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    • Admiralty Miniatures

      Ahoy and welcome aboard, dear landlubbers!

      Admiralty Miniatures is a small Swedish company selling all manner of niche models in various scales, particularly Infernal Dwarves. Many of our 28mm-32mm fantasy releases may be of interest to T9A wargamers, and several designs are heavily based on historical aesthetics. I myself run the enterprise and make many of the sculpts. Tobias Torstensson, also known as Tjub and another Swede, sculpt 15mm Tjublings with a humourous bend. (We have no idea when he'll dabble in 28mm again.) The Dane Jon Horsleben occassionally sculpt 28mm masked Infernal Dwarves, while the Californian Fuggit Khan is giving us his vision of 28mm big hat Infernal Dwarves.

      Previously released 28mm-32mm fantasy products (coined of Ancient Times, all available via forums or Etsy) include:

      Display Spoiler
      Animated Dwarf Statue:

      War Booty:

      Taming of the Wildman:

      Hobgoblin Slavedrivers:

      Slave Orc Heads:

      Deathspitter Blunderbusses, by Jon Horsleben:

      Wall Reliefs:

      Elf Heavy Archer:


      Houseware Vessels:

      Dessicated Corpse:

      While the 15mm Tjublings look like this (notice how you can play T9A in 15mm if you halve down all measurements?):

      Photography and sleek packaging labels are still among the aspects of running the company which is in amateur startup stage, but you'll be hard pressed to find anyone who has had bad experiences with the essentials: Securely packaged shipping, miniatures as described, and help whenever something postal goes awry in transit.

      And now we'd like to to reveal a couple of new releases of interest for Infernal Dwarf collectors. Namely, our first Dwarves of the Dark Bell Tower and their hats:

      These 28mm miniatures sculpted by Fuggit Khan are out now! Order your Bazooka Team and Big Hats here. Priced upon release at €12 per each bazooka team of 2 miniatures, with various bits and 7 hats. A kit of the same 7 hats only is also available, priced at €6,5 upon release. Bases are NOT included as of release. Cast in whitemetal by Hysterical Games. A few rocket wings may sport minor air bubbles.

      Size comparison:


      The sun shone from a turbulent sky upon a rocky hillock, beholding its dark grey shape and its sparse garb of vegetation that was little more than yellowed grass and thorny bushes interspersed with gnarly little trees. It was one of but two heights that defied the flat plain of dried and cracked clay, an ashen expanse of wasteland that stretched out as far as the eye could see in all directions of the compass. The winds would occasionally whisk away dust to reveal gleaming obsidian shards on the jagged top of the hillock, and shortly again cover up the craftsmen's waste left over from primordial times by blowing new desert sand over the top of this tall formation.

      Below the hillock, hosts of warriors marched up to do battle and formed up in tight ranks behind loose lines of skirmishers, while their shouting leaders on mounts and monsters rode around and stiffened their resolve, or threatened death to cravens, or inflamed their passion for slaughter and booty. The leaders roared whatever words would suffice to make mortals face each other and fight to the death for the sake of kin and country, or for the glory of gods or ancestors, or for fear or gain. Below was the clamour of armed forces and bloodshed soon to be had upon the land, accompanied by the rhythm of drums and the blares and whistling of lures and pipes. Below was a witch's cauldron of frenzy, bloodlust and suppressed panic building to a pitch of madness that would soon sate the hunger of vultures and jackals. Soon.

      Meanwhile, upon the crown of the hillock, tall hats pierced the horizon and swayed as their Ashen Dwarf bearers climbed the height with as much dignity as they could muster. They carried strange instruments of war, and in their trail were a full dozen slave porters, chained together in a long line of misery as they shuffled forward with heavy baggage and ammunition upon their crooked backs. The rocketeers had at last arrived at their vantage point with huffing and loud footsteps upon the mud, stone and obsidian shards. The sun and winds greeted them on the top, as did the reverberating signal, for battle to be joined, from below.

      "Quicker, you scum!" the harsh and gravelly voice of loader Adzunat Sikargon snapped out like a whip at the thralls following in their masters' footsteps. He pointed and glowered at the worthless Goblin and Human porters. "First unload ammunition here, and then supplies over there. Then lie down with your eyes into the ground. Anyone caught looking up will be flayed!" A bustle of commition broke out behind the bazooka team as the jingling chain gang had to coordinate their unloading at two different spots, a task made more difficult from some emaciated swines misunderstanding their simple instructions and entangling others in their common shackles. Bloody filth! Not starved enough.

      Rocketeer Guzur 'Goggles' Mezdanubar paid the scrambling slaves no heed. He presented the tube for Adzunat to load with a rocket. When this task had been carefully carried out, Guzur swung the metal cylinder up onto his purpose-shaped shoulder plate and scanned the landscape below through his sight. Adzunat moved aside, with one eye scanning the messy slaves, as his colleague searched for his mark, a valuable target... scanned the closing battlelines.... and found his prey. Guzur acknowledged his mark with a loud click of his tongue, and aimed carefully down onto the plain below.

      "Clear backwards!" lied loader Adzunat Sikargon. For a moment, his bared teeth glowed red and orange from reflecting the roaring exhaust fire. He grinned savagely as the flash of flames roasted the shrieking slaves behind the rocketeer. The lousy wretches could have been safely cleared from that spot, had they not messed up in their chains. Serves them fine!

      Guzur spared the atrocity behind him neither a single look, nor a grimace. The harrowing screams and whimpers of burnt and dying beings of flesh and blood were nothing but wind to his ears. With a deadpan voice of stone, 'Goggles' Mezdanubar merely ordered:

      "Switch of tubes. Wyvern arrow. Load!"

      Adzunat stole a glance at the heavens as he carried out the command mechanically. Ominous wings rose into the beset sky, heading fast for them on the hillock. Those talons promised death, by ripping or dropping their bodies onto the plains below. The thrill of uncertain battle made his blood race in his veins. Yet even faced with this threat, a warmth spread in his spiteful heart, and loader Adzunat Sikargon reflected that he at least would die with some fresh happiness in his soul. He stole another glance, at the burnt slaves.

      "Down! On your noses!" he barked at them while handing Guzur Mezdanubar the readied weapon. "Clear backwards!"

      Murder wings approached and a rocket shot into the sky. The exhhaust flames flared out in a different direction this time, yet even so the ear-splitting noise of the rocket made the slaves shudder and yelp.

      "Down or die!" their tormentor roared.

      Loader Adzunat Sikargon saw their shivering forms, eyeing their twitching limbs and seared flesh. He beheld them obey his command even when all of their lowly animal instincts told the slaves from the bottom of their guts to run away and scream, scream out loud in wild panic. He twirled his moustache and mouthed a prayer to a martial god. He loaded another rocket and mused on their situation. Miserable wretches to be crushed by any conqueror who so pleased on the one side, and merciless death swooping down on the other. Adzunat had never felt so alive before. This! This was war. This was the true face of war, and it was hell. How wonderful!



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    • Cheers, folks!

      Beyond soaring mountains lie the vast Ashlands, a harsh patchwork of landscapes varying from steppe to lava pools and giant briar forests, cut through by dry wadis, gaping earthquake fissures and unclean streams alike, and dotted by oases that are all too often toxic. Foreigners' babbling rumours has it that this is nought but an empty desert - nay, it is hell on earth, a realm of smoke where daemons in towering headgear cavort in fields of fire!

      Yet in these nightmarish environs, life is still to be found, far more plentiful and rich in shapes and species than one would expect of such inhospitable wastelands. These are all rugged lifeforms, made deadly or cunning or wretched to survive and prosper in such dangerous lands.

      On the southern Bonefields, the fabled Bak-kak-ku bird hunt and breed, infamous for its aggressive temper and sought after as a monstrous mount by Tjubgob riders.

      Dreaded Bonestingers skitters on the Bonefields among the graveyards of monsters, their bodies shaped like skulls, ever the main prey of the Bak-kak-ku.

      Floating on hot streams of air are to be found the Yri-Moss-Han, great creatures resembling jellyfish with paralyzing tentacles, which Tjubgob shamans collect to chew on, in order to increase their magical potential and open up their minds.

      The Wanderlust Fungus is an insidious horror of the Ashlands, for it infects living beings and alters their personalities until the host body is little more than an empty shell wandering about the wasteland, until they come across optimal conditions for founding a new colony of fungi.

      All over the Ashlands can be found Trailers, slightly resembling armadillos and turtles. These tough scavengers are attracted to caravans, and will eat almost anything left over by the caravan. The longer a caravan has travelled, the more Trailers follow in its wake.

      Not all life in the Ashlands has a beating pulse, nor even a breath. The winding way to the Plateau of Madness is guarded by the Watchers of Zhubb, groups of ancient stones shackled together, possessing eyes that strike terror into all wanderers. Few can gather the courage to approach them, and fewer still to meet their many-eyed gaze. These mysterious rocks are old beyond the reckoning of mortals, mute witnesses to forgotten secrets...

      Such are some of the flora and fauna in the Ashlands.


      These miniatures are out now! Order your 15mm Flora & Fauna here: Sculpted by Tobias "Tjub" Torstensson and spincast in whitemetal by War Banner. Sold unpainted and unassembled.

      Please note that 1 in 4 of each kit of Bonestingers only come with 1 claw, due to mating season battles and casting quirks. Fancy some weird wildlife for your fantasy collection, or perhaps some alien critters for your science fiction games?

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    • Into the Breach!

      @piteglio and his crew have worked dead hard to make something special happen: The best tools for showing beginners our fantasy wargaming hobby niche!

      Enter, Veil of the Ages.

      And more to the point, their Kickstarter the Breach!

      "Kamorko, you are crazy! That palace is full of elven guards!"
      Sculpt: Admiralty Miniatures Paint: Andrea Febo, Terrain: Mauro Cangemi

      We're happy to announce that Admiralty Miniatures have supported Veil of the Ages both with Kamorko a crossbow Orc sculpt (with Grufol the reloading Goblin), as well as miniatures from our existing range, which have been painted by professionals, scanned, and will find a new digital life in an upcoming free videogame to be produced by Veil of the Ages.

      Digital version of our Elf Heavy Archer on duty in Veil of the Ages' upcoming videogame expansion.

      This is a great way to introduce new players and collectors into our hobby, regardless of their age.

      Digital versions of our Deathspitter Blunderbusses and Stricken Dwarf on duty in Veil of the Ages' upcoming videogame expansion. Sculpt: Admiralty Miniatures, Paint: Andrea Febo

      Support our whole hobby by backing Veil of the Ages: The Breach Kickstarter!

      The Breach Starter Set (content will vary based on stretch goals)

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    • Ladies and gentlemen, we have our sights set for a first Kickstarter, to fund the 15mm Tjubgob infantry mould through pre-orders. This premier will be a small and simple affair to try the waters. Tjub is hard at work painting up display miniatures, which we will share over the coming days.

      Below you can see some Speargobs, sculpted and painted by Tjub.

      If everything goes well, the Kickstarter will be launched the 22nd of July. Stay tuned!

    • 15mm Tjubgob Infantry Kickstarter up now (following some delays): Deadline 3rd of October.

      This is our first Kickstarter, and we're keeping it small and playing it safe in order to learn the platform. 3 pledges for designing your own Tjubgob are included, among the individual kit and maniple bundles.

    • this is great news! so happy to see this kickstarter get launched - and even happier to see it has already reached its funding goal!
      quite unsurprisingly, i had to pledge for a "Future Tjubgob" - the concept is exactly the type of thing i love!
      rock on, and keep up the amazing work!

      click the logo and reach the KickStarter page!
    • infamousme wrote:

      how big are these compared to a GW snotling size?
      GW snotlings vary upon which edition, but they are roughly 15mm, same as the tjubgobs.

      Karak Norn Clansman wrote:

      15mm Tjubgob Infantry Kickstarter up now (following some delays): Deadline 3rd of October.

      This is our first Kickstarter, and we're keeping it small and playing it safe in order to learn the platform. 3 pledges for designing your own Tjubgob are included, among the individual kit and maniple bundles.

      Snagged one! :thumbsup: