Wandsworth waaaagh one dayer September 29

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    • Wandsworth waaaagh one dayer September 29

      Let's play some 9th age!

      The normal drill fellas, three games of nice relaxed 9th age in the glorious Spread Eagle Pub
      We will still be honouring the storied waaaagh tradition of having no painting points. No proxies though please and if you have any 'counts as' models these need to be OK-ed with the TO beforehand or risk being removed from play at the leadership's discretion.

      Due to the time constraints and the nature of how unfinishing games affects those participating we are going to try a new system of resolving slow play penalties. 100% points allocation at the discretion of the leadership team. If you fail to finish a game in the allotted time the leadership will try their best to "fast forward" the game to turn 6 and assign the TP for the game as though the game had gone 6 turns. Is this completely subjective and impossible to make completely fair? Yes it is.

      The nature of players unfinished games is in itself not fair as while a serial offender will receive a points hit at the end of the event it does not take into account the potential TPs their opponents could have gotten (or indeed lost) had the game gone to 6 turns. Just finish your games on time and we won't need to worry about such things.

      10:30 - 11:00 - Registration
      11:00 - 1:30 - Round 1
      1:30 - 2:00 - Lunch
      2:00 - 4:30 - Round 2
      4:30 - 7:00 - Round 3
      7:00- till close - Extra gaming, boardgames available

      Tickets cost £10 via PayPal to tomuden4@gmail.com

      Send your 4500 point lists IN A PLAIN TEXT COPY AND PASTE-ABLE FORMAT WITH NO COMMAS OR HYPHENS ONE UNIT PER LINE to tomuden4@gmail.com no later than the 24th September.

      Example list format

      Great Khan (General) Hellfist Khagadai's Maul Talisman of Greater shielding Crown of Scorn with an Ogre Crossbow 800

      9 Tribesmen with Full Command and Iron Fists 670
      3 Bruisers 165
      3 Bruisers 165
      3 Bruisers 165

      3 Tusker Cavalry with Standard Bearer and Iron Fists with Aether Icon 545
      2 Tusker Cavalry with Standard Bearer and Iron Fists 340
      1 Sabretooth Tiger 80
      4 Bombardiers 295
      4 Bombardiers 295

      Rock Aurock with lance 490
      Rock Aurock with lance 490

      *Due to the popularity of the events at the Eagle in the past as soon as the event fills up we will promote reserves who have paid at the expense of those that have yet to pay. So if you want to guarantee your place pay when you sign up, 14 slots can fill up quick!*

      1. Tom U (paid)
      2. Felix (paid)
      3. Rory (paid)
      4. John (paid)
      5. Luke
      6. Caroline
      7. Deej
      8. Andy (paid)
      9. Andreas (paid)
      10. The Italian Stallion (paid)
      11. Hugh (paid)
      12. Hristo (paid)
      13. Marcus (paid)
      14. Alex

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    • The always loved arbitrary rankings of the lists! This time done by the wonderfully American @eggsPR

      Make List Reviews Great Again!
      In the past, lists have been viewed with a certain leftist (or where I come from, FAKE) view. But this time, I took the T.O.’s call and I’ll put Twitter down for the amount of time that is my attention span (no, NOT 53 seconds OR 280 characters). Anyway, what was I saying? Doesn’t matter! It’s time to go bigly. Onto the lists, or what I like to say, the GREATEST LIST OF ALL TME, EVER! #MLRGA
      Deej, DH
      Any list with a King… is a list I can get onboard with! Where I come from, they should have Kings, because Kings don’t have to go through pesky burdens like re-elections.Anyhoo, the list seems to be pretty static - like a criminal illegal alien in a sanctuary city, it ain’t going anywhere! OR, if it did go anywhere, it’d push right into your face with all those speed banners and relentless company banner.
      With 6 scoring units these stunties (my hands surely are bigger!) will be sure to be contesting objectives, though beware of not having enough chaff to deal with threats that could potentially take this list apart, piece by piece.
      Conservative Calculation: 6/10
      Hugh, KoE
      While most other armies use black powder, you can always bet that the Paris Accord climate changers won’t be embracing any of that. Apparently they didn’t get the memo about farmyard animals methane gas emissions! Holy Horse – with 57 horse c*cks combined with all that religion, even my VP would visit this battle without his wife present! But wait, there’s a damsel present – scratch that! Or, shall I say GRAB that! Maybe in 35 years she’d remember the occasion.
      With the biggest, baddest character-killer in the game and all those fast supporting units, this list will hit like a ton (in Muricathat’s like A LOT of heavy!) bricks. I foresee the 6 questing knights causing most damage since it will slip through with all the other pain flying around.
      Conservative Calculation: 8/10
      Luke, UD
      Really old, emotionless mummies who seem to be very powerful? Wait, that’s my political party and voter base! Huh, we’re not undead though? Argggg!
      Onto the list! Well, any list that has an item named GodSlayer(my mirror has the same name!) gets brownie points. Chariot star: check. Rotating regen: check. 16 S5 shots/turn with an ability to hold your own in CC: check. Underground ambushing chaff, check.
      Conservative Calculation: 9/10
      Caroline, DL
      Democrat Legions! Evil, unrelenting fiends with seething low leadership minions and a one track mind – power and control at all costs! As I’ve said many times, they obstruct and prevent so many players from winning, but you must respect their solidarity in sticking together… unless they take Ld tests… then it’s every daemon for themselves!
      The list is bred to punish newcomers and challenge seasoned vets. Throw in the 5++ luck factor and you have a tourney-winning contender. Want more specifics? Well, it’s got the most bent unit in the game- the Weaver! Because I feel compelled to highlight the list’s only achilles heel, here it is: No shackles. Happy hunting
      Conservative Calculation: 9/10
      Tom, BH
      Hairy-hoofed goat people who worship daemons and pillage/raid villages, and they’re rapists?? And, perhaps some may be good people?? Though Beast Herds have the lowest unemployment rate in their history thanks to ME, so that really means that they have a pretty bent book in a the hands of a good list-writer.
      Interesting list! A centaur-star with 3 Giants stomping around. Between Break the Spirit and all those pesky 18” march block tests, folks will be hard-pressed to gain the upper-hand in the movement phase against this MSU. Beware as it will be on you faster than a mongrel can climb a wall. Better concentrate fire on that centaur block, else you’ll get overrun by cheap labour... errr… many parry-ignoring rerolling S6/S7 attacks!
      Conservative Calculation: 7/10
      Lorenzo, BH
      The 1st duplicate race, and OF COURSE it’s the beast herds! We obviously have a MAJOR PROBLEM and we need to DEAL WITH IT! It’s a CRISIS! BUILD THE MANHORSE STABLE, and make the chariot-wielding beast lord pay for it!
      This list seems to want you grab you by the p*s*y and won’t let go. I’d bet the centaurs start drunk (bc they don’t have jobs to wake up to, and scoring to a lesser extent), and BH player chooses to go 1st… if not dark rain pours for max effect and then it’s off to the races to get stuck in. And you’re famous your opponent will let you do it, too.
      Conservative Calculation: 8/10
      Andy, WDG
      Armoured dark-god-worshipping fanatics with one conscious thought… WAR… and with continued bilateral passages of govt spending bills, we’ll keep it this way forever, or until the End Times! Either way works for us, so long as the UN starts paying their fair share!
      Favour is Akaan is very interesting choice! Against MSU I’d reckon getting that +1S quite easily. Proper positioning of the M6 light troop fallen, dogs and skywheel should be used with precision to push fleeing units off the board, therefore potentially allowing all those chosen knights to hit their marks and get pumped-up like the blue wave prior to a midterm!
      Conservative Calculation: 7/10
      Duke, KoE
      Another KoE list… only this one has Grail knights… and a grail knight was in Indiana Jones Last Crusade… that came out in 1989… and I was banging p*rn stars then during my 2ndmarriage…. Good times… and for that I give this list an automatic +1 modifier to its score. And holy (blessed) crap, your name is Duke too? +2 now. Your parents, while naming you, Chose. Wisely.
      The peg lord’s cannonball arm is always rerolling to wound, always lethal strike, and always Divine MWD3, meanwhile he’s rerolling 1+ armour with his aegis… I like him! Double Damsel means we can have a pageant on the battlefield, and I prefer masters on Shamanism with KoE – more in-your-face than Druidism, though having an adept should keep DD for Summer Growth if you begin chipping away at the blocks, especially those grail knights… MAN I LOVE GRAIL KNIGHTS!
      Conservative Calculator: 7+2 = 9/10
      Felix, EoS
      “Empire”… much like “Freedom” that word is music to my ears. In the end both words are the same, for all 1% + 99% of us, that I can tell you! Though the word “STank” sounds like an old allegation that simply wasn’t true. Huh? Hush payments? No, twas religious donations to that Prelate who did that thing with those ranger apprentices!
      This list seems to hang back, claim objectives and zone-out regions of the table which few would be so bold to enter. Elves beware 2x catapult(6) means not even conga lines will save you! Big things beware Master Div and Stank means Stay the F*ck away! Blocks beware 6 demis and steadfast-breaking halberds means come at me bro!
      Conservative Calculator: 8/10
      Hristo, HBE
      It took, what, 6 years for this liberal hippy to realize there was finally a movement phase in this game?! Well, better late than never I guess… and I since I haven’t issued a charge reaction besides Hold since, well, ever, perhaps I’m one to talk! Anyway, it will be interesting to see how this general performs without one of the biggest crutches in the game… the 1+ 5++ S10 MWD3 Dwarf King. Haha give me a soapbox and I’ll always get you bro <3. Anyway, let’s talk about these weak pointy-eared fairies…
      Double Prince is interesting instead of the usual Dragon-riding Mage. Instead, magic is coming from the Spear-of-Blazing-Cheese-wielding foot prince sitting snug in a Lion Guard block… but if you have Protean Magic vis-a-vie Raven’s Wing on tap, what other magic do you really need?!
      With darn near 70 shots/turn and tough as nails blocks, this list’s simplicity masks it’s deadliness and effectiveness in wearing you down and then running you over in turns 4-6. Try and get 1stturn and begin shipping away at the shooting, or else that shooting will chip away at you until you’re tabled.
      Conservative Calculator: 9/10
      Marcus, DL
      Ever since 2016, I wouldn’t ever be surprised to be >1 Democrat Legions! They are everywhere now and they let you know it! Protesting, complaining about entitlements, ROLLING 5++s on EVERYTHING FOR 6 TURNS!!!
      This weaver has it right – having the ability to choose between 5++ Aegis or 4++ fortitude, while choosing to hit you with Fortitude-negating or Divine attacks always puts the normally 9+ attack Uber Liberal aka “The Mueller of Change” at an advantage. And, in true spicy-Marcus fashion, he didn’t fall in-line with the net-build of non-Weaver units. 2x Sirens, and 3x5 mounted sirens means board control especially with 7 SJW flies buzzing around – try and chaff them I dare you!
      Conservative Calculator: 10/10
      Andreas, ID
      Did somebody say, LITTLE ROCKET MEN?!?! #micdrop
      Pyro with that banner should really put a hurting on low-armouranything. For armor, you’ve got axes, incarnates, and a KadimTitan aka “The Deplorable”. While I’d have liked to have seen Essence with Alchemy as an option, this list is well-rooted (isn’t anything with a 928pt block of Anointed??) and has staying power.
      Conservative Calculator: 7/10
      John, OK
      Fat, illiterate powder-keg toting bullies who enjoy charging things without recourse?!?! Where I’m from, we call that “The base”!
      2x units of merc vets and a bruiser bus means they’ll be trying to charge you off the table. Sure, you can charge them, but good luck sniping the sabrecats hiding behind large infantry… so losing the chaff game is very possible, especially with poison shooting vets. Sneaky point is awarded to the Lygur’s Tongue bearer – that item is amazing. But you get -2 points deducted for crappy/lazy formatting.
      Conservative Calculator: 7+1-2= 6/10
      Thanks for reading and even though it pains to say, that I think Marcus’ Dirty Democrat Legions have my ‘vote’ to win it!
      - Chris
    • I'm really sorry that my list is late in! Especially to Rory. I do hope you will all still let me come last.

      List is here:

      Alex O&G
      Cave goblin Chief on Cave gnasher with lance 145
      Common goblin chief on wolf with lance 130
      Common goblin witch doctor on chariot wizard apprentice thaumaturgy 145
      Common Orc Shaman in chariot wizard master Shamanism with paired weapons death cheater and magical heirloom 550
      Iron Orc Warlord Paired Weapons Destiny’s Call Dragon Staff Potion of Swiftness Shady Shanking General 500

      58 Forest Goblins FC Spear and Shield Green Tide Banner 627
      35 Feral Orcs FC Paired Weapons Green Tide Banner 550

      36 Gnashers 468
      30 Iron Orcs FC Banner Of Speed 810

      Great Green Idol BSB 485

      Skewerer 90

      Total 4500
      Hobby Blog: Alex's Underworld
    • Already told Tom before lists came out, but he said just tell my opponents on the day.

      Master is on Cosmo.
      Adept is on Pyro.

      Big light infantry are Handguns.
      Small light infantry are Crossbows.

      I do wish I had Div against Marcus though.....
      Team Wales ETC 2017 - Beast Herds
      Team Scotland ETC 2018 (Captain) - Beast Herds
      Team England ETC 2019 - Empire