the next thing one has to consider is - what is going to work for people? The first tower I designed was built of my own interest, out of my own mind. But will it sell as well as something else I could have made? So far, the internet has had a few sales, but I have sold more locally to those in interest of other games. The next project , I think, needs to be something far more generic, something that everyone could make use of to open up the markets if it where. And also something smaller (Because shipping costs are sort of high for the tower as it is a decent sized piece!)

      I cannot wait to show you all what else we can come up with, but in order to continue running as a company much careful research and planning must be involved ;) Hope to present more to you all, soon!
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    • Cheers! If hunting generically desired low shipment cost terrain, then small Egyptian and Graeco-Roman pieces seem a safe bet: Right here I won't say useful, because wargames could theoretically be played with paper-cut outs or markers, but we all want good looks, so a kit of rank and file miniatures is in the end just as useful as a piece of finely crafted impassable terrain.


      Display Spoiler
      You could do the Reclining Attis from Ostia:

      Or Etruscan sarcophagi:

      Could be good loot for tomb raiding and ever useful in both historical and fantasy collections.

      You know what really is missing? 28mm scale Persian bull-topped pillars! Think of all the Achaemenid and Macedonian collections that exist out there which would hunger for some quality terrain details to build the King of King's palace. Could also be a first step toward making the Stair of All Nations. Infernal Dwarf collectors would love to have some, as rank fillers if nothing else:

      You could also do a Roman fountain, like this one, but with a much fancier sculpted head and decor (otherwise it is easy to scratchbuild):

      Or maybe Caryatid pillars:

      Or possibly one small section of these multi-story Hellenistic buildings, as a compartment ready to be smacked onto a simple stone wall scratchbuild, and then multiplied over and over to create such a detailed facade:

      Or the arched front porch of the Temple of Hadrian. Again, something that can be limited in size, have a widely desired aesthetic and be used as a smack-dab add-on decoration piece to scratchbuilt/Hirstart moulded terrain:

      Here's a wild card. You won't believe it sells, but expensive resin wall relief plates actually do sell from my experience. It's not something most hobbyists can make themselves to a highly detailed degree, and something surprisingly many are willing to pay for to add into their collection. I've had to restock my Infernal Dwarf wall reliefs (holes bored through them to provide "pillars" due to mould suction over such a thin area), so that mould investment repaid itself rapidly for its limited niche:

      I've no idea if you plan to make monsters, rank and file models or suchlike. But one scenery thing which might sell, would be Xerxes watching the battle of Salamis from a luxurious throne, possibly on some decorated platform or even with a pavillion, who knows?

      It'd give collectors an instant Persian king model, which could be used for other ancient Middle Eastern monarchs with a bit of tweaking. If you were to make the king a separate piece from the throne, then Chaos Dwarf and suchlike collectors might find extra use for it. One could even include a servant (or Roman emperor Valerian?) acting as a footstool for the ruler to spice the kit.

      Just throwing ideas at you. Best of luck whatever you do!

      If shipment holds you back, then I would suggest you look into high detail intensity historical architecture and art that can cater to both history, fantasy (and the occasional 40k/sci-fi customer, imagine Norse carvings bought for spicing up a Space Wolf collection). For large stuff, trust that people can build or 3D-print the superstructure themselves for all but the most complicated stuff, and provide them with surface decorations, statues, pillars and colonnaded porches to make their scratchbuilt rectangular block houses into palatial temples and monumental centerpieces.

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    • Already posted there and in ID wiki. :)

      Besides, a more detailed version of the Lion of Babylon could make for a neat scenery release (or perhaps a lion gate or a fiery bull altar?):

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    • So long as it can be duel-used as unit fillers or assembled into some sort of larger terrain piece would work.

      The vermin Swarm are very romano-Byzantine (but...not as polished and more ruinous - think the Franks living in Roman Ruins, calling themselves Roman).

      So if you go for a temple - thats awesome for terrain (and great for Historicals/Gangs of Rome/others!) but try and make it so it can be broken into smaller pieces to fit on a 40x40mm square base.

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      - Grouchy Badger

    • Hello everyone.
      Just to give you all a bit of an update - Due to the excessive amount of old model / scenery building stock hanging around the tiny room I call a warehouse, we're soon going to be releasing a whole bunch of custom made , cheaper level items to try and push it all out. This will make room for our future projects and poly-resin terrain that we've got coming in.

      Also, our next batch of towers are on the go. Our next set of inventory will include unpainted versions of the Tower, so for those who want to paint from the initial poly-resin casting without the paint job we've thrown on it, expect to see that out sometime in mid-August!

      Thank you for all your suggestions and updates. Looking forward to continue working with this community!
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    • Tower received, and it's a great one! Well crafted in details, and of a good size. The prepaint job is welcome, too. I'll eventually convert it extensively with a host of add-on details and repaint it, but until then I have a ready-made tower to put on the table.


      Thank you so much for putting this on the market! Looking forward to your future projects.
    • Karak Norn Clansman wrote:

      Tower received, and it's a great one! Well crafted in details, and of a good size. The prepaint job is welcome, too. I'll eventually convert it extensively with a host of add-on details and repaint it, but until then I have a ready-made tower to put on the table.


      Thank you so much for putting this on the market! Looking forward to your future projects.
      Awesome! Glad to hear! Looking forward to seeing your conversions and add-ons! I think there's a lot one could do with it since the walls are quite basic.

      I'd like to add while I have the chance, since sales have been going decently and I've ordered more to be made and have had the price lowered a little bit! You can check them out at or

      Let me know if anyone has any questions!
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    • Hello everyone

      Just to let you all know, my original stock of the Desert Empire Guard Tower is nearly sold out. The tower has been well received and has sold well beyond my expectations! It was my intention to create an item that could be used in various wargames and customers are using it for both fantasy and historical gaming and I am happy to see both genres of wargaming covered! Woohoo! :)

      That being said, August is upon us and the next batch of towers is nearly complete. Included in this batch will be a number of unpainted towers, set in their original white poly-resin form. This will be available within the next couple weeks or so for those who'd rather prime and paint up the tower on your own!

      Finally - my next project is in the works. I will take a step away from the Desert Empire for now and dip my toes in another project, one that is much more generic but covers again historical and fantasy settings. It will not be anything unique in the wargaming world, but I am hoping to design it in a way that stands out amongst the other versions of it out there... I think many 9th age players could make use out of it!

      Thank you all for the support and comments. I look forward to continue this awesome venture!

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    • Hello everyone!

      The next batch of towers have come in and the stock has been updated for the current stock. There will probably be some price adjustments on eBay that will permanently lower the costs. Etsy should stay relatively the same.

      Furthermore, a number of towers will now be sold without the paint job, so anyone who wants the raw poly-resin form to paint on their own will soon be able to order it in. I am currently working on a listing for those and I will post up a link for their sale pages on Ebay and Etsy soon.

      There's also a website in the works that I am designing, but until that comes out, Ebay and Etsy will remain the main sale platforms that I use.

      Finally, the next project will appear on kick starter. I am putting out a number of different genres that could easily be used in both fantasy and historical settings and plan to cycle through them, adding new content to each scenery series as I go. Stay tuned for more info as I continue to work through the next project.
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    • Squirrelloid wrote:

      What's shipping like to the US for the Tower?
      Shipping to many countries including the USA is listed as free on Ebay and is included in the price.
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    • Hello everyone.

      Both items are live , both on Etsy and Ebay now. You may notice the fees vary slightly between Ebay and Etsy from time to time, but it's generally the same price. (eBay's listing costs are a little higher, so I've included shipping to most places in the world into one major price, where Etsy has each listed country available. If you do not see your country listed, please contact me!)

      Painted Tower:

      Tower without paint:

      Etsy store link:

      Let me know if there are any questions!
      Thank you!
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    • Hello everyone!

      Since launching our Desert Guard tower using our own funding sources and having successfully sold the tower to many customers around the world, it is now time to let the world know that our next project's sculpting is complete and we are ready to tell everyone the details about it.

      I am very happy to announce that Steepled Hat Studios is moving one step closer to launching its next major product. We've been working for some time on this one and we're pleased to share with you the results of our hard work. Here's the latest of our current WIP: The Barbarian's Farmstead.

      Our current project goal is to produce a simple, practical farmstead - one that can be used for those interested in wargaming in the Iron Ages as well as a myriad of other historical and fantasy settings. The project's content consists of a simple wattle and daub walled hut with a thatched roof. In addition there will be options to add a wooden granary and wattle fence section.

      We have designed these buildings based on the homes that dwellers from rustic settlements of the Iron Age populated. However, we feel that such buildings could easily be used for many different groups of people and cover a variety of eras throughout the ages. Dark age settlements could easily make use of these building methods to create similar looking farmsteads. There are still tribal groups today making use of the same techniques to make homes and structures and wattling is still practiced throughout many parts of the world, and thus these structures could be used for many scenarios covering ancient up to modern times!

      And, since we also support T9A it should go without saying that these farmsteads make perfect homes for fantasy world peasants as well as your more wild folk such as chaotic barbarian tribesmen or fierce northmen of the Wastelands. The way we've designed these structures allow for a plethora of different uses and we believe that our creations can easily be used in both Fantasy and Historical settings.

      So without further ado, here is where we are at with the project's sculpting. Please note that these are still WIP and the odd bit, piece, and sizes are subject to change. We are working on producing our first resin cast pieces and their images should be released soon as well.

      The Barbarian Round House

      For centuries the round house was used (and is still used!) as the primary housing for many tribal groups all across Europe and many other places in the world! Made of wattle and daub, Iron Age Round houses like this were commonplace, especially in ancient Briton.

      Our round house will be cast in one piece. It will be light and hollow inside. This allows for ease of storage and transport. It has a generic boarded door and a tall thatched roof. There are no windows! Although designed with inspiration from Iron Age Briton and Celtic homes this hut can easily be used to represent the homes of other historical peoples, such as those found in Africa or other parts of Dark Age Europe. It can also be used to represent Fantasy Barbarian hovels.

      Size wise, the hut currently stands at roughly 11-12 cm tall and has a diameter of about 12-13 cm. The sculpted figure seen in front of the door in the above picture stands at about 30 cm from base to head.

      The Granary

      If you are going to have livestock wandering around your farmstead and need to feed them or harvest grains of all sorts you are going to need a way to store all of the grown plants that you have sown. This is where structures like the granary come into play. Granaries have come in a variety of shapes and styles throughout the ages and are an absolute essential for storing animal feed.

      The granary we want to produce is based off of the Iron Age raised variant. Standing on four legs, made of wooden boards, and containing a thatched roof, you will not have to worry about water damaging your harvest nor water ruining your corn!

      For its current dimensions, the granary is about 8 cm tall, and sits on a 7 cm diameter base.

      Wattle Fences and Gate

      Wattle fences have been weaved (wattled) together to box in livestock since neolithic times! These organic fences are a perfect addition for the Iron Age farmstead and easily fit in with all eras and settings of wargaming.

      We plan to make our wattle fence set in three pieces - a gate, a wall, and a corner piece. Each piece has a sculpted mound of earth at the base. Our fence posts were made to be impressive and tall, and the actual wattle itself sits fairly high. We want to keep the toughest of beasts in their confinement and force the enemy to have to work their way through these fences if they try to invade!

      The gate, corner, and wall piece are all simple modular pieces that can be moved and placed about in any amount or shape that one wishes. By placing repeating pieces next to each other one could make quite the impressive wall, but we plan to release a minimum of 10 pieces in a set to give a decent size to the fenced off area. This of course can be increased and modified by getting more pieces!

      The gate piece and the wall piece are about 2 inches long, while each length of the corner is roughly an inch. The tallest posts on the wall rise up to about 2.5 cm.. but the actual wattling itself only reaches about 2 cm tall, allowing 25 and 28mm figures to easily see over the fence!


      So how much will this cost ye pledge wise?

      We are still in the process of deciding on favorable and affordable prices and shipping costs for these structures. For now we are simply grouping together the finished sculpts in their current forms and sharing them with the fantasy and historical miniature wargaming communities, like T9A, to get some feedback as well as announce our planned Kickstarter campaign early on before it begins. If our Kickstarter funding is successful we plan to release fully painted, poly-resin structures that can be used immediately upon opening their packaging (The option for supplying this terrain pieces without the paint job for backers who wish to paint the farmstead in their own way is also being considered!).

      We will be combining a combination of these items in more than three simple pledges. It would be silly to offer only the round house, fence pieces, and granary as separate individual choices. There will be the option to choose pledges that allow one up to all of the items included in this kickstarter (so you can choose only the Round House if you only want a Round house... or the Round House and the Fences if you wish, and are not in anyway required to get the Granary if it doesn't interest you! There will be a few combinations for one to choose!)

      The funding goal involved in this Kickstarter will be used to cover any shipping, casting, production, sculpting, painting, Kickstarter fees, and other costs involved with packaging and preparing these miniatures. We have a minimum amount of each piece in mind that we plan to produce and are working with the same people who helped design our Desert Guard Tower. We are a very small team, but we have access and connections to sculptors, painters, and casters that regularly mass produce all sorts of high quality resin pieces.

      We will update pledge amounts, types, and funding goals as soon as we are able.. but just to give you all an idea of what the retail prices will be like - we currently offer our Desert Guard Tower for 35.99 Canadian on Etsy. On top of that there is a 20-25 dollar shipping fee to most places in the world (many international locations do not get tracking). On eBay our tower is being sold for 67.00 , which includes the shipping fee (and we have a great sale on right now! The tower is only about 53-54 Canadian!)...
      So.. since this is Kickstarter, we're planning to give all backers a better deal than the retail price we'd roll with normally! And as these pieces are smaller and lighter than the Desert Guard Tower we are of course, expecting cheaper prices!

      To see what we're currently selling, please check out these links below!…rrain-desert-empire-guard…4ccc2a:g:XWQAAOSw0rRbe7IO

      Stretch Goals? Add-Ons? Challenges?

      Yes! We are also considering Stretch Goals and Add-Ons as well. The only challenging thing about these two categories is the time involved with producing any additional content. We have quite a few little extra pieces on the drawing board that we think would make our little farmsteads look absolutely complete, but we are still in discussions about these pieces and they would most likely be given as concepts during the Kickstarter and sculpted once certain stretch goals are met.

      As for overall challenges, the hardest part about this will be time management. Depending on how many backers and pledges we get the fulfillment time and amount of actual time needed to create all of these products will vary. For now we have not yet announced a deadline for all these products, but that too should be more clear to us too once the first resin castings and painting is all complete.

      That is all for now! Please feel free to ask any questions or discuss anything you'd like to say! And we would be eternally grateful if any of you could also help spread the word about our project! The more people that know, the more likely we are to launch the Barbarian Farmstead!

      Best Regards and thanks to all of you!
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    • We've got the draft up! Feedback is welcome.

      Check it out here:

      The final page is still a work in progress, but we expect to be live sometime later this month!
      Thank you!
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    • There seems to be some confusion between Iron Age / Dark Age / Barbarian. The first two do not refer to the same thing, and the latter doesn't have any historical meaning. I would suggest to stick to Iron Age only.
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    • very nice! I'll keep an eye out for this for both T9A and my 28mm 3rd century project! (Hail Caesar/Lion Rampant depending on battle size).

      Being in Canada makes it even easier to justify!

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